Tuesday, October 30, 2007

The One About Lala Killer.

I have a lot of cousins and all of them are very close to me
and my family, this one is Jr. Ho.

This Jr.Ho loves Lala ( A type of clam ) in Malaysia and could
easily whack 30 or 40 of these clam per dinner.

And how does he pay respect to the clams that he has ate ?

Simple, arrange them to be come tall tall like tower like that
and counting 1, 2, 3, 4..... 28, 29 etc.

This way he could express his love towards these lala clams
and at the same time do some statistic after dinner.

See how he concentrates and build up his master piece ??

Full concentration, skill, patience, and love towards the Lala is
required to do this stunt. Not easy yeah ??

See how many clams shell that he has ??

But all his effort became wasted once I bang the table hard
using my legs causing the whole table to shake a bit.

And the whole Lala Tower or to be precise Blardy Lala Shell's
Tower would just tumble and everything would be spread on
the table.

lolrotf !! Look at his face !!

Oh by the way, his brother the Jr.Jr. Ho is even more funny,
this Jr. Jr Ho loves to keep all the small little crabs found in the
stomach of these lala ( as the lala last supper or food )
and put them in a piece of paper and bring them home.

What does he do with the small little crabs's body ??
I don't know don't ask me.

Make them small little crabs mummy kot ??

Darn it is good to have some funny little cousin like Aeron and Adrian.

lolrotf !!! They always have new tricks and new formula to make my

Muacks muacks.... and went on and bang table again.

Jr. Ho :" Aiseh !!! The shells tumbles again aiseh !!! " and looked
darn disappointed and clueless about why his Lala tower always
came down when it is at it's highest point.

Me:" What ? what happened ? " and trying so hard not to laugh out
loud while see him reconstruct his Tower of the Lala again.


Sometimes it is bad for health to suppress a good laugh and this is
always one of the case. I think I hurt my lung trying to suppress
the laugh seeing's the tower falling down and the look of Aeron
clueless face lololol ....

The One About Chips More.

Money in wallet is like chips more cookies nowadays.

Now you see it, now you don't after 10 minutes.

Does anyone has a good way to make my wallet to
always look like that photo above or not leh ??

Notes has to be RM100 and RM50 only ok ?

The One About Vista Business and 2GB of RAM

Finally I have started using Windows Vista now, with 2GB of RAM
and a dual core Intel processor.

I must say, it is not too bad at all.

My friends always complaint that I am and was always the person
who :

Still uses windows 95 when all people are using Windows 98 SE.
That is Windows Second Edition. Year 2000 to year 2002.

Still uses Windows 98 SE when all are using Windows XP.
Year 2002 till year 2006.

Finally I started using windows XP in year 2006 or so, but
everyone started using Windows Vista already, why har??

Now with Windows Vista + 2GB of RAM infront of me, I bet
no one is going to complain about my lap top already yeah?

Anyone ?? Hmmm ?? Hmmm ??

You all complain somemore lah !! I start using Windows 3.11
again then you will know who is the BOSS !!!

I am the BOSS but I am not Mr. Cooper, just Cooper.

* Run away !!

Friday, October 26, 2007

The One About Job Qualitication

Sometimes in a job it doesn't mean that you have to be highly
educated or very skillful or stuff like that.

Sometimes in job it is all about non academic qualification and
aptitude, actually most of the time it is about these 2.

For instance, my brother can't stand seeing blood , hence he
can't really be a good doctor although we wished him to be
one ( cosmetic surgeon, lol to earn the girls monies ). But
nope, he is too phobia seeing red, hence he has to study
something else and forget about the surgeon stuff.

A few weeks ago there was this new cleaner lady for my
office and first day that she came to our office she cleaned
everything in the office and vacumn the floor and everything.

Then there was this toilet that she has to clean, and suddenly
she : " Ammah ... Appahh !!! Eeeeiiiikkkkkkkkkk !!! "

We were like :" What happened ? What happened ??? "

She:" There is a cockroach in the toilet ! Alamamak !!"

Me:" Wait ! Where is the roach ? Where ?"

She:" It went down below the basin already, yeeerrrrr!!!!"

Me: " You are afraid to roach meh ?? "

She with tears in her eyes :" Very afraid !! " and said "
I will stand outside the toilet now, i dare not go in lah !"

and mumbled mumbled about cockroaches...

Me 2 legs in the sky until my shoes also flown across the
office ........

After that day, I didn't see her in the office no more and
last I heard, she went on and became a plastic surgeon
already, perhaps my brother can come help me clean
my office toilet kot ??

Job Qualification, remember ?? Aptitude, remember??

The One About Grandmother Stories.

Today in the office, we were talking about why we should not
waste food and stuff like that.

My telesales:" Mr Wong, we should not waste food you know?
last time during war time in 1940s and 1950s, people has no
rice to eat, have to eat grass and eat leaves you know ?"

Telesales:" Very teruk you know ? No rice to eat ! "

Me added: " Yeah you are right ! I agree with you ! Last
time their life really sad and miserable ! "

Telesales:" Yeah Mr Wong !! Yeah !! No rice you know?

Me:" Last time during war, my grandmother and grandfather
they all also has absolutely no rice to eat, so they had to order
Mc Donald delivery, Pizza Hut delivery, very cham hor !!
very expensive cause everday eat Mc D and Pizza Hut !
So they are very sad and miserable..... "

My tele sales -_-"

I added on:" Sometimes the Cokes and Pepsi delivered also
no more cold already, cause road very far away !
So they very sad and miserable !! you know ?? Coke not cold
already !! Aisehman !! "

My telesales 2 legs in the sky and &&^^&@^*(&^!%*&^%&*^$
last time where got Mc Donald ? Where got Pizza Hut ??
&(*#&$^*(&!^%!&^%*&^#$(&)($*%_09 even got also
where got delivery ?? huh huh ?? 7&(!*&@(^#*&$^*(&#$#

I terus lari cepat cepat lolrotf !!!

Tuesday, October 23, 2007

The One About A Good Catch !!

You know there is this Bluetooth handsfree kit that works
like a clip with an ear piece with a string ??

This bluetooth is more comfortable compared to the type
that you hang at your ear in my opinion and I have been
using one for the past 6 months, not bad I must say.

Decent battery life and standby time as well.

So yesterday I clipped the unit at my collar and went to
washroom, as I bent a little to flush the toilet and the
bluetooth clip went suicide by letting the clip go " clip!!"
and tried to do free fall into the toilet bowl.

I, being famous of fast catcher and with good reflexes
and also smart and handsome was
having 1 hand pushing the flush button and another hand
holding the jeans......

-_-" tension yeah ?? What would you do ??

In another 0.003 seconds the bluetooth would be in the
toilet bowl and there wasn't enough of time to pull back the
hand from the flush button.

A hem !! I just pull the pant infront and let the bluetooth
fell inside of the jeans, geee, the jeans worked as safety
net yesterday and made her exit at the end of the jeans.

Now why do I call my bluetooth unit a her leh??

Cause she darn like to explore my hairy legs! Thats why!!

Boy I am good !!

Monday, October 01, 2007

The One About 1 Stone and 2 Birds.

Last night Fat Lady was burning midnight oil while I was
reading National Geographic as I have done most of my
work last week, till 4 am one day.

Me:" Don't worry, I will stay up late with you ! "

Fat Lady:" Ok, good, I go take bath now, you don't
sleep har! Must accompany me till I finished my work
ok ??"

Me:" Ok ! Ok ! Go ahead and take bath and you will be
able to stay fresh and can work late ! "

Fat Lady:" You sure har ! Don't sleep har ! "

Me:" Affirmative Madam !! "

Fat Lady closed the room door and I straight away planted
my head in the pillow !! hmmmmmm !! so nice and so cold
and so sleepy !!!

1.2 second later Fat Lady reopened the room and looked at
me and said, " You liar !! You said you will not sleep first ?"

Me:" I wasn't sleeping, i was checking De Temperature of
the pillows and stuff like that ! "

Fat Lady's level of anger shot up very high and she grabbed
the the toilet roll on the desk and thrown it at me ...

My head was still stuck with the pillows and there wasn't
time to react, the toilet roll prompty hit my head "BOING !"
and bounced off and hit the Ridsect bottle not far away.

Everything happened in 0.38 second only !!!

So basically it was like, fhhhheeeewwww ( sound of toilet
roll flying 20 m/s ) towards my head, and BOING ( the sound
of my head hit by the toilet roll ) and another BOING ! (the
sound of bottle of Ridsect hit by the toilet roll ! ) and giling
giling giling ( sound of bottle of ridsect rolling on the floor )
while both of us were stunned by the accuracy demostrated
by Fat Lady -_-".

Darn that was really precise and accurate my friend.

10 seconds later

Both of us finished laughing like hell and she went to take
bath then, while I resume my Pillow Head Probe
Tempereture Check!

2.4 seconds later, Fat Lady reappear and I didn't
bothered to take my head off the pillow.

She aimed another toilet roll at my head and another
direct hit !! BOOOOINNGG !!! again !!

She clapped her hands and walked towards the bath
room downstair feeling very satisfied.

Can someone call the Animal Shelter home and get me in
and I need some gawd darn protection from Domestic
Violence ! Please ?? please ?

Moral of the story :

Toilet Rolls are darn useful !