Friday, June 20, 2008

The One About Flowers.

Tuesday, June 17, 2008

The One About Many Partitions

Now, my desktop computer shows 13 partitions of hard disk
drive containing a lot of files since 1996 until today.

All 4 IDE and 2 SATA are used up and there are totally 5 physical
hard disk in the computer casing, powered by 1GB RAM and a tiny
mini kini Intel Celeron processor -_-"

That is a lot of files in there, really.

Once there was a few files missing, I sent a team of commando to go
in and search for the files, the whole team of commandos also went
missing till today.

I sent another team to rescue the rescue team which went to rescue
the files, the team failed yet again !!!

It's a huge jungle in there and do not mess with me , ok ?

Kommies : "Nerd !! -_-""

You know who has this much of partition back in 1990s ?

Dr. Foo from Kota Bharu , Kelantan.

I am so proud and grateful to Dr Foo , thanks Doc !!

There are also millions of funny story of Dr Foo and my family too!

Friday, June 13, 2008

The One About Buku Latihan

Somehow the old exercise book ( Buku Latihan ) from year 1994
managed to follow me despite so many years after, and after moving
from a place to another.

Some comics from 1996 like Michael The Cat and Gon : 傻仔龙 followed me
wherever I go.

KB to SS2
SS2 to Setapak
Setapak to KB
KB to Ampang
Ampang to PJ Condo
PJ Condo to PJ link house
PJ link house to Town House

wtf ....

The One About CPU cleaned 1

What you see in the photo is how does my computer casing
looked like yesterday night.

Was adding another Hard Disk in and noticed that the Processor
heat sinks and fan were full of dirts and dust.

Hence, I had to take them out and give them a good bath.

Note that this is the first time I am dissembling a heat sink since
my Pentium 200MMX time.

Boy the fan and heat sink technology sure has come a long way and
improved so much.

But dust is always there, and heat sink cream or the grey coloured
heat conductor is always there. Eh ?

And a person with thick palms is not suitable to do too much of
hand in hand out job between the CPU, RAM, Hard disk and stuff like
that cause the meat will kena Kiap in between, I sumpah !!

How to trim one's palm size ah ?

The One About CPU Cleaned 2

Look at the amount of dirt and all those don't know what
on the cooler fan and heat sinks fins.

A lot of dirt and dust means no good air ventilation.

Bad air ventilation means CPU get hots.

CPU gets hot means we could fry eggs on top of it ??

Anyway, I can't stand all these dust near me and inside
my computer case. Hence , Operation Desert Storm begins lah!

The One About CPU Cleaned 3

Look at the amount of dust and dirt and all those shitzz...

Collected since Jan 2006 till 12 June 2008. 2 and 1/2 years
worth of dust, dirt and don't know what.

Kenapa boleh jadi begini ?

The One About CPU Cleaned 4

This is how the heat sink looked like after a rinse of
pressurized water. No soap, no detergent, just water to
flush away the dust and dirt.

After that, I blowed of the water drops in between the
fins so hard that the vision became dark ( insufficient air
to the brain -_-" )

Cause water droplets on your CPU and Mainboard might
cause short circuit and fry themselves up, right ?

The One About CPU Cleaned 5

Tadaaaaa !!! Clean and shining and looks like new one!

Despite it's a Celeron only, it's more then enough for me
and my family home use.

Monday, June 02, 2008

The One About Taman Kosas Breakfast

Have known this uncle who sell " Kon Low Mee " for about 10 years
already, this shop is in Taman Kosas, Ampang, one of the best place to
stay back then !

He sells nice Wan Tan Mee and Kon Low Mee.... Kai Kei -_-" is the
stall's name.

I don't know his name, and he doesn't know mine, but each time I come
he remembered what I want and I just say hi to him and greeting and

And the good time begins !!!!

The One About Appetizer

The pickled green chilies ( a must ) always come first !!

The boss still busy there preparing the main course and soup of the day -_-"

The One About Noodles Arrival at Table !!

Now this is the main course of the morning, yeah !!

The One About The Soup of the Day !

Any Kon Low Mee is not complete without a bowl of hot
soup with Wan Tan inside !!!

The One About The Ready To Eat Condition

Now the noodles are ready to be put into stomach after
being properly mixed with it's gravy.

Ready !!! 1, 2, 3... go !!!

The Aftermath (burp)

That is the end of a wonderful breakfast + lunch at Taman Kosas !

The One About Don't Know What Flower.

Saw this a few weeks ago and had my d50 with me. And if you look carefully
you might be able to find 3 dust ( from my CCD sensor lolrtof ! )

The One About A Cold One !!

问: 为甚么不能在海边讲笑话??

答: 因为可能会引起海啸!!