Sunday, May 01, 2011

The One About Another Gas Leak

Just now Fat Lady was running here and there in the room, sniff sniff and
running around and sniff sniff again.

Me -_-"

Fat Lady, " Eh ! Did you smell that ? The cooking gas smell ? "

Me, " Err.. got meh ? "

Fat Lady sniff sniff again, " Yeah, got woh ! Cooking gas leaking ??"

Me, " Err actually just now my book fall on the floor ... "

Fat Lady, " Your book fall on the floor ? Book got gas smell one ?"

Me, " No, cause the book fall on the floor, i had bend down and pick
it up, and during the process some gas accidently ter- releasese !!! "

Fat Lady -________________-" U**#&%Y&@&%#*$#(&@#&#$

Me, " Old already, bend a bit then can't control the back.. sorry !"

Fa Lady, " Choi  Choi ! I still go and sniff here sniff there somemore!"

Me, " Soli Chapati !! Accident lok..."