Wednesday, November 24, 2004

Ipoh oh Ipoh Part Duex

It's a wonderful day here in KL today, weather is warm as snake ass and wind = 0.
What a wonderful way to start a blog entry eh?

Well let's back to Ipoh, a good friend of mine has just reminded me on what has actually happened on the day, that would be 20th of Nov, 2004! OMG I was enjoying myself watching Jaws 2 via Astro HBO or Cinemax OMG OMG why would I enjoy this kind of movie !?? Help!!!

But another friend of mine lagi chiat lat, he was watching Chee Yin's ( Father of Nicolas Tse Ting-Fung , Nicolas? Boy friend or Ex Boy friend of Faye Wong ) movie back to 1960's, the Lui Kei's and Chan Pou Chu's era, oh did I mention black and white movie era?? muah ha ha ha. OMG Chee Yin in black and white movie, damn scarry and funny !!

Alright, let the memory continues at the moment of exiting Simpang Pulai's toll, while my tooth experiancing extreme pain ( sure sakit gigi lah ! damn 2 hours drive caused me RM 23 over!)

Stoped and took 10 panadol !! gulp gulp gulp !! + coke + Pepsi ===> Blur blur liao !

Right, yes after Simpang Pulai toll this is the direction I turned my car , I turned right !! And went all the way straight heading to Ipoh town. Traffic was still ok because it was Saturday evening and there were not much of car and vehicle on the road.

From there, after passing 2 or 3 traffic light, or more , I have came to a newly opened flyover or something like high rised road, which also an enjoyable drive I would say. The flyover has reflective lamp illumination system, meaning that instead of using normal streat light to illuminate the road during the night, the light is beam to the sky, and there is a reflector like a panel to reflect the light back to the road, brilliant and nice idea :) I like it !!!

Whoops ! came to a Y juntion, but I remember my friend Andy Won has advised me to keep right and keep straight. Well, I listened to his word. 2 minutes later I see this casionova or something like that the hotel at my right. Drive another 1 km, found the roundabout promptly and made the legal 6 o clock turn ( u-turn da! ) at the roundabout and reach the hotel just in on time.

Got some big business to do now, gtg and please tune in for the episode of Ipoh oh Ipoh !!

Monday, November 22, 2004

Ipoh oh Ipoh

The date was Saturday 20th Nov 2004, and you know half working day, after your actual work being completed it would have be already 3 pm :) What a nice half working day eh mate ?

The truth is out here:
1.30pm, kai hong enter house
Kok(kai hong housemate):"when u want go to Ipoh?"
kai hong: "maybe half and hour later, rest first"

2.00pm, fane reach home,fane: "when u want go to Ipoh?"
Kai hong: "maybe after half hour lagi"

2.30pm, Kai hong watching TV
3.00pm, Fane fall sleepy
Kai hong watching TV

3.30pm, Fane going out to pick up fren, sally & silly Donno what kai hong do
4.00pm, Fane reach home.Kai hong still watching TV with luggage beside
4.05pm, Finally kai hong goes to Ipoh.This is ther real story

Well at 4pm after having some rest and took a bath, I told myself :" there we go again !" 4:05 pm I left Caltex of TTDI Kuala Lumpur and heading to PLUS highway, Ipoh direction, enterance point = Jalan Duta Toll Plaza.....

On the road, we had rain, heavy rain first, then drizzling, then heavy rain again, the annoying part? The water droplets from the vehicles tires infront. Very tiny dots of water makes the road quite misty :) Had to drive slow at these stretch, and well, 2 hours later I arrived at Simpang Pulai, no problemo :) and arrived at destination hotel on time, just 7 minutes after 6 pm.... gosh I am good !! And wah piang the toll charges was 20 or 23 dollar plus plus lah ! Damn expensive!!

Since I have to work now, the Ipoh story is to be continued :)

Correction :) A good friend of mine has just "reminded me" what actually happened that day wah ah ah ah ha....

Friday, November 19, 2004

Balik Kuala Lumpur... oh oh oh ... Balik Kuala Lumpur

Hmmm :) Let's remember something which is happier this wonderful morning. Yeah it is 19th November 2004 today and it is a sunny Friday out there. Had enough of sleep and the office is still a bit empty, why? some people are still in holiday mood I guess.

After spending a wonderful 5 days 4 night at Kota Bharu, I feel very much recharged and I think I have just gained another 3 Kg... omfg!!
I took 3 months to lose 3 Kg and took 4 nights just to regain them back, lol !!

Luckily I spent 1 day ( Deepavali day ) at Kuala Lumpur before I go back to Kelantan, else it would be 6 days 5 night in Kota Bharu and the total gained fat <==== 4 or 5 Kg !! Wah ha ha ha !!

It's ok that I am back to Kuala Lumpur now, everything is back to normal and I am having some new goal and target to achieve. That is to bring more sales and to make my life more stable by year 2005.

Let's do some recording before I am totally forgoten about the trip Kuala Lumpur => Kota Bharu => Kuala Lumpur.

12th Nov Friday 5:30 am <=== Leave TTDI KL
12th Nov Friday 6:30 am <=== Arrived Bentong
12th Nov Friday 8:00 am <=== Finished Breakfast at Bentong
12th Nov Friday 11:00 am <== Tire changed at Gua Musang + Drinks
12th Nov Friday 12:30 pm <== Kuala Krai Rest + Drinks + Visited Police Station + Jalan Jirat ( were looking for Kai Chong )
12th Nov Friday 1:30 pm < === Left Kuala Krai and head Kota Bharu
12th Nov Friday 2:30 pm < === Arrived KB, Shang Hai book shop

The rest, history !!! Got to work, and to be continued!

CD-R Orders Delayed... Again

Now that the price of CD-R media are going up and the Christmas Sales for 2004 is just around the corner. Suddenly out of nowhere that the orders for CD-R just fly in..... some ordered 500K, some ordered 200K, some looking at 800K, and the best part is that on my hand I still have a PO at 1.8 million which could trace back to Sep 2004.

Why would this happens? External factor would be the pre Christmas orders, price hike for CD-R news released ... and Internal factor would be , I think less focus on local sales production. Any huge OEM or oversea order could paralyse the local OEM orders. Production will come with an answer like :" Could not have the capactity and bla bla bla "

I could hardly see any First Come First Serve basis... nope I don't feel that at all and I feel so sorry for that.
Working in this kind of environment makes me feel less comfortable because sometimes we work so hard just to bring in more orders and try to out beat our competitors, but at the end of the days, after we are succesful to bring in orders, internal factor has caused the delay or even cancellation of orders. What to do? Don't ask me, this is a question that everybody from high to low trying to avoid.

Let's keep it that way. Way to go !!

Wednesday, November 10, 2004

On the spot blog!

Now time has come to 5:48 pm and it is Deepavali's eve, everybody is in holiday mood and the hearts and minds are all baliking kampung now.

For the rest of us in MTSB, we are still waiting for a Honourable Discharge Order (HDO) from Mr. William Ho. :) muah ah ha... actually we are just waiting for all the appointments and pending issues to be settled before we could go home for some fun.

Weather outside is very very hot and wet, feel like it is going to be another thunderstorm night. Alamak I have just washed my car yesterday, RM10 car wash at 4pm before going to KLIA. After washing the car yesterday it was drizzling again until the night time.

Arrived promptly at KLIA at 7:10 pm , 5 minutes earlier then what William has suggested, but due to the custom officer's speed of handling customer, William was early, hence he waited for me for a couple of minutes at door 6. Pick him and on the way we gone back to Office. After the office short meeting we proceeded to Oversea Restaurant at Subang Parade located at Subang Jaya.

After the dinner with William, George and Lee Zhong, the rain turned heavy and it is no more drizzling, well I thought at least it is good for cleaning my car exterior.
The food was ok, but a lot of protein for sure :) Drive home safely I told myself.

When I arrived at condo, stayed under heavy rain ( water from condo's ceiling ) to clean the exterior of my car. ( why the heck that I love my car so much? ) and arrived at parking bay. before the reverse parking, did a full speed drive and emergency brake just to test out the brake system. As expected, my car skidded for a few meters cause the cemen floor was all wet.... bad wira... no ABS or anything, only disc brakes and drum brakes.

After that, the rest are history and routine, just climb back to 10th floor, take bath and play online game till 1 am :) that's about all of 9th november 2004.
Good day and be happy.

1GB email storage for free? Yahoo vs Gmail

Gmail or Yahoo Mail also 1GB (1,000 MB) lah.

Johntim yesterday gave me a link and asked me to click on it, this link will enable user to fill up some sort of Yahoo Mail upgrading system and walla, in no time my Yahoo mail was being upgraded to 1.0 GB for free already.

Click Me !

This link is from China and I think this huge 1.0GB is provided by our kind China Yahoo, and I would like to congratulate and thank them for their effort :)

So if you also have Yahoo account, and I assume your storage limit is 100MB currently, why not give it a try and get yourself a 1GB Yahoo mail for free instantly. Click at the link below and then click " Upgrade my account " and we are done.

Or Click Me !

Balik kampung... oh oh oh... balik kampung

The time now is 2:27 pm and the date is 10th November 2004.

Tomorrow will be Deepavali day, hence Happy Deepavali Dei !

And for Muslim friends, Selamat Hari Raya in advance. Hope you all could be safe and comfort on the way home while you baliking kampung today or tomorrow... remember, safety first and if you see me driving fast on the way........... please give way :)

Cause I am good and... you know...

A few more hours would be free for me already, 6pm or 7pm would be a lovely and good time to go home.

But since William is around factory today, there might be a possibility of going home later then that. Perhaps there would be a meeting and discussion after that, just hope that the meeting could end faster and let me go home for a nice rest. But , I still have so much of out standing issue to be discussed with him... how? Very tension !!

I hope things and issue with MTSB could be settled by today, before 10 pm.

Anyway, this is what I am going to do regardless what are the results of the meeting:

Tomorrow morning or Friday morning, around 4:30 am or 4:00 am, I will leave Damansara and TTDI with a full load of Ron 97 petrol ( preferrable Caltex Voltex RM 1.43 per litre ).
by 5:30 I should be near Bentong already, and by 6:30 I should be arriving near Raub.

From Raub I have to make decision whether if I should take the Sungai Koyan road or using the exisiting new trunk road. Man this is going to be a tough decision to make. If Sungai Koyan the road will be smooth and less vehicle, but it is a longer distance, while original upgraded trunk road via Kuala Lipis would be shorter in distance, but might need to expect more vehicles.

Well, what the heck, let's worry about it when I reach Raub right? :)

After that by 8:30 am I should be arriving at Gua Musang already I think, and from there to Kuala Krai <===== 1 hour 15 minutes if the traffic is good. Let's make it 10 am.... to arrive at Kuala Krai.

And from Kuala Krai to arrive at Kota Bharu <==== 1 hour means that I should be arriving between 11 am to 12 pm of Friday or Thursday if my plan works out. Just hope that the traffic is ok and don't give me 10 hours drive, cause I am definitely going to curse a lot if the drive is more then 6 hours.

Reach Kota Bharu in noon time, have a nice meal from home and, sleep time for 3 hours, for this kind of life and quality of life, ain't that a bitch?Ain't that?

Monday, November 01, 2004

Petrol Price Hike?

I remembered, for 1 litre of Petrol :

RM 1.15
RM 1.37
RM 1.42
RM 1.75 ?? Is RM 1.75 coming soon?

Well I am not worried, infact not worried at all, like Jack said? I already have a Mountain Bike ready for me !! Muah ha ha... muah ha ha...muah ha ha ha ha ha....

The rumors was that today 1 Nov 2004, the petrol price will be adjusted to RM 1.75 per litre for RON 97. Well, what should I say? Thanks to USA ! Thanks to India, Thanks to Bangladash !
Alanis Morisatte !

Actually I always feel that in a modern world, we should always be energy efficient and conserve energy, and use renewable energy.

1. Use bicycle
2. Use natural gas and less electricity.

Bicycle is a good stuff actually, it doesn't require fuel or anything, just paddle and go ! Like a view from the good old days in China, the whole Beijing city was full of bicycle and you could hardly see any car there.

10 years ago, I was cycling everyday from house to shcool, house to beach, basically I use bike to everywhere within the town of 20Km radious. It was a lot of fun and I was like very fit like Van Damne.

Now, 2004, no bicycle since I stay in condos, tummy is huge, face is round, butt is large, body become soggy.... like some loser. Government should made us use bicycle to work everyday as well as to going to school as well.


The only problem is that if we use bycycle to work, by the time we reach office, our CK II, Hugo Boss and nice perfume would be gone with the wind, in that case, take a bath in office lah before work muah ah ha...

Love the earth, recycle.


美女可延壽研究發現勝做有氧運動updated:2004-10-31 17:51:26 MYT







Now you all know why I love to go to Sungai Wang and Low Yatt plaza everyday already? muah aha ha h....