Thursday, November 30, 2006

Fly me to Penang

Notice anything special ?

Penang Island near Gurney Plaza -_-"

Dompet Tertinggal Di Rumah

A few days ago I was doing mid night ride to KL from Damansara
and back to Damansara within 30 minutes time.

When I reach home everything done then I realised that I have
left the wallet in my working pants while I went out again in
my jeans.

Meaning that during the 30 mins flight from KL to Damansara to
KL i was without driving license, without ID and without money
etc. Running on empty that was !!! -_-"

When I reached home only I realized why was that my butt felt
a little bit diffrent that night, felt loose and no pressure lol !!

When Fat Lady knows this she is going to ask me why is that my
memory / brain power has gone down.

I don't know, perhaps aging ?

Perhaps , perhaps, perhaps....

Wednesday, November 29, 2006

Roti RM18.00

Amanda informed me just now that she has bought me a loaf
of bread from Mid Valley.

Don't know what Japanese Bread RM18.00 per loaf.

-_-" must be very tastety !!

Will try out the bread tonight, which is made of gold mia!!

lolrotf !

wtfknnbbqkns !!

A few days ago I was at Low Yatt Plaza helping my sister's mia
friend to get a new Lap Top.

We were looking at some Acer RM1,999 1.6Ghz Celeron with
everything that we need. And somemore got Zero Percent
Interest Flexipayment plan.

Cheap cheap cheap !!

We managed to get more discount and everything to like
RM 1,940 or so with free optical mouse and Flexi Payment
thing ...

Sounds very very interesting yeah ??

We even took out the credit card from the wallet until,

the sales person looked at my sister mia friend and asked
me:" Sir, this is your son ah ? "

All 3 of us was -_-"

WTF ? The guy just asked me if the 23 old guy is my Son
or not ????

And I am only 29 ?

This sales person really need to get some CAT scan for
his brain and serious eye check ....

And perhaps need to wash his head in toilet too !!

mcbknnbbq !! you never ask a 29 years old handsome
person like me if I do have a 23 years old son ok ?

My sister and her friend were laughing and rolling on the
floor and i told them," Oh Shaddap and get out of here
both of you !!"

They lagi laughed like hell !!!

The sales person damn embarrassed and me ?

I was 奈 中 的 无 奈 and we didn't purchase the lap top
from the sales person.

Cause he hurt me very-very bad !!

Very-very bad you all !!

29 years old father of a 23 years old chap ?

Very very bad judgment !

Kayu Ara => KL => Kayu Ara in 30 mins ?

2 nights ago I need to send something to KL near Dewan Bahasa
area. Tried to reach the friend's house before midnight.

By the time i went into my car it was 11:48 pm.

I asked F-117 computer:" Pls advise the ETA ?"

F-117 computer:" ETA 12:00 am, sir !"

Me:" Affirmative, prepare for take off ! "

Took off and flied low and fast over Sprint Highway and Jalan

Until there was these 2 idiots lorry carrying the
old Range Rover (used old police vehicles) get stuck under the
bridge near Parliment towards Istana Negara -_-"

Everyone and everything slowed down because of these 2
idiots !!!!

F-117 system detected the obstacles and self defense and
offense system initiated automatically.

F-117:" Anti Vehicle Missiles & 30mm Cannon Gun ready sir ! "

F-117:" Target acquired and locked on, we have locked on target!"

Me:" Negative ! Negative !Don't fire !! I repeat Do Not Fire !"

F-117:" Target aborted ! Target aborted ! But why sir ?"

Me:" Don't waste ammunition on idiots ! Let God deals with them!"

F-117:" Affirmative ! Acknowledged !"

Me:" Good, let's proceed to point DP !"

45 seconds later we dropped of the package to the destination
and went home directly.

By the time the F-117 touched down it was 12:18 am only.

WTF ? 30 minutes ?

F-117:" Sorry sir ! Could have done better under 20 mins "

Me:" It's ok, next round we shot everything in out way !"

F-117:" Affirmative sir ! Affirmative !! System shutting down!"

F-117:" piut.. piut! " ( Imitating Proton Wira door locking sound)

Me -_-"

Go back and MSN with friends.

My friend," WTF ? You said you were going to KL ?"

Me:" I went there already and now i am back !"

My friend :" Don't BS me alright ? "

Me:" Up to you mate, up to you ! "

My friend :" No way in 30 mins ! "

Me:" Cause you don't have F-117 mar !"

My friend :" What is an F-117 ? "

Me: " Never mind, good night ! "

My friend :" Wait wait wait .... "

Me:" What ? "

My friend :" Can I ride in your F-117 ? "

Me:" Let me think about it later !"

My friend :" When can I try ? hmm ? hmm ?"


你 以 为 你 是 我 mehhh ?? 30 mins lolrotf !


A few days ago I had a nightmare.

In my dream some asshole driver was like blocking the road and
was driving recklessly.

I was damn dulan and I hit my horn as hard as I could !!!

A good loud horn was produced but after 2 seconds the horn went

"pffffffffffssssss" wtf ???

I horned until the horn no gas ah ? wtf kanasai ??

Yeah, this is something which I worried daily.

No, really ! this is something serious !!

What if when I really need to give horn or warning the
horn run deadmute on me ?

When I need to give a warning of a bus reversing towards
me but can see me, and when I press the horn,

all i heard is " pfffffffsssssss " ??

OMG !! That is scary !! That is very very scary !!

Iyer ! I better buy one bicycle ring put in my car first.

If everything else fail, at least I still can ring ring kasi
warning to the bus or lorry not to ram me.

Ring Ring !! Ring Ring !!

Kanasai ! F-117 with ring ring sound ! -_-"

Kisah 12 ekor ikan bilis.

This morning at the mamak shop near my office.

Me:" Boss, nasi lemak biasa 1, ikan bilis lebih yeah ? "

Boss:" Ok ! Boleh ! "

Me happy sitting there and waited for the nasi lemak.

When the nasi lemak came, hot and spicy and everything...


Wait a tick !! Where is my dried anchovies ????

After 3 seconds of Search and Rescue operation.

I finally found 12 small little ikan bilis ( anchovies ) somewhere
between the cucumber and the sambal.

WTF ? Already ordered extra Ikan Bilis yet get 11 or 12 only ?

If I don't order extra, what would happen ? 2 ikan bilis only ?

Or is that their culture ?

Talk already but the result is same as no talk ?

Now i understand why people has to order

" Nescafe kurang kurang kurang manis already ! Yeah ?"

Tomorrow I am going to order my nasi lemak by

" Nasi lemak extra extra extra super tambah tambah tambah ikan
bilis banyak banyak banyak sungguh sungguh sungguh ! "

I pray to God that they would understand what do I mean.

Monday, November 27, 2006

lol ! so sweet !

This morning at the coffee shop while having my breakfast.

The customer :" Boss, nescafe kurang kurang kurang manis satu !"

Boss:" ok boleh ! "

Me -_-" and wtf ? nescafe kurang kurang kurang manis ?

Why not just order nescafe kosong ? That would be good too eh?

My grandmother Kwok Fong Lan Aunty drinks only nescafe kosong !!

and she is damn healthy and running all over Kelantan and China
now !!

Takut ah ?

Nasi lemak , kurang kurang kurang lemak -_-" how about that?

Wednesday, November 22, 2006



隔壁邻居一定大喊:"啊风兰嫂!! 下雨罗快点收衣咯!! "








我答:" 哦,还没 还没 !! "满肚子希望她会请我吃点什么的

那知她只是问爽吧了!! 我晕 -_-"


所以如果有人问喂:"你吃饱了吗??" 你千万别太开心









大舅是个老师, 他好凶的叻!!!








童年真多故事!! 真想念童年!!

Philips kacau Pakcik.

Today at the mechanic shop the Pakcik asked
" So, apa masalah encik ? "

Me:" Oh, masalah kereta ini ialah setiap kali apabila hujan,
itu boot mesti masuk air punya. "

Pakcik:" Ini problem biasalah bagi Proton Wira ! "

Me:" Bukan, ini bukan Proton Wira, ini F-117 ok ?"

Pakcik:" Ialah ialah, saya ialah Richard Gere lah! '

Me -_-"

Me:" So pakcik boleh tolong saya selesaikan masalah ini ah?"

Pakcik:" Boleh, bagi saya lebih kurang 2 atau 3 jam."

Me:" Boleh, tak jadi masalah ! Nah ini namecard saya, jika
ada apa-apa masalah bolehlah pakcik call saya. "

Pakcik:" Masalah ? Macam mana punya masalah ?"

Me:" Mungkin nanti tiba-tiba jumpa RM 100,000 ringgit kat
kereta saya, call lah saya, saya lari mari cari Pakcik. "

Me:" Kalau jumpa Rm100,000, kita half half yeah ?"

Pakcik -_-" and scolded me " Chee Sin , pergi main jauh-jauh!"

The pakcik son was -_-" all the time besides him.

And me:" Pakcik, ingatnya, tak mahu akuarium dalam kereta
saya ok ? "

Pakcik:" Ialah ialah ! Pergi dari sini ! "

Me:" Ok ! Terima kasih pakcik !"

Today very happy cause long time never disturb pakcik already!

lolrtof !

Rm100,000 in the boot ? Cargo area ? Can't wait to get his call!

花 罗 汉 Flower Horn in F-117

It has been rainy days in Kuala Lumpur area for the past few weeks
and for the past few days it was super heavy raining season.

Since my F-117 was hit in a mission not too long ago by AAM in
some middle east operation, the cargo bay where we put cargo (-_-")
is being leaking.

Everytime it rains heavily and long period the suppose very canggih
F-117 would have water leaked into it's cargo storage area and the
result is that, I can keep some 花罗汉鱼 there already I guess.

This is a very serious problem, Imagine carrying a few littles of water
in cargo compartment and go to combat ? malu betul !!

I don't want my F-117 to become a water tanker or fire fighter aircraft.

No I don't want that !!!


I want to fly fast and I want to fly low !!

So i have sent this F-117 to a Pakcik near my office to get things done.

Hopefully F-117 will become F-117 again, without the fish and water!!

-_-" pray pray !!

Monday, November 20, 2006

New IT terms in town.

Was at Digital Mall of Section 14 PJ for the past few days, I must say it
is an alternative of Low Yatt Plaza for PJ folks, some of the shops there
sell stuff as competetive as Low Yatt Plaza.

However the thing that they could improve would be the car park access.

My customer who drives to work there daily complain to me that she
was looking for MBPJ car park for nearly 1 hour the other day. -_-"

That bad eh ? Scarry ! Low Yatt is better in this term but again Low Yatt
mia toilet is RM 0.50 per pop ( regular class ) and RM 1.00 per pop ( 1st
class ) -_-" cool eh ?

I have noticed some new term that they use in Digital Mall however.

New Product called USB Fresh Drive.

USB Fresh Drive, directly from the farm of Kuala Selangor.
All sort of fresh available, human, cow, chicken, kambing, ular etc.
All fresh guranteed version 2.0 and sedap dimakan.

And just when I was very amused with the new bio-technology fresh
drive ( cekera daging ) there was something more canggih.

Downthere there was a shop selling 3GMB SD Card.


3Giga Mega Byte Secure Digital Card ? How big is that ?

Should be, like 3,000,000 Giga Byte of SD Card there yeah.

I was standing there scratching my head and cursing my lecturer
in my college, how come they didn't teach me about 3GBMBSDC one?

I need to study more IT now cause it seems like I am so out of

Now give me your 3GMBSDFreshDriveSD Card or i will hurt you!

Funny Sunday Breakfast

Yesterday Fat Lady went for breakfast and her 2 brothers and
of course me, the famous Subang Jaya SS14 Bak Kut Teh.

After that Fat Lady went to Sunway Pyramid where the car
park was quite messy at the moment due to upgrade work.

And she made an 2 hour shopping there with us and all these
are good exercise.

The bak kut teh + rice + coffe and garlic in her stomach were
brewed like an 1970 VSOP factory.

On the way back to Ampang in the brother's car.

Fat Lady made a silent burp of above VSOP ingredients.

10 seconds later, Fat Lady little brother asked -_-" :

" Eh, how come our car got food smell and like fried chicken one?"

" Did we buy any food stuff at Giant just now? hmm ? "

Fat Lady:" Oh, opps, just now I ter"burp"ed mah ! "

The brothers -_-" wtfknnbbq opened car windows and poked head
out for fresh air.

Wah ha ha ha ha !!! Finally Fat Lady has learned this technique from
me, burp VSOP but only she did it better, she could perform that in
silent mode.

Silent mode is killer mode !!

Killer mode !!!

Funny Sunday

Yesterday I woke up at 7:15 am and went down washing my F-117.

Too much of dirt and dust has made it looked like 1940's aircraft.

At about 7:20 am I started washing, cleaning the stuck dirts and
tars and fire powders etc from the radar absorbing surface.

Aunty Chia:" Wah so early in the morning yeah ? "

Me:" Yeah, exercise a bit and clean this F-117 mar."

Aunty Chia:" How old is this ? 2 years? "

Me:" 4 years plus already."

Aunty Chia:" Are you sure ? Looked so new and clean !!! "

Me *cough* and replied:" I do polish it on and off ! " *kembang* !!

Aunty Chia:" Good for you, ok going off for breakfast, see you !!

1 hour later, I went for second stage, polishing the surface.

Aunty Chia came back from breakfast and saw me -_-"

Aunty Chia:" Aiyoh ! mein Gott im Himmel !! Your car peciah one
big hole already !! "

Me shocked and asked:" Where where ? Where is the hole ?"

Aunty slumberly replied:" You polish for 1 hour, sure peciah one hole
lah ! "

Aunty:" wtfknnbbq you crazy guy ! I finished my breakfast already and
you still haven't done, you damn crazy ! But I salute you ! "

She saluted me and I saluted back at her : )

Funny Aunty that I like, mother of Johntim Chia lolrotf !!

Quote of the day:" Aiyoh ! mein Gott im Himmel !!
Your car peciah one
big hole already
!! "

鹿 到 你 的 车 破 大 洞 了 !!!!!!!

Saturday, November 18, 2006

Itulah akibatnya !!!

Since the new started on October 2006 i have to work on every
Saturday till noon.

Some people like Amanda and Jason always like to tease me and
make fun on my suffering to work on Saturday.

This morning this Jason over MSN,

"Burp ! " Jason

"wtf ?? " Me

" Just had Dim Sum breakfast, very full now !" Jason

"knnbbqklia ! don't show off !! " Me

" Eh ! Saturday hor, you need to work ah ? " Jason teased.

" grrrrrrr..... !! " Me

" lolrtof ! Kai Hong need to work on Saturday, la la la la la la !!!!"

Suddenly poooffff !!!

10 seconds later Jason sms me, " knn wtf no power !! "

Me," LOLRTOF ! Itulah akibatnya, don't kacau me ! I curse you no
electricity, then it really happens hahahahah !! "

Jason -_-" panas !! very hot !! can't use Internet lolrtof !!

Me," Padan muka !! "

Nose Function Back

This morning marks the 30th day of my flu and cough.

And I noticed that I don't cough no more and the flu has also
90% gone.

When I had my nasi lemak breakfast this morning I could actually
smell it !! OMG ! I am so happy !!

I am so happy !!!

Friday, November 17, 2006

Defination of preemptive strike

A few days ago during the conversation :

Fat Lady:" May I ask you something ?"

Me:" Please go ahead !"

Fat Lady:" How to put an elephant into a small fridge ?"

" Just open the fridge door and put it in ! " I replied

Fat Lady -_-"

" Ok good ! correct, how to put a giraffe.... "

" Open the door, take out elephant, put in the giraffe in ... "

Fat Lady lagi -_-" wtf ? so fast ???

" Ok now one day Tarzan..... " Fat Lady tried to finish the
sentence but

" Giraffe didn't go cause it is still in the fridge " I replied at
the speed of the sound.

" Cheeeehhhh !!! You no good one ! You heard this joke before !!! "
Fat Lady complained.

I replied," You all, please ask me something that I don't know ok ?"

run away fast fast !!!

Now this is what we called Pre-emptive strike !!

Before people even finish asking question you are able to give the
correct and accurate answer, that's preemptive strike bebeh !!!

That is all preemtive strike about !!

Boy, I am good !

Amanda in Mid Valley

This morning my exclusive news agent Amanda im(ed) me

" Kai Hong good morning ! " said Amanda.

" Good morning to you, Amanda ! " i replied.

" Guess what time I reached home yesterday?" Amanda asked.

" I think 7 pm ? 8:30 pm ? " I asked.

" Nope, 7:45 pm and I left my table at 5:31 pm ! " Amanda said.

" Wtf ? 2 hours plus woh ! What happened ? " I asked.

Amanda:" I spent 1 hour and 15 minutes trying to get out from
Mid Valley to Federal Highway !"

Amanda:" Those people crazy one ! Like no need money to do
shopping one ! Crazy bitches !! Caused me to jam for 1 hour plus !"

Amanda:" Imagine to get out from Mid Valley already 1 hour 15 mins
if you want to come in ? Lagi susah dei ? Damn ! "

Me -_-" " Eh eh eh !! Amanda jangan marah-marah !"

Amanda:" Ok ! I am not marah already, cool already now !"

Me:" Fewwwww !! No wonder the whole Old Klang road and
Federal was so jammed up ! "

Malaysia, macam macam ada !!

Look no hand !!

This morning while I was approaching a traffic light the light was
green for quite sometime and I was hesitated cause it all seems too
good to be true.

But it remained green and 100meter away from the lights I increased
air-speed to 90km per hour because it was a straight road.

When my car was in the middle of the road at the junction I showed
the opposite side people, " Look ! No hands !! "

And i show them 10 fingers and my hands were in the air far away
from steering wheel. Just like that Clive Oven did in The Hire : Star
and i felt damn cool and steady and proud and confident like that.

Immediately after the junction / traffic light there was this Police car
driving parallel to me.

I terus reduced my gas padel and put both by hands back to steering
and pretended to be a normal officer attired guy going to work who
don't drive crazyly !!

-_-" and i looked at the police car next to me, my speed was still 85
kmph on a 60kmph road , omg !

Luckily the police car was doing patrol drive and didn't really pick
up and arrest me lol !!

Me :" Mom ! Look ! No hands !! "

And I could imagine my mom shouting at me from Kota Bharu now

"No hands your butt ! Drive safely and carefully from now on !! "

Me, " Yes madam ! "

Thursday, November 16, 2006

What type of blood you have ?

Mine is O Rhesus Positive.

All the process of the blood donation I only dislike the process where
the nurse use a needle to poke the finger and get some capillary to
draw some blood just to determine the blood type.

Because I feel painful -_-" at that process lol !! me very ah kua one

Blood donation

Went for blood donation at Subang Jaya yesterday for a friend's
relative operation.

The nurse there was really experianced and able to get my
vein with one strike only.

And within 5 minutes the 450ml pack is filled like it was going
to explode like that.

My friend who was waiting there said, " Wtf so fast ?"

One of them said," Look at his size, then know sure fast liao !"

She added," 450ml? He can do better then that, double lah !"

The nurse -_-"

Me," Oi oi ! I am invisible one ah ? "

They all lolrotf !!

Well, this is the 15th time blood donation since 8th Feb 1996 : )

Being a TAR college student, we always donate blood as we were
able to shake hand with VIP like the then Dr. Chua Jui Meng the
MCA VIP. Who also happened to be the Malaysian
Health Minister back then.

My room mate Calvin Tan and me were the 2 person who were
really active then for blood donation.

We would walk all the way from Taman Bunga Raya to TAR's
new hall to donate blood, and the new hall is at some hill there.

And one day after we rushed to the hall from our house to
donate blood.

The nurse checked checked my b/p:" Oi ! Your b/p very high!"

Me -_-"

Nurse," Did you sleep enough yesterday ? "

Me," I did !" ( yeah i slept for 2 hours, enough what ? )

Nurse," Did you drink any alcohol stuff ?"

Me," Nope !" ( beer and wine has no alcohol right ? )

Nurse, " Hmmm..... funny, why your b/p so high one ? "

Nurse," You study very hard is it ? Very tension meh ?"

Me," I don't know, i don't study one ! "

Nurse puzzled and asked me to sit down for 10 minutes.

Me," Aha I know liao, cause we just like ran from Taman
Bunga Raya to this hall , hence Bp gone up, got logic ah ?"

Nurse, " Oh I see, ok, then you sit there 5 more mins , cool
down first !"

Me," ok ! " After that the b/p dropped back to normal.

Nurse," Why need to run to here to donate blood leh? Walk
ok already lah ! "

Me," Want to shake hand with Dr. Chua Jui Meng mah ! If
I am late then he cabut liao then rugi loh !! "

The nurse terus 2 legs in the sky !!!

Well, it was something good I understand to donate blood
regulary, and has absolutely no side effect.

And you could shake hand with VIP, loose some old blood,
get some biscuits and sometimes nice Milo drinks.

And get a plaster at the arm like drug addicts and after the
blood donation terus go to swimming pool and swim for 1
hour to prove that we are the iron men !! lolrotf !

1000 good reason and no bad reason at all !!

Blood donation, I am going to do it again in 3 months time.

I am sure i am going to do that. news link !

Today is so jam that Kuala Lumpur has announced that it is National Jam
day for KL area !! Yahoo !!!

Since 8:20 am till now the road near my office is filled with car and lorry
and everything.

What has gone wrong today ? Find the updates from now !!

Read below for live feedback and news from lolrotf !

Jusco Sales 16th Nov 2006

This morning when I was coming to office, the jam was from Pearl Point
all the way to Federal Highway -_-" wtf ? I asked myself !

And the result was that I was 2 minutes late in office, again -_-" aiseh!

So after that I tuned to my news network ( ) Amanda chin
News which feed me live news, information and gossip
real time. This is live and interative news system.

Amanda the reporter:" Ohaio ! Kai Hong ! "

Me:" Konichiwa ! "

Amanda," Konichiwa is good afternoon dei ? "

Me: " Wopppss ! Sorry ! Why the jam today Amanda? Talk to me !"

Amanda," Today is Jusco Sales at Mid Valley ! from 7 am to 11pm ! Sir!"

Me:" Ok then ?"

Amanda," Because of the Sales, a lot of people rush to Mid Valley very
early in the morning, and caused the traffic around this area to be quite
jammed and packed up ! "

Me:" I see, no wonder I am late to office today!"

Amanda:" Precisely sir ! "

Me:" Anything else ? "

Amanda:" Today later in lunch time I am going to buy shoe if got good
offer and nice shoes in sales ! "

Me:" Alright no problem ! "

Amanda:" And also, right now in the Jusco a lot of visitor and buyers,
as if everything is free there, no need money one ! "

Amanda:" And based on the number of visitor and spending, I foreseen
that the Malaysia economy and market is performing very good and
the future of Malaysia KLSE should be very good too. "

Me:" Ok then "

Amanda:" I am going to walk around in the afternoon, if got anything
good and nice and cheap, I let you know yeah ? "

Me:" Thanks Amanda, very nice of you !"

Amanda:" Somemore hor, some people even take 1 day off today just
to come to the Jusco sales day to buy things and shopping !"

Me:" Is that so ? Really that serious ? "

Amanda:" Yes affirmative sir ! In fact in my office there are also some
people who take leave today and go for the shopping ! "

Me:" Wah Liew ! Really that serious yeah ! "

Amanda:" Yeap, affirmative, end of news at the moment, salam mesra !"

So, I am sitting in my office but I could know what is going on some 10km
away or what is happening in town.

Thanks to Amanda News that provides latest, newest and
accurate and detailed news.

Amanda ! Canggih !!!

Oh and yeah, because of the sales the whole stretch of Old Klang Road from
Pearl Point onwards till Mid valley is jammed since morning till 1pm plus.

I might need to walk home later.... -_-"

Hi i am prince and this is my story.

Hi my name is Prince and I am a dog with style.

Johntim and Fane are my parents, and I have another housemate called
Philips the handsome man *cough*

Today I am going to show you the best photo of mine, above and the hmm
some not so best of the photos of mine below.

Basically, I prefer not wearing any cones or caps or anything anytime,
want to know what upset me very much ? Read the below posts!!!

Oh my god ! What happened to you ?

Yesterday late night I arrived home from dinner and something, and
when I go in to the house I saw Prince with a cone around his head.

Or around his neck, I really can't stop laughing at this poor cute dog
and I ran and got my Sony Digital Camera and took some photo.

I will regret if I don't take this opportunity to take more photos !!

But, i think Prince wasn't too happy with this cone around his next
and head cause he didn't smile at me at all !!

lolrtof ! I just can't stop laughing at the poor prince.

I think I am going to have funny dream tonight.

Can't sit, can't sleep, can't even see the kkc -_-"

Prince:" Ok now what the hell do you want with me ?"

Me:" Nothing, wah ha ha ha ha ha !!"

Prince:" What the hell are you laughing at ?"

Me:" You loh ! "

Prince:" What's so funny about me ?"

Me:" Take a look at yourself in the mirror and tell me !"

Prince:" Did you see any mirror around here, genious ?"

Me:" Whooppss, my bad, my bad ! "

lolrtof !

You know actually dog is a very smart animal and the face
expression for this prince is so hilarious !!

Prince, you look handsome actually today lolrtof !

Oi ! Oi ! Leave me alone !


I am already damn suffering right now with this stupiak cone around my head,
can you please leave me alone and don't keep on taking my photos ?

But anyway, how do I look? Seriously... good ? bad ?.... "

Me:" Prince, you look damn sohai today lolrtof ! "

Prince:" Hmmmmphhh ! I angry already !! Wolf wolf ! "

Me lol until 2 legs in the sky.

Prince + Cone.

Ketulanan tinggi.

Prince," Ok that's it, could you all just leave me alone ?

You all know how suffer it is to have a cone around your neck
and your head ?

Try for yourself and see ?

wtfknnbbq you can't sleep, you can't sit, you can't lie down, you can't
have sex and you can't even see your own kkc !!!

Now leave me alone you all, you all !!!! "

Oh my god it was really funny !!! Thanks prince and get well soon !!

Wednesday, November 15, 2006

For Grandmother who left us on 2002.



Nose Function Failed

This morning after I woke up and take bath, I put on some
Green Tea Eau De Toilette on the shirt because I am going to
see some important customer today.

I sniff sniff the bottle but Oh Shit I can't feel anything !!

My nose is officially off for the next 24 hours I guess.

My nose now could only:
  • Let me breath at 60% of normal capacity.
  • Produce some green shit.
  • Produce some nose shit too! Actually a lot of it.
  • Can't detect any smell, actually this happened for the
    past few days.

    Ah ! No wonder !!!! -_-"

    That day after I ter"fart"ed in my room for about 10 times,
    I told Fat Lady, " No ak, where got smell ? "

    She said," Oi ! You want to kill me is it ?"

    Me," No lah, but honey where got smell ? " I sniff sniff the air ...

    She said," wtfknnbbq it smells like rubbish car here ! "

    Me," Eh! You jangan tipu lah ! Takda smell pun ! "

    She already covered her head with blanket and everything and
    turned on the Emergency Oxygen Supply .... -_-"

    Oh perhaps it there was some a little tiny bit
    of smell kot, but because my nose can't work, then I can't detect
    anything, aiseh ! Sorry betul !!
  • RM3.80 -_-"

    This post is inspired by this guy

    Yesterday went home and arrived at Taman Tun area at around 7pm
    and the sky looked so dark and as if heavy storm and rain coming.

    I asked myself," What's for dinner, mate ?"

    Myself," Hmm... something economy and easy to eat at home?"

    Me," Oh, perhaps KFC ? Mc D ?"

    Myself," Oi ! Coughing like hell still want fast food ah ?"

    Me," Yeahloh hor, then how ?"

    Myself," Perhaps Banana Leaf Rice, without any meat ?"

    Me," Vegetarian ? Good idea !"

    Then my F-117 landed infront of the Secret Recipe TTDI
    and I went to buy a pack of Banana Leaf Rice.

    So what did I get ?

  • A pack of white rice.
  • 4 type of vegetables.
  • Papadam. ( fried food also )
  • Fried potato. ( fried food also )
  • Fried keropok. ( fried food also )
  • Fried dried salted chili. (fried food also ) This one damn nice!
  • A pack of kari ikan.
  • A pack of sour asam soup. ( this one is another killer ! )

    After that I spent about 30 minutes at home enjoying the rice
    but unfortunately my flu has prevent me to feel any aroma
    or the good taste out of it !

    But the overall cost = RM 3.80 only !

    Rm3.80 for so much of stuff up there, dai dou lan lah !

    But after finish eating, I saw my tummy Boinggggg hanging
    there like a 8 months pregnant woman like that !!!

    Oh shit !!!

    I love malaysia !
  • Tuesday, November 14, 2006


    Oh while I was in the car just now I heard this song performed by a
    Asean Lady but I don't know what was her name, not bad yeah !

    The original song was performed by David Gates and, well just that
    this Asean Lady sings it in a diffrent way, and I like this song pretty
    much too !!

    It sounds like this .....

    If a picture paints a thousand words,
    then why can’t I paint you?
    The words would never show,
    the you I’ve come to know . . .

    If a face could launch a thousand ships,
    then where am I to go?
    There’s no one home but you,
    you’re all that’s left me to . . .

    And when my love for life
    is running dry,
    You come and pour
    yourself on me . . .

    If a man could be two places at one time,
    I’d be with you,
    tomorrow and today,
    beside you all the way . . .

    If the world should stop revolving,
    Spinning slowly down to die,
    I’d spend the end with you
    when the world was through . . .

    Then one by one
    the stars would all go out . . .
    Then you and I
    would simply fly away!

    Expectorant and Cough Pills -_-"

    Just now I went to Digital Mall ( where the Toilet is free for use ) and
    unlike Low Yatt Plaza RM0.50 per pop !!

    After meeting the customer I found that some idiot double parked the
    car and blocked my car.

    Fine, I grabbed my shirt from my car, covered my wrist and hit the
    mirror of the car, priaaaaannnggg !!! and I released the handbrake and
    I pushed the blardy stupid Waja away... case closed !!

    Of course I didn't brake the guy's windows, but I really wished that I
    did !! -_-" ( I think this is rage tendency in me )

    I instead walked into the Chinese Medicine Shop opposite of the Friday
    Restaurant and went on medicine shopping.

    My grandmother told me that there is this 仙丹 called
    Expectorant and Cough Pills ( 双料虫草 化痰止咳丸 )

    So I took a pack ( niah beh RM3.00 more expensive ) cause it is
    PJ area where everything is more expensive.

    I asked the boss:" 老板, 这个有效吗?"

    The boss after 2 second:" 不是有效, 是很霖有效 !!!"

    -_-" oh ok !

    I quickily paid the money and ran the hell out of the shop!!

    I could handle any type of person but funny people !

    很霖有效 ? Sure or not ?

    Let's see how ! If I mati after I eat these pill you
    all have to go back to the shop and whack the crap out
    of the old man for me ok ?

    T minus 4 days

    Oh blardy hell !! 4 more days and it would mark 1 month for my
    this round of cough and flu.

    Yesterday I was talking to one of my customer, I asked her as she
    was coughing," Wah, how long you have been coughing ?"

    She," Very long already ! "

    Me," How long ?"

    She," 1 week already ! "

    Me -_-"

    Me," Kih kih kih !! Me almost 1 month already ok ? Can't die also?"

    She terus two legs in the sky !!! lolrtof !!

    Really, 4 more days and it would be 1 month already and I am very
    tired of coughing and sometime sneeze those green shit on my
    streeing wheel and have to wipe wipe wipe when I drive !!

    I just hate that, and have tried clinic, chinese herbs, pills etc !!!

    can't work !!

    Of course, during the period i also tried fried chicken, fried koey tiao,
    ipoh chicken, ice drinks, beer etc.

    Fat Lady," oi !! like this how to sembuh ? "

    Me," Eat first, die later !! wah ha ha ha ha h!! cough cough cough !!"

    cough until the phlegm also got blood one morning, feeling like the
    movie Dying Young yeah ? lolrtofcoughcoughcough !!

    4 more days 4 more days !!!

    Telekom Malaysia's Voicemail.

    This morning I was calling back to my house at my hometown. I think
    no one was at home and suddenly my call got into the voicemail -_-"

    WTF ? Nowadays the home fixed like also has voicemail yeah ?

    Did some research and found out that it is some new service from
    Telekom Malaysia.

    For me, it is simple, more income for Telekom and user pays more !!

    I then called up to Telekom, asked them to disable this function or
    so called feature and there is no way that they will get these extra
    cents from my pockets ! No way !!

    Shock yeah ! Shock !!!


    After approximately 2 months since my last visit to barber, yesterday I
    walked in to the Indian barber shop just below Fat Lady's house and
    had some good time there.

    It was 6 pm something after work and there wasn't any other customer
    but me. So I comfortably sit down at the chair and told him what kind of
    style that I want and exactly what to cut and what not to !!

    The barber is a smart guy and understood my requirements on the spot!

    20 minutes later, it was all done and I was like 2 kg lighter and looked 2
    years younger according to Fat Lady who was waiting for me in my car.

    Feeling good, really !! When i have longer hair it was always |||-_-|||

    Now with shorter hair it would be only like this "-_-" , smaller head!

    Suddenly i recalled that why when I was a kid I didn't enjoy going to the
    barber. Because back then there wasn't any air cond shop or anything
    like that, it was hot as hell, and the hair would stuck my neck and up set
    the skin !!! First thing i would do after that is to run home and take bath
    to get rid of the hairs -_-"

    Now, it is entirely different, air cond room with big mirrors and proper
    cloth and everything.

    The barber even gave me some karate on the head before helped me to
    loose the neck, krreeeeekkkk to the left and kreeeeeekkk to the right !!

    Just like the comandos killing the enemy by breaking off the victims neck,
    just only very gentle and without the killing !!

    I am so enjoying the process !!

    And the whole process RM7.00 only mate ! Rm 7.00 !!! I love Ampang !!!

    Saturday, November 11, 2006

    Midnight mamak session @ USJ

    Was having dinner and drinks at an Indian Restaurant at
    Subang USJ last night from 10pm to 1am -_-"

    Met the old folks from the ex company and had a lot of
    catching up and chatting etc.

    I ordered a Roti Sardine, and it tasted so good ( or is it
    because I didn't eat this for long time already ) that
    I ended up ordering the 2nd one, he he he he he !!!

    Amanda saw my Roti Sardine also can't resist and started
    eating it but kept saying," no I don't want ! don't want!"
    while her hands grabbed more Roti Sardine -_-"

    Boy that was really good !

    During the dinner, suddenly I pointed my nose and made
    and announcement," You know, 8 years this is the first time
    I am sitting here at Subang and having mamak session ! "

    My colleagues," Wtf ?? Are you sure or not ?"

    Me," Yeah, this is the first time here, I was most of the
    time having mamak session at Ampang, Setapak and Damansara."

    Me," Subang USJ, definitely the first time !! "

    My ex colleagues," Lousy you ! Booo !!! "

    LOLROTF !!

    This made me started thinking, yeah, it's been really a
    while since I last had mamak and yum char session with friends
    and colleagues.

    Perhaps as I am getting older, I am spending less and less time
    at mamak already.

    I always think that mamak belongs to youngster who are around 20
    years old.

    me? I am almost 30 years old and need to sleep at 10pm everyday
    liao lolrotf !

    Strange feeling actually...... -_-"

    Hot Water is the Solution !!

    Throat was still upset and felt itchy and was coughing non stop
    eversince I woke up this morning.

    But I didn't take any ice or cold stuff recently leh, how come still
    not fully recovered from this serious cough ? Perhaps I need
    upgrade my throat to Version 2.0 with 1000mhz FSB and 512MB
    of Cache Memory yeah !

    So I got myself a cup of hot water from the water dispenser at the
    office, and started taking sip of these hot water after I added some
    room temperatures water.

    Miracle !! The throat immediately felt better and no more coughing
    and stuff like that !!

    Of course the water temp is not boiling hot yeah ? It's just like
    drinking some hot soup, only it's tasteless : )

    Might want to try it out sometimes yeah ? Cheap solutions sometimes
    could be effective too yeah ?


    Friday, November 10, 2006

    F-117 and Express Bus

    Yesterday after 6 something dinner at Bidor was back on to the
    Plus highway heading back to KL.

    There was this nice friendly Express Bus perhaps trying to make
    friend and close contact with my F-117.

    I always don't enjoy to have someone or something tailgating me
    so I increased to 120kmph, still closing in, increased to 130kmph,
    still closing in, at 135kmph the distance of F-117 and the Friendly
    bus, butt and face was less then 2 meters !!!

    I was like wow, nowadays the bus drivers are very eager to make
    friends with F-117 yeah. But i wasn't in the mood of making any
    new friends or anything.

    I increased to 140kmph and slowly the distance between us became
    bigger. Whopppss ! Traffic at the front has slowed down again !

    Distance of the bus and F-117 became 1.8meter again -_-"

    This continued until near Sungai Buloh until I had a chance to
    and space to change lane and bid farewell to the friendly bus

    Tried make friend with me ?

    Next time sms me ok already, no need to stick your nose into
    my exhaust pipe and admire me lah yeah ??

    And I thought the speed limit of the bus is 90kmph on highway?

    I did 140kmph and still unable to get rid of the bus ?

    Perhaps my F-117 Head Up Display need some calibration or
    service already yeah.

    New Name

    About 2 weeks ago I was down with heavy flu and fever.

    That resulted my whole body ache and felt like going to
    disintegrated into thousand of pieces.

    So the Nice Fat Lady came to the rescue, she help me
    to karate my back, massage my back and helped me
    to relax my muscle a little bit.

    Me:" Dear, I suddenly got an idea ! "

    Fat lady:" What idea ? "

    Me:" Me think of a new name for you ! "

    Fat lady:" What name ? "

    Me: " Osim ! "

    Fat Lady -_-" and I ran away like I have already
    fully recovered like that !!! LOLRTOF !!

    This one is to thank Fat Lady who helped me to recover
    faster. Thanks Dear Fat Osim Lady !! LOLROTF !!


    RM6.30, what could get with RM6.30 nowadays ?

    Let me tell you that, if you have RM6.30 and if you are
    in Penang perhaps you could.

  • Go to Lorong Ah Moi ( really lah the name ) in the morning
    and order yourself a bowl of Nice Kuey Tiao Soup. ( Rm2.80 )

  • Go to almost end of Penang road near Komtar there and have
    a plate of fried Kuey Tiao. Where the 3 big prawn each bigger then
    our 50 cents coin. -_-"

    Please go on and discover the lovely Penang !

    With as low as Rm6.30, Now Everyone Can Eat Good Food(tm)!
  • Bidor Stop

    When I was going back to KL from Penang yesterday, I stopped
    by at Bidor old town, which is about 2-3 km away from Bidor
    toll exit.

    Went for a plate of Kon Low Mee which tasted so so, but the
    duck drumstick herbal soup DDHS was really tastety !!!

    I finished the whole bowl of DDHS leaving only the bones and
    a piece of small ginger ( i am afraid of ginger ).

    The soup, I tell you, I tell you I actually don't know how to
    tell you how good it is, you better stop by at the shop and
    try it for yourself !

    Mamamia ! Just like the good old days mia soup !

    I lap Penang !

    I was in Ipoh and Penang for the past 2 days for work,

    Summary for Penang = Lovely !! More to come later.....

    Thursday, November 02, 2006

    PC Upgrade

    My 2005 Intel Celeron 2.4Ghz System was giving me some problems
    lately. Hence last week I have changed the

  • Power Supply RM80.00
  • Mainboard RM160.00
  • AGP Display Card 128MB RM 108.00

    And everything seems to be ok so far.

    One last thing to do is to get a new DVD-Rom because the
    existing drive has gone blind, can't read the CDs and DVDs.

    When want to watch DVD that time have to pray and beg for this
    DVD to work, feeling damn fed up !

    Cost of DVD-Rom = RM 75.00
    Car Park at Low Yatt = RM 2.00

    Satisfaction of all DVD titles could be watch again, Priceless!!!

    I am going to the the DVD-Rom asap liao ! Yahoo !!