Monday, January 29, 2007

You know it when...

You know when this world is created, there are a lot of natural
laws and indications and stuff like that.

For example, when the sky become dark, it means it is already
night time.

When the sun rise from the east, means that it is going to be
daylight or day time already, simple yeah ?

But how do you define and explain the below phenomenon?

You know every morning when I am brushing my tooth the
toothpaste becomes foaming in the mouth, right ?

When the foam is produced and when it is too much of foam
in the mouth or sometimes when the mouth is opened too
wide the foam would sort of fell out from the mouth, right?

Once the foam is falling, it should directly pufff and splash
on the floor, right ?

But for the past few days, everytime I brush my tooth I
can't seems to find any foams on the floor.

I look see look see, and finally saw the foams on my stomach!!

The toothpaste formed foam and fall on my stomach -_-"

What does it mean ????

time to get trimmed down and exercise my mates !!

So, if the toothpaste foam falls on your stomach instead
of directly to the floor, your stomach is way too round
already, but look at the positive side, hey ! you have
got yourself a free Air Bag wherever you go and what
ever car that you are driving.

Free air bag !! Free air bag !!

1 comment:

fat lady said...

dear, stop dreaming and being so 'perasan' for that free airbag nah///// It's time to lose some weight!! Or else, next time you have to wear sarong only. Why? ....because run out of your size already!...