Tuesday, December 30, 2008

The One about slow shutter and alot of water.

A lot of moving water and a slow shutter will create
this, i heard : )

The left side looks like a white shadow dancing in the
water : )

The One About Butterflies

Butterfly having lunch.

Drinking the sugar water on hibiscus...

Friday, December 26, 2008

The One About Susu

Dr. Foo," Hoi !! 牛 奶 是 给 小 牛 喝 的,  不 是 给 小 孩 喝 的 好 吗?"

My aunty, "  对! 对! 对! 对! 对!"  满 头 大 汗

Out of 100 person of my family, 95 of them kena taruhed by Dr.Foo
before and we just went -_-" and , " You are right doc !! "

Dr. Foo, how are you doing lately.

Happy New Year to you and your family yeah !!

Tuesday, December 23, 2008

The One about Take Back Take Back !!

There is a term called " Mong Poh "

Mong = some one who is blurred, no direction, always confused.

Poh = female aged between 18 and 80.

Kang = I don't know but Mong + Kang = Mong Kang sounds good.


So, Fat Lady has 2 elder sisters and let me tell you that these 2 sisters
are the most creative in terms of creating laughter in the family.

One day, one of the sister went to a friend's Wedding dinner , upon
arriving she proceeded to sign the guest book and pass the Ang Pao
to the receptionist counter / table.

Sister," Errrmmm ? How come so many unknown faces and I don't
see anyone that I know one ? "

Sister then called the Bride, " Harlo ? Ah Lian ? Where are you ?
I don't see you one ? har ? what do you mean you are at the
receptionist counter there ? I am here already what ?
I don't see you one ??? "

Bride, " We are at main entrance here, I don't see you one ? "

Sister, " Wah Liau ! Got 2 entrances ah ? "

Bride, " Yeah yeah ! I think got 2 wedding dinner tonight at
this place ! "

Sister 2 legs in the sky and, " Ok Ok !! Wait wait i come i come!! "

Sister went back to the registration counter / table , " Harlo ! Eh !
I am very sorry yeah, i think i came to the wrong wedding
reception and can I have my ang pao back or not ? "

Receptionist tried not to laugh and said, " Oh ! I see, ok ok !
Please wait and let me find your ang pao, what is your name
again ?"

Sister, " Oh ! Mong Poh Mong Poh ..... "

Receptionist face became extremely red cause it is very
difficult / bad for health to control / suppress laugh,
" There you go "

Sister, " Soli ah Soli ah !! Wrong place wrong place lolol !! "


31 years old and I am still seeing strange news everyday.

The One About Transssportmer -_-"

Being a very nice person in the office, Fat Lady always received offers
like movie tickets, F1 tickets, food vouchers, free SPA pass etc and
she always come back and offer me to go with her.

A few days ago, her colleague again offered her some free movie passes.

Friend, " Eh ! You want to watch Transformer 3 or not ? "

Fat Lady, " Oh !! oh !! Yeah yeah !! Sure sure ..... wait a minute... "

Friend, " Why ? Why ? What happened ? "

Fat Lady, " What's the movie name again ? "

Friend, " Transformer 3 loh !! Nah nah !! Ini tickets, bye ! "

Fat Lady took the ticket and looked and 2 legs in the sky!

" Transporter 3 " lah Oiyoh !!

or was it Transsportmer or something like that.

Never mind .....

Fat Lady in the phone, " I thought I have missed Transformer 2
pula -_-" , but I swear I have just watched Transformer 1 with
you recently, or was that Transporter 2 ? Or Transporter 1?"

I said Never mind lok !!!!

Sunday, December 14, 2008

The One about Fish Spa !!

I will never allow the fishes at the Fish Spas to violate my
bulu kaki...

My bulu kaki are for my wife and friends ( female friends ) only!

The One About Colours !!!

Back in the golden days of 1990's

Green = Jujur

Blue = Tabah

Red = Setia

Yellow = Yakin

Thanks to Ah Lem for reminding me some of those.

Jujur Rawk !!!! * lari

Friday, December 12, 2008

The One About Why I am not rich III

Today after lunch my fellow sales team people were complaining at me
and they said that I am very annoying.

Me, " why ? "

Them, " Because you always show off that you are rich lah knnbbq "

Me, " where got ? Me ? rich ? Yeah right ! I really wished so! "

Them, " Sometimes when you see your car kena rain water and you
are unhappy, you said you will buy a new car instead of wipe off the
rain. "

Me -_-"

Them, " That day, you didn't remember where you parked your car
and you said.. oh never mind, i can't find my car, let me buy a new one !"

Me -_-""

Them, " And also, that day, you can't find your car keys, you also claimed
that no need to search for the keys, too tiring, you will just buy a new car,
more easier ..... "

Me -_-"""

Them, " Also, that day, you drive drive drive on the road and the petrol
level became quite low, you said you will just abandon the car at road side
and buy a new car, which has petrol !!!!"

Me, " Eh where got ?? "

Them, "Got !! Got a lot of witness !! "

Me, " Joking only mar !!! Joking only !! " and started running away....

Them, " Hoi ! Don't run !! We are so going to slap you !! come back ! "

Me lolol !!!

p/s : I am really really not rich one ok ? See in my garage, all of my 32
Ferraris and Aston Martin already all no petrol, I also never buy new
Aston Martin to drive. But maybe I might need a Porsche Cayenne to
go to lobby and pick up my cloths.

Cause I always buy new cloths when my shirts and pants were not
yet done from ironing from laundry. Sometimes when I eat cookies
the cookies pieces fall on the shirt, i also go buy some new shirt.

Not too good hor...

My team, " HOI !! Mahu mati ah ?"

Monday, December 01, 2008

The One About Why I am not rich

A few weeks ago and it was a friday and I asked my fellow colleague
out for lunch, and i proposed Bak Kut Teh for that.

Ah June asked me, why we want to have Bak Kut Teh on friday.

Me," Nothing lah, just thought of having BKT, can ah ? "

Ah June, " cannot, you must reply us in details and be reasonable !!"

Me, " ok ok ok... you see, back in Kelantan, in 1993 , 1995,
my family is very poor, actually till now we are still very poor....

we only get to eat pork on Friday only, the rest of the weekdays
we didn't get the chance to eat pork...

Sometimes, we don't have pork at all for many days, we only
eat lobsters and sometimes the lobster is very huge and the meat
is a bit old, a bit hard, a little bit chewy you know ?
very difficult to chew....

Also sometimes, we also don't have rice for many days, we had
to go to Victoria Stations, or The ship Restaurant for the steak,
or sometimes when we really poor, we eat the chicken chop and
some mushroom soups only.

There was a time when the economy was no good in, 1997 something,
we didn't take rice for one whole month. We only had shark fin soup
and seafood soups for many many days, mana kenyang like that ?
no white rice....

sometimes, when economy is too bad, we had to leave town and back
to my father's island at South Africa, we stay there and whole month
also can eat 3 head's abalone only. Sometimes when the wind very
strong, we can eat some fresh oyster with lemon only.
No money to buy Tabasco also...

Haih... so, that's why I like to eat Bak Kut teh on friday, cause I
remember the very poor and difficult time last time.

Eh why all my colleague take stick and wood and baseball bat and
chase me?

June:" Hoi ! You don't run !! Come back here !! "

Wah !! Run away fast fast !!!

Is it a crime to be not so rich meh ?? why ?

The One About Why I am not rich II

A few days ago we were reading some car magazines and I
pointed pointed at some nice car photos.

Me, " Hi pa, see this one, Toyota Harrier 3.0 liter engine!"

My father, " What ? Looks like some balak car * "

Me -_-"

Me, " ok ok , how about this one Toyota Alphard 3.0 liter ??
nice ah ? spacious hor ? "

My father, " Looks like Ah Kao who sells pork in his van, youlo
remember Ah Kao, don't you ? His pork very fresh one? "

Me 2 legs in the sky.

Never mind ..... we are not rich anyway......

* Balak = logging.

The One about Wah Pong !!

A few days ago i saw some strange news in the newspaper and
i " Wah Pong ! Like that also can ? "

Fat lady, " What is Wah Pong ? "

Me, " Wah Pong is the brother of Wah Piang,

Wah Piang is the sister of Wah Peng,

Wah Peng is the cousin of Wah Liew,

Wah Liew is the family doctor of Wah Lau,

Wah Lau is the neigbour of Wah Lan,

Wah Lan is the Local Area Network (LAN) Wah Fi,

Wah Fi is the sister of Wah Fah ...... "

Fat Lady, " Wah Miang ...... "