Monday, July 24, 2006

This babeh of mine is alive again and kicking. Despite being soaked and washed in washing machine this morning for about 1 hour. After I did CPR and mouth to mouth with this babeh she just came back with even more feature. The speed became USB BBQ 36x with capability to receive Wifi, HiFi, FiLai, Ong Lai, Ma Semua Long Zhong Semua Kaliao Hamplang Pun Lai Ah Fah wei !! And the capacity is upgraded from 1GB to 100GB omg! So you want to upgrade your USB drive? Go and soak it in washing for 1 hour or more. You will be amazed on the result.

2nd Formula To Start a Happy Day.

Another formula to start a happy day.

A breakfast with fried eggs and some hams. These
are to be taken with a few pieces of white
bread, result ?

Extreme happiness !!

Hams cooked first, and the leftover oil to be used
to fry the eggs on the non stick pan eh?

Boy I am good at cooking all these !!

A grandfather of my friend said this

" God should only create ham, egg and bread!"

That will do, that will just do !!

See how the eggs are nicely done and smiling to you all ? That's what we call frying eggs with Macho styles ! Beautifully fried without oil on a Non Stick pan. My mom asked me to eat healthyly right ?

Oh no !! Accident !!

But accident does happend sometime.

In this case the eggs which were suppose to be nicely
done had some problems, some part of them ( read, bottom )
stuck with the pan.

The reason ? I over trusted the Non-Stick Pan and I
thought it is 100% non-stick mcbknnbbq !!

When I told this story to Fat Lady she used the pan to hit
my head "Pooooonnnnnggggg !!! " and scolded me " Stupid !! Kayu !! "

What ? Non stick pan is supposed to be Non stick right? right ? right?

She said," No you stupid chicken, no matter what, oil is needed!"

Me," Are you sure ? Honey?"

She raised the pan again,

And I quickily said," Of course oil is needed !! Sure!!"

She lowered the pan then, that's why I am still alive today.

Moral of the story

" Don't be over confident with Non Stick Pan or Wok "


" Oil is needed to fry something, else you will have terrible
headache like me ! "


Thanks, Fat Lady for teaching me something new everyday.

Another USB Drive Drowned?

This morning after I finished washing my cloths i was retrieving the cloths
to hang them under the sun.

I looked inside the washing machine and I saw my USB drive lying there,
lifeless!!!!!! OMG i did it again !

I washed the USB drive for 1 hour again LOL !! 2 years ago I left the
64MB Trek USB drive in my pants and washed it left and right,
and put into dryer somemore.

But then it worked fine like nothing has eve happened.

Later when this 1GB thing is fully dried I will try if it still works,
else RM85 down the drain.

MCBKNNBBQ why I always leave these USB drive things in my jeans leh??
why ??

You all don't call me Philips or Kai Hong no more !! Call me
USB drive killer or something like that will do.

Friday, July 21, 2006

This one is for Poliwhirl :)

Dear Poliwhirl, you are from Spain and you asked:

1.What is Nasi Lauk Kelantan.

answer: It is a type of rice, taken with fish or chicken curry.
I might post a few photos of Nasi Lauk later if I get a chance
to take the photos.

2.Wake up after 10 am would be more happy.

answer: I can't sleep after 7 am because my room would
be very bright, and I am going to have funny crazy nightmare
if i over sleep.
And the most important, I have to start work at 9 am.

LOL, thanks for your comments and compliments.

Gracias señora bonita and tenga un día agradable.

Monday, July 17, 2006

DOF Sample One


The security cone at PWTC. Was trying out my FZ30 to see
if this baby could produce some picture which has less
focus area or less depth of field.

People call this soft focused photos? or in my Kelantan
days people call his, focused photos LOL !!

It was initial very difficult for my FZ30 because the
lense wasn't really good at this. After some trial and
error, i managed to get the result. LOL.

Now, i am not going to buy an Olympus E-500 already at
the moment :)

Soft focus? I did it ! Let's talk more about this later. Posted by Picasa

DOF part II

  Posted by Picasa

Hot !!

The weather nowadays is so hot that I can't switch off
the air cond at 3:00 am. The timer set it off and
I have to turn it on again in 30 minutes. This is like
dessert or something like that already.

And fog you ! Indonesia !!

Fat Lady was in Sarawak for the Rainforrest World Music
Festival 2006 and spent about 4 or 5 days there.

She said," The sweat became dry, and sweat again, and
dry again, and the cycle goes infinity !! "

I said,"Oh honey you look like an Over Fried Popia!"

She said," Really ? I used 1/2 tube of sun block liao!"

I said,"It's ok, you look sweet like Fried Popia!"

Why is it so hot lately ?

But look at the positive side, i wash my cloths, hang
them outside, and 3 hours later all dried and has the
sun shine smell :)

Sunshine Boys? Shunshine my butt !! Now gimme some
rain ! Heavy rain before I am suffocated with my own
oil !! I am like a roasted piglets now mamamia!!

Sunday, July 16, 2006

DOF Samples 3


Zoom:7mm (1x optical zoom)
1/40 Second
ISO 80 Posted by Picasa

DOF samples 4


Mode : Automatic
Zoom : 89mm
1/60 sec.
ISO 80

Tuesday, July 11, 2006

Formula to start a happy day.

Simple and cheap :
  • Sleep at around 12 am or 1 am.
  • Wake up at 6:45 am or 7:00 am.
  • Do some housework, clean stuff etc.
  • Mop your vehicles till all shining.
  • Greet at least 2 person. ( I greeted 4 this morning )
  • Cool down.
  • Take bath.
  • Leave home to office 10 to 15 minutes earlier.
  • Buy a pack of Nasi Lauk Kelantan ( Rm2.50)
  • Eat the Nasi in office before you start working.
  • You will have a great and happy day. Trust me!!
  • Jogging with weapon in hand.

    This morning it rained heavily around 5:30 am and I did
    not sort of get a good sleep actually.

    Hence at around 7 am went to mop my F-117 because it
    being parked beside the road and was a little bit very dusty.

    After rain the whole body was wet and it was good time to do the
    mop thing to clear dust and watermarks.

    I was mopping mopping and saw one uncle jogging past
    me, with a stick in his hand -_-".

    I greeted him " Good morning " and he returned a big
    smile to me and " Morning !"

    Boy we have friendly people here eh ?

    5 minutes later another uncle also walked past me with
    also a Stick in his hand.

    Me -_-" and "Good morning."

    10 minutes later the first uncle was doing his 2 or 3rd
    round already and I asked him,

    " Wah, sir Jogging with stick meh ?"

    Uncle smile and paiseh:
    " Oh here got a lot of crazy dogs, defensive stick. "

    Me -_-" we have friendly people here at my new place but unfriendly
    dogs around here, maybe it's time for me to get a baton then if
    i were to walk or jog around too.

    I thought there were a lot of Army General or High Ranking Police Officer
    jogging around my place pula with all those stick and baton things. LOL !!

    Jogging with Ipod ok lah.

    Joggin with Walkman ok too.

    But Jogging with a defensive stick against dog, that is
    something that we don't see everyday.

    And I can't help to salute them cause in the cadet days if you see an officer with baton you must tabik hormat.

    Sort of sexy to jog with a stick though.

    Sir! Yes Sir !!

    Monday, July 10, 2006

    Susu Getah aka Rubber Milk meh ? So hamsup one?

      Posted by Picasa

    Pokok Getah !!


    For those who don't know where does the tyre that you use
    everyday comes from. This is the mother of your tyres !!

    Next time remember to bring your car to rubber planation
    farm for a reunion of mother and babies and stuff like
    that and get all warm and touching like that -_-"

    It is call Rubber Tree or Pokok Getah, and Malaysia is one
    of the largest rubber exporting and producing country.

    Latex to be precise, and the rubber tree i heard is also
    could be used as some good quality wood to become furniture
    or stuff like that.

    And the biji getah ( Rubber seeds ) was our toys back to
    kampung. We had alot of games exploiting rubber seeds and
    we had hell lot of fun !!

    And when someone said," Adui biji getah kena, sakit !"
    means that his balls kena damn dasyat mia accident LOL !!

    The rubber tree, when you use the proper tool to tap
    it properly, latex comes out ( Not Rubber Milk lah ! ) you
    think direct translation from Susu Getah meh ? Aiyalamak !!

    And these latex after being processed and mixed with correct
    combination of other stuff would become the main ingredient
    of tyre, condom, gloves, tools and stuff like that.

    I will tell you more about rubber trees later when i am
    free. Posted by Picasa


    The below posts contain photos from my friend Affida Adam
    and she is so kind to give me the photos that she has
    taken from her Kelantan farm.

    So if you like to use these pictures pls let me know
    and I would be glad to ask you to proceed :) Or just
    drop a comment at the box before using it.

    The next 9 photos belong Affida Adam and special thanks
    to her for allowing me to post these photos here.

    And she promised to bring me some pineapples and Dragon fruits next round when she comes back from Kelantan.

    Fruits are good for health LOL !!

    The Army of Green ?

      Posted by Picasa

    These aint's scare crow ok?

    These are actually the Dragon Fruits plant, it is a type of plant
    which is same family with cactus but this plant requires support
    hence making it looks like scare crow like that.

    It's gaining popularity in Malaysia for the past few years and my
    good friend Affida mia father is having a farm in Kelantan planting
    these fruits.

    Run a google search and you will find that a lot of Malaysian has
    gone into business. Posted by Picasa

    1977 masih baby lagi, kecik kecik lagi !!


    The flower of Dragon fruits, one day all the flowers will become
    fruits, and the cycle ends. And restarts... and ends... Posted by Picasa

    2006 sudah dewasa. Sudah boleh kahwin.


    A dragon fruit grown from flowers to become the shape now. Posted by Picasa

    Dragon mia anak and babies ... LOL


    1 abang dan 2 adik. Posted by Picasa

    Flowers of dragon fruits.


    Yes you are looking at the flower of Dragon Fruits, when these
    flowers grow up they will go to college, get a job,
    get a housing loan, buy a car and do installment till they retire
    one day
    they simply become Dragon Fruits that you and me

    Affida mia pictures. Posted by Picasa

    Pineapple Farm in Kelantan.

      Posted by Picasa

    Blue Sky


    The blue sky and kampung area near Tanah Merah, Affida mia hometown !!

    Ain't that good to have a place like that to retire, but Broadband
    mesti ada ok? Posted by Picasa

    Nenas dan Buah Naga LOL!


    The fruits from the farm of Affida mia father in Kelantan.

    Ain't that good to be able to have your own farm and plant
    all these fruits and enjoy them.

    Sure the pesticide and DDT level is either minial or nil !! Posted by Picasa

    It's again !!

    It's now July 2006 and exactly 1 year ago I wrote about
    Ah Wai mia
    and his actual site is Here Now 2007 his
    site got Flash somemore -_-" pro !! a real pro mate !!

    And remember, want to eat good durian? Go to see Ah Wai
    and before you go, call him to reserve some good one
    such as Hong Har, Mao San Wong and stuff like that ok?

    Don't say i never announce that I am going there these
    few days har....

    Call Ah Wai at (+6012)234-5619 +(6012)631-0030

    E-commerce for Durian ? I am so agree with Ah Wai !!

    Go Go Go !! World Cup Ends, Durian Starts!!! Go Go Go!

    Aku kayu loh !!

    Entry ini adalah ditujukan khas kepada seorang kawan karib
    saya yang bernama Sam...

    Sam telah kahwin dengan isterinya lebih kurang 2 tahun lalu
    dan kini mereka mempunyai seorang anak perempuan yang
    berumur 2 -_-" dan isterinya mengandung sekarang.

    Kadang-kadang isteri Sam datang ke kedai Sam untuk membantu
    Sam dalam kegiatan perniagaan harian. Dan kadang-kadang
    isteri Sam akan cuai, lalai dan kadang-kadang Lun Lun
    Chun Chun begitu...

    Dan kadang-kadang cuai, lalai and Lun Lun Chun Chun akan
    mengakibatkan Sam menjadi sedikit tidak puas hati dan terasa
    marah juga dalam hati.

    Apabila nampak Sam marah, isteri Sam akan cakap begini :

    " Sam, sorry lah ya, saya tahu Saya ni memang kayu ! "
    老 公,别 生 气 啦,我 知 道 我 是 废 材 了 啦!

    " Sam, minta maaf ya, saya tahu Saya ni bodoh sikit !"
    老 公,别 生 气 啦,我 知 道 我 很 笨 hor!

    " Sam, jangan marah ya, saya tahu Saya kadang-kadang
    Lun Lun Zhun Zhun ya ? Sorry lah ya ? "
    老 公,别 生 气 啦,我 知 道 我 侖 侖 准 准 lar !

    Mak Oi selepas Ah Sam terdengar isterinya meminta maaf
    dengan cara ini dia terus ketawa dan tidak lagi ada
    perasaan marah walaupun sikit !! Bagus sekali Sam punya
    isteri !

    Ingat Sam punya isteri pandai ? Salah, anda belum lagi
    nampak Kung Fu sebenar beliau !!

    Setahu kita Sam punya isteri telah berbadan dua atau
    mengandung ya ? Kadang-kadang isterinya baru makan tengah
    hari tetapi 10 minit kemudian terasa lapar pula.

    Maka, isteri Sam akan bercakap:

    " Sayang, baby sudah lapar lah, ingin makan Bak Kut Teh !"

    " Sayang, baby ingin makan ABC lah tiba-tiba !"

    " Eh, baby cakap ingin makan roti bakar dengan kaya pula! "

    Apa boleh Sam buat ? Terpaksalah belikan kesemua benda
    tersebut untuk " Baby " mereka ya ?

    Yang lebih canggih seperti.

    5 hari yang lepas ialah hari jadi Sam, tetapi Isteri Sam
    telah lupa untuk mengucap " Selamat Hari Jadi " kepada Sam
    lalu Sam pun ada sikit susah hati.

    Namunlah, isteri sendiri pun lupa hari jadi sendiri ? Apa
    boleh buat ?

    Sam pun beritahu isterinya yang isterinya telah lupa untuk
    mengucapkan "Selamat Hari Jadi" terhadap Sam.

    Mana tahu isteri Sam jawab:

    " Oh Sam, bukan saya yang lupa, Baby kita yang lupa lah !"

    " Jangan marah saya ya? Baby telah lupa harijadi bang... "

    Saya ingat Sam terus jatuh ke dalam longkang di depan kedainya
    selepas mendengar penjelasan isterinya.

    Mengapakah isteri Sam begitu cerdik pandai ?? Mengapa ??

    Game Over Mate !!

    Picture taken from and it's an AP Photo.

    Finally the World Cup 2006 has ended early this morning
    ( Malaysian Time ) and I am so glad that it has :)

    I am sure that French and Italy have tried their best and someone
    told me that actually both French and Italy deserve the Cup !

    I agree on that, in fact why not produce 31 more World Cup and
    give each of the team 1 cup ? In fact, since Malaysia is so
    desperate to get the world cup too. Why not buy 200 cups and put
    it here, and announce that " Oh Malaysia has 200 world cups! Malaysia
    Boleh !! " and hu ha about it till the cows come home ?

    Malaysia Boleh ! Juara Kampung pun boleh !!

    And since so many ( 20 person ) chasing a ball on a field and make
    people crazy about it. Give them 19 more balls and each person will
    have 1 football (2+1) and no need to chase so much lah !

    Whenever justice is served, peace would appear.

    Want Peace for the world? Simple, each person get 1 ball
    and each team get the cup. Period.

    No need to Kao Peh Kao Bu nomore !

    Fans out there don't hate me but it is time for us to go back to
    work, sleep and eat like normal already ok ?

    Damn I am so glad !!

    Sunday, July 09, 2006

    RM3.50 nasi lemak.


    This is the RM3.50 nasi lemak from Bandar Sunway multi racial food court.

    The taste? You got to try it out !! One of the best in KL I believe !!

    Somemore it's not expensive too !! Posted by Picasa

    What could USD 1 get you?


    What could one US dollar get you nowdays ? Not much right?

    You are wrong, in TTDI Kuala Lumpur you would get the below with 1 USD.

  • Ban Min with minced pork, ikan bilis and tong ku.
  • Vegetable soup cooked with pork and egg.
  • Laksa soup ( member mia special gift ).
  • Pls note that the table, mouse and keyboard are not included !! LOL !!

    OMG if you have this as lunch on Saturday, you could skip the Sunday breakfast too! Posted by Picasa
  • Taman Tun Dr Ismail Mia Ban Min


    Please kindly take note that this is Medium Size ok? And it cost RM3.70 !! OMG ! Posted by Picasa

    The gift from my sister.


    2 days ago my sister dropped by my place at 12:30 am.

    She passed me these 2 box, and said," Happy Birthday, you are finally 21 years old!"

    I said:" Thank you thank you, am I legal to drive now ?"

    She:" nope! Wait till you are 40 years old first ok ?"

    Me:" Ok , thanks for the cake !"

    I love my sister so much !! That crazy girl !! Posted by Picasa

    Trivia about cheese cakes..... lame one !!


    Question: What is better then having Cheese Cake and Chocolate Cakes on your table?

    Answer : Hmm... having 2 pieces of Cheese Cake and 2 pieces of Chocolate Cakes on the table?

    Bingo ! Posted by Picasa

    Cheese and Chocolate Part I

      Posted by Picasa

    Cheese and Chocolates Part II

      Posted by Picasa

    Chocolate and Cheese Cakes Part Duex !!


    These are another 2 pieces of cakes. Schedule to eat them today 9th Jul evening. ok?
    Thanks to my lovely sister who brought me a lot of happiness !!

    Muaks !! Posted by Picasa