Tuesday, March 04, 2008

The One About A Dedication to my G Shock

First seen this watch ( model ) back in 1996 when I was in TAR college's
nearby Alpha Angle shopping mall. I spent RM 136 or so
(my part time income ) and bought one with my good friend Tse Chin.

From that day onward, wherever we go, we were wearing this watch.

Lectures, tutorial, sleeping, ponteng class, take mini bus No. 49,
swimming, blood donation, walking in night to Sri Rampai etc.

We had this watch on our wrist and we had 200% confidence with it.

It has shock protection feature and electro luminescent backlight.

It is tough and it is really reliable, one thing is that sometimes friend
of mine would see me, look at my wrist , look at my face, look at my
wrist again and look at my face again.

They would ask, " Why you wear kid's watch to work ? "

Me, " Eh you orang utan ah ? This is G Shock , babeh ! "

Them, " But it is still digital watch eh ? "

Me," You ever watch Speed ? Keanu Reeves ? Anyone?"

Them, " hmmmm.... nope... ! "

Me, " Fine never mind ! "

Them, " But you as an manager, cannot wear digital watch to
work nah ! "

Me, " Why ? "

Them, " Image, Look, Appearance, Maturity, Status, Confidence,
Taste, etc ! "

Me, " What the hell ?"

Them, " The most important, digital watch is for kids ! 细 路 哥 "

Me bang head against my table and decided not to talk to them

Yes, maybe one day I would wear a proper Chronograph watch to
work or event.

But deep in my heart, my G Shock is still the best.

In fact it is the best of the best of the best !!! Period !

* Jogging away wearing my G Shock ... hmmmpppffff !!!


Anonymous said...

I saw Kean- I mean "Speed". Was there a watch?

Also saw "The Matrix". (Were there watches there too?)

In my case maturity means no watch at all. Lots of Keanu pics and postcards though. ;)

PS. Still reading you occasionally, and always a pleasure. Cheers! :)

Polly Hybrid (=ex-Satélite Fugado=ex-Poliwhirl, etc)

Philips at work. said...

Ah Satelite... long time no see.


I seen that model in the movie when the first bus exploded outside of the coffee house at the quite beginning of the movie, he answered
the public phone and looked at his watch. lol. But the watch wasn't showing the time, but showed the alarm mode instead. lol !!

At that time the watch was a screwback and mine is non screwback.