Monday, June 02, 2008

The One About Taman Kosas Breakfast

Have known this uncle who sell " Kon Low Mee " for about 10 years
already, this shop is in Taman Kosas, Ampang, one of the best place to
stay back then !

He sells nice Wan Tan Mee and Kon Low Mee.... Kai Kei -_-" is the
stall's name.

I don't know his name, and he doesn't know mine, but each time I come
he remembered what I want and I just say hi to him and greeting and

And the good time begins !!!!


PengSiong said...

Er.....long time didn't go KL, but what is the different between Wan Tan Mee and Kon Low Mee?
(Dun tell me the name is different, I will kill u)

PengSiong said...

What if one day u walk in and say "Hi, uncle" and u go order Char Kuey Tiow, but here the uncle put Wan Tan Mee on ur table??