Monday, October 31, 2005

Back to home.

Blogging from Kota Bharu, Kelantan, and gosh I am
feeling good here.

Today woke up at about 7:50 am, and yeah it's Monday.
I am 2 minutes away from sending a letter to Amanda
and Crystal who are working today to tease them.

But think, think, think, water and mountain will meet one day
and I delayed my intention.

Anyway, it's great to be back to Kota Bharu, Kelantan.

Within 24 hours, my belt and pants become very tight,
don't know why is that. Perhaps it is the weather here, or
perhaps it is the air here, even the water here might cause
my belt and pants become tight. Not me ok? Not the food too!
Absolutely NOT in a million !!!!

See my father does all the cooking and mom goes off to
school to work ( teaching profession ) and I am just eat, sleep
and eat, sleep, eat and sleep.

And a friend of mine to knows about my situation called me:
She:" Hi how are you back there ?"

Me :" I am fine, and cool !"

She:" You know you are like vegetables? "

She:" But vegetables can't eat or walk themselves, so you
are something like, high level vegetables !!!"

Me :" LOL !!"

It is always good to be at home, isn't it ???

10:35 am
31 Oct 2005
Jalan Kelochor 15300
Kota Bharu

Thursday, October 27, 2005

Little Chicken !!

A few days ago after having lunch,

Me:" Oh I have watched so many DVD titles these days!"

Amanda:" Really ? Hei have you watched the Little Chicken ?"

Me -_-"

Crystal -_-"

After 3 seconds, Crystal :" Ohhh !! you mean Chicken Little is it???"


Me:" Amanda, we have Little Buddha, Little KKC and so, but no
Little Chicken okay ?"

Amanda:" Yew ! Little Chicken and Chicken little are same what ?"

Me:" Oh I am so going to post this in my blog !!!"

Amanda:" Cannot !! You cannot do that !!!!! I warn you har !!!"

Here you are Amanda, for your Little Chicken !!! LOL !!

Secret of 1977 to 1979

I did mentioned before that my nanny ( Ah Boh ) always tell
everyone how easy to babysit me. And I was very easy
person since baby and so, ...

So one day I asked my 3rd aunty who stays in TTDI.

Me:" Eh 3 yi, since when you started to help to babysit me?"

3 yi:" Since the day you were born lah !! " ( She was about 18
or 20 then )

Me:" You all always full time taking care of me one meh ?"

3 yi:" Yeah sure, your parents were teacher, very busy !!"

Me:" So , am was I easy to handle ?"

3 yi:" Hmmm.. yeap definitely most easiest !! "

Me:" I also heard that, but why ? what made you said so?"

3 yi:" You see, when you were a baby, you only smile everyday,
seldom see you cry, you eat , play and smile, eat, play and smile,
and sleep !!!"

3 yi:" Damn senang to take care of you, easy job !! Feed you then
you are happy already, also really seldom cry !!!"

3 yi:" At one point we ( my grandma and all ) thought that you were
a little bit, you know ? sort sort one, cause you only smile and no cry!"

Me -_-" and :" Is it ? "

3 yi:" Yeah sure ! you ask grandma and see ??"

OMG when I was a baby people actually worried that I might be
a little bit sort-sort because I don't cry, LOL !!!

But now I am also a little bit sort-sort what ? At least I know that
when I was a baby I was ADORABLE !! and smiled a lot !!!

Oh ! I am so proud and kembang now LOL !!

I won !!

Kai Hong 1 and 铁 观 音0
I once wrote about difficulties to sleep after drinking this 铁 观 音in
my previous post.

But now after 1 week or 10 days after drinking this great chinese tea on
daily basis, now it has no more effects on me.

I mean it can't make me get excited and thus have insomnia already !!!

I am over it already and, I truly believe one thing. Human body could
adapts and changes faster then we thought we could.

So, I am drinking this tea like drinking water now and no need to worry
about sleeping problem anymore.

But the problem is that, according to the article I read online, this tea
will slow down the movement of our small intestine and thus making
our poo difficult to come out.

Will write a report on this later when more evidence ( WTF ? Evidence on
my poos? ) lol !!

But at least I can sleep very well now after drinking these stuff !!! LOL !!

Friday, October 21, 2005

Korek Hidung

Amanda told me that she is very un-happy.

I asked her why ?

She replied =" Neh ! See my beautiful nail? Patah already !! "

I took a look and said =" Hmmm... to bad ! Sayang betul !"

Amanda=" Yeah loh, i took a long time to keep it so nice one!!"

Me=" Cham already loh, cannot korek hidung liao loh !! "
I shake my head slowly that time.

Amanda and Crystal -_-"

Amanda=" This is the thumb nail you know? You use thumb to korek
your hidung one is it ?"

I ran away quick-quick !! and poor Crystal was LOLROTF !!!!

I need some help.

In our brain, the memories are storred in analogue sequences.

And these memory are divided into :

NEPROM =Non Erasable Permanantly Read only Memory
EPROM = Erasable Permanantly Read only Memory
RAM= Random Access Memory

The NEPROM normally records the first 10 to 20 years of
one's life's memory. Be it good, bad or anything.
This is like the BIOS or CMOS of a PC. Very small capacity,
but very reliable and damn non-replaceable.

EPROM = Records one's life from 20 years old to 60 years old.
Records almost everything like a 300GB Hard Disk, but hard
disk might get Bad Sector or Bad Cluster after some time.
So, you get to retain some good memory and you lost some.
Not so reliable type of memory.

RAM= Random Access Memory, or volatile memory.
Once you switch off your computer ( sleeping for human )
you might not remember it the second day.

This is a stage when a person has become too old that the
brain cells just couldn't record more information or properly
record something.

This also happens to some people who has suffered brain
injury either via accidents, sickness, ill, or mental stresses.

Some very old people, who still actively uses their brain
has less effects of RAM. Most of the people believe that,
"Brain, use it everyday or lose it !"

Hmmm... so , for the rest of us, please bear in mind that
when we grow elder/ older, we've better still use the
brain everyday for everything. Don't just because we
get to retire or free from working we could let the brain
get rusted ok?

Playing Mah Jong is something good I guess. But not
productive, why not go into teaching or training the
youth or the youngers ? Or do research, studies, and
many more which benefits all.

Anyway, these are not what I want to talk about.

My problem is that, part of my NEPROM has recorded
about my Secondary School Examination scenario and
it kept on replaying in my dreams every now and then.

The scenario was that, the Math ( my lousiest subject )
teacher announce, OK exam starts now !!!

And I was like, " Huh ? Exam ? What exam ?"

My friends:" Year end super difficult exam, moron !!"

And in the dream I could see the question very clear,
the paper given me the xxw= w+xy -w/ sin 112

Draw the graph and calculate the area below the graph.

And usually the dream doesn't bring me any excitement !!

and I usually ( in my dream ) handed up blank
answer paper or with wrong answer !! malu betul !!

Uhhh !! I hate that, could someone teach me how to erase
these memories ??

Do I have to attend SPM and secondary school again and
score 100% in maths and add-maths ??? Or what ???

Help !!! Help !!!

Cold Water !! Yahoo !!

After spending about 8 years in Klang valley various location I
have always missed the cold tap water from Kuala Krai, Kelatan
and well that scenario was 20 years ago.

Back then I was still a kid, ever morning when I take shower I
would curse from Russia all the way to Singapore !!! Cause the
water was so cold and so mean !!!

Somemore whenever I took bath in the morning it was 6:30 am
or so, imagine that !!! Cold morning + Cold water. Perhaps that
was the reason why my family's member average has some
well built body. Meaning that we seldom get cold or flu.

I am not sure about you, but my father is 62 years old now and
he never use Hot Water to take bath, and it applies for the rest
of my family members too.

Our house dictionary doesn't has the word " Water Heater" !!

And we think "Water Heater" is for Ah Kuas LOL !!!

Ok, sorry, I mean Water Heaters are for loosers !!! LOL !!!

So, as I have complained previously, the water supply in KL
and PJ sucks !!!

Early in the morning the water temperature is warm!!

How could that be ?? I always hated that !! WARM WATER!!

It sucks !! warm water my foot !!

But wait a minute !! I think I could stop cursing for a while, why ??

Cause the past 2 to 3 weeks the tap water has become cold,
so cold that I have to test fire the water ( wtf test fire with water?)
anyway I have to use my toe tip to test the water temp
( OMG This is so ah kua !! )

But if I don't test water temp and test fire, the cold water sekali
siram on the body, these would happen !!!

  • Face become white
  • Then become green
  • Then become blue , and start cursing like 20 years ago !!
  • Nipples will get hard !!
  • KKC will shrink to the size of kacang putih LOL !!
  • Feeling song !!!

    But why is the tap water supply is becoming cold already ?
    Is it because my curse finally started working already ??
    Is it because KL/ PJ has becoming a better place to stay??

    Nope, cause it was raining season for the past few weeks.

    And I love raining season, I really love it with my heart !!!

    Welcome, raining season, welcome cold water !!!!!
  • Kuala Lumpur Twin Tower !!
    KLCC night mode. Foreground is the F-117 !!
    The dome of National Science Center. My feeling towards this National Science Center is that it needs to be overhauled and updated. Anyone knows it's URL ??
    Lari !! Lari !! Tsunami sudah mari !!!
    Oh ! And the Tsunami simulation machine. With a poor fish in the water !!! Simulation starting now !!
    More fishes!!
    The various fishes in an aquarium of National Science Center, Bukit Kiara. And yes, fish are friends, not for food ok ?? LOL !!
    Big Ugly fish who seems to be a little bit LCLY when I wanted to take it's photo. Yeah this fish is from National Science Center at Bukit Kiara.

    Those Idiots


    When I was asleep at 10 pm something just now there were these
    youngsters playing firecrackers beside our condo down there.

    Every 30 seconds a firecrackers exploded. And these idiots were
    having a good time till 1:30 am from 10 pm something.

    Where are the police ? If I don't see one by tomorrow I am going to
    call them and restore some peace, at least for myself.

    It's funny that nowadays how stupid these youngster gets.

    These people never sleep in night, making noise all night and day
    time they are gone, sleeping whole day.

    I have no idea what kind of life objective they have? are they
    prepared to be be like this for the rest of their life ?

    God damn it !!

    Marathon !!!

    -_-" .....Hui Yuh !!! Jiat Lat !!

    This was the first sentence I told myself about 40 minutes ago.

    Time is 1:40 am and the date is 21st Oct 2005. Friday early morning.

    Came back from work and arrived at PJ near 7 something on Thursday
    and felt a little bit ( a little bit only ok ) tired. And the weather
    was so lovely, cool and all that.

    So I settled for a little bit of evening nap.

    But, I ended up sleeping till 1:00 am and now washing my cloths
    and feeling fresh after a nice bath and all.

    Marathon sleeping ? No I don't think so, I think I've just over shot
    the nap. 8pm to 1am = 5 hours of sleep.

    Am I suppose to sleep again later of the day ? Before I go to work?

    Well, let's see how !!!

    Night become day, day become night, I hate this !!

    Friday, October 14, 2005

    Yesterday I went out meeting with Jason ( the guy who mumbles )
    at around 10 something at Kepong. Met Rocky IV ( the blogger ) 2
    and had some roasted chicken wingz and some dim sum around
    Kepong area.

    The food was ok and the atmosphere was fine cause it was after
    heavy rain. At Taman Bukit Maluri Kepong I pointed at some
    lights far away and said:" Look ! Jason, Genting !" he was ah??
    yeah of course :)

    And I reached home at around 12 am
    something, read some mail and took some night shot photos.
    And at around 1 am something I turned off the light.


    After 20 minutes I still found myself rolling on the bed left and righ
    t, left and right.

    Ok ... fine, let's go to pee pee and drink some water,


    2:00 am I was still rolling left and right, left and right.

    Can't sleep !!! Why ? Cause this blardy Tea that I drink

    " Iron Kuan Yin or Iron Pou Sat " tea.

    WTF ?? If you want to stay awake, try a pack of this, put a pack
    of these into 2 pot of water and drink them.

    Well I drink these tea from 1pm to 6 pm yesterday and still
    can't sleep at 2:30 am in the morning.

    This Tea is strong man let me warn you first ... LOL !!

    Want to stay late and work ? Drink these,
    it freaking make you cannot sleep !!

    I call this "pemangkin" artificial insomnia... very dangerous
    stuff !!

    Thursday, October 13, 2005

    Happy Birthday To My Blog !!

    Well, I was suppose to write something about my blog 1st
    anniversary. Or 1st year of blogging.

    Really can't believe it ehh ??

    It's already a year since when I first started to blog.

    This blog was 1 year old on 7th Oct 2005.
    During the 1st year anniversary...

    There were no candles light.
    There were no cakes.
    There were no party.

    With me were my MCs, coughing medicine, flu medicine and
    some anti-biotics.
    And I was lying on my beds and sneezing non stop !!!
    So much for the 1st year blogging anniversary LOL !!

    Some blog has more then 30,000 visior each month.
    Some blog has a few hundred USD on adsense income each month.

    Accompanying me are my good friends and relatives in my blogs.

    What else could I ask for ??

    Thanks for your support and comments.


    不 知 不 觉 已 经 写 了 一 年 的 blog

    十 月 七 日 是 我 的 blog 的 一 岁 生 日。

    没 有 蜡 烛 的 陪 伴

    没 有 蛋 糕 的 陪 伴

    没 有 派 对 的 喧 闹

    只 有 医 生 给 我 的 MC, 伤 风 药,咳 嗽 药 和 抗 生 素 !!

    有 些 人 的 blog 一 个 月 有 几 万 个 游 客。

    有 些 人 的 blog 一 个 月 有 几 百 元 美 金 的 adsense 收 入。

    我 的 blog 有 几 位 好 朋 友 和 亲 戚 游 览。

    一 生 何 求??

    谢 谢 大 家 的 支 持 和 comments !!


    Maka hatta pun tersambutlah ulang tahun pertama
    blog patik ini.
    12 bulan penuh telah naik dan turun.
    52 minggu telahpun berlalu.

    Tanggal 7 haribulan 10, 2005 merupakan hari
    keputraan Blog patik LOL !!

    Pada hari tersebut,

    Tiada lilin di sisi patik
    Tiada kueh-mueh di sisi patik
    Tiada kenduri dan tarian di sisi patik

    Hanya ada ubat-ubatan daripada pawang dan
    tok bomoh yang paling berkuasa dari kawasan
    kampung Kayu Ara.

    Ada ubat penawar batuk, ubat penawar sejuk-sejuk
    dan ubat penawar kuman dan organisma kecil dan kerdil.

    Sesetengah blog mendapat pelawat berpuluh-puluh
    ribu sebulan.

    Sesetengah blog mendapat pelawat beratus-ratus tahil
    wang mata asing.

    Blog saya mendapat pelawat daripada penyokong setia
    dan saudara mara.

    Apakah yang lebih indah daripada ini ??

    Disini ingin saya ucapkan ribuan terima-kasih dan
    daulat Tuanku.

    Sekian Terima Kasih !!

    I think I know why I almost fail my BM in 1995 already.
    Cross contamination !!!

    F-117 and Ping Pong

    A few days ago I parked my F-117 outside of the hanger and later
    when I went to pick up I found a dent at near the car engine bonnet
    left side.

    My heart broken into pieces ( about 3142 pcs ) and I cried until my
    tears ran out of stock, so I stopped crying and started thinking.

    I looked at the dent and ran the possible solution.

    I can bring the car to Samuel, my friends who operates a car body
    painting shop. But it would be troublesome cause I am quite busy
    these few days.

    Because I was a science stream student back to 1994 and 1995 and
    I loved science so much, I suddenly remember what I have studied
    before and had an idea, cheap, environment friendly and fast !!!!

    The cost ? Absolutely free.

    I am not sure about you, but when I was studying back to 1990s I
    remember an experiment that a Ping Pong ball which is dented or
    out of shape, we could boil some water and put the Ping Pong ball
    in and in no time, the Ping Pong ball would be returned into it's own

    This is because the air in the Ping Pong Ball would be in greater
    pressure and will force the Ping Pong ball back to normal state.

    Well, of course I can't throw my F-117 into a pot of hot boiling water
    because this baby is too expensive and too large.

    But I could always cook a nice pot of coffee, steaming hot !! and
    apply some of the hot coffee on the dent of my F-117.

    Do you think the dent would Pop up and my F-117 will become
    even and smooth again?? Hmmm ?? Please tell me it will ???


    Kurang Ajar Betul

    Hari ini setelah berpuas-puas makan tengah hari dengan Amanda dan
    Kristal ( Crystal ) kami pulang ke pejabat dalam kereta saya.

    ( Minta maaf kepada mereka yang berpuasa :) )

    Dalam perjalanan pulang saya menanya soalan yang berbunyi...

    " Amanda, pada pendapat anda, apakah binatang yang paling kurang
    ajar di dunia ini ?"

    Amanda," hmmmm, biar saya fikir dulu !"

    " Crystal, apa pendapat anda, apa binatang paling kurang ajar ?"

    Crystal," hmmmm, saya rasa monyek dan beruk !! "

    Amanda," Saya pun rasa beruk dan monyek, betul ah ?"

    Saya jawab," Salah !! Jawapanya ialah burung !!! "

    Amanda and Crystal menjadi -_-" dan " Mengapa ???"

    Saya jawab:" Kerana mereka (burung-burung) ini memang suka
    membuang air besar di atas kereta dan cermin kereta orang. Cis !!"

    sambil tunjuk pada cermin kereta saya," Nah !! Tengok ini !!! "

    Saya tunjukkan air besar daripada burung yang kurang ajar yang
    telah membuang air besar beliau ke atas cermin kereta saya.

    Amanda dan crystal, " Ya, betul juga cakap Encik Wong !"

    Saya," Memang betul lah !! "

    Cis ! Kurang ajar punya burung !! Jaga kau orang !!

    One Day

    In a not so soon future. When I have a little bit more money then
    now and when I have less burden. I think I am going to purchase
    either a Honda City or Honda Civic.

    Honday City because the CVT gearbox is attractive to me and the
    fuel consumption is very-very good at the current bench mark.

    My uncle who purchased a Honda City 2 years ago in Kelantan
    told me it is really nice,

    He told me :" Heck I can't even remember when did I last buy petrol!"

    I was like :" Wah Liew ! So keng meh ??"

    But the Honda City , even the new facelifted model which is launched
    3 days ago at KLCC still doesn't look to good for some people.

    But it's the feature which is important right?

    If I were to buy Honda Civic, the only reason is it has to be Hybrid.

    Hack, my F-117 still doing fine today.

    But it is always nice to have a second car which you could pamper
    yourself with and it is also always nice to have a dream.

    I have a dream, that is to have extra RM200K in my accounts.

    And with the extra Rm200K, I would sure purchase a Honda City
    or Civic.

    Working hard for that. When I have the Hondas, Fat Lady is going
    to be so happy cause she just love quite and Automatic Transmission
    cars.... hehehe !!

    So ? Work more and work smart. Less money spending event right now.

    RM200K, here I come !!

    铁 观 音

    有 一 天 我 和 一 位 不 太 会 华 语 的 顾 客 喝 茶.

    我 问 他:" 你 要 喝 什 么?"

    他 答 道:"你 们 有 这 铁 菩 萨 吗?"

    我 想 了 半 响,哦!

    我 -_-" :" 哇 哈 哈 !!!! 您 是 说 铁 观 音 是 吗?"

    他 答 道:"
    观 音菩 萨 不 是 一 样 的 吗 ?"

    可 怜 的 待 应 生 想 大 笑 可 是 又 不 敢.

    只 好 谷 着 谷 着 笑.

    他 妈 的 二 毛 子!

    铁 观 音和 铁 菩 萨 都 分不 清 !!! 还 敢 "" 我????

    Try to save fuel ??

    For the past 3 to 4 weeks I tried to be smart and tried to save
    a few ringgit by using Regular RON92 petrol for my F-117.

    The reason? Cause I read in the news paper that a local MP or
    leader has suggested in order to save some bucks, perhaps
    we could use some Regular Petrol. He said, we even could
    mix some gasoline ( minyak tanah ) if we want , no problem !!!

    WTF ? Mix minyak tanah ? How about cooking oil my friend??

    So one day when I was at the petrol pump, I bought a full tank
    of Regular Fuel, about 2 cents cheaper, a tank full save me RM 1.00

    Ta Ma De RM 1.00

    The result? The engine of my F-117 now rattles when the engine
    goes low speed. crak crak crak crak crak crack like some old
    Proton Iswara Taxi which the exhaust pipe is going off like that.

    I didn't realize that it was caused by the fuel initially. But after
    checking everything and did a flash back and......

    Yes it is definitely the Regular Fuel that I am using now.

    Later I am going to change back to Esso Synergy F-1 or some
    better fuel to see if the problem persist.

    If it is indeed because of the cheap fuel, then someone is not
    going to get my vote next time.

    Update :

    11:53 am 13 Oct 2005.

    Yesterday evening after I used up most of the Regular fuel in my
    F-117, I went to Esso and pumped in a full tank of Synergy F-1
    RM1.62 per litre.

    RM 70.00 and I got about 40.01 litre ( Adui sakit gigi )

    And after I started my car, the performance of F-15 eagle + the
    stealth feature of F-117 came back to me !!

    Yesterday night I was able to fly fast and fly low over Subang and
    no one even noticed me !!! Wah ha ha haha !!!

    If I were to use the normal fuel which is about 2 cents cheaper per

    I would like be craking all over Subang yesterday krak krak krak
    krak krak and flying at the speed of snail , no good !!

    So, to the MP or the local leader who suggested us Malaysian to use
    regular fuel or even to mix Gasoline, sorry mate, you've lost my vote !!

    Now go back to your house and ask your mama to spank you !!
    I wished her to spank you so hard that after your mama spank you,
    she wouldn't recognize who you were anymore LOL !!!

    Wednesday, October 05, 2005

    Today I have downloaded the Google Talk software ( IM/ Chatting ) software in my office computer. Thinking could IM with Fat Lady. But instead of getting the software launched and executed, I 've got this message. Why? Cause I am Still using Windows 98 loh, that's why !!! 2 legs in the sky !!

    Mike Alpha Kilo Alpha November !!

        A=Alpha= Agar-agar
    B=Bravo= Bali Peng
    C=Charlie= Cendol
    D=Delta= Dodol Durian
    E=Echo= Ekor Lembu mia Sup
    F=Foxtrot= Fu Chok Yee Mai
    G=Golf= Gulai Ikan
    H=Hotel= Hati Kambing
    I=India= Itik Rebus
    J=Juliet= Jus Limau
    K=Kilo= Keropok Lekor
    L=Lima= Limau Peng
    M=Mike= Mee Goreng
    N=November= Nasi Lemak
    O=Oscar= Otak-otak
    P=Papa= Petai Goreng Sambal Belacan
    Q=Quebec= Qbar mia Beer
    R=Romeo= Rendang Ayam
    S=Sierra= Sotong Goreng
    T=Tango= Tulang Gear Box mia Sup
    U=Uniform= Ular Sawa dimasak dengan halia / bawang
    V=Victor= Victoria Station Mia Steak
    W=Whiskey= Wantan Mee
    X=X-ray= X...x...x...
    Y=Yankee= Yamseng !!! Yamseng !!! Hic !!
    Z=Zulu= Zat Besi dari Darah Ayam

    Selamat Berpuasa

    Dear all Muslim friends from Malaysia and all around the world,

    "Selamat Mejalankan Ibadah Puasa !"

    Best regards
    Kai Hong

    Monday, October 03, 2005

    Something important in life.


    A few weeks ago I either read this from an article or heard
    this from some movie conversation.

    But I am very sure that this wasn't coming out from the mouth
    of any of my friends, yet !!

    It sounds like this,

    Don't talk without speaking. ( Cause talking doesn't mean anything )
    Don't see without looking. ( Seeing without understanding )
    Don't hear without listening. ( Hearing witout understanding too )

    Wow !! I found it so right !!! So

    Don't blog without blogging. ( Like me often did LOL !! )

    Man one of the day I am going to study more cause there are
    so much of knowledge out there that we should learn and
    understand and aware of.


    A few months ago we (Me, Johntim and some others friend ) were
    really enjoying giving problems and misleading other innocent

    One day when we where chatting on the web while playing some
    games, someone suddenly ask (by typping )

    " Hello, may I know where to get some Helium gas please "

    Me :" Oh, go to !!"

    Then after 1 minutes the same guy came back and asked:

    " Wei ??? How come cannot access to one?"

    We all LOLROTF !!!!

    Me :" What? Cannot access ? Try and see?"

    The someone -_-" and then LOL too !!!


    Hmm... !! !!!

    Going out early and come back late on Sunday.

    yesterday went out from 10 am in the morning till 9:00 pm something at
    night and it was Sunday yesterday !!!

    Dang ! Like working days,

    I told my friends :" Hmm... I seldom go out in the morning and go home at
    night you know? "

    My friends:" I see ... I see ... "

    Me :" No wait a second !!! "

    My friends -_-"

    Me:" Actually NEVER go out in the morning and go hom at
    right on Sunday, a blardy Sunday ok?? "

    My friends :" ok ok !! cool down cool down !!"