Sunday, February 21, 2010

The One About Leanne

One of my niece's name is Leanne and it is indeed a nice name.

Her mother however always call her, " Ah Leanne.. come here....
Ah Leanne do this... do that .... Ah Leanne.... "

One fine day, Leanne, " Excuse me, mama !! "

Mother, " Yes dear ? anything I can do for you ? "

Leanne, " Can you please kindly stop calling me Ah Lian ???
My name is Leanne !! like the Leanne Rimes like that ok ??

Please do not call me Ah Lian anymore, you want me to
call you Ah Beng ? "

the mother -_-" ......

The One About Playing Cards

A few days ago I was watching some friends playing cards during
CNY and this Miss K brought her little girl along.

Miss K, " Lian, you see my card ? Nice ah ? But you cannot say
what you see ya ? "

Lian, " Ok mama, " and she shouted, " 8 !!! 10 !!! "

whole table laughed until ....

Miss K, " You should not shout out the card no too... "

Lian, " wopppppsss !!!"

Saturday, February 20, 2010

The One About Highway to Heaven

If there is a route or highway to heaven,
this must be it !!!!

The One About Feeling Blue ??

Sometimes in life, things happen. Good things and not so good things.

If a good thing happens, we enjoy it and appreciate it.

If bad thing happens, we solve them and we learn a lesson
from them, that's it !! Sometimes bad things happen and our
mood become low and we show sad face or long face.

No good !! Here are the ways to feel better ya.

The still quite new YF22 had fuel pump problem and there she
goes, the first time up on to the tow truck :)

Reason for refuse to work ? Fuel pump wire loosen... -_-"

Sunset at Kuala Krai, always feel very gray and dark
approaching very fast during sunset, people feels
uncertainty during sunset. I feels directionless.....

But the heat of Chinese new year is gone as the sun
goes down, right ?

After sunset, there is sunrise like below.

Everytime when there is fog or mist in the morning,
it is going to be a hot day !

One of the way to reduce stress, to remove blue and to
become happier.

Go to Zoo and see the poor face of the animal :)

Or eat some chocolate cakes....

Lou Sang and shout " I WANT TO FAT TATT!" before that....

So, why still a long face ? Go out, have fun and make
yourself happy : )

Bring the kids of the family to Zoo or outing,
take photos with them ....

My cousin, " Oh ! Koko, that bird is horny lah ! "

Me, " where where ? "

Cousin, " Tuuuu.... "

Me, " That one not horny, and those are not horn... this owl didn't comb his
hair this morning or his hair cream ran out... "

Cousin, " tipu .... you think i was born yesterday izzit ? "

Suddenly i feel that all of my cousin has grown up a lot ....

The wild cat has become fatty cat...

My cousin, " Yo camel ! "

the camel, " Come closer, i will chew your fingers off !!"