Monday, January 31, 2005

Driven Part II

Being an family loving & life loving person ( takut mati type )
I always tend to drive according to road condition & traffic condition.

I never drive fast in KL & PJ town and never drive slow on the high
way to JB, to Penang and to KLIA.

My baby my car is always ready for the any type of situation and

Once I did Penang to KL under 3 hours 1/2 and when I came
home to PJ my friends was like :" Wah Piang !!"
I did average 130kmph - 150 kmph. Why ? Because the traffic
was clear and I did not want to block any people behind me.
During that journey, I was traveling alone I think...

Most of the time I am driving / cruising on the right lane with a
safe distance from the car at the front. And I am always not feeling
comfortable when some one is tailing me or when I am too close
to the car at the front.... a lot of accident happens because of
distance, agree?

That day when I was driving from Penang to KL, most of the time
I was overtaking the cars and crusing steadily. Most of the fast
car from behind about 160kmph or so I would accelerate,
find a place and move to left to let them pass. I did that most
of the time. Sometimes after those fast car passed by I tailed them
to read what is the speed, most of them about 150Kmph to 160km.

There was a latest BMW 7 series that day approaching very fast
that day. I had to accelerate to about 150kmph and find a place
to get into the left lane, and the BMW whooossshhhhed over !!!
By the time I wanted to tail him to read speed he has already
disappeared.... !!!! OMG I think he must be doing 180 or 200kmph.
I didn't even have the time to change to 3rd gear to tail him, and
he is gone already. BMW vs My baby..... BMW 7 series menang !!

3 days ago when I went to KLIA there was a Mercedes CLK 500
if I am not mistaken come fast from behind. As usual I find a place
and get into the left lane, and that guy whoosssed too..
Ok I changed to 3rd gear and hit the gas hard, 120... 130...
140...150.... and my meter stop at 160 kmph when I was
successfully tailing that CLK 500. Tailed him for about 2 km and
KLIA exit is near already. Hence CLK 500 vs My baby = Draw !!

In a few events in highway and KL major trunk road there were
these Bai Kar Chai and Ah beng and Ah Lian driving some BMW
3 series and 5 series, Mercedes Kompressor and stuff like that.
So far, my baby is still beating them from time to time. Not to say
that my baby is good, just saying that she is absolutely good !!
With a manual gear box sometimes help alot if fast response and
high speed overtaking event. I love my baby to be what she is
and I will always love her !!

Happy Chinese New Year , my baby, may our relationship could last
till the end of time :)

Note : Tailing requires good experiance & good car , kids and folks
don't do this at home. Bad example to do tailing on peoples car.


Today we will learn a few terms :

Proton 1.5GLS
BMW 7 Series
Mercedes CLK 500
BMW 3 Series
Nissan Sunny 1.3 ( 1985 model )

Some people says that cars are toys for big boys,
and diamonds are a toys for big girls.

I would have to say yes
it is correct and precise, at least for me.

Since I was doing my college, geee nope, actually as soon as when
I was done doing my SPM I have falled in love in driving.

I could drive and cruise in remote area in Kelantan with my best pal,
or be a co-driver sitting besides him. And sometimes we bring a
bunch of girls , that was our class mate in SPM and in Kelantan
we went to stream and enjoyed ourselve there.
Hmmm... the good old days !! 1995 and 1996.... on of the best time
of my life.

When I was a co driver, I would made the car become Semi-Auto
car. See?? We have Tiptronic Gear Tranmission since 1995/96 in
Kelantan already mate !!

Holy How????

Well when my friend Tan was driving , I would sit at co driver place
and change the gear for him. He just need to press the clutch
and I will do change gear for him. gear 1 to gear 2, 2 to 3...

There were a few times where I did use my leg to engage gear for
the car, well from 1st gear to 5th wasn't a problem. But to use your
right leg to engage reverse gear would be a little bit difficult.
In a few occasion I almost had a cramp ..... Holy Cow but it was
proven that, to engage gear, it is not necessary to use your hand.
Myth Busted !!!!

Alright !! Enough of History of 10 years ago eh mate?

Well, 29 months ago I've purchased this Proton Wira 1.5 GLS.
Price was 48,500 if I am not mistaken. And since then, that
lovely feeling is back again. What feeling if you asked me?

先哭一场然后 claim 才保险

Not precisely correct cause I would love to keep this lovely car
for another 10 years if possible. I think for me to have purchased
this car has more pros compared to cons...

1. Fuel saving ( still can do 10 cent per km most of the time )
2. Good pickup ( not more then 2 passenger in car time )
3. Stable ( compared to others 1.5 litre sub RM80,000 car )
4. Not that expensive maintainence.
5. Quite reliable compared to others model of Proton.
6. Ample of space.
7. It's a Tiptronic(R) gear system ( when I gf is around )
8. It's a Automatic(R) gear system ( when pretty girls onboard )

Cons :
1. Air cond system not that good.
2. Power windows issue ( kao timed 2 months ago with lubricant )
3. A little bit under powered when full loaded with 5 passenger.
4. ...... i think that's all I have to complain at the moment.

Ok with this baby, well I always called my car my baby when my
gf is not around. If she is around she would look at me as I am
a little bit out of control like that.

Anyway, my baby has never let me down so far. When I need the
pickup she gives me the pickup, when I need a emergency stop
so far she stoped 5 meters away from the worst case scenario.

And when I take bath with her on a beautiful Sunday afternoon,
and she is so happy, of course the climax would be the polish
session. Her body is so hot in the afternoon sun, and the was
dried immediately on her body..... :) And after the take bath
session, she is all shining, and begging me to take her out for a
ride :)

I did that, and my friend asked me, "yo ! you changed new car ah?"
I then said :" Nope this is my old car !"
She said : " No way ! Dude !"
I then said :" Really ! Look at the plate !"
She said : " Yeah hor !"
I said :" I've just washed her, and polished her !"
She said :" Wow ! Look better then my new Waja !"

That time I was so proud of the compliments from my friend.
Special thanks to Amway Car Shampoo & Amway Car Polish !!
Sometimes when I come to a good products, I would introduce it
to my friends and give them tips to enjoy the excitement that i
have :) It's about smart partnership and sharing !!

Friday, January 28, 2005

Have i told you lately....

First heard this song back to 1996 or 1997 when I was in TAR
college, we were visiting some relatives in Alor Star in Kedah
when the TV suddenly played the introduction of the Rod Stewart's new album, If We Fall in Love Tonight....

I tell you , one word :" Mellowing! " And the rest? Listen to the
song and perhaps you could catch what I mean here..... enjoy.

Rod Stewart.

Have I told you lately that I love you
Have I told you there no one else above you
Fill my heart with gladness
Take away all my sadness
Ease my troubles that what you do

For the morning sun in all it glory
Greets the day with hope and comfort too
You fill my life with laughter
And somehow you make it better
Ease my troubles that what you do
There a love that divine
And it yours and it mine like the sun
And at the end of the day
We should give thanks and pray
To the one, to the one

Have I told you lately that I love you
Have I told you there no one else above you
Fill my heart with gladness
Take away all my sadness
Ease my troubles that what you do

There a love that divine
And it yours and it mine like the sun
And at the end of the day
We should give thanks and pray
To the one, to the one

And have I told you lately that I love you
Have I told you there no one else above you
You fill my heart with gladness
Take away my sadness
Ease my troubles that what you do
Take away all my sadness
Fill my life with gladness
Ease my troubles that what you do
Take away all my sadness
Fill my life with gladness
Ease my troubles that what you do

Caving + Absolutely Groovy !!

Once there was a riddle which sounds like this :

Guess what is the subject.
You can't see this subject actually.
You can't feel and touch this subject as well.
If there is more this subject the more you couldn't see it.
If there is more and more of this subject the more imposible to see.

Now guess what is this subject that I am mentioning.

Answer? I will tell you when you finished reading this blog. I think
most of you wouldn't be able to guess what is the answer :)

Well, 2 days ago when I was with a friend of mine called Wai Ling
and we were happily enjoying KFC Original Flavor Fried Chicken
togather at KFC Sunway. While we were makaning makaning
and chew chew chew I suddenly told her that I went for Caving
in December 2004.

Told her about how much of fun and thrill was there, the mud,
the rain, the white snake, the white spider and the small hole
and made us Primate, Orang Utan, Anjhing, Kuching, Buaya, Biawak,
Ularrr, Chaching.... and how I stuck in the hole :) I mean stuck
in the micro cave..... Kai\\\Hong.

She looked at me and just quite couldn't believe it. And said wow
she wouldn't be enjoying these kind of "torture". Yeah I think
most of the straight and normal KL people wouldn't want to craw
in a small hole under a few hundreds tones of heavy rock, nope!!

And at a point I told her that there was a place in the cave that
when we turned off our torch light we could not see anything.
Not even our own nose or own finger no matter how close we
put the fingers near our eyes.

Wai Ling think for a while and said :" Hmm yeah I think I know, it
is as dark as when you turn of the light suddenly, and couldn't
see anything, but later when your eyes are used to the darkness
you can slowly see things...."

I replied :" Hmmm... nope. You will not see anything no matter
how long you waited, because there were simply no light at all
in that stretch of the cave."

Yeah, when you are too deep inside a cave or something like that
where there is no light source at all. You could not see anything
and you feel blind, no matter how big you opened your eyes
or how close you put your finger near your eyes, you will see

It is darker then anything in the world that I've experianced. And
it is quite difficult to simulate that in the outside world. I think
sometimes I could understand how a blind person feel when I
was in the cave. Absolutely hopeless to feel and see any light.

Can't possibly describe how it feels like when we were at that spot.
If you really want to feel that, let me know and I will bring you for
caving and you'll know.

So, did I answer the riddle that I've asked up there? Hmm??

Best regards
Wong Kai Hong

Takda Api Mari !!

It's a wonderful Friday this morning, and suddenly at 8 something
"puff" the electricity supply is interrupted !! No air cond, no fan,
no time ( my electronic alarm timer ), no washing machine and

Ah Kok woke up in his room and couldn't believe his eyes, he went
and on and off , on and off the switch for a few time making noise
like this " tik..tak !" "tik...tak".... 5 seconds later..."tik....tak".

Then after being convinced that it is a power failure, he proceed
to the toilet and pee or poo I didn't want to know. After that
I am not sure if did he wash his hand or not, he opened my door
and ask :" Oi ! Takda api mari lah !"

I said :" Tak da jiao tak da, api jiao api loh !" with my finger pointed
at my nose, I continue my sleep.

Ah Kok then proceed to put on his makeup, wear his bra and stuff
like that and proceed to work. I guess he must have taken the
staircase ( FYI we are staying at 10th floor of a famous condo ).

I sleep till near 9 am, wake up and called my office and ask my
Jessie, " Wei? Hello sana ada api ke?"

Jessie :" yes Mr. Wong, sini ada api !"
Jessie :" sini takda earth quake macam semalam!"

I said :" Ok fine, I am going to come into office late today ! cause
I need to go downtown KL first !"

Jessie :" Ok bye bye !"

I proceed to take bath and gosok gigi and stuff like that, and
suddenly a very sad feeling come to my head and mind. OMG
today takda api woh ! have to use/ walk staircase loh !! diu lor!!

So I pointed at my nose, and senget my kepala a little bit, and
opened my arm and ask myself :" Sammmm? Why takda api one?"

And proceed to walk down to the staircase and towards my car.

1 ( Lost 11,000 kalori liao ! )

Good ! So that's what happen if there is "takda api" in the morning.
I was wondering if there is anyone trapped inside the lift today
or not? If there is then that is very unfortunately liao !!

Time now is 2:32 pm and I wonder if the electrical supply for
our condo is being resumed or not. What do you think jack? hmm?

Tuesday, January 25, 2005

Makan Steamboat continues...

Ah it's a wonderful day of Tuesday morning, the whole Selangor
is not working but we are !! Good eh? Our management loves us
so much and worried that if we don't work we might get our brain
rusted or so. Hence we "mar" come back to office and work lor :)

On the way coming to work this morning, I can't help but telling
myself that. " It looks like Sunday today !!" hahahah... the traffic
was so smooth & lancar until that sometime I had a feeling of
driving on a wonderful Sunday morning.

Nevermind about the who is working and who is not.

Let's talk about the Sunday wonderful event. The steamboat
dinner at TTDI Kuala Lumpur in the evening.

The Sunday was the first time that I could remember that I woke
up and jumped up because of hunger !! Really !! Normally I
wake up because these reason :

1. Time to go to work.
2. Phone calls ( I hate that !!! )
3. Time to pee ( I like that )
4. Air cond too cold ( I like that too ! )
5. Our best friend Sembahyang ( I like that too.... in my pants !!)
6. My girlfriends wake me up ( I love that !)
7. My parents wake me up ( I love that too!! )
8. Time to poo ! ( I hate this ! )
9. Time to ..... swim? ( I hate this !)

Well let's get back to Sunday when I was too hungry till I can't
continue to sleep.

30 minutes after I woke up from my sleep, I was at TTDI 3 yi's
house already. About 8 pm we started our wonderful dinner
with 3 yi's husband, Michelle, Melissa, Xiao Jiu Mu and, Aeron,
Adrian, and Kelvin :) Wah ! Song !!!

On the center of the table there was a big electronic wok, it
contains hot soup cooked by chicken bones & vegetables...
Around it was :

1. A lot of vegetables.
2. Sliced pork.
3. Chicken.
4. Mushroom.
5. Meat ball.
6. Meat noodle ! Yeah the meat which look like Ular !
7. Fish ball.
8. Fish Elephant Ear. ( you know fish meat made like elephant ear )
9. Yong Tau Fu.
10. Tau Pei.
11. Tau Pok.
12. Crab Stick.
13. Crab + Fish ball.
14. A lot more that I can't identify, but sure can eat one !
15. Cooked maggie mee !
16. Special made Chili Source

Hmmm.... I tell you , one word !" Song !!"

Monday, January 24, 2005

Makan Steamboat on Sunday

Today we are going to learn a few words ok?

1. Steamboat.
2. Hot soup. ( high tempereture )
3. Vegetable.
4. Meat.
5. Balls... meat balls !!
6. Maggie Mee / or something like that.
7. Nice chili source.
8. Chicken Rice.
9. Brunch.

Yesterday 24 Jan 2005 and it was a Sunday. As usual wake up in
the morning and do some usual work and eating with family member
from TTDI and my sister as well.

Later in the afternoon I came back to my condo, finished a plate
of chicken rice before that as brunch. Came back to house, watch
some Astro programe ( WTF it's all damn boring ! ) and finally
after all these bullshit on the TV I said to myself and pointed at
my nose and said :" Astro jiao Astro, Sohai jiao Sohai !!"

Meaning that, if I watch anymore Astro today I might well become
a Sohai already.

Hence I made a decision, to become a smart and educated person
and read more news paper. So I picked up the Sin Chew Daily and
went into my room. Read from A-Z , only not touched the
Sports part.... hehehee.... so called healty person wah !!

Then oh time = 4pm. Let's get an afternoon quick nap and rest.
Zzzzzz....zzzzzzzzzz zzzzzzzzzzZzZZ and don't know why the
sleep was not smooth. A lot of disturb and stuff like that. It
seems like there were a lot of people marching & playing school
band or pancaragam or something like that at the far away school.

And at the end I jumped up and wake up because I Know why
already !! The school band and pancaragam came from my stomach! Shit i was too hungy till I wake up from my sleep.
This is super unusual !! Hungry until jumped up from bed !! Holy
Cow !!!

Then , the time was 6 something, do a bit of room work and
take bath and like that. 7 something.... whopps ! gtg !!
will continue later.

Thank you,
Best regards
Wong Kai Hong

Saturday, January 22, 2005

An (not A ) Urban Legend in Malaysia !!

What is an urban legend?
Peter van der Linden and Terry Chan seem to think in their alt.folklore.urban FAQ:

"An urban legend:

* appears mysteriously and spreads spontaneously in varying forms
* contains elements of humor or horror (the horror often "punishes" someone who flouts society's conventions).
* makes good storytelling.
* does NOT have to be false, although most are. ULs often have a basis in fact, but it's their life after-the-fact (particularly in reference to the second and third points) that gives them particular interest."

You know UL ( Urban Legend ) is quite popular in Malaysia too,
you know when you were a kid, your mama or grandma always
tell you a story ( normally it carries a moral value behind it )
but sometimes the story sounds so damn scary ( sorry ma, rude
word used here, cause I am adult liao loh wah aha ha )

Among them :

1. If you don't finish your rice completely and empty your plate,
you will get a bf or gf or ahkuaf with a lot of pimples on the face.
Hence I quickily finished all the rice and my plate completely 100%. And guess what? Yeah I have a pretty gf now without pimples but wah aha ha my body get very fat leh !!
It is impossible for a mirro to have 2 face right? cause the faces are huge and fat wah aha ha !!

2. If you use a red string and needle to connect your windows
of your room to a nearby Banana Tree, in the midnight the Banana
Spirit ( should be pretty girl ) will appear in your room and ush
ush with you..... till you are dried !!! get what I mean ??
I did that as well too....
End of the day ( 34 days ) all the semut api and semut-semut
move from the banana tree to my room via the stupid string.
No Banana Spirt , No Pretty Girl , No Ah Moi, only Ridsect to kill
the ants !! Bloody Stupid !!

3. If you put a big mirror infront of you, and at midnight you sit
infront of the mirror, and start to use a knife to remove the apple
skin, remove the skin continuesly and make the skin a long long
spiral like spring stuff. A ghost will appear in the mirror and kill you.
2 actual ending :
a) You accidently hurt your fingers cause it is too dark.
2) You finished removing the apple skin, the door room opened,
ieeeekkkk.... Ah Kok walk out and take the apple and eat it.....
Crunzh crunzh crunzh crunzh and said :
" why you touch my apple?"
" RM 0.65 each you know?"
" My puasa food you know?"
" Oi ! Mahu apple pergi beli sendiri at Tesco lah ! Curi my apple !"

4. If you steal people food and eat it, you will get a terrible stomachache. This one I totally agree !!!

Yesterday I was alone in the house ( 21 Jan 2005 ) cause it is
Hari Raya Haji and I have no where to go. Hence I decided to cook
myself some lunch ( Mee Mammie Premium : Tom Yam flavor )
then I cook cook cook....

Suddenly the mini fridge ( really mini lah ) of our house opened
itself and I pun terkejut, and I slowly walk to see what is inside.
Oh My God !!

It is the sausages that Ah Kok has purchased a few days ago.
The sausages were calling my name , " Philips !! Philips !! Philips!"
And one of the sausage suddenly jumped out from the fridge, and
want to run into Ah Kok's bilik tidur !!

I said WTF I have just mop the floor woh !!

Then I was becoming damn kan jiong already, hence I quickily did
a double summersault whoosh whoosh and capture the dang
sausage with my both hands.

The sausage ( the name is Ah Tim, later I found out ) struggled in
my hands and cursing at me.

Sausage " Let me go you fat Philips ! "

I said " No , Tim please go back to the fridge please !"

Sausage " No ! You farking stupid Philips !!"

I said " I am sorry but I can't let you go, Ah Kok will scold me !"

Sausage " F U you dick head, Nei Ngao Ngo Sek Ah ?"

I said " Tim don't push me Tim !! Please !"

Sausage " Ptui ..... !! " and spit on me !

I became angry already, I forced it back to the fridge and before
I could close the fridge door, Ah Tim kicked me at the
"kukukechiao" place and it was damn painful !! Adui !!! Sakit !!
The pain is not at the "kukukechiao" place or area, the pain comes
from deep inside your stomach, near the Tan Tian place....

Now I am really pissed off !!

I re-opened the fridge can hold Tim at my right hand, and he bite
me on my hand !! Adui Sakit !!
And he said to me " Eat me you dick head ! "

So I did, I put Tim into my half cooked Mammie Mee and he is
killed immediately with his last word " you will regret !!! you will !!"
"ppppuuuuuutttt !!!

========> and that fucking idiot fart / farted in my mee !!!

Well I was too hungry then, just don't care anything and eat the
mamie TomYam Flavor mee and...... 3 hours later...

My stomach, kit kit kat kat !!! kit kit kit kat kat kat !!
kit kit kit kit kit !! kat kat kat kat kat !!

And 10 minutes later my stomach <== Mou Han Kit Mou Han Kat !

And end up I was pili palaking in the toilet !! Mein Gott im Himmel

That's why my mother and grandmother said :" don't steal and
eat other's people's food !"

Thank you lord ! thank you!

Swinging on a star !!

Writer(s): burke/van heusen By: Frank Sinatra

Would you like to swing on a star
Carry moonbeams home in a jar
And be better off than you are
Or would you rather be a mule

A mule is an animal with long funny ears
He kicks up at anything he hears
His back is brawny - and his brain is weak
He’s just plain stupid with a - stubborn streak

And by the way, if you hate to go to school
You may grow up to be a mule

Would you like to swing on a star
Carry moonbeams home in a jar
And be better off than you are
Or would you rather be a pig

A pig is an animal with dirt on his face
His shoes are a terrible disgrace
He ain’t got no manners when he eats his food
He’s fat and lazy - and extremely rude

But if you don’t care a feather or a fig
You may grow up to be a pig

Would you like to swing on a star
Carry moonbeams home in a jar
And be better off than you are
Or would you rather be a fish

A fish won’t do anything but swim in a brook
He cant write his name or read a book
And to fool the people is his only thought
Though he slippery - he still gets caught
But then if that sort of life is what you wish
You may grow up to be a fish

And all the monkeys aren’t in a zoo
Every day you meet quite a few
So you see it’s all up to you
You can be better than you are
You could be swinging on a star

Caving Part III

A few days ago, after 1 month plus doing the caving at Dark Caves
located next to Batu Caves ( 12km from Kuala Lumpur ).
I suddenly ran a refresh on what Mr. Suja Yussoff has said.

In the caves, he told us that whatever sports or hobby we do,
we have to do it with safety precautions + safety comes first
mindset in our head and brain !!

For example, he said caving would be dangerous if no safety
precautions deployed, such as :

1. Be prepared with suitable equipment/ attire.

2. Get a guide or ranger with the team.

3. Tell others people where you want to go before you go.
In that case if you are trapped or get hurt in the caves
or forrest, people will realize that you are missing.

4. Don't act as hero. If need help, have to call for help.

5. Don't destroy the ecosystem.

6. Don't eat/ drink the stuff in the cave.
You have any idea how many bats, snakes, caching, kuchings,
and bugs wash their asses in the stream water?
Go ahead, drink the mineral water !! go a head !!

7. Don't use your torch light / spot light to beam at the animal.

8. Don't eat too much of food before you go caving, why?
===> You will probably stuck like my friend Kai\\\Hong.
===> You will burp a lot of curry / nasi lemak smell.
===> You might feel like want to Pang Sai
===> You might be heavier, hence difficult to climb the rocks.
===> You might just.... puke if you are too tired / exhausted.

9. If you see a white snake in the cave, go around it without
scaring or pissing it off ! You would be fine.
Cause the snake doesn't like you either.

10. If you see a bat with a rocket at his / back, and can fly from
Rome or Italy to Malaysia, tell the cops and National Geographic.

Well, basically, that's what I've learned during the process.

And oh, do not ever, I repeat Do Not Ever Wear your most expensive
and favorites Jeans and T-Shirt and shoes to do caving. Why?
Hmmm... I let you figure it yourself..

Best regards
Wong Kai Hong
22 Jan 2005.

Happy Birthday BB !! Happy Birthday !!

Wednesday, January 19, 2005


曲名:每一句说话 歌手:太极 专辑:4u




Tuesday, January 18, 2005

是非曲直: 正盗相争,难为用户
2005/01/17 17:35:44








Monday, January 17, 2005

Philips watched Kung Fu already !!

I have watched Kung Fu already today, it is Sunday late night right
now and I am done watching it.

Well basically it was nice, really !! I mean the story was ok, people
that I know in the movice, Mr. Chow himself and when was doing
that sign language thing and with the cute little girl...
Mellows !!!

But one thing that I don't understand is that I didn't hear the
Kung Fu song at all, not even after the movie ends. Well if it
is after the movie.... :)

Will write more about this later ok? Time for sleep cause it's
a wonderful Monday tomorrow. Good night.

Saturday, January 15, 2005


Philips worked very hard on Friday

As I woke up on Friday morning, I think I started to work very hard
on the day.

In the afternoon I went to see Ben & Kenny from MCL (M) System
at Subang USJ area. Hmmm... that would be the new shop lot after
the Giant Hypermarket.

Spent about 2 hours there talking about the road map plan +
current issue of their purchase from us. The chance is good for
them to continue to work closely with MTSB due to our offer
and our quality of products.

Later went to Low Yatt plaza and left my car at Pudu Caltex
near the old Majestic Cinema. And guess what? I became
environmental friendly and walked to Low Yatt Plaza alone :)

I think it is possibly 3 km and I took 20 minutes to walk to Low
Yatt Plaza from there. Then went to see Iris Lai and Francis
Yap from Makiwa.... hmmm.... and did some shopping for IT
list too :) Time has since then gone to 4:30 pm when I meet the
friends from Singapore and Andy and everyone else.

Later we took a cab back to get my car WKG 9214 and cost me
10 bucks..... that I promised myself that one day I will use my
power to destroy all the taxi in Klang Valley who does not use
the Taxi meter and cheat the passenger.... I swear I will !!

And from there we proceeded to City Link Enterprise and Michael
and all had a good chat. Well as a friend and supplier I fully
support what Michael and the rest are doing. Good eh?

Later in the evening we came back to Bukit Bintang area and
went for a short meeting, and then again nice food at Jalan Alor.

After everything is done, it was already 11;00 pm and I reached
home near 11:45 pm. Basically that's a day for me when I work
harder then normal day.

Feel so tired when I reach home and come to think about it, hey
I worked for 14 hours today leh !! Not a bad record eh? Of course
it involved a lot of walking, talking, meeting, negotiating, driving,
waiting, eating, drinking, joking, screwing and arguing....
that is the facts of life and we have to get used to it.

At the end of the day before I sleep , i refreshed about what I
have done today and how is the outcome.


Pro : Customer relation is very much better.
: Car performance become better after service.
: Secured the sales order for Feb 2005. About 500K pcs
: Understood customer requirement & need.
: Understood market movement.
: Lost 1/2 Kg cause walked a lot

Con: A little bit tired.
: Get screwed a bit from customer.
: Lost RM 466.00 due to car service. Clutch Change and so.
: Gained 1/2 Kg cause eat a lot.

At the end of the day, when you are free and before you sleep.
Try to think and refresh your own memory of what you have done
today. Any mistake or any wrong decision?
Anything special or anything important that you have missed?
And make a pro vs con chart comparison like above :

Wehn all pro and no cons ===> A super good day. Get reward!
When pro is more then cons ===> A very good day. Fruitful !
When pro is same with cons ===> An ok day. No fruit !!!
When cons is more then pro ===> A bad day. Get bad fruit !!!
When all cons and no pro ===> Even worst. Get Papaya !!!

From the chart and table above, one can easily :
1. Identify the mistake.
2. Admit the mistake ( to self or to the person involed ).
3. Apologize for the mistake ( to self or to the person involved ).
4. Learn from the mistake ( pros and cons ).
5. Never repeat the mistake.

Friday, January 14, 2005

Philips did not swim for 7 days already

Last night after kao tim everything I stayed at computer and
watched White Chicks DVD. Wow that was fantastic !!

White Chicks <=== Totally Crap + Rubbish + Waste of time in
my humble oppinion. I watched for about 30 minutes and I have
decided not to continue anymore cause I think it is a really a waste
of time to watch this kind of stuff.

Well, soaked my cloths, took a nice bath, prepared some sales report and went to sleep. Time that I went to sleep was 12:30 am I think.

Woke up at 5:00 am thanks to the prayer. I responded to them
:" Rodger! Got it loud and clear ! over !"

And moved the cloths from washing machine into the dryer and
let it dry for about 70 minutes or so. At about 6:30 I wake up
again to take out the cloths from the dryer.

Yeah the cloths are still warm and I quickily hanged those working
cloths so that they would not wrinkle so much and could be ready
to wear anytime :) Brilliant Idea to save electrical bill eh mate?

After everything is done it almost come to 7 am, well, I was
suppose to swim today. But due to insufficient of sleeping I
jump back to my bed and wake up at 8 am.....

And I am suppose to wake up at exactly 7 am to swim !! cool!!

There above is a very bad examples for a healty life style.
I suppose a 5 hours good sleep is enough for average person.
Why need a sleep from 12 am to 8 am ??

I magine if we sleep 8 hours a day ( more in weekend ) we are
spending 1/3 of our life time sleeping you know? That's why
weekend I seldom wake up late unless there is a good reason to
do so, such as get stuck to some pretty girl besides me or
something like that :) There was a few time that I woke up
at 7 am in weekend and found , wow actually weekend we have
a lot of free time to utilize !! correct?

Further more if you would wish to have a second income &
make a good brand, be sure to use your weekend smart and
don't waste too much of time by sleeping.

Cause sleeping brings no profits and too much of sleeping makes
one get migraine !! Think about it ok? Let's wake up at 7 am or
8 am this Sunday and do something ( like what Ah Bun's mom
have said ) Be a usefull person !!

Thursday, January 13, 2005

Philips Gets Very Annoyed !!

Today we will learn a few words :

1. Age
2. Older
3. Uncle
4. Uncle
5. And Uncle again

Not very long time ago, at a town called Kota Bharu ( 475km )
away from Kuala Lumpur. I went out for breakfast with my family
at Jalan Kebun Sultan. I was standing with my mother at her
favourites food stall. Then the sales person there suddenly asked
my mother while looking at me.

"Li Eh Ko Ah?" ( Your older brother ah?)
Year = 1992
Venue = Jalan Kebun Sultan

I was amazed, do I really looked that old?

Later of the year, also in 1992. My favourite teacher Mdm Quek
looked at me at Bilik Guru and say :" Hmm this boy looked matured!"
I didn't mind about it , in fact I feel happy cause you know? I am
the man !!

Never realized that a person would used the word "matured" to
hint the word " old ".... Jesus Christ I was only 15 years old that
time....... OMG ! OMG !!

Fine, then during the 92s and 93s I always take my cousins out
( they were about 2 or 3 years old that time ) to shopping mall
and places like that. And they do stick to me very much....
Me <=== One hand carry 1 cosin.

Suddenly this Malay promoter or customer I can't remember asked
" Anak kedua ke? " while looking at my cousin...

I jumped back 2 steps and pointed at my nose and shouted
" Wei ! Saya belum kahwin lah !"

The the Malay person said : "whooopss ! dua anak mar !!"

That's why, during that period my look did really charm a lot of
little little girs. Kononnya matured & steady !! Wah Piang !!

13 years gone ......

Back last 2 months ago when I gone back to Kelantan with my father
we went to my mother school. We sent her to the school and when
we were about to leave, suddenly my mother's assistant head master
walked out. He saw my father at the front passenger seat and said
hello to him. And he saw me and waived at me and said
: "Hello Uncle " and he left...

Ok I thought I'd heard wrongly and left.

Suddenly my father smiled and asked me " Did he just called you uncle?"

OMG !! An assistant head master aged about 48 or 50 years old just
called me uncle that day. Well, I am sort of getting used to it you know?

Well until yesterday, I went out for lunch with my customer Mr Tan
near Steven Corner in Cheras. Of course we sat down and get our
mixed rice first. Suddenly this lady ( aged = around 35 to 40 ) proceed
and asked me :" Uncle what you want to drink ?"

I said :" Errr.. Teh O Ice please !"

And why the hell she called me uncle for? Can't he call me Mr. or Sir or
anything ? Damn I think she must be new in service line !! Normally
newbies would make the same mistake.

Now I never call some one below 85 years old aunty and uncle.

I call them sir or madam, or mister or misses... or something like that.

Hence, why the hack am I writing this complain? Well just to remind
the people out there so that we could be more courteous and show
courtesy to the people out there. Be good and be polite. Say thank
you and pull the chair for the ladies, and hold the doors as you passed.

It's nothing heavy or difficult to do, just use a little bit of your energy
and effort will make this world a better place to live.

Best regards
Philips Tong
Chief of Main Kitchen
Solar Air Ltd.
Airport Authority Building,
1 Cheong Yip Road,
Hong Kong International Airport,
Lantau, Hong Kong

Wednesday, January 12, 2005

Philips Doing Kung Fu !!! Wa Cha !!

Everybody was kung-fu fighting
Those cats were fast as lightning
In fact it was a little bit frightning
But they fought with expert timing

They were funky China men from funky Chinatown
They were chopping them up and they were chopping them down
It's an ancient Chineese art and everybody knew their part
From a feint into a slip, and kicking from the hip

Everybody was kung-fu fighting
Those cats were fast as lightning
In fact it was a little bit frightning
But they fought with expert timing

There was funky Billy Chin and little Sammy Chung
He said here comes the big boss, lets get it on
We took a bow and made a stand, started swinging with the hand
The sudden motion made me skip now we're into a brand knew trip

Everybody was kung-fu fighting
Those cats were fast as lightning
In fact it was a little bit frightning
But they did it with expert timing

(repeat)..make sure you have expert timing
Kung-fu fighting, had to be fast as lightning

Philips is mellowed today...tell me a reason not to.

曲名:我只在乎你 歌手:邓丽君 专辑:存为爱

如果没有遇见你 我将会是在哪里?
日子过得怎么样 人生是否要珍惜?

也许认识某一人 过著平凡的日子
不知道会不会 也有爱情甜如蜜?

任时光匆匆流去 我只在乎你
人生几何 能够得到知己?

所以我求求你 別让我离开你
除了你 我不能感到 一絲絲情意

如果有那么一天 你说即将要离去
我会迷失我自己 走入无边人海里
不要什么诺言 只要天天在一起
我不能只依靠 片片回忆活下去

任时光匆匆流去 我只在乎你

所以我求求你 別让我离开你
除了你 我不能感到 一絲絲情意

Second Mellow

曲名:夜来香 歌手:邓丽君 专辑:何日君再来

那南风吹来清涼 那夜莺啼声悽怆
月下的花儿都入梦 只有那夜来香
我爱这夜色茫茫 也爱著夜莺歌唱
更爱那花一般的梦 拥抱著夜来香
夜来香 我为你歌唱
夜来香 我为你思量
啊...  我为你歌唱 我为你思量
夜来香 夜来香 夜来香

Tuesday, January 11, 2005

If Philips would ever in love again....

Jika Kau Bercinta Lagi
by Alleycats / Flop Poppy

Jika kau bercinta lagi
Cintalah sepenuhnya
Jika kau bercinta lagi
Jagalah kau hatinya

Kau yang memilihnya
Tanpa memikirkan tentang diri ku

Kini aku hanya dapat berdoa
Agar berbahgia kau di sampingya

Jika kau bercinta lagi
Cintalah sepenuhnya
Jika kau bercinta lagi
Jagalah kau hatinya

Aku tak dapat menghalang
Engkau punya kemahuan sendiri
Biar ku hidup mengenang peristiwa
Yang tak dapat ku lupa

Kini aku hanya dapat berdoa
Agar berbahagia kau disampingnya
Selamat tinggal
Aku mengundurkan diri
Aku mengundurkan diri

Saturday, January 08, 2005

Philips gets insomnia

As you all know that Philips went for a 15 laps yesterday morning.
And I also said that hmmm... there would be no short term impact
physically am I right?

No I think I was wrong !!

After the 15 laps in the morning, a few things were observed and
recorded in the afternoon till midnight :

1. Very hungry in the morning
2. Very hungry in the afternoon
3. Very hungry in the evening


1. Not feeling sleepy in the morning
2. Not feeling sleepy in the afternoon
3. Not feeling sleepy in the evening
4. Not feeling sleepy in the night
5. Not feeling sleepy at 2:30 am !!! mein Gott

I guess the so called Excersise Afterburning System ( EAS ) must
have been working whole day yesterday since I press it quite
hard in the morning.

See our body metabolism will be increased when we do excersise
and diffrent people has diffrent Metabolism rate. That's why some
people could get fatter by eating regulary and some people
wouldn't get fat easily after whacking food whole day.

My metabolism belongs to slow adjusted type. Which mean when
it is been increased it would not go down easily and takes a lot
of time to cool down.

Previously when I was around early 20s I will sweat 1 hour after
swimming course. Heat beat & metabolism is still high even after
one hour.

Ah, it is same for my temper too. When it comes, it comes slowly
and when it is going off, it goes off very slow too. Hence slow
come slow go is what I am telling you here :)

Anyway, yesterday after work I reached home at about 6pm.
Well I didn't sleep nor anything but I was fixing my CPU and
do some CPU cleaning & so on. Cause I have not accessed to
my CPU for quite some time already.

After that, we went on for dinner at Taman Tun near the old
Jaya Jusco. And after that gone back to home everybody, even
with the air cond turned on I just didn't feel sleepy !!!

Yeah no wonder the time was only 9:45 pm and I proceed to
went on to Internet and play the Conquer Online game. After
getting about 3 - 5 % of experiance I have decided to quit. Cause
I started to feel sleepy. But hei the TV was showing
Triumph In the Skies !!! Samm !!!! Philipsss !!!

Well, finished the show at 10:30 plus, watch some HBO and movie
which are totally tasteless. Proceed back to room and listen to
music, online research and check mails...... but still no luck cannot

Alright, 11:45 pm I off the light and listen to some orchestra music
and tried to sleep :

1. Independence Day Theme
2. Austin Power Intro Theme
3. Rod Stewart = Have I Told You Lately?

And finally I was able to close my eyes, but WTF I wake up at
2:30 am again? And again at 5:30 am !! and 7:00 am !! And
7:30 am and 7:45 am and 8:00 am.... finally I cannot tahan
already at 8:15 I went to take bath and come to work in the
office.... here I am sitting here in office....

Oh ! Insomnia cause Philips Swim ?? Help !! Help !! Help !!!

Friday, January 07, 2005

Philips goes swimming ...

Last night my dear housemate said I grow up already...
Errrr .... to be precise grow wide already. You know when the meat
grows left and right, front and back instead of growing up?

And before that my mom asked me to swim more, and before
thatwhen I was in the office, Gerald looked at me for 5 seconds andsaid :" Eh Fei Chai ! you are getting fatter !!"

I reply :" No lah I've just lost a few pounds !"

Gerlad :" You know, all those people who are drunk always say
that they are OK and not drunk?"

I then bang head on my table 3 times. And finally before I go to
sleep I set my alarm from Sony Ericsson T610 Triband Phone to
6:45 am .... gee !!

Oh I thought washing my car for 1 hour could be equivalent to
1 hour swim. But after I washed my car I makaned my
sandwiches before I sleep. That makes me feel guilty and
wished to swim. Then I tatatata... put all the cloths in the
washing machine and set it Soak Mode, pour in the liquid
detergent , read some books and proceed to sleep......

Time = 5:58 am and I wake up cause my Muslim friends start
to pray at the nearby Mosque. Well 27 years of praying for
me is only 1 word = "used" to it.

So at 6:00 am I proceed to place the washed cloths into our
dryer . Hmmm !! Yeah my housemate has a cloths dryer, how
many of you out there has a cloths dryer in your house?
Anyone? Hmmm? Anyone of you has one?? hmm???

Well after that I proceed back to my bed and spent some
quality time there, and at 6:45 am my alarm woke me up again
using the song "tian mi mi " from the late Terresa Teng !!
I jumped up and off the alarm and proceed to sleep again.

This is standard for more then 75% of human being in the world.
Alarm set, alarm went off , we wake up, shut down the alarm,
and then go back to sleep .

Alarm <===== Something which make noise. But will always fail
to wake people up !!! Bravo !!!

And I went back to sleep after my alarm is shut down. In the
dream, I was in the office MTSB, and I was preparing myself to
swim !! OMG !! mein Gott im Himmel. I was taking of my cloths
and tie ( now when do I start wearing Tie to work? ) and
I looked at my swimming tools, WTF? Got bra, got women undies
and jeans and stuff like that !! mein Gott im Himmel !! And there
is a swimming pool in MTSB near the traning room meh??

Finally I wake up in cold sweat !!! Time = 7:15 am and jumped
off the bed. Found my swiming trunks and cap and my googles
and proceed to the real swimming pool. 2 minutes of warmming
up by doing opening and closing eyes excersise is good enough.

Jumped into water and did 15 laps with 1 rest for 20 seconds.

There was a lady was doing many laps of free style, perhaps
5 to 7 laps but she does not look tired at all. Well for me I
just proceed with my breast stroke cause I need the stamina
to do long distance.

As I swim the sky became brighter and brighter as time goes
by. Some old folks are seen doing Tai Che excersie near the pool
and there are birds doing the water fly over stuff.

Well whatever the birds are doing near the pool, just please
don't poo and pee in the water ok? I quickily finished the 15 laps
and the time has came to 7:55 am.

I am getting out of here !!!

Go back, pang sai ( hmmmm ! song !! ) and take bath and like
usual just go to work in the office. Any diffrent you ask me?
Nope ! Swimming is a long term sports that you would not see
any changes in short term time. So let's meet again soon
in the pool. This time time should be around 7 am :)

That's how Philips Tong goes swimming on a cool morning near
Kayu Ara area :) Just 1 word <==== Song !!!

Wednesday, January 05, 2005

My name is Philips .. Philips Tong

Today this morning when everyone were still a little bit blur in
the office. I stand out and pointed at my nose and shout,
and I shouted loudly
:" Sammmmm !! Why like this ???? Hmmm?" After I pointed at my
nose I opened my arm and senget my head a little bit.

After 3 seconds, people in the office ROTF and climb up via chairs
and ROTF again? WTF?

And from that moment onwards my official name in MTSB is
been changed to Philips Tong. Whenever they are bored or got
nothing to do, they will request, do Philips one time !!

Then I would have to stand up, pull my pants tight, open my
arms, senget my head a little bit and ask :" Saammmmmm !!! "

They then will have a great time !!!! Thanks to Triump in the Skies!

Everyday the TV show and movie that we watch actually is
being blended in our real life without us knowing it. I started to
sound like Philips again ( happened 6 months ago ) and the best
part is that they said my tone sounds like Philips too...
"Saaammmm !! Why like this ??? hmmm??? " Kepala Senget !!

Well, I think it is ok and fine if we were to use these useless
quote and sentence from the TV and movies from time to time.
Quotes like these would come out sometimes :=

"Evidence will never lies" with your kepala senget sikit
"The truth is out there"
"Talk to the hand"
"I will be back"
"Hastala vista baby"
"Argh Good Die Mite !"
"Argh this is a large croc !"
"Sammmm ! why?"
"Yo ! Pik Pak lei gei long de tong!" and so on....

It actually has a very good effect on our daily life. It is called
Resonance or 共鸣, or at least this is what I believe in. I believe
in a lot of things, one of them is to use polite way and relax way
to convey a message at most of the time.

When your friend make you angry or you have a really bad hair
day. You could of course curse something like " F off stupid ass"
or something like that. But those are a little bit rude for some
so called educated people ... kononnya !!

Well, I think sometimes we could instead be alternative, like when
you have a bad day. Just point at your nose, open your arms and
say to yourself " Sammm !!! Why?? Hmmm?" with kelapa senget
sikit. I think that will convey your message without giving any
up set feeling to anyone around you.

Wouldn't it be nice and sweet if we could be nice and talk politely
to everyone around us? Like what Wet Wet Wet said, love is
all around..... to be continued.

My Name is Philips.... Philips Tong

Today in the office, suddenly I complained to my Jessie & Amanda
by saying :" Sammmmm !! Why like this???? " with my arms widely

They all then suddenly ROTF and climb up and ROTF again... WTF?

And from that moment onwards people in the office are calling me
Philips Tong... Philips Wong ... Philips Tong .....

Now this is natural for me, I used to take some quote or sentence
from the TV or movie and use them in real life. Because there
are so many useless quote out there that I think could make
people feel relax and easy.

The most importantly, I think the quotes from all these TV and
movie because it is poweful and creative. Like...

"Talk to the hand !"
"I will be back !"
"Sammmm !!!"
"Hastala Vista Baby !"
"My name is Alice, and I remember everything!"
"Argh ! Good die... mite !"
"Argh this is a huge croc !! "
"Evidence will never lie!!"
"My name is Gil.. Gil Grissom from LVPD Crime Lab !"
"Don't make me say it twice !"

And many more that when we use it in our daily dialouge, it could
help to secure peoples attention by the easy and relax way.

Imagine you want to talk to your friend, or you want to scold
your friend, of course you could say :" You dick head !" but
this sometimes will create an tension atmosphere & make things
a litte bit uneasy for some people.

But, if you put yourself in people's shoe. You will then switch the
mode into :- Saying " Sammmmm, why like this?" with your
arms opened wide and some smile on your face.....

This will give you a better result compared to throwing something
like " You dick head !" into peoples face. Agree??

Well my idea is always to use diplomatic and light and easy way
to all the people and living things around you. Even animals and
plants do have feelings, you didn't feel it does mean that it is not
there, you didn't feel it because your skin is as thick as the
Great China Wall, that's why...

Now probably you will feel upset cause I've just claimed that your
skin is as thick as the Great Wall of China. Now wouldn't it be
better if I have said :" Evidence never lie !" and looked at you
with my head senget sedikit ??? And smile to you after saying that?

That is precisely what is my point today. An objective and target
is always there, but it is up to us human to choose the best path
and route to achieve it. Sometimes we have forgotten that
"If Mc Donald doesn't come to my house, I go to Mc Donald !"
" If Penang doesn't come to me, I go to Penang !"
Always should be flexible in life, don't insist on something which
will do no good to either any party.

Hang on a second, wind is breezy & sea is calm
Reverse one step, sea is wide & sky is blue

忍一时 风平浪静
退一步 海阔天空

Sometimes people thought that gee Philip Tong seems to be
Mr. Good Guy 好脾气 or never have any bad tamper.

It seems so weird and unimaginable in some eyes and some
people. Some would not understand how come someone could
ever keep silence or quite even under the worst condition.

But what I am thinking is that, sometimes if you shout and make
noise and make everyone scared and afraid of you. And at the
end of the day, your objective is still not achived and your
problem is still there.

By upseting everyone and making yourself looked like a dumb ass
and the worst part, the problem is not solve. All you get is
that your blood pressure increased and perhaps you pee in your
pants too when you shout too loud like a donkey.....
what good is that to our life? Nope !! As a sales and marketing
people, I only do things which will bring me benefit and happiness.
If could bring me profit even better... wah ah ha ha...

Not to say that I never have any temper or 没什么脾气.

Just put it in a way that I don't like to show all these things to
everyone. I could have my temper too but it depends on people.
If my love one make mistake and if it requires me to use some
temper, sometimes have to use some to rectify them.
But temper is never a good thing to use, it is like nuclear bomb
or biological weapon which will hurt everyone.
I would not use it if I have no other choice.

Remember, if you could be so kind to any Tom Dick and Harry you
meet on the road and smile to the people in Sungai Wang or
1 Utama Shopping Complex when they accdentily step on your
foot or bang into your way. Why not use this kindness to forgive
your love one and your family member, you could be so kind to
stranger, why can't you be so kind to your family member??

Now I think this blog is out of control and out of my topic !!
What I was going to write was about Philips Tong, why it came
to an end at Temper & Anger Management Course?? Help !!
Help !! 救人啦 救人啦 救人啦 救人啦

To be continued, sam !!

Tuesday, January 04, 2005

New Year 2005 Part Duex

It's already 4th Day of 2005, and you know I just kept on writing the
year 2004, 2004, 2004, 2004.... This happens every year, particularly
at the first few days of a new year, 2005... now I can write 2005
already, yahoo !!!

Back to December 2004 ( I spelt 2004 correctly and naturally ) the
sales that I did was really not too bad. Look at the figures below :-

Total pcs sold = 3,422,950 ( CD-R, DVD-R, DVD+R, CD-RW)
Total value RM = 971,419.50

I think that is a new record for myself for my entire 5 years working
experiance. Well thanks to my customer who organized the PC Fair in
December 2004.

The secret of doing good sales in the CD-R and DVD-R industry, I
believe in a few rules :

1. Price has to be competitive.
2. Product has to be good and stable.
3. Sales Team has to be friendly.
4. Quick response time
5. Face skin has to be thicker then Great Wall of China !!!

In this industry, the circle is too small, today one could be your best
customer and tomorrow he/she could poff and become your worst
nightmare. I don't use the word enemy here because I believe some
people might not buy from you, doen't mean that they are your
enemy or something like that.

Customer don't buy from me because the time is not right yet and
the condition that I gave them is not good enough yet :) That's all.

And once the customer is sort of start purchasing from our company,
all we need to do is to improve our relations, understand their
requirement, solve problems for them and the repeat orders will come
like end of the day :) That's cool eh ?

My ultimate target is about 2,500,000 pcs of CD-R and DVD-R every
month regardless which customer, but the price has to be good and
I have to gain maximum margin for my company. Will try to achieve
this during 2005 and I could be someone, perhaps :)

While working hard towards 2.5 million target, I will also sniff the
market and perhaps prepare myself for on and off international sales
if Mr. William Ho ask me to help him a little bit.....

I hope our bond and relations could get better and better everyday
and may me not screw up a big time for the year of 2005. The
Rooster Year !!!

And Oh Yeah, eat more vegetable and fruits this year !! Take some
supplement Vitamin C Pills from wahahahaha....
Till then, wherever you are, good day and happy new year...

Apple Juice = Fruits
Durian = Fruits ( King of Fruits )
Totally agree, anyone against this? ;-)

New Year 2005

Well, what a nice way to start a new year?
Today we will learn a few words :

1. Tsunami
2. Tidal Waves
3. Flu & Fever
4. Beautiful Girls
5. Crying alone.

And as you all can see, I have not doing my blog for quite sometime already.
Why? Mainly due to the 3 causes above and I felt really sick for the past 2 weeks.

Feeling sick from before Christmas, during Christmas and after Christmas is
not cool at all !! Trust me, next time if you want to get sick, don't do it
during Christmas Holiday.... don't !!

I probably taken too much of oily and hot food before mid December 2004
and did not take enough of fruits and vegetables. You know? Single guys
staying alone, normally will have insufficient fruits and vegetables consumed.
that's why my mom and family asked me to get married asap !!
No way !!! This is out of the question !! Next question pls?

And really ! Due to insufficient fruits and vegetables, I got sick !! In Chinese term they call " too heaty!" and in English Damansara Clinic they called it
Bacteria Infection and Throat Infection.

Anyway I was feeling really lousy during that period. Moreover, on 26th December 2004 there was a relatively huge scale Earth Quake near Indonesia
and recorded at 9.0 at scale.... OMG !!! my uncle called me up and asked
me if I feel anything, I answered yeah ! " I felt fever and sleepy !"

Anyway, during the earthquate around 9;00 am local time ( Kuala Lumpur )
most of the Malaysian are still sleeping , including us from Kayu Ara and we might have missed the "goyang" feeling ..... too bad eh! Somemore I was
really sick and having high fever, wrapped myself up like Siu Bak Chang in bed.

In the bed I was thinking, "Oi !" where are all those beautiful girls when
I needed them? Where are they ?? hm?? Hmm?? And then I cried alone in
the bed cause wu wu wu... no one take care of me... wu wu wu !!!

And later of the day, I realized that Tsunami ( not Tidal Waves you idiot!)
has stuck Penang, Langkawi, Kedah and some others part of Malaysia.
Not to mention Banda Aceh, Thailand, Phuket, Myanmar, Sri Lanka, Maldives,
Somalia and so on.... and till date they are 155,000 person died of this
Tsunami and the toll is still climbing.....

Really didn't have the right mood to blog when this kind of news come to
you during New Year or around Christmas time eh?

To be continued....