Tuesday, June 27, 2006

The Lord of the Rings III

Marriage is a three ring circus:

  • Engagement ring.
  • Wedding ring.
  • Suffering.

    Why ah ?? You don't believe ah?
  • Monday, June 26, 2006

    The Da Vinci Code ?

    I am right now having about 2,000 stars, moons, questions and funny-funny characters in my mind...

    I feel the earth move, sky move, land moves, and everything is like spinning.

    Why ? Cause yesterday Fat Lady and me were watching the Da Vinci Code the un-cut Pengsan Mabuk Version (149 minutes) over DVD.

    Before I watch the movie we were ok. But after watching it, i am now having a spinning world and Fat Lady got terrible headache LOL !!

    Why ? Cause the picture were not really clear, sound was like shit and the worst was that the subtitle was worst then my 2 years old cousin translation.

    Maybe I should really go back to Cinema sometimes?

    No, no way !!! And that was the reason why I don't buy new movie, be it DVD or VCD, this shall be a good lesson for Fat Lady I guess.

    The seller:"100 % clear mia !" (Pirate smiling face )

    Fat Lady:"You sure har?" ( Water fish face )

    Me -_-" kept quiet.....


    Let them be, let them be.....

    By the way, I have just watched Top Secret! (1984) Starring Val Kilmer (24 years old that time ) and OMG Val Kilmer were dating Cher that time LOL !! Cher !!

    The sound, picture quality and everything was like 200 times better then the don't know what Code that we have watched.... blur !!

    Saturday, June 24, 2006

    Want to earn RM 5,824 ringgit?

    How to earn RM 5,824 easily ?

    Hmm? want to know how to earn minimum RM 5,824 per year ?

    Let me tell you how, stop going to Cinema with your girl friend or boy friend for a year and you would would have earned the RM 5,824 easily, at least !!

    Don't believe me ? Ok let's look down !!

    I average watch 4 to 5 movie a week, be it old, new, Chinese, English, Action, Comedy or anything.

    Normally I would watch with my sister, or family member and sometimes Fat Lady.

    Let's say, hmm, 2 person at least ok ?

    So, RM11 x 2 = RM 22 per movie + RM1 car park + RM 5 for pop corn.

    That would be RM28 per movie ( for 2 person )

    4 movies per week = 4 x RM28 = RM 112.00

    Ok ? 52 weeks in a year = 52 x RM 112 = RM 5,824.00

    That is not including the traveling time, car park time, traffic jam time, and advertisement time which is total added up to be around..... 3 hours per pop.

    hmmmm ( 3 hours x 2 person x 4 movies per week x 52 weeks ) = 1,248 hours gone.

    1,248 hours is about 52 days ( based on 2 person )

    OMG, i better stay home and watch the sky or look at the ants moving house !!

    Or invite fat lady and join me to watch the sky and look at the ants moving house, LOL !!!

    This one is specially dedicated to Mr Lee Hoon Boon and his girl friend !!

    And if you could excuse me i need to go watch the ants moving house again !!

    Thursday, June 22, 2006

    Pro's and Con's of staying at new house.

    As I have mentioned before I have moved from Puncak Damansara Condo 10th floor to a more remote place nearer to Atria Shopping complex and next to BU 11. Still under Kampung Sungai Kayu Ara area but not at the One Utama Side anymore.

    For the past 2 weeks i have found the below pros and cons of staying at a 2 storey link house :

  • Quiet, really really quiet !
  • From my room to my car, less then 3 minutes.
  • Can keep a dog as pet.
  • Can park wherever I wanted to park my car.
  • Can wash car for 4 hours or 6 hours and no one will look at you.
  • Can talk and smile to neighbour everyday.
  • More to come.

    And for the cons
  • Whenever dinner time when the neighbour is cooking the aroma comes into my nose and I can't stand, I can't sit, I can't sleep! Got to go find something to eat! This is no good for people who need to keep fit !

    Who cares about keeping fit? Ain't it good to be an Elephant? King of the Jungle? Excuse me i need to go out and find something to eat right now !!

    Damn the neighbour Fried Ikan Kembung smells damn good, better make friend with them and join them for dinner for free everyday, can hor ?? can hor ??

    Grab keys and run towards neighbour's house now !!!
  • 21 June 2006 expenses.

    Yesterday I was quite happy cause I used only.

    RM2.00 for my breakfast.
    RM10.20 for dinner for Fat Lady and me.

    LOL That's a new record RM12.20 for 3 !!

    But why the heck am I still so poor one ?

    Define: Football Fever

    Yesterday saw my housemate Johntim face and neck red red and sitting there at the sofa of our new house, and he said :" Aiyooo... headache !! fever !! "

    I said:" Oh, sorry to hear that !"

    This morning I found out why, appearantly this Johntim has been watching World Cup Sucker Soccer for the past few days until almost 2am every morning. -_-"

    Johntim:" I sleep very late these days, 2 or 3 am !!"

    Me:" Why? New house? Not used to it and find it difficult to sleep? Too quiet and no one sing Indian Songs for you to sleep ?"

    Johntim:" Neah, cause I watch World Cup Football till 2am and 3am everyday !! Now get headache and fever already !! Deng !"

    Me:" Ohhh !! I see !! Not enough of sleep everyday and still have to go to work at 9 am. Body over stressed and over worked and you got sick !! "

    Literally World Cup Fever !! My friend !! World Cup Fever !!

    Me? Sorry I don't watch football cause I pity 20 people running over a big field chasing for a small ball.

    Buy one ball for each of them lah aiyo !! Headache !!

    Monday, June 19, 2006

    Jiat Lat

    Yesterday (Sunday 19th June) woke up at 7:50 am LOL and since then I have done the following task.

  • Washed my F-117.
  • Washed my sister Kancil.
  • Exposed my F-117 cargo area to sun for 2 hours.
  • Polished my F-117. Cleaned the carpet.
  • Fed the dog ( Prince aka Putera ).
  • Cleaned the dog poo. knnccblol!
  • Took bath.

  • Went to visit Fat Lady mia father.
  • Went for lunch at PJ State.
  • Went to Low Yatt, parked there.
  • Walked to Berjaya Times Square.
  • Order Baskin Robin Ice Cream ( 2 pints only )
  • Purchased Memory Stick 1GB.
  • Purchased 2500mA rechargable battery.
  • Purchased Memory Stick adaptor.
  • Picked up Ice Cream and went to Ampang.

  • Solved Fat Lady's mia brother mia PC problem.
  • Ate the Ice Creams.
  • Ate some cheese.
  • Ate some chocolates -_-"
  • Had a short nap.
  • Proceed back to TTDI.

  • Went to Pinggiran Kiara condo.
  • Went for dinner with family at Taman Bahagia PJ.
  • Went to Putra Bus Station sent cousin back to KB.
  • Went back to TTDI for drinks.
  • went home at 11:30 pm
  • Take bath, relax.

  • 12:20 am started reading magazine.
  • 12:30 am fall asleep with magazine in hand.
  • 12:34 am saliva started flowing .... -_-" and got up to turn of the light and Full Speed sleeping.
  • This is how I spent my Sunday. Productive? You tell me.
  • Saturday, June 17, 2006

    WiFi Blog

    Moved to new house and yes it is still around Kayu Ara area, but there is no Streamyx yet ( application date 2 June 06 ) and now is 17 June.

    So today Saturday evening a little bit bored and Fat Lady brought back a Centrino Sony VAIO lap top... yummmy !! and she is having a function tonight.

    Let's lock and load and go out to do bad things with this Sony VAIO A4 Size Lap Top.

    First i went to McD Damansara Uptown ( Damansara Utama ) and walked in with style and asked the guy," You have WiFi signal here?"

    The guy said yes.

    I connected, and TMNET page came out and asked me for User Name and Password. WTF?

    I promptly left after feeling cheated becaused I ordered a full set of dinner thinking of being able to do some surfing over there. Big wrong !

    10 minutes later i left and heading home and i saw San Francisco Coffee shop at the end of the road. Ok let's try again.

    Rebooted the PC and Walla! Connected !!

    So here i am sitting in my car using the signal from San Francisco Coffee house signal and blogging from my car.

    So today basically I have tried:

  • Blogging from Mc D but tak jadi.
  • Blogging from other's people signal.
  • Blogging from my F-117. Engine off!!
  • Blogging beside the road, feel hot!!

    Damn, when is the TmNet people are going to get my house Streamyx done? Damn difficult to blog beside the road and feeling not too cool after 15 minutes in my F-117 with engine off and no air cond.

    What? Walk in and get a RM13 coffee? Yeah, I will do that ! I will do that when i have RM500,000 in my saving account ok?

    Now i am too poor for RM13 per pop coffee and I even started using LDP to work instead of NKVE !!

    So, really that bad eh? Yes you bet !

    Signing off.

    San Francisco Coffee Damansara Uptown.

    7:50 pm
    17 June 2006
  • Wednesday, June 14, 2006

    Not so sweet dream.

    Last night went to bed quite early cause had nothing much to do cause the Broadband at new house is not working yet. And my PC was not working properly also.

    So, after reading some comic and made a few calls I proceeded to sleep at 10 something if I am not mistaken.

    The result? Wake up at 12:30 am, put cloths into washing machine. Wake up at 4:00 am again, looked at the sky, and went back to sleep, actually forced myself to sleep again despite I have wake up naturally. ( Sign of enough of sleeps )

    But since the PC can't work and don't want to disturb everyone I forced myself back to sleep.

    Then the problems came.

    I was then sitting beside football field and my secondary pals were all playing soccer at the field. And boy they played like the Pros!

    And they seemed to enjoy the football game so much !!

    And moments later we all went into the exam hall and sit down for SPM examnination for Maths paper !!!

    WTF ? How come I didn't know that there is a SPM maths paper one? And somemore my friends are still playing soccer right before the farking examination ?

    And on the way in to the examination hall, my friends ask me, how? prepared? want to copy my answer ? all sorts of uneasy things..... -_-"

    What does the all above proved ?? Simple, i had too much of sleep and i remember my unpleasant dream.

    So today i better sleep less and have more fun before goes to bed. Or go out till late night eh?

    Sekali tonight nightmare is about SPM Chemistry paper lagi jiat lat !!

    I have become a person who is afraid to sleep already. LOL !

    Morning Laugh

    Every morning when we wake up there would be something expecting us and we also might be expecting something.

    For the past few days I was expecting a hot day awaiting me. But something unexpected greeted me instead.

    I saw slippers lying on the floor dead. How dead was that? DEAD dead !!

    All the vital organs and parts were gone into pieces, some on the floor, some in the puppy's stomach? -_-" and some in between the puppy's tooth.

    I looked at the slippers the remains of the slippers, looked at the puppy, looked at the sky, looked at the puppy and the sky again and I began to laugh ....

    I said to myself:" It's been a hot day I know !"

    And I proceed to wash my car at 7:30 am or so wearing some feminine slippers instead. Oh I looked so Pondan this morning while I was washing my car.

    And later I learned that the puppy ( Name Putra ) got a nice lesson from Fane the owner of the puppy.

    I said to Fane it's ok actually cause the slippers are aging and it's not in good shape anyway. And puppy just like to bite anything, epsecially shoes, slippers and stuff like that.

    I had started my morning with a laugh at the puppy and myself, what could be better than this ?

    Stupiak Prince the Golden Poo Producer anyway LOL !!

    Tuesday, June 13, 2006

    Lesen Mampuih

    A few days ago someone was checking my wallet and looking at my cash and stuff inside.

    And she said:" Oi ! Your Driving License has expired!"

    Me:" Don't joke lah, my License is 10 years mia!"

    She said:" Look, here says March 18 2006, now June liao!"

    Me -_-" :" Give me that ! Give me that !"

    After looking at it, and I realized that I've been driving flying in my F-117 for the past 3 months plus without valid documents leh !!! -_-"

    My friends LOL and pointed at me:" Lousy Philips!"

    And this morning I woke up at 7:15 am after some nice sleep and so. And took bath and everything, and hit LDP at 8:00 am !! That's really early.

    From LDP I turned to Federal Highway because I wanted to go to the Subang Jaya Carrefour Post Office. But it turned out that the entire Carrefour is not open today I guess.

    So I had no choice to proceed to the Post Office at Subang Jaya SS15 next to Metropolitan College.

    I must say that this is a really nice building and the officer there are friendly and informative. Parked my car and greeted the Security Guard, took a number and 10 minutes later I got my Licence extension made for another 5 years.... LOL !!!

    The Malay lady there do smile back after I greet her Good Morning, she also replied that I could actually ask someone to renew my license for me without me physically been there.

    That's nice, we public could even also renew our Road Tax there, of course must bring along the Car Ownership Card as well as make sure that the Car Insurance is being paid. They could check the car insurance thing from the Network if I am not mistaken.

    Technology improves our life? I totally agree with it today and this morning I felt good !

    Cost of parking = Free.
    Cost of 5 years extend = RM 152.00

    To be not afraid of Pak Polisi anymore = Priceless !!

    So, have a look at your license today and see if it has expired, if it is, get it done ASAP !! No need to get into unnecessary problems with the authority. Right?

    Jessie's Evening Conversations.

    On Sunday after the wedding dinner at Smoke House KL we
    went home in my F-117 there were 3 pessengers to be
    dropped at Taman Mayang, SS2 and Bandar Utama repectively.

    To brake the ice, Wei Chiek asked:" Jessie where is your hometown, may I know ?"

    Jessie:" Oh I am from Ipoh ! "

    Wei Chiek:" Oh Ipoh I see ! "

    Me:" Wrong ! Jessie is from Tapah and Tapah is not Ipoh and Ipoh is not Tapah !!!! "

    Jessie -_-"

    I added:" Jessie, you jangan tipu orang ok ? You think because you say you are from Ipoh people will think you are very pretty already is it ?"

    Me:" Jessie, you think because you say you are from Ipoh then you will become taller is it ?"

    Me:" Jessie, you think because you say you are from Ipoh then there will be a lot of guy chasing you is it?"

    Me:" All wrong ! You ain't from Ipoh, u Tapah mia olang lah dude !"

    Jessie then had tears in her eyes while punching and pinching me.......

    LOL ! Don't mislead people lah Jessie !! Ipoh mia lenglui wah ??? LOL !!

    Monday, June 12, 2006

    Jessie's Evening Gown

    Yesterday was attending a good friend's wedding dinner at KL. Before that I went to pick up Jessie Chow who stays in Taman Mayang area, as usual, I was a good driver.

    Prior to that Jessie called me and asked what time that I would go and pick her up, I told her the time and I told her " I am wearing Jeans T shirt only ok ? "

    She said:" Ok no problem !"

    And when I went to pick her up, and when she came down from her first floor I almost fainted cause she was wearing like she is the Bride like that, evening gown showing a lot of meat, all pink and like that.

    I terus shouted:" Wah Liew! Your wedding ah ? I thought we agree on Jeans ?"

    She:" ha ha ha! You stupid Philips ! "

    Ok fine, I was like carrying a giant size Hello Kitty figure in my car because Jessie was all pink and things like that.

    Then I went to pick up Helen, who also main theme was Pink colour.

    -_-" wtf ? I was starting to look like a Hello Kitty delivery guy or distributor already ... omg !!

    All pink in my car -_-" And lucklily Wei Chiek the 3rd passenger was in light blue. weeeheeww !!

    And after the dinner I went to SS2 to pick up some nic Ice Cream cause the wine was burning in my stomach.

    Jessie and Wei Chiek was thinking that I was going for some Swenson, Baskin robin or something expensive like that. I said yeah I am going for ICE CREAM !!

    Jessie and Wei Chiek were so happy.

    Their happy face turned black when I stopped at an Ais Krim Potong stall at SS2 food court and asked them
    " Yo ! choose what flavour you want, got durian, got beans, got chendol, got jagung, got chocolate, come come!"

    And Jessie was -_-" while she was walking towards the Ice Cream stall which is located next to a stall which sells a lot of Kueh Mueh ... yummy.

    I saw Jessie approaching and I shouted ( really loud )
    " Wah Jessie! Wear until so nice to come buy kueh ah?"

    LOL Jessie was so embarrased and i could see tears in her eyes, imagine, wearning an evening gown ( all pink ) and get humiliated at SS2 Food Court by ex Sales Manager who has chocolate ice cream in his mouth.

    Cost of petrol = RM 3.00
    Cost of ice cream = RM 1.00

    The Fun that I got and made fun of Jessie = Priceless!!

    Quote of the day

    "Wah Jessie! Wear until so nice to come buy kueh ah?"


    Yesterday around mid night my cousin who used to be not that thin texted me and asked:" WTF WKH What do you mean fatty Sim Chew Yen bla bla bla... bla bla bla... "

    I was puzzled, mid night why got this kind of SMS one?

    Anyway this morning I called her up and ..

    Me:" Yo Wassap Cousin ! "

    She:" *&^^* gnn *6219 CNN &!^&$ KLIA LCCT ... "

    Me -_-" and asked" Good morning to you too, dear !"

    She:" What lah you put my name in your blog, you blardy Philips I am not going to use the Philips bulb anymore in my life , hmmmmmpppphhhffff !!! "

    Me -_-" and asked:" I am doing fine too, you ?"

    She:" knnbbqlpplmcbmchklialcct you said I am very very not thin is it ?"

    Me -_-" and said:" How you know one ?"

    She lagi on fire:" Of course I know, I ran a search on www.google.com on my name and there there there !! my name.... my name .... with an prefix Fatty... !!"

    She complained:" Now I am very thin already, so you better remove the NOT SO THIN word immediately or I will see you in court next week !"

    She added:" I meant it ! Do it now !"

    Me:" Affirmative, acknowledged !! "

    So here I am , I am here to announce to everyone that my cousin who works in Melacca who used to be NOT SO THIN is very very thin now. In fact she is so thin that I can't even recognize her if she appears infront of me now. She is so thin that, when her boyfriend do a slow dance with her, the boy friend could just grab and hold on her 12 inch waist ok ? She is so thin that when she stand at Melacca Sentral Station people give her money cause they thought that she has malnutrition. And she is so thin that when Ally McBeal sees her, Ally would say" OMG I am so fat! " And my cousin in Melacca is so thin that when she goes to some poor Africa country, the Africa country people do donation to buy food for her.

    There you go, I already tell everyone you are very thin already ok ? My Belly 38 Sim cousin ? If got people say you are fat you come and tell me and I will teach that guy a lesson. ok ?

    Me no let no one bully you one my dear cousin belly 38 sim ok ? Cause you are so thin, omg you are so thin.

    This blog is specially dedicated to those people who are so thin and so mulnutritioned..... like my cousin in Melacca. LOL !!

    Run away .... as fast as I could !

    Friday, June 09, 2006

    Penguin Story I

    国 家 地 理 杂 志 记 者 小 明 到 了 南 极 做 访 问...

    见 到 三 只 企 鹅 在 玩 耍, 便 跑 去 做 访 问.

    小 明:" 你 好!"

    大 企 鹅 A:" 你 好 !!"

    小 明:" 你 平 时 做 些 什 么 过 日 子 呢 ?"

    大 企 鹅 A:" 起床, 吃早餐, 打东东 !!"

    小 明:" 哦 , 谢 谢 你 !! "


    小 明:" 你 好!"

    大 企 鹅 B:" 你 好 !!"

    小 明:" 你 平 时 做 些 什 么 过 日 子 呢 ?"

    大 企 鹅 B:" 起床, 吃早餐, 然 后 打东东 !!"

    小 明:" 哦 , 谢 谢 你 !! "


    小 明 :" Hello ! Morning 你好 !! "

    小 企 鹅 :" 你 好 Morning !"

    小 明:" 那 你 呢?? 你 平 时 做 些 什 么 过 日 子 呢 ??"

    小 企 鹅 :" 起床, then 吃早餐 loh !! "

    小明:" Eh ? 你 没 打 东 东 吗 ?? "

    小 企 鹅:" 喔 !! 我 就 是 东 东 罗 !!"

    小明:" 哇 捞 喂 !!! "

    请 问 冷 吗 ?? 冷 吗 ??


    Selina:" Can I ask you a question please?"

    Me:" Ok please go ahead."

    Selina:" Why is football (soccer) is black and white in colour?"

    Me:" Hmm... that's the world standard of FIFA for many years."

    Selina:" Yeah, but why ? Why black and white ? "

    Me:" This one i am not sure."

    Selina:" Oh, cause Football everyday kena people kick here and there mah, then Football become Oh Cheh (black blue) loh ! "

    and she run away ...

    Me -_-" . Felt very cold suddenly alone.

    I also run away ....

    10 person and Avanza.

    Went to visit Addy Ho yesterday at TTDI and he suggested that we go for dinner together. I said ok great let me get my car.

    He said, no need ! I have got Toyota Avanza 1.3 VVTi !!

    I said, are you sure -_-" it's 10 of us for God's Sake!

    He said," Try me babeh try me! Errr.. try it actually!"

    So 10 of us :
  • Addy Ho = Driver Position
  • Me = Co Driver Position
  • Sam = 2nd roll.
  • Fat Lady = 2nd roll.
  • Calvin = 2nd roll.
  • Adrian = 3rd roll.
  • Addison = 3rd roll.
  • Aeron = 3rd roll.
  • My sister = 3rd roll.
  • Selina Liu = 3rd rool.

    There we go, 10 person, 1 car, VVTi, 1 mission. To Eat!

    I was a little bit skeptical about this tiny 1.3 litre
    engine of Toyota initial, cause for 10 person, each of
    us would get the power of 130 cc only you know ?

    But when we approached the Damansara Toll NKVE entrance and when we saw all the Merz S320 and BMW 5 series disappearing at the back of the Avanza. We were then trully amazed by it's VVTi engine capability.

    Of course Addy Ho has to step a little bit hard on the gas padal to gain speed though.

    Oeverall the drive and everything was ok.

    So, Avanza 1.3 litre engine was not weak afterall. Not weak at all !! Nice one there !!

    But i still love my F-117 better yahoo !!! Run away!!
  • Tuesday, June 06, 2006

    Facts of life.

    Was chatting with some friends over IM software.

    " When i was younger, around 18 to 22 years old, I had a lot of free time, had a good mood to fool and goof around with girls but had absolutely No Money to do that. "

    " Now at almost 30 years old, I have some money, but have no Time and Mod to fool around pula !"


    Moral value of this story, don't fool around and goof around. Go study and work hard, shuhh suhhh !!! Pergi main jauh-jauh !!

    Sunday, June 04, 2006

    My glass my drink.
    Ice Age II : To the Blue
    Ice age I
    The Center view of the stage. Kind of enjoyed taking the photo of any events before everyone is here.