Friday, March 28, 2008

The One About Kura Kura

一 个 朋 友 问 我 : "你 知 道 乌 龟 怎 样 死
的 吗? "

我 答 : " 对 不 起 我 不 知 道 "

她 答 道 : " 慢 到 死 !!! "


Wednesday, March 26, 2008

The One About I Am the IT Director !!

Today I was discussing something with my colleague and mumbled
about that I am the company IT exec, IT manager and IT Director
at the same time.

My colleague took a glance at my table and revert, " Nope !"

Me, " What ? "

Colleague, " You need a few screwdrivers on your desk to really
look like IT manager. "

Me looked looked looked, " you are damn right !!! "

Going to buy a screwdriver tomorrow and decorate my desk
already yeah !!

Anyway, there is 3 x 1GB + 2 x 2GB +4 GB + 160GB worth
of external data storage in the photos.

If you could identify every and each of them, I would give you
a international branded T Shirt, to your house address.

I sumpah !!!

* jogging away.

The One About You Think I Am Lulu ?

Lulu is a person that we always refer as a person who is
a little bit slow and nerd and could be cheated upon easily.

Like when your sister want to borrow 50 dollar and pay you
back in 3 years time.

You point at her nose and ask, " You think I am Lulu ah ?? "


When your boyfriend say, " I will buy you a diamond ring
in 4 years time, but i want to kiss you first now, can ah ? "

You should point at his nose, and ask,
" You think I am Lulu ah ? "

Anyway, I was in Digital Mall yesterday and was searching for a
DVD writter for my friends lap top.

Went into a shop and asked the guy if he does have.

The guy, " Yeah we do, wait, let me show you. " and showed me
a DVD writter with 2007 warranty sticker.

Me, " How much is this ? "

The guy, " RM 380 .00 "

Me, " What ? RM 380 ? This is normal price or Lulu price ? "

The guy, " Normal price, very cheap already. "

Me, " How about the warranty period ?"

The guy, " 3 months loh !"

Me, " Thanks, but i am not buying this , bye !"

The guy wtf ??

20 minutes later, I got one good DVD writter at Computer War
SS2 installed by a technician called Ah Hawk ( -_-" )

and the cost ? RM 280 with everything included.....

So ? To the guy at Digital Mall.

You Really Think I Am Lulu ah ??

* Run away really fast !!!

Friday, March 21, 2008

The One About Visa To Myanmar

My colleague :" Eh Kai Hong, do I need a visa if I am going to
Myanmar ? "

Me:" Yes you do need one."

Colleague:" How to and where to get ? "

Me:" loh "

I ran away really fast before she could shout at me
" Sei Fei Chai !! Jangan lari !!! "

*Err someone pointed out, that it should be baru betul !!!

* run away fast fast !!!

Thursday, March 13, 2008

The One About My Some Nice Toy

Last night was driving from NKVE towards Subang and the
good old F-117 was coughing a little bit on the road.

I looked at the instrument penal and the fuel lever was low
and ( indicator was on for 1 whole day already ) and I had
no choice but to turned in to Subang Jaya Shell petrol station
and made a refuel.

My sister asked, " Eh ! Need a Ferrari or not ?"

Me, " Hmm.. ok let's go and see. What is the entitlement?"

My sister, " RM 40 for 1 car (toy). "

Me," Eh why don't you buy yourself normally ?"

My sister, " My fuel tank 1 full tank RM35.00 only ! "

Me lolrotf !!!

My sister," This is darn unfair to Kancil user ok ? "

Me, " Don't worry, very soon the petrol price would go
up and you would get your wish fullfilled ! "

Anyway, later that night, I saw this nice Ferrari in my
house, got sound one somemore -_-"

Darn, that is the only way I could own a Ferrari anyway!

Tuesday, March 11, 2008

The One About Spicy Chicken Wrap

Just now was doing order for some local fast food, and saw
the new item called Spicy Chicken Wrap.

Hence I pon asked my girl to order one for me.

Another girl came, " Eh Mr Wong, what is this Spicy Chicken
Wrap zhek ? hmmm ? What does it taste like ? "

Me, " I am not sure, never tried before woh. "

Girl, " Mr Wong, how is it made ? Made by what ? What roti
is that wrapping the chicken ? Hot ah ? Spicy ah ? "

Me -_-" " Itu roti ialah roti telor bawang, bungkus itu ayam
tandoori yang pedas ... "

Girl, " knnbbq kai hong !! "

Saturday, March 08, 2008

The One About Katak Bawah Tempurung II

The result of the polling for this round is being coming out in TV.

The TV reporter and news reader all scratch their heads, looked
blurred and kept on asking, " Strange, what is going on etc ! "

I have one word for them,

" Go do your farking homework first in future !! "

Tuesday, March 04, 2008

The One About A Dedication to my G Shock

First seen this watch ( model ) back in 1996 when I was in TAR college's
nearby Alpha Angle shopping mall. I spent RM 136 or so
(my part time income ) and bought one with my good friend Tse Chin.

From that day onward, wherever we go, we were wearing this watch.

Lectures, tutorial, sleeping, ponteng class, take mini bus No. 49,
swimming, blood donation, walking in night to Sri Rampai etc.

We had this watch on our wrist and we had 200% confidence with it.

It has shock protection feature and electro luminescent backlight.

It is tough and it is really reliable, one thing is that sometimes friend
of mine would see me, look at my wrist , look at my face, look at my
wrist again and look at my face again.

They would ask, " Why you wear kid's watch to work ? "

Me, " Eh you orang utan ah ? This is G Shock , babeh ! "

Them, " But it is still digital watch eh ? "

Me," You ever watch Speed ? Keanu Reeves ? Anyone?"

Them, " hmmmm.... nope... ! "

Me, " Fine never mind ! "

Them, " But you as an manager, cannot wear digital watch to
work nah ! "

Me, " Why ? "

Them, " Image, Look, Appearance, Maturity, Status, Confidence,
Taste, etc ! "

Me, " What the hell ?"

Them, " The most important, digital watch is for kids ! 细 路 哥 "

Me bang head against my table and decided not to talk to them

Yes, maybe one day I would wear a proper Chronograph watch to
work or event.

But deep in my heart, my G Shock is still the best.

In fact it is the best of the best of the best !!! Period !

* Jogging away wearing my G Shock ... hmmmpppffff !!!

The One About G Shock getting annual leaves soon.

My royal precious super hardworking good quality G Shock might be able
to get her long due deserved annual leave soon.

She might get transferred to night shift or sports ( swimming ) department
as the new guy has arrived and landed. Kih kih kih kih !!!

The One About For King and Country !!

How come the Kelantan and middle flags can't dance like the Malaysian
flag at the right eh ?

Taken this shot at Kuala Krai land office between Taman Kuala Krai and
Guchil area....

The One About Kuala Krai Evening

The evening of Kuala Krai always look like this during Chinese New
Year. And the weather in Kuala Krai ( perhaps the rest of Kelantan )
would be very cold in the morning and heavy fog.

And extremely hot in the afternoon till night.

But this year 2008 the weather has becoming cold since evening
and the night is so breezy that I wished to sleep outside of the
house looking at the stars.

The weather has really changed recently.

Would there be a day when it would snow in Malaysia ??

That would be good cause one word, one word !!!