Friday, September 30, 2005

2 inches....

老 公 站 在 镜 子 前 欣 赏 自 己 的 老 二
"hmmm...再 多 两 寸 我 就 是 世 界 之 王 了!!"

老 婆 在 床 上 懒 洋 洋 地 说
"hmmmm...再 少 两 寸 你 就 是 世 界 之 王 后 了!!"

Dude !! Where is my car ?

Lesser car on the road nowaday eh?

An orservation made by me for the past 1 or 2 weeks has come back
with a result.

There is definitely less car on the road these 1 or 2 weeks.
Don't you think so? Or you did not notice that?

Normally after the Subang Toll exit of NKVE we would jam at the
bottle next and perform a 12 lane to 2 lane stunt. Wasting about
20 minutes there.

But now, now we need no stunt no more !! 20 seconds and we are
out of the bottle neck.

Why ah? The school holiday is not here yet, and would it be because
it is end of the month ?

I don't know, but I am very glad that there is less car on the road
right now cause I could drive better and safer that way.

Hurray !! Less car on the road.

Even my friends working in Low Yatt Plaza IT mall has told me that
there is less customer coming out for shopping, and definetely less
car on the road from their observation.

What has gone wrong here ?

Dude, where is my car ???

KFC and Tau Ba Tau Ba Seng !!


Today afternoon we went to KFC for lunch, damn happy and
still happy till now.

I went to KFC Sunway with Amanda and Crystal (new girl) and
right now it's 2:11 pm and we are so full !! hehehe ! Burpp !!

The environment was nice, the girls (A&C) were ok , and the air
cond was cold. No problem !! Not to crowded too !!

And the most important thing is that the taste of the KFC fried
chicken is the best !! Damn sedap betul !!

I ordered a 3 pcs original fried chicken dinner plate while Amanda
and Crystal ordered 2 pcs plate each.

Right now I am feeling so damn full, but the happiness and the
satisfaction of having the 2 fried chicken breast + 1 drumstick
is unbeatable !! Holy Cow !!!

A little bit of regret and sorry feeling for my stomach, so much of
swimmings and skipping dinner, feel more sorry now wuu wuu wu!!

So I called Amanda and Crystal into my room, 20 seconds later.

Amanda & Crystal in my room, klammm, door closed behind them.

"Yes boss, anything?" Amanda asked.

"...... " Crystal was quiet. She is still new in this office.

"Yes, I have something to announce to you all !" I said.

Amanda -_-" and Crystal also -_-" :" Yes ???"

Me:" Next time go KFC hor, don't let me order 3 pcs ok ke?"

Amanda and Crystal :" Harrr ? "

Me:" If I order 3 pcs like just now, now stomach like want to explode
like that you know??"

Amanda:" Oh ! " Crystal :" Ok !"

Me:" If next time I insist that I want to order 3 pcs or you see my face
like wanted to order 3 pcs, please stop me immediately ok?"

A&C :" Roger that ! Boss !!!"

Me:" If I die die also want to order 3 pcs, you all have to pull me away
and restrain me from doing so ok?"

A&C -_-" :" Harrr ? So serious ah?"

Me :" Yes !! No matter what it takes, you mustn't let me order 3 pcs ok?"

Crystal:" But... but... but ... " -_-"

Me : " But what ?"

Crystal :" But, boss if you act like a kid and rolling on the floor left and right
and shout I want 3 pcs !! I want 3 pcs !! I don't care I want 3 pcs !! how??"

Me :" Hmmm.... in that case, you pull me up and bitch slap me !!!"

Crystal :" Harrr ?? Can meh ? Need meh ?"

Me :" You must do that !! I am ordering you to do that, I am givin you the
//Surat Kuasa// now ok? I kasi you power to do that, you must Tau Ba Tau
Ba Seng me until I stop ok?

兜 巴 兜 巴 这 样 来 星 !!
大 力 大 力 这 样 来 星 !!" ok???

A&C already 2 legs in the sky and ROTFLOL after I said that I am going to
kasi them //Surat Kuasa// already.

Damn !! Very full ah !! Help !!

And you, yes you !!! Next time you see me ordering 3 pcs, or if you see me
wanted to order 3 pcs plate of chicken, you know what to do lah ok?

3 pcs !!??? Cannot liao !!

Any by the way, I don't have my office, I am sharing a big office with
other 8 person. And I am certainly not the boss too !!

But the 3 pcs friend chicken, the taste of the food, the Kekenyangan of my
stomach , Amanda and Crystal are real, till now still real !!!

Help !!!

Thursday, September 29, 2005

The Art of Speaking !! Lesson 1

Art of speaking.

Yesterday while I was chatting with an old buddy of mine
since secondary school, i have re-learned something important
and fun.

When I was younger ( about 10 to 15 years ago ) I tend to
talk straight from my heart and mind without any second
thought or consideration, or filtering at all.

No polished, indirect and selective words. Results were often
quick, and some times people get annoyed or pissed of
because of the too direct and non-filtered communication.

Example, 1996 I was working in a big Restaurant and I was
about 19 years old. And there was an mid 30s or 40s lady
who was my leader,

One day I call her :" Errr, aunty ah, this one hor.... "

She -_-" and screwed me !!

She replied:" Hei ! Don't you ever, ever call me aunty !! "

I -_-" and :" Oh sorry !"

She added:" Call me xiao jie (miss) "

I -_-" and :" Oh sorry and ok !"

I remember this incident till today and I think in future too!!

Never call people aunty unless you are under 8 years old.
or that aunty is really aged 80 and above.

Any women or lady which is age from 18 to 80, to play safe
you better salute them with "Miss" "xiao jie" or "美女 " or to some
extreme case, "Leng Lui !" LOL !!


So, back to the story which happened yesterday.

My friend inform me he has feeling with a lady that he likes,
but this Macho guy didn't want to tell me that he likes this
girl directly, instead, when I asked:

" Eh, how is your relationship? normal friend? good friend? or
advanced friend? or super advanced friend?"

My friend:" I hope she could be the mother of my sons !!"

-_-" WTF ?? This guy tell story like my great-great grandfather
and so in-direct !!!!! Wasting the internet bandwitdth with
10 words instead of " i like her !" gnn !!!

So I taruh my friend:" WTF !?? Don't talk like people of
15th Century lah friend ! you sound like Paramesuara."

"Or Hang Tuah talking to Hang Jebat like that !! Damn
annoying !!! "


I told him now is ICT Era, everything has to be fast, accurate and
deadly to the point .

I told him there is a word call " Girlfriend or Wife or Mate !!"

I told him again:" From now on, please no more Maka Hatta, pun
tersebutlah, Ampun Tuanku, beribu-ribu Ampun, sudikah saudari
menjadi bonda kepada anak patik? or some shit like


I repeated:" Am I clear ?"

He replied:" Ok sir, affirmative !!!"

I asked :" So, what is your problem now ?"

He informed:" But I really hope she could be the grandmother of
my grandsons woh !!! "

I terus 2 legs in the sky !!! And my blood pressure also rockected
up all the way to the moon.

GNN !! Old timer !!

Monday, September 26, 2005

Ketulanan !!

Today we will learn what is Ketulanan.

"Ok, selamat pagi murid-murid sekalian, hari ini kita akan belajar
mengenai gugusan kepulauan Melayu !" Puan Siti bercakap di
dalam Kelas 2 Ara , 1992. SMJK Chung Hwa Kelantan dan
saya berumur 15 tahun ketika itu.

"Gugusan kepulauan Melayu terdiri daripada bla-bla-bla.."

Nanti sebentar, kita sekarang bukan belajar Sajarah, tetapi
bagaimana untuk menggunakan perkataan :" Ketulanan"

Ketulanan, berasal dari perkataan :" Tulan " yang bermaksud:

  • Perasaan benci.
  • Perasaan tidak gembira.
  • Perasaan terasa hendak menghentam kepala orang.
  • Perasaan terasa hendak menyepak KKC orang.
  • Atau kombinasi kesemua di atas.

    Itulah definisi perkataan Tulan. Ya, sila ambil perhatian yang
    Tulan ini tidak ada kaitan dengan perkataan Tulin ( membawa
    maksud sesuatu jisim / atau bahan yang tidak tercemar dengan
    jisim/ bahan yang lain )

    Contoh : " Emas itu amat tulin ! "
    Maksudnya, emas tersebut adalah tidak dicemar dengan logam
    logam yang lain seperti besi, kuprum , karbon dan lain-lain.

    Contoh : " Air tebu yang tulin !" atau " Air tebu berketulianan tinggi!"
    Maksudnya, air tebu tersebut adalah semata-mata air tebu atau
    jus tebu yang tidak dicampur dengan air gula atau air biasa.

    Baik, kita pulang ke perkataan Ketulanan !!

    Tulan, yang bermaksud di atas, paras atau quantiti atau jisim Tulan
    dapat dikaji dan disukat dengan menggunakan Ketulanan, sebagai
    penampir atau penunjuk tahap Tulan jika ditambah dengan paras.

    Contoh, jika saya hilang RM10.00 , maka nilai
    Ketulanan adalah rendah.

    Contoh, jika saya hilang RM100.00, maka nilai
    Ketulanan adalah lebih tinggi.

    Contoh, jika saya mencuci kereta dengan rajin dan tekun, sehingga
    kereta teramat bersih dan cantik. Tetapi selepas 2 jam, hujan
    turun tiba-tiba seperti kucing dan anjing.

    Pada ketika itu, Ketulanan adalah amat tinggi !!!

    Contoh, jika saya mencuci kereta dengan rajin dan tekun, sehinnga
    kereta teramat bersih dan cantik.

    Selepas 2 jam , tiada hujan atau ribut.

    Tetapi hari keesokkannya, kereta anda dicuri atau dilanggar oleh
    kereta dari depan, belakang dan tepi.

    Itu merupakan Tahap ketulanan yang teramat tinggi, dasyat dan
    tidak dapat ditandinging dengan apa jua pun.

    Sekian terima kasih, besok kita akan belajar Apaitu lan ok??


    Oh ! And after the car washing session with Fat Lady I
    went to the swimming pool to swim.

    I did 25 to 26 laps yesterday.

    The water was a little bit dirty and the guard came to
    ask me for ," Resident Pass!"

    I told him I was renting a room and I don't have the pass.

    He didn't seems to understand and made me fill up the
    form, well, fill jiao fill loh, no problem !!!

    Then I went to swim.

    By the way, yesterday I woke up at 6 am something, went
    out to see my uncle and had breakfast with him at
    7 something.

    In the noon at around 11 am something near 12 pm I was
    at Ampang with Fat Lady's family and we went to Sungai
    Buluh to visit their relatives.

    Came back at 4 pm something.

    Something missing in the process ?

    Yes, I have forgotten to have my afternoon nap !!! I hate
    that !!
  • 白费心机 !! Damn Dulan !!

    Monday Blue Mumblings !! Why? Cause 白费心机 !!
    Wasted !! Damn blardy wasted the energy !!

    所谓 近猪者肥,近墨者黑!

    People says : "If you stay near pigs, you'll get fat.
    If you stay near Jason, you'll be mumbling alot !"

    That's what I have finally realized !! Yay !!

    Heheheh !! What I am trying to say here is that, Holy Cow
    I was mumbling all by myselft this morning in the office,
    actually since yesterday evening. Why am I doing that?

    It's a long story, as long as a piece of cloth.


    It began yesterday, cause I've learned that my boss is
    coming from Hong Kong to Subang office on Monday 26
    September 2005. Yeah that's today !!

    So, I know him, sometimes I will go out with him to KL or
    PJ in my car. And to impress him I have to make sure
    that my car is clean, right?? In Hokkien some people call
    this Por Lam Par, but I would say this is personal hygiene
    and respecting myself and boss !!! Right ??? Yay !!

    So, at about 5 something PM yesterday I "ordered" Fat
    Lady (FL) to help me to wash my car.

    Me:" Dear, will you kindly help me to wash my car ?"
    FL:" Har? I am a little bit tired woh !"

    Me:" Ok, should we go down and wash them now?"
    FL:" We've just came back from KL since morning woh!"

    Me:" Hmm.. Ok. you take the pail. We'll go now !! yay!! "
    FL -_-" and think :" 死肥仔!诈 傻 扮 蒙 ?? "

    Me LOL !!! and fat lady was mumbling all the way down to
    the car washing bay. Ah Chi Ah Chor Ah Chi Ah Chor !!!
    We Wang Wang We Wang Wang We Wang Wang !!

    LOL !!

    So after about 1 hour of washing the car, I've we've
    also finished polishing and cleaning the internal part of car.

    I was brushing the carpets like the CSI guy collecting the
    evidence while Fat Lady who was exhausted sitting at
    the car and looked on.

    I noticed and asked her:" I know what you are thinking."
    Fat Lady:" Hmmm? So clever ?"

    Me:" Yes, you were thinking, if I treat you as good as I
    treat my car, then you would be damn happy and be the
    most 幸福 girl in the world already."

    Correct ?

    FL:" Wah you are the worm in my stomach mate !! "
    Me : " LOL !"

    Me:" You move your tail a little bit then I know what do
    you want liao !"

    After about 1 hour of 2 person hard work, the car is
    cleaned internally and externally, no dust in and out,
    no smell , carpet was clean, dash board was cleaned and
    the car was all shining in the evening sun !!!

    LOL !! Damn Happy.

    Sekali this morning about 10 am something Amanda
    informed me that the boss is not coming,
    he has postponed the trip to next month.

    白费心机 , freaking 白费心机 !!!

    WTF? I Fat Lady and Me washed my car until
    so clean and sekali like that !! Oiii !! LOL !!

    So , I was mumbling the whole morning about this issue.

    白费心机 , freaking 白费心机 !!!

    Hell yesterday night I even pointed at the sky and warned
    HIM to be better not to rain or else I am going to
    Nuke HiM !! LOL !!

    And Fat Lady :" Eh ! Don't be so rude to the sky ok?"
    She added:" Nanti thunder strike you , you mati baru tahu !!
    LOL !"

    How am I suppose to tell Fat Lady that the boss is not coming?

    Cham Lor Cham Lor !! -_-"


    To add more Oil to the Fire, yesterday while I was going down
    from my condo 10th floor to my car
    ( Parked at ground floor some 20 m away )

    The lift stopped at 9th floor and an aunty walked in.

    I smiled at her , but she didn't give any feedback.

    Ok fine, perhaps her mod was no good.

    She came into the lift and 9th floor and guess what button she pressed?

    Yeah, she pressed 8th floor button.

    So after about 2 seconds the lift stopped at 8th floor, she just walked
    out 大摇大摆 like that, the blardy old fugly 大屁股.


    I mean WTF !! Go down 1 floor also have to use the lift ah??
    GNN MCB MCH KFC FBI NSA MIC CIA !!! Go and fly kite
    lah next time !!

    I could not freaking believe my eyes !!!

    Hence I started mumbling again !! Gee !!

    Thursday, September 22, 2005

    Dear God, I've sinned again.

    Yesterday after working so hard. Felt a little bit hungry.

    Fat Lady came to Subang Jaya and we went for dinner.

    Bak Kut Teh and Stewed Super Black Pork.

    Hmmmm...... tasted so damn good and damn cheap too !!

    So akibatnya? Today I had to swim for 30 laps and skipped dinner.

    Jason was making noise as he see these post mid night !!! LOL !!

    Ok Jason, next round you come KL we must go and eat this one.

    When the shop owner see us he would say :" Look Winnies The Poohs!"

    Cause he sees 2 Winnies and 2 Poohs wah ha ha ah a h!!!

    Clean as new. And what are we looking at?
    The Bak Kut Teh shop mia name. At Subang Jaya.
    After Katrina + Rita Hurricane. All wallaped and cleaned as baru dicuci.
    The accesorries of the mentioned nice food.
    Stewed Super Black Pork. Tasted a little bit hot + sour + the meat was damn tender. Practically melt in your mouth.
    Everything included only RM16.80. 1 portion of bak kut teh, 1 portion of Stewed Super Black Pork. 2 yau char kuey, 2 rice and 1 Coca Cola. Damn cheap and damn nice. This one is dedicated for Jason.
    Chinese Stewed Pork in super black sauce. Not too fat as per requested, still smoking when served, also 1 person portion only. Fat Lady was sitting infront and -_-" slurrrp her saliva.
    Bak Kut Teh for 1 person portion. OMFG one person portion seems to be ALOT here. And the meat + vegetables + taufu skin in nice and kao-kao mia soup. With garlic + chili soaked in Soya Sauce and Soya Black Sauce. Waho waho waho !! OMG that was really-really nice and tasted damn good.

    The RM1 coin Story in Malaysia

    RM1 Coin Story:

    A few weeks ago the government has informed the Malaysian public on
    the discontinue of RM1 coin in Malaysian market.

    The statement made by the government is that the RM1 coin will not be
    legal anymore after 7 December 2005 or something like that.

    As usual, the market panic and a lot of RM1 coins were digged from under
    the bed, from the saving tin, from Milo tin, from inside the car, everywhere
    and everyone started to bring those RM1 coin to either use them or
    change them at the bank.

    The government did stated that the trader/ business people are required
    to accept these RM1 coin from the public because it is still legal right now
    and the public could reject the RM1 coin from the trader or business peole
    -_-" funny eh??

    Yeah I know the reason why they are recalling all these RM1 coin, because
    there are a lot of fake RM1 coin in the market which deeply hurts the Bank
    Negara I learned from the news paper.

    But the thing is that, it's again what Malaysian government good at:

    Set rules, or set new regulation or law. Introduce it to the public.
    And the public will not follow the rules, regulation or law at at.

    I see a alot of public trader out there officially place a note or notice
    saying "Decline to accept RM1 coin"
    Some verbally told me off for the RM1 coin.

    I was at Touch & Go Tambah Nilai lane yesterday and asked the operator
    if I could reload my T&G card with the RM1 coin , he told me I have to
    use the RM1 coin at the office.

    Ok never mind.

    So, that's a lof of inconvinience for the public there if the authorities are
    listening !!!

    What they should do??

    First 3 months RM1 coin should be still legal and public can exchange or use
    them without any problem given from trader or operators.

    All the bank stop issuing or channeling out RM1 coin to public, but only accept
    in as deposit and exchange.

    Next 2 months RM1 coin is no more legal in public transaction, but these 2 months
    should be a grace period for the trader, business people, or stalls or the financial
    constitution to exchange the RM1 coin collected or received over the previous
    3 months to bank negara.

    That's what we call systematic removal of RM1 coin from the market with sufficient
    notice and grace period given.

    Not suka-suka and announce RM1 is becoming not valid.
    And suka-suka go and inform the deadline is 3 months later.
    And suka-suka go and force the trader to accept these RM1 coin.

    If do like this what is the consequences? Go and try to use RM1 coin in the market
    and you will see the consequences of lousy removal RM1 coin from the market.

    Sometimes I really don't know what the heck are these bunch of people doing.

    Really !! RM1 your head !!

    Sotong and Winnie

    This morning when Ms Yo ( accouts dept ) came out from the washroom
    I pointed at her nose and asked:

    " Wei??? Why your hair so looks like Sotong one !???"

    She -_-" and exploded after 5 seconds......

    She started nagging me after that,
    " WTF ?? Sotong?"

    " Why don't you look at yourself?"

    " You looked and look like Winnie the Pooh leh !! "

    " Your stomach round-round and big !"

    " Your eyes small-small !"

    " Your face all funny-funny !"

    " My kids would love to hug you in the morning you know?"

    " Winnie The Pooh Kai Hong !!"

    " Hmmmmmppppphh !!"

    I was absolutely -_-"

    So I told her," Ok lah, you don't look like Sotong ok?? Happy?"

    Then she:" Hmmmmmppph !" again and walked back to accounts
    office and proceed to do her work.

    Do I seriously look like Winnie The Pooh ?? Hmmm???

    No I don't think so , Winnie your head !!!

    Wednesday, September 21, 2005

    RM 626 gone with the wind. RM 626 can let me survive for 1 whole month already you know? God Damn this F-117 maintainance is not cheap at all !! But over the 3 years it has clocked 144,900km of milage and till today thank's to me ( who spent a lot of $$$$$ ) it has no major problem. I wish that this F-117 will Sang Sang Seng Seng for the next 10 year s and I would be really happy and glad already. Sekali service + change of tyre RM600 plus-plus what the hack.

    Hari Ini Dalam Sejarah !!

    Meninjau balik Hari Ini Dalam Sejarah.

    10 tahun yang lalu , pada hari ini 21 Haribulan September 1995.

    Kalau tidak silap kami sedang beria-ia untuk membuat ulangkaji
    dan belajar saat-saat akhir untuk peperiksaan SPM !!! MCB !!

    SPM tidak sampai 2 minggu lagi tetapi banyak yang belum baca,
    tidak faham, buat apa ulangkaji? Sepatutnya memeluk kaki
    Buddha pada saat-saat akhir.

    Mujurnya, SPM telah berlalu dan 10 tahun kemudian saya masih
    hidup dan menulis mengenainya.

    Masa tingkatan 1 hingga tingkatan 5 adalah merupakan waktu
    dan masa yang paling menggembirakan saya, tiada tandingan
    yang lain dari segi kegembiraan dan perasaan yang tanpa sebarang
    masalah serta perkara yang menyakitkan hati kecuali PMR dan SPM !!

    Terima kasih pada ibu-bapa saya, saya masih hidup 10 tahun kemudian
    dan pada hari ini, saya telah bekerja sebagai seorang Juru Jual atau
    dalam erti-kata lain, Penipu ! Penipu yang menipu orang lain supaya
    membeli sesuatu daripada saya , wah ha ha ha ha !!!

    Penipu !!! Cis !!

    Hari ini terasa agak selesa dan lembab di dalam pejabat
    kerana pertemuan dengan pelanggan telah dijadualkan
    ke hari esok. Kerja di atas meja taklah banyak sangat.
    ( Sebenarnya langsung tidak ada kerja paperwork )

    Telah meluangkan agak banyak masa untuk membaca blog
    dan karangan daripada internet, ada yang dalam bahasa
    cina, inggeris malah bahasa malaysia.

    Tiba-tiba terfikir bahawa telah agak lama saya tidak menggunakan
    bahasa malaysia dalam penulisan, dialog biasa dengan rakan
    kerja juga kekurangan kerana kebanyakan kami menggunakan
    bahasa inggeris dalam pertuturan harian.

    Agak bimbang nanti kelak apabila saya balik ke Kota Bharu, Kelantan
    saya tidak dapt bertutur dalam bahasa malaysia (versi Loghat Kelate).
    Masa itu, memanglah memalukan.

    Senario :
    Saya :" Hello, Mackchik, saya nak beli Nashit Daghang satu !"
    Makcik :" Gah Poh Mu Kecek? Tak peheh langsung !!"

    Saya :" Sayha nak beli ini Nashit Daghang dengan Khari Ayham !"
    Makcik:" Cis mak engkau ! Siapa itu Khairy ??"

    Makcik:" Jangeh enkau mahgi sini kacau, gi main jauh-jauh !"

    Saya -_-" dan terus balik rumah untuk memasak Mee Segera !!! -_-"

    Inilah akibatnya jika seseorang itu tidak dapat bertutur dalam Bahasa
    Malaysia dengan tepat dan cepat.

    Anjing = Anjhing
    Kari = Khari
    Cacing = Chaching
    Cacat = Chachat
    Saya = I
    Anda = You
    Kami = We
    Mereka = They

    Apa itu? = WTF is that?


    Oleh itu, pada pendapat saya adalah penting bagi saya untuk
    menulis Blog dalam bahasa malaysia sekali-kala atau untuk janka
    masa panjang. Mengapa? Untuk memastikan tahap bahasa Malaysia
    saya tidak berpudar begitu sahaja.

    Sebenarnya saya berpendapat semenjak keluar daripada sekolah
    menengah SYP Kuala Krai pada tahun 1995, peluang untuk bertutur
    atau berinteraksi dalam bahasa malaysia adalah semakin berkurangan.

    Lebih-lebih lagi kini saya menetap di Petaling Jaya dan bekerja di sini.
    Kawan-kawan yang bertutur dalam bahasa Malaysia dari Kota Bharu
    dan Kuala Krai tidak terjumpa-jumpa lagi , entah kemana pergi !!??

    Saya rasa saya harus menulis sekurang-kurangnya 1 blog dalam bahasa
    Malaysia setiap 2 minggu untuk memastikan tahap Bahasa Malaysia
    tidak akan merosot seperti batu yang jatuh ke dalam lautan Atlantik.

    Malah saya akan mula bertutur dengan menggunakan Bahasa Malaysia
    dengan lebih kerap, supaya saya masih tidak terlupa akar, yang saya
    berasal dari Kota Bharu dan Kuala Krai Kelantan.

    Pada tahun 1996 dan 1997 telah saya menulis beberapa cerita yang
    menggunakan bahasa klasik, kawan-kawan saya yang menerima
    cerita tersebut ketawa sampai berguling-guling atas lantai (LOLROTF)
    selepas membaca cerita tersebut.

    Adakah cerita tersebut terlalu lucu dan menyebabkan geli hati?

    Ataupun penulisan saya adalah terlalu teruk dan dasyat sehingga
    mereka ketawakan saya?

    Saya tidak akan dapat tahu kerana cerita-cerita tersebut telah
    hilang selama-lamanya, seperti batu yang jatuh ke lautan Atlantik.

    Baiklah, setelah sekian lama tidak menulis dalam Bahasa Malaysia,
    jika memaksa saya menulis 500 patah perkataan sekali gus, ia adalah
    amat menyeksakan bagi saya.

    Saya akan cuba sedaya upaya untuk menulis lebih blog dalam
    Bahasa Malaysia untuk menunjukkan kami , kami adalah amat sayang
    pada negara yang kami dilahirkan.

    Diharap juga negara yang kami sayang serta cinta akan berbuat
    demikan dengan sayang dan cinta balik pada kami.

    Perkara yang paling bahagia di dunia ini adalah, untuk dapat
    mencintai seseorang atau sesebuah negara.

    Dan sebagai balasan, seseorang atau sesebuah negara itu sayang
    dan mencintai kita juga. Bukan kah begitu ??

    12 to 2

    Today we will learn "How to change from 12 to 2 ??"

    Every morning I leave Kayu Ara (between PJ Uptown and Bandar Utama)
    and enter the Damansara Toll towards Subang Jaya exit.

    Normal non-peak hour from Damansara Toll entering till Subang Exit
    normally takes me around 4 minutes.

    From Kayu Ara till Subang office takes me a good 1 5 minutes on a
    clear traffic day. The road was actually ok and , of course provided
    there are no idiots blocking 2 out of 4 lanes for "expansion" work !!

    Well, lately the after the Subang Toll exit we would come to a
    bottle neck, where 12 or 13 lanes of cars, lorries, vans, buses will
    squeeze themself into 2 lanes in about 400 meter to 500 meter

    Yeah !! Imagine, 12 or 13 lanes have to slowly organize themself
    into 2 lanes,

    I think the authorities are not doing a good job here.

    Every morning, I am so amused, and at the same time very pissed
    of with these cut queue vehicle, and see everyone performing 12
    to 13 lanes become 2 lanes action after the Subang toll heading to
    this Subang Jaya area.

    Well, next time when I have a chance I will snap a photo and show
    to you all to see how terrible it is !! Damn beh song !!!

    Slamming Phone

    Today we will learn about :

    1. Phone Slamming War
    2. Duuuuuuutttttt
    3. LOLROTF
    4. Google Talk
    5. Skype
    6. Fixed Line/ Land Line
    7. Telco in big problem
    8. Fat Lady (FL)

    Have you ever slamming someone phone call in conversation?

    Yesterday about 11:00 pm

    Me: " Yeah, the food at that place was ok only.."

    FL:" I don't care, next time you have to bring me there..."

    Me:" Ok no problem.."

    FL: " and hor... if "

    I slammed the phone, duuuuuuttttt .....

    FL dialed and called

    FL:" Wei ?"

    I slammed the phone again, duuuuuuttttt .....

    FL -_-" ???

    FL dialed and called again and I slammed the phone, duuuuuuttttt .....

    Ok, cool down first, after 5 seconds I dialed back

    Now FL slammed the phone, duuuuuuttttt .....

    after 5 seconds I dialed back again

    FL slammed the phone again, duuuuuuttttt .....

    What the heck is going on here? Are we in a heated arguement
    or what? Why need to slam phone on each other?

    Then, FL dialed and :" Oi ! Stop ah ! Don't do this ah !! "

    I slammed the phone, duuuuuuttttt .....

    After that, I called back, both of us LOLOTF !!!!

    What happened ?? Well, in real life Fat Lady and I had actually never
    slammed phone on people before.

    So we have decided to enjoy the fake" phone slamming war "
    So after finished the conversation we began to do these
    idiot action, "phone slamming" on each other.

    So, people out there, if you slam phone, you are an idiot !!!


    Because it is extremely rude to do so to other people !!!
    For heaven sake !!

    We were using Google Talk yesteday actually, the quality is as good
    as fixed line, really !! Perhaps there were not much of user and perhaps
    Fat Lady was in Ampang and I was in Subang Jaya hence the quality
    was really-really good !!

    Tried Skype with my cousin in Australia a few days ago but the quality
    was never as good as yesterday, perhaps either one of us were having
    bad connection that day.

    So last night after we finished our conversation, Fat Lady described
    that the Google Talk ( )quality was
    superb, how good was it?

    Fat Lady:" Can you hear me?"
    Me :" Yeah ! "
    Fat Lady:" Hear me clear?"
    Me :" Burrrp !!" ( Smell of mixed rice + Mooncake )
    Fat Lady:" LOL ! You sounded like sitting in next room only !"

    After all those quality test we hav decided to slam phone on
    each other cause we don't have the chance to do that
    in real life.

    That kind of good quality, I would say it was something like
    fixed line or land line quality.

    Hope google talk could maintain this kind of quality and I think
    the local Telco's will have to slash price to become more
    competative !!!

    No wonder in China they have banned these VOIP stuff cause
    it was killing the Telco's industry.

    Cost of headphone + mic = RM18.00
    Cost of broadband Streamyx = RM 99.00 / per month / 3 person
    Cost of Google Talk Software = Free

    Satisfaction and fun that we've got = Priceless !! LOL

    Tuesday, September 20, 2005

    It's so cold here !!

    Today we will learn :

    1. Warm water ( no good )
    2. Hot sun ( no good )
    3. Rain ( very good )
    4. Cold water ( very good )
    5. Cold water shower ( very good )
    6. Don't use the hot water challenge ( very good )


    Yesterday afternoon Subang sky looked dark and I was
    sure that it was going to rain at a lot of places around Klang

    Yay! I was right !! It rained indeed but in Subang it was never
    too heavy unlike Ampang and certain area.

    And later of yesterday, I mean the entire afternoon and
    evening I didn't see the sun anymore. Naturally the walls in
    my room are not heated up like normal day.

    In a normal day, my walls of my room ( facing west ) will receive
    around 5 to 6 hours of direct sunshine. That is from noon till evening
    and this has made the walls distributing and releasing heat from
    evening till 3 or 4 am !!

    In night, even till midnight if you touch my wall (facing west ) you
    would find that it is warm !! really-really warm. Sleeping in a
    room with warm walls without air cond is quite difficult for me.

    Hence, I had to turn on the air cond during night to cool down my
    room tempereture and get some good sleep.

    But that was normal day, when sun is hot and not raining.

    Yesterday it was diffrent, we didn't see much of the sun and it rained

    Hence in the late evening the air was cool, walls were cold too !!

    I slept without air cond ( with my fan on only ) and the sleep was
    so sweet !!!

    And this morning when I take bath the water was so cold that I
    reminded myself during the Kampung Day !!! Dang !!!

    Those time the water was so cold that you would probably swear
    and curse in the morning when you take bath. But again, the cold
    water was really useful to make you entirely wake up from the
    sleepy mode into Super Fighter mode !!! hehehehe !!

    This morning, I was feeling like the kampung day again, but only
    I didnt curse and swear in the bathroom of my condo. I thanked
    the rain yesterday that I was able to have a nice cold shower this

    Water Heater System? Our family don't need this, not then, not now
    and I think not in the future.

    Water Heater is for Ah Kua and Baby only !! hehehehe !!

    Real man like us uses cold water, heck, we even organized the
    " Don't Use That Hot Water Challenge " when we went to Genting
    Highland in 1997 and 1998.

    Result? I was the man !! I was the man !! But of course I was having
    purple lips, experianced poor nipples became hard and even the
    KKC shrank like peanuts LOL !!!

    But then, that fully expressed our love towards cold water shower
    as kampung boys !!

    Malaysia's Kampung Water is cold meh? Hell no !!!

    You try to go to Canada up stream kampung river and take bath
    there and you would know what "cold water" means !!

    For heaven sake, those river water comes from mountain and
    formed by melting ice. Try those and you would say Malaysian
    Kampung Water is actually warm kekekekeke !!!

    I love cold water shower, do you??

    Monday, September 19, 2005


    前几天我去了 Taman Negara 爬山。







    我们便把神仙给就了出来,他真开心,道:" 谢谢!"


    神仙:" 一人一个愿望,别争,ok?"

    神仙:"你们向东跑,边跑边喊你们要的东西, ok?"

    爸爸:"好 !! 我来先!"

    结果天上真的掉下 RM 一亿 下来, 爸爸乐呆了!!
    yahoo呀!! yahoo !!

    结果天上真的掉下 RM 十 亿 下来, 妈妈乐呆了!!
    哇哇 哇哇 哇哇 哇哇 哇哇 !!!

    我 -_-" 有没有搞错?这样都可以??

    骂了三声:" Shit!! shit shit !!"


    前几天我去了 Section 17 买月饼。



    我妹:"哇! S.H.E 的月饼 man !!"

    老板:"对对对! S.H.E 的!"


    老板 -_-"




    我妹:"鼻子你的头 !!耳朵你的头!!"


    我 LOLOTF !!!

    Section 17 Pasar Pagi

    On a groovy Sunday morning I brought my sister to Section17
    to do some marketing ( read: shopping in the market ).

    Time was about 9 something am. Sun has come out but, 9 am
    actually for some others people are still sleeping time, I know
    that for sure. Especially KL, Ampang and PJ people.

    But.... as usual there were a lot of PJrians Aunty, Uncle, Ah Lian
    and Ah Beng there who woke up early, like my sister and me.

    Some looked like just finished jogging or doing some work out.

    Some looked like just took bath and look neat and tidy.

    Some looked like just came out from bed.

    Some with hair like Lion King, with dried saliva at mouth's edge.

    Some with, you don't want to know -_-"

    Ok, that's what we called PJ Convergence. Where everyone
    comes from PJ and some from Ampang, Bangi, and else where
    just to make this little Section 17 Pasar Pagi to be more jammed !!

    Me and my sister was walking-walking and see see and bought
    some stuff to eat. Not bad.

    My sister:" Hei Kor, let's got and get some Roasted Pork."
    Me :" Ok let's go !"

    We walked to the other end of the Pasar Pagi for RP then.

    Half way there was this uncle selling Pork and tried to be very
    friendly to customer and asked me :" Uncle, want to buy pork?"

    WTF ?? The 50 years old selling pork uncle called me "Uncle?"

    WTF ?? Can't he see that I am only 28 years old ? Holy Cow !!

    I was so damn pissed off !!

    If a guy who is 50 over years old call you uncle, you've got to be
    at least 60 or 70 or even 80 years old over only you would be
    qualified to be called :" Uncle !!"

    So ? Fog you the Pork Selling Uncle for calling me uncle !!!

    I will not buy your pork from you one !! I rather go to your
    fugly (read: fucking ugly ) next stall to buy ok?

    Me? Buy pork from you? Ok sure, but you will have to say
    sorry to me first. And say it loud , and say it 100 times !!

    Uncle? Uncle your head !!!

    Saturday, September 17, 2005

    Niam Niam Kiap Kiap

    When I was a kid I used to stay with my Ah Chia ( In Hakka that
    means my mother's mother ) and later I stayed with Ah Boh,
    another storty that is.

    My parents were ( my mom still is today, father retired 1997 ) teacher
    so they didn't have the time to take care of me during day time.

    Hence what they did was just throw me to Ah Chia's house near
    Jalan Chin Hwa, Kuala Krai and let Ah Chia handles me.

    From Ah Chia who speaks Hakka, I have picked up a lot of Hakka
    course until I could speak Hakka better then my Cantonis cause
    my father side is Cantonis.

    When I first came to KL about 8 or 9 years ago, I spoke Cantonis
    exactly like Richie Ren or Hsu Chi like that... people LOL when I
    spoke Cantonis infront of them and knew immediately that I
    was lot local KL or Ipoh, sure some ulu-ulu people.

    But the things today that I am going to write is about some
    Hakka terms that my Ah Chia used ( till today still use actually )

    1. Niam Niam Kiap Kiap
    Means a person who the skin is sticky. Like right now, I am Niam Niam
    Kiap Kiap cause the weather in KL is so hot that, right after I took
    bath this morning, I began to sweat again.

    Why? Thanks to the hot weather + the haze !! Fog you !!

    2. Am Mor Si Soh
    Means a situation which is very-very dark. Like mid night when you
    drive from KL to Seremban after Nilai area, before Seremban, I think
    that stretch of High Way does not have street light.
    Hence, I always call that stretch Am Mor Si Soh !!

    3. Chet Ku
    Thief or Pencuri.

    4. Doh Doh
    A lot.

    5. Hmm Hau
    Do not.

    6. Chok
    Catch, tangkap

    7. Ngai
    Me, i , saya, aku, ku.

    8. Ngi
    You, Lu, Engkau, Anda, Kamu, Mu, Kau,

    So, do you know know, what does this poem mean?

    Am Mor Si Soh
    Chet Ku Doh Doh

    Hmm Hau Chok Ngai
    Chok Hsu Chi or Richie Ren

    LOL !! This one is for Ah Chia who tought me Hakka until my
    Diploma of Hakka Graduation LOL !!!

    Thank you, Ah Chia !!

    When I was a kid.

    When I was a kid my parents were teachers at a small town called
    Kuala Krai and they tought in diffrent schools.

    So naturally they didn't have enough of time to take care of me.

    First I was "thrown" to my Ah Chia ( mother's mother ).

    Then somehow Ah Chia became busy with her business and I've
    got a Nai Ma. ( Nanny )

    This Nai Ma is called Ah Boh , my Ah Boh !!

    This Nai Ma duty was not to provide Nai for me ( Nai = Milk )

    All she did was just take good care of me, bath me, change my
    cloths and everything a Nanny does to a small kid.

    Ah Boh was really-really nice to me. I didn't remember her beating
    me or even raised her voice at all.

    Ah Boh operated a nice Toy Shop at Jalan Ah Sang ( opposite to
    Shell Petrol Station now ) and from time to time I've got to select
    a toy or two which Ah Boh gave me.

    I didn't remember too much of it but here are a few incidents that
    was deep in my mind.

    Oh oh !!! Ah Boh has a son call Ah Bu Ko Ko ( Brother Ah Bu ) and
    Ah Bu is a good friend of my uncle Addy Ho, even till today !! hehe

    1. Once, either Ah Bu Ko Ko or his sister brought a small art knife back
    from school, was suppose to cut pencil or something like that.

    I became Keh Kiang ( sibuk, jaga tepi kain orang ) and took the little
    knife to teach Ah Bu how to use the knife properly ( WTF? Teach? )

    Of course I ended up a big hole at my finger , and blood on the floor !!

    I remember Ah Boh was so panic and I am not sure if Ah Bu Ko Ko or
    his sister were scolded or not, if they did, I want to apologize here !!

    2. Ah Boh used to bath me and I enjoyed the bath very much cause
    the water was cold then in small town like Kuala Krai.

    Ah Boh one day told me:" Let's go Siang Yap !!"
    Me :" Harr -_-" what is Siang Yap? can eat one ah?"
    Ah Boh -_-"
    Me :" hmmm? Taste good or not Siang Yap ??"

    Ah Boh:" Oi ! Everyday eat eat eat !! "
    Me -_-"
    Ah Boh:" Siang Yap means Mandi, Take Bath, Chong Liang"

    3. And there were so much of sweet memory of my younger day and
    I wished these memories would never fade.

    Best wishes and greeting goes to Ah Boh, Ah Bu Ko Ko and the family.

    I loved you all,
    I am still loving you all, and I will be always loving you all.

    Friday, September 16, 2005

    Trivia IV

    A few days ago fat lady forwarded an SMS to me,

    in the SMS she asked me ,

    " What is the diffrent between a Parachute and a Condom ?"

    I considered myself as a quite not too stupid guy but I couldn't tell.

    So I scrolled down and see, and terus -_-"

    The answer ,

    "If Parachute peciah, then this world might has less one human life !!!"


    "If condom peciah, then this world might has One more human life !!!"

    or two if it's a twins !!! My god in the sky !!!

    Smoke gets in your eyes.

    Yesterday evening I became a whale and did swim for about 26 laps
    in 48 minutes. Hmmm... feel grate cause now I can swim 26 laps
    non stop 80% breast stroke and 20% free style. Not bad !!!

    After the swimming time I went back to my room and opened my
    windows to get some fresh air while cooling down.

    What greeted me was some burning smell ( like forrest burning ? )
    and when I looked at the surrounding the sky and atmosphere
    looked blur-blur and smokey !!!

    Now, is the haze back? Yeah I think so !!

    Anything we could do about it? No I don't think so !!

    What should we do then? Pasang air cond in room and take care of
    the personal hygeine.

    And screw you Hot Spots !!! Screw you very much !!!

    Wednesday, September 14, 2005

    Giant Seapark PJ

    I was at this Giant Supermarket of Seapark this afternoon
    after meeting a customer nearby.

    I was thinking of buying some mooncake for the coming Sunday
    and after that I found that :" Gee, got to pee !! "

    Ok then asked the lady who sells mooncake where's the toilet.

    She pointed outside and say," Out there, out side !!"

    Me -_-" Hmmm??? And thanked her and went to payment counter.

    After paying the mooncakes I went to search for the toilet.

    After a few minutes only I noticed that the toilet is really
    "Outside" of the Giant building. This Giant supermarket looks
    like an old cinema to me... sort of.

    Well, then proceed to accomplish the mission first....

    Walked into the Male Toilet and found, Holy Cow !!!

    Why the floor so wet one? It has 1 handwash basin, 2 rooms
    and 2 toilet bowl outside of the rooms for express peeing

    Ok, fine, I would prefer to pee standing, more Mojo !!!

    Pee pee pee !! pee pee pee !!

    And suddenly I heard sound of water dripping on the floor????

    I looked at the toilet bowl and shit !! This blardy toilet
    bowl was leaking like there is no tomorrow like that !!!!

    I quickily jumped of a few step and the pee pee ( fresh one )
    started spreading on the floor while I was cursing GNN CNN
    FBI CIA KGB NSA KFC and stuff like that....

    Now I know why the floor is wet already....

    But then, I was stepping on the water just now woh !!!

    -_-" Another round of GNN CNN FBI CIA KGB JPN........!!!!!!!

    Worst toilet experiance in PJ area.

    I stepped on other's people pee pee leh !!!

    After that I quickily ran outside ( of course after zipped up )
    and walked around to ensure that the shoe surface is dried
    of these pee pee stuff !!

    Oii !! Such a nice place to do shopping ( Cheap goods ) but with
    this kind of toilet, please do something about it !!!

    Or next time I will pee at your Long kang infront ok??

    MCB !!

    Sunday, September 11, 2005

    This morning ( sunday ) I woke up at around 6 am something. Was thinking to wash the car but felt a little bit not confident with the weather, how if it rains later -_-"?? Well, hence I took plan B, tidy up my room a little bit cause the room looked alittle messy. After tidy up everything, washed the cloths and everything , and even mopped the floor. I had something new to do, that is to count the coins that I have in my Horlick bottle. After about 20 to 30 minutes of hard work Tata, here the coins in position for counting. Total rm 210.00 heheehhe!! Yeah I am rich !
    Yesterday evening while I was having an evening nap at around 6 something PM ( Saturday keh !! ) i suddenly saw the sky displaying some nice colour and tone. I ran to get my digital camera ( Panasonic Lumix LZ2 ) and grabbed the mini tripod from under the piano -_-". and took these photos and I hope you like them.
    Look a star. only 1 star.
    Opppsss. let the sky be more orangefied.
    "It's going late baby, let's prepare dinner, wait for Papa to come home and have some nice dinner". I could hear this over the air of PJ yesterday evening while most of the housewive were ordering their Kakak to prepare the dinner.
    Hmmm... God has accidently spilled his orange juice over the sky yesterday evening.
    Evening skies of PJ and Bandar Utama. Now I don't know what is so special and expensive about PJ properties and houses but here could only see 1 star. In Kelantan, we could see millions of stars above our heads.
    Sky on fire. While Riana Green Condos looked on.
    Moonwalk? Or what? I don't know what happened to my cam but I was using a tripod that time. F3.6 and exposure 8sec. Earthquake or what? ISO 80.
    Zoomed 6x to Bandar Utama Center point. F4.5. Exposure 3.2 second. iso 80.
    View towards Bandar Utama Center point. F2.8 and 8 sec exposure. iso 80
    Zoomed 6x to see The Curve and others building F4.5. 8 sec exposure and iso 80.
    Pelangi Damansara II Condo. A stone throw away from my windows. Blocking my view of Sri Pentas TV3 and One Utama. F2.8 and 8 sec exposure. ISO 80.
    At the upper right hand buildings are The Curve,Ikano Power Center, IKEA and Tesco. And at the middle are the Pelangi Damansara Condos and F2.8. 8 sec exposure. ISO 80.
    Bandar Utama 1 ( I think ) very near to One Utama. 10:44 pm of 10th Sep 2005. F3.5 and 8sec exposure. ISO 80.
    Small small little moon. Without 6x Optical Zoom. Moon above Bandar Utama and PJ sky. F2.8. Exposure 8second and ISO 80.
    10 Sep 2005 10:51 pm. Moon from my windows reminds me of hmmm.... Mooncake Festival is coming next week ( 18 Sep 2005 ) is the Chap Goh Meh of Chinese August. Happy Mooncake Festival everyone and may you all be happy with family and friends. Night Mode. Panasonic LZ2. F4.5, exposure 8 second. ISO 80.

    Thursday, September 08, 2005

    See.. from my office in Subang Jaya to KLIA car park took us about 42 minutes, I used the auto cruise function and cruised at around 100kmph cause we were early then expected time. Travelled 47 km from Subang Jaya to KLIA and average speed = 67kmph. And see ?? see ?? 8.8 L/ 100km leh !! That's the best I could go already hehehe
    The dashboard of the E-280 Merz that I drove to KLIA on 31 Aug 2005. To pick up my Japanese guest.
    A few weeks ago, I went to Seremban with my family. Went to a shop next to Maybank selling Hak Kar Mee. Tasted ok, but since the shop owner uses pork oil in the mee. My family gave the food an A. But the attitude of the shop owner was ... er... very unfriendly... like we need to beg them to serve us food like that.... aiya...

    Fuel usage calculation for my F-117.

    As a damn Ku Hon guy, I always monitor the fuel usage of my F-117.

    A cool guy should have a well maintained machine, right?

    Some car aircraft has onboard or built in computer
    in the cockpit to calculate the tank capacity, balance of fuel,
    fuel consumption (litter/km) and so on.

    My F-117 doesn't carry the onboard computer thingy. So I use a piece
    of paper and pen to write down the refuel amount, refuel date, milage
    and so on. It's my way (my only way) to monitor the fuel usage for
    this 3 years old F-117.

    So far the performance of my F-117 is still not bad !!!

    Still could clock 7.7 litter for 100km ( Town and Highway ).

    Average litter per km = 0.0776.
    Average cost per km = 0.0776 x RM 1.62 = RM 0.1257.

    So, RM 0.125 for 1 km of driving is still acceptable right?
    This is based on price of petrol at RM 1.62 per litter.

    And oh, when I was driving the company E280 Mercedes Benz...

    Initially it showed 24 litter/ 100 km ( Wah seh !!! )
    That is 24x RM 1.62 = RM38.88 for 100km
    Or RM 0.388 per km my god in the sky !!

    But after my economic driving technique from Subang to KLIA
    and KLIA back to Subang I have managed to clock at
    8.8 litter/ 100km ( hmmm I am good !! )
    That is 8.8 x RM 1.62 = RM 14.256 for 100km
    Or RM 0.142 per km for Merz E280 !!! Yahoo !! I am dang good !!

    Just some record for myself and I am proud of it, if you one
    day can drive a 2800 cc car and clock 8.8 litter of fuel for
    100 km distance you have to tell me ok? hehehe !!

    8.8 litter/ 100

    "What goes around comes around."

    "What goes around comes around."

    A must read story..........

    He almost didn't see the old lady, stranded on the side of the road, but
    even in the dim light of day, he could see she needed help. So he pulled
    up in front of her Mercedes and got out. His Pontiac was still
    sputtering when he approached her.

    Even with the smile on his face, she was worried. No one had stopped to
    help for the last hour or so .. was he going to hurt her? He didn't look
    safe; he looked poor and hungry.

    He could see that she was frightened, standing out there in the cold. He
    knew how she felt. It was that chill which only fear can put in you.

    He said, "I'm here to help you, ma'am. Why don't you wait in the car
    where it's warm? By the way, my name is Bryan Anderson."

    Well, all she had was a flat tire, but for an old lady, that was bad
    enough Bryan crawled under the car looking for a place to put the jack,
    skinning his knuckles a time or two. Soon he was able to change the
    tire. But he had to get dirty and his hands hurt.

    As he was tightening up the lug nuts, she rolled down the window and
    began to talk to him. She told him that she was from St. Louis and was
    only just passing through. She couldn't thank him enough for coming to
    her aid.

    Bryan just smiled as he closed her trunk. The lady asked how much she
    owed him. Any amount would have been all right with her. She already
    imagined all the awful things that could have happened had he not
    stopped. Bryan never thought twice about being paid. This was not a job
    to him. This was helping someone in need, and God knows there were
    plenty who had given him a hand in the past. He had lived his whole life
    that way, and it never occurred to him to act any other way.

    He told her that if she really wanted to pay him back, the next time she
    saw someone who needed help, she could give that person the assistance
    they needed, and Bryan added, "And think of me."

    He waited until she started her car and drove off. It had been a cold
    and depressing day, but he felt good as he headed for home, disappearing
    into the twilight.

    A few miles down the road the lady saw a small cafe. She went in to grab
    a bite to eat, and take the chill off before she made the last leg of
    her trip home. It was a dingy looking restaurant. Outside were two old
    gas pumps. The whole scene was unfamiliar to her. The waitress came over
    and brought a clean towel to wipe her wet hair. she had a sweet smile,

    one that even being on her feet for the whole day couldn't erase. The
    lady noticed the waitress was nearly eight months pregnant, but she
    never let the strain and aches change her attitude. The old lady
    wondered how someone who had so little could be so giving to a stranger.

    Then she remembered Bryan.

    After the lady finished her meal, she paid with a hundred dollar bill.
    The waitress quickly went to get change for her hundred dollar bill, but
    the old lady had slipped right out the door. She was gone by the time
    the waitress came back The waitress wondered where the lady could be.
    Then she noticed something written on the napkin. There were tears in
    her eyes when she read what the lady wrote: "You don't owe me anything.
    I have been there too. Somebody once helped me out, the way I'm helping
    you. If you really want to pay me back, here is what you do: Do not let
    this chain of love end with you."

    Under the napkin were four more $100 bills.

    Well, there were tables to clear, sugar bowls to fill, and people to
    serve, but the waitress made it through another day. That night when she
    got home from work and climbed into bed, she was thinking about the
    money and what the lady had written. How could the lady have known how
    much she and her husband needed it? With the baby due next month, it was
    going to be hard..

    She knew how worried her husband was, and as he lay sleeping next to
    her, she gave him a soft kiss and whispered soft and low, "Everything's
    gonna be all right. I love you, Bryan Anderson."

    There is an old saying "What goes around comes around." Today, I sent
    received from Johntim you this story, and I'm asking you to pass it on ... Let this light shine.

    Chinese New Year day till 2014.

    1st Day of Chinese New Year
    Mei Mei
    Di Di
    2004Jan. 22 Thu

    2005Feb. 9 Wed
    2006Jan. 29 Sun

    2007Feb. 18 Sun

    2008Feb. 7 Thu

    2009Jan. 26 Thu

    2010Feb. 14 Sun

    2011Feb. 3 Thu

    2012Jan. 23 Mon

    2013Feb. 10 Sun

    2014Jan. 31 Fri

    And what the heck is this? Well this is the 1st day Chinese New Year
    from 2004 to 2005.

    The reason? I was wondering that when is next year Chinese New year
    or something like that and ran a search on the net.

    Well since I've already found it, just paste it on the blog and let us share

    If i am not available at near Chinese New Year time next year, let me
    wish you now " Gong Xi Fa Chai ! Happy Chinese New Year !"

    Source of the table is from here


    Suicide II

    As I've bloged on 31 Aug night that someone has actually performed a
    suicide at our condo, and I wrote that I would write more about it.

    Well, since the suicide case is still under active investigation by the
    police I've better not write too much about the victims and so on.

    However there is something which freaked me out that I must
    write here.

    On 31st Aug 2005 ( Merdeka Day ) and I had a few guest who came
    from Japan to visit our company for factory auditing. Hence I became
    the driver cause the actual driver were not working.

    Picked them up from airport with my boss, went for dinner with them
    and sent them back to hotel and finally back to office to change my
    F-117 to go home.

    when the company car ( Merz E280 ) arrived near office, about 20m
    away, there was this stray dog blocking the company car.

    The car light beamed shows that that dog was looking straight at me.

    Our car moved a little bit foward, the dog still looked at me in the eyes.

    Ok fine ! That's it !!

    I kasi the dog a "horn!" and to my amuzed, the dog was not surprised
    and walked away slowly like not happy or damn pissed of like that.

    My boss:" Wah Kai hong, I don't know who has you insulted !!"

    Me:"Why ? What makes you say like that?"

    My boss:" Look at the dog just now, stared at you directly !!"

    Me :" Eh ! Don't scare me leh, I still need to drive F-117 alone one!!"

    Anyway, after that I've sent him back to his condo and proceeded to
    go home.

    On the way I stopped at Bandar Utama Center Point 7-11 to purchase
    something, and there was this Malay lady saying
    " Eh sana condo ada orang bunuh diri !"

    Me -_-"

    And asked:" Excuse me, condo mana satu?"

    Lady:" Itu Kayu Ara sana !!"

    Me:" Hmm? You mean Puncak Damansara Condo?"

    Lady:" Ya ya ya !! Betul !! "

    Me mumbled:" Fuck fuck fuck !! "

    And rushed home.

    Appearantly there was really someone who jumped of from 18th
    floor of Block A and fall to his death.

    And time of the inccident was = the time when the dog starred at
    my eyes.

    Good omen?
    Bad omen?

    And it happened on 27th of July according to Chinese Celendar ( Au Wu Festival )

    Call Gil Grissom for more info.
    Crime Scene Investigation Department.
    Crime Lab.
    Las Vagas Police Department.

    Jessie has left our company.

    There used to be a little girl called Jessie in my company.

    She was 20 years old when she first joint our company and 6 days ago
    was her last day in our company.

    She told me before I left:" Oi my new company, we work 5 days per
    week only leh !! Damn syiok !!!"

    I said :" Oi ! Need to action action like that meh? CNN!!"
    Cause I've been working in 5 and 1/2 days work company for the
    past 5 to 6 years.

    She replied:" Hahaha !! 5 days 5 days 5 days work Nyeh Nyeh !! "

    Then I said:" Laugh lah laugh, sekali you new company announce
    new policy to work 6 days you terus mampui !! hahahahahaha !!!

    Jessie -_-"

    Then, Jessie:" Oii ! need to curse me like that meh ??"

    Me :" Nyeh nyeh nyeh.. nyeh nyeh !!! "

    Me:" Sure change one! you wait and see, you wait and see !!! hahaha!"

    hahahahaha !!

    For those out there who works 5 days per week, I look you no up !!

    For those out there who works 5 or 6 days /week, I look you up !!

    Hurricane in my company !!

    2 weeks ago, the management has came out with some new rules
    to perform cost-saving for the company.

    Result? Well I have to bring in sales faster, at better price, deliver
    faster and most important, collect payments first before delivery.

    Result? Customer complains and complains and complains.

    And me? Busy and busy and busy !!

    Have to run here run there and rush here and rush there !!

    Result? A lot of time consumed and wasted !!

    Result? Making me to have less free time.

    Result? Less blog loh hahahahahaha!!!!!!

    Ok i have been really busy for the past 1 or 2 weeks, sorry to
    all and will become more hardworking ok?

    Have a nice day.

    Thursday, September 01, 2005

    Suicide I


    Today 31st Aug 2005, someone has committed suicide at Block A
    of Puncak Damansara Condo ( Yeah , I stay there, block B ).

    Time of inccident should be around 9:45 pm to 10:00 pm.

    Male, aged 36 years old and name are witheld till the next of kin
    is been informed by the police.

    So I informed my cousin in Australia about the unfortunate incident.

    My cousin :" police thr ar? "
    Me :" Yeap !"

    My cousin :" ambulance thr ar?"
    Me :" Nope, cause the guy is dead."

    My cousin :" got bloood ah?"
    Me :" It was dark, I didn't see. "

    My cousin :" Scarry though!"
    Me :" I see lof of 38 people though !! "

    My cousin :" hahahahahaha !!! "

    SOAB people committed suicide at my condo and I still have
    time to blog funnyly about it?

    I am not feeling funny, just I saw too much of 38 people.

    Will write more about this incident , and I promise you you will
    feel freaked out when you learn the details tomorrow or a day
    after tomorrow..... to be continued !!!