Sunday, September 27, 2009

The One About Award Winning Photo(s)

My cousin asked me what photo is this, and I told her that this is the

photo that will win me an Award.

lolol !!!

I think when Fat Lady see this photo she might spit coffee on her LCD screen
and fall off her chair....

The One About Scarry Tree

I was at this Bradley Stairs ( Tangga Krai ) and walking around
when I saw this 38 million years old tree... ok ok... very old
tree and I went to take a few photos of the tree.

The guy selling drinks near the tree :" Eh, sir please be careful ! "

Me:" Huh ? What ? Me ? "

The guy: " Ya, this tree has hantu (ghost) one ! "

Me:" Har ? Are you kidding me? "

The guy:" No ! It is true, a lot of people came and took the photos
of this tree and at night the saw something else in the photo... u
go home later at night and look at the tree carefully and you will
see... teng teng teng.... got something else one !!!"

Me:" Are you very sure ? "

The guy:" I swear by the name of my father, mother and my wife.. "

Me:" They must be using non Nikon Cameras and Lenses.... using lousy
equipment(s) would produce lousy quality of images...

You see, I am using Nikon D50 and 18 to 135mm lenses, all the photos
come out very nice and gurantee no Ghost and Spirits one ... see ? see?"

The guy 2 legs in the sky ....

Me ? I smile and ran away fast fast lah....

The One About Kuala Krai

After hmmm 8 months of busy working in Kuala Lumpur, I am back to

Kuala Krai where I spent my happy childhood time...

A lot of changes compared to 3 or 4 years ago.

A lot of swifts around ( Not that Suzuki Swift.... ), those swifts which

produces a lot of birdnest using their saliva... and Chinese eat these

birdnest made by these saliva .... and I don't know if these swift got

brush their teeth every morning and night, or clean their tongue or not...

Well.... that is another story..... ( geee... eating birds saliva ? darn Chinese )

Went and took some photos, some nice, some so so and some were quite


enjoy ya....

Visit to Kuala Krai train station is a must, but darn, it has been upgraded

and looked too modern to my liking.

And they demolished my favourite wooden STORE !!! Darn !

The One About Palm PDA ... eh Palm Seeds

Actually Kuala Krai is surrounded by a lot of palm trees and rubber

trees.... deforesation was bad hence the very hot weather nowadays

in the noon.

Yesterday night was very very special super extra hot....

This, my friend, are the nice Palm Seeds that I saw on the

way when I was doing some off road driving , learning how to

avoid the cow pooo on the way... -_-"

Wednesday, September 16, 2009

The One About Stealing Chicken !!!

什么是所谓的偷鸡呢 ??

偷鸡就是开演唱会, 到一半忘了歌词, 或唱累了.....

就把麦克风对着观众, 让大家一起唱




Thursday, September 03, 2009

The One About Starry Starry Night

The One About A Place Far far Away !!

The One About Soli Soli

Would like to apologize for being away from here for
quite some time.... work has been quite busy and a few
new project is coming....

But i still love this blog very very much one !! ya !