Wednesday, June 29, 2005

Driving 115 km to work today

This morning Fat Lady has to attend a few meeting in Penang
and I sent her to the KLIA before coming into the office.

7:20am and we left Kayu Ara area heading Damansara Toll
entrance. The sky started to rain. It started with drizzling....

Captain over radio:" Flight crew please cross check doors."
Fat Lady :" Roger ! Door checked and secured !"

Captain announced over radio:" Flight crew please be seated
for take off!" Fat Lady:" Roger that !! "

Captain over radio:" Control tower, this is MH1161,
are we clear to take off?"

Control tower :" MH1161, please use runway T&G-52 !"

Captain :" Roger that, runway T&G 52 !"

Engine sound roaring...

Captain :" Give me full throttle please !"

Fat Lady :" Nah !! Charlie Angels II Full Throttle..
DVD 9 sure clear one !! "

Captain -_-" wtf???

Anyway, 10 minutes later my F-117 was all over NKVE and
cruised towards KLIA.

The rain has became heavier and the visibility was getting less
to about 500 m.

"Ding Dong Ding Dong... !! " Seat belt buckle up signal off....

Fat Lady, " Ladies and gentlemen, the seat belt signal has just
been turn off, you may use your electronic devices now, but usage
of mobile phone and pager are not allowed throughout the flight."

Fat Lady, " For your safety, we recommend you to wear your seat
belt during the entire flight. Thank you."

Captain:" Heavy rain ahead, wiper on ! Infra red camera assist on,
visor on !!"

Polaroid Sun Glasses installed to captain.
Glare from rain filtered out !!! Visibility increased to 800meter.

Captain:" Please report our location and ETA, control tower !!"

Control tower over radio :" Arriving Putrajaya Exit, speed 130kmph,
ETA 15 mins !"

Captain:"Roger, Thank you control tower, Over !!! "

Control tower over radio:" Over and out !! "

F-117 cruised along the highway at fast lane while others slower
air craft such as BMW, Merc Benz and Altis and Camry sticked
to the left & slow lane .....

F-117 overtook them one by one leaving water vapour &
exhaust gases....

Captain:" Flight crew please be seated for landing."
Fat Lady:" Roger !"

Captain:" Control tower we are approaching KLIA, air speed
110kmph. please advise!"
Control tower :" Mh1121 ... please slow down, heavy rain !!"

Captain:"Roger, reducing air speed .... !!"

Slats extendend and flaps extended to maximize lift and
slows down...

Captain:" Air speed 80kmph... "

Fat lady :" Nam Mor Oh Mi Tor Fo ! Nam Mor Oh Mi Tor Fo ..... "

Control tower:" Please use run way T&G 68... heavy rain
mind you !"

Captain:" Roger ! runway T&G 68 ... air speed 80kmph !!
landing gear down !"

Fat lady :" Nam Mor Oh Mi Tor Fo ! Nam Mor Oh Mi Tor Fo ..... "

Captain:" Ok ! Touched down !! Air brakes on !!! "
Captain:" Engine full reverse on !!! "

F-117 slowed down from 80kmph to 15 kmph in split seconds....
and taxing back to the terminal.

10 minutes later, I dropped off fat lady at Gate 3 KLIA
departures hall....

hehehehhe !!! It was a lot of fun to drive to KLIA from PJ,
and then from KLIA all the way back to Subang to work eh???
heheheh !!!

Monday, June 27, 2005

Quote from The Last Samurai


At the last scene of the movie The Last Samurai

Emperor Meiji: Tell me how he died.
Algren: I will tell you how he lived.

I almost stand up from my sofa and give an applaud to the TV.

This was what I did on sunday evening while waiting to pick up
Fat Lady from Kuala Lumpur dinner event.

It's true that it doesn't really matter how one die/ end his/her life
but more important is that how does he/she live.

If a superb person is gone.... we will all miss his/her superb life
and what has he/ she given us. What he/she has teached us.

The last minutes or seconds of his/her life doesn't seem too
important compared to " how he lived" isn't it???

So, I think most of us should really think how do we live out the
best out of ourselve. And some time later when we are gone,
(everyone is going to be gone, sooner or later ) so, why not
try to make people remember how we've lived.... hmmm??

This blog is specially dedicated to my Grandmother who departed
from this world to heaven. Year 2002.

We missed you very much and we all really remember how you
dedicated your life to your 13 children !!

And I missed the time when you cooked soup and dishes for me.

God I also missed your smile when I bought you McDonald Chicken
Burger and Sundae Chocolate ...... 1998.....

Hope you are fine and doing well at where you belong.

Till then, take good care and one day we all would be meet again
somewhere, somehow and some other time... perhaps !!!

Thank you for everything.
We remember how you lived.

Sunday, June 26, 2005

Pilot and IT Manager

1995 and I was in Form 5 Sekolah Menengah Sultan Yahya Petra
Kuala Krai... with a bunch of my mates like Tse Chin.

We have started doing very nasty things back then and hey I
was proud (and still proud) till today.

That time, we've got the Windows 95 Operating System from a
shop in Kuala Krai, it was a bunch of diskette and Tse Chin
came to me and shouted :" Oi ! Sudah dapat Windows 95 loh!"

Me:" What? get 95 windows? so much of windows for what?"

I pointed at my house windows and said:" 5 windows sudah cukup !!"

Tse Chin:" No no no !! This is computer windows !!!" -_-"

Me:" oh ok! Let's try it out with BB's computer !!"

BB's brother has just came back from United States studying IT Degree
and has brought back a Pentium 75Mhz with 16MB Ram !!!

Wow !! That was the first Pentium that we've seen !!! It was with
CD-Rom, Sound Card, Hard Disk and all those shits !! And has a big
3 pieces speaker system + sub woofer....

In 1995 that was the fastest computer in Kelantan already !!!!!!OMG!!

Anyway, we managed to install the Windows 95 into it and 2 hour later
the Windows 95 Logo was all over us !!!

We were very-very proud then !!

10 years later ( 2005 )

Some of my friends like Tse Chin has become System or Hard Ware engineer,
Ah Leng has became a pilot in Australia ( remember Triumph in the skies? )
2 of my friends are Doctor now.
1 of my friend is a lawyer.

And me? still wearing T-Shirt and helping my friends and family formating
hard disk, get rid of viruses, installing Internet and printers....

I always joke with my friends,

Me:" Hey 10 years ago, I was installing Windows, now 10 years later I am
still doing the same thing."

Me:" My friends has became Engineers, Doctors and Pilots !!!"

You just can't don't call me Low Yatt CEO......

Without me, let me tell you at least 10 PC around PJ and KL can't run
properly today.

1 lap top owner in Australia has appointed me as IT consultant.

and IT consultation fee in Australia = AUD 49 or 59 a pop !!!!!

Sometimes think of it, it's good that not everyone is a doctor.
If everyone is a doctor, now who would become the patient and let
the doctor to earn big $$$$ leh??

Me? Neah, I love being IT manager and Low Yatt CEO kekekekekek !!!!

Ooh La La .....

(Ron Wood, Ronnie Lane) Rod Stewart

Poor old Granddad I laughed at all his words
I thought he was a bitter man
He spoke of women's ways
They'll trap you, then they use you before you even know
For love is blind and you're far too kind
Don't ever let it show

I wish that I knew what I know now
When I was younger.
I wish that I knew what I know now
When I was stronger.

The can-can such a pretty show
Will steal your heart away
But backstage back on earth again
The dressing rooms are grey
They come on strong and it ain't too long
For they make you feel a man
But love is blind and you soon will find
You're just a boy again

When you want her lips, you get her cheek
Makes you wonder where you are
If you want some more then she's fast asleep
you're just twinkling with the stars.

Poor young grandson, there's nothing I can say
You'll have to learn, just like me
And that's the hardest way, ooh la la
Ooh la la, la la, yeah

I wish that I knew what I know now
When I was younger.
I wish that I knew what I know now
When I was stronger.

I always have this "I wish that I knew what I know now
When I was younger.
" feeling in my mind since a few years back.

Look at me today, I could blend within sales people & chat with
some international company CEOs and COOs. Not a problem for me
and I am already 28 years old this year 2005.

My sales and marketing activities are OK this year and sales is
increasing steadily. It's been a good year for me, I told myself
sometimes when I am alone.

{{ Now listening to Elvis's Pocketful of Rainbow : Demo }}

But looking back to me myself for the past 5 years, what I did,
the way I did things, the method and all sort of records......

hmmmm.... I would always regretly wished one sentence, that is
"I wish that I knew what I know now When I was younger."

LOL what a wonderful wish eh mate??

Sometimes I even imagine, if I could remove or copy (Ctrl+C)my present memory
and paste (Ctrl+v)them into a small kid or a younger person, around 15 years
old. That would be lovely isn't it??

No! It's horrible someone told me. No! It's against the moral and god's will !
and bla bla bla....

Hai Yo !! Just imagination only at the moment.

But seriously it would be really lovely if we could transfer spirit and memory
into another younger body.

Why suddenly would I have such an imagination? Perhaps cause I am getting older
and regret that I didn't absorb more knowledge / experiance as I grow up.

28 years old, can't be considered as old.
But can't be considered as young either.

{{Mp3 playing: Rod Stewart @ Have I Told You Lately}} Mellowing !!

Ok, enough of imagination.

Once I told my father when I was driving him around Taman Tun Dr. Ismail
and I told him I wished I could have those big houses there.

He told me:" You could own, but would you wish to be older then?"
I replied:" Yeah loh, can't get fish and bear palm at the same time."
He added:" Don't worry, you'll get your day."
I replied:" You are right!"

This blog is dedicated to my father and mother who brought me up and
spent their entire life taking care of 3 of us, with no complaints and
never asking for return.

{{Mp3 playing : Now and Forever @ Richard Marx }} More mellow

Once William told me:" Kai Hong, there is nothing free in this world!"
I replied:" Yeah I know."

William added:" But there is one thing only."
I replied:" Hmm? What is that?"

William:" That is the love from your parents to you, their love and
dedication to you, and never ask (majority of them) for return."

I felt that this statement is so correct and accurate......

Thanks Papa and Mama, I Lap Piu !! I Lap both of Piu very much nah !!!

Saturday, June 25, 2005

What kind of blogger am I???

Congratulations Philips, you are...

Dr Liew of

You are such a silly and cartoonish person. You are confident, quick-witted and have a natural sense of humour. Even during the most stressful times, you keep your cool, live by the rules and focus on solving the task at hand. To your friends, you are always that loyal companion standing by their side, cheering them up when they're feeling down. You have virtually no enemies. People simply enjoy having you around.

Which Malaysian Blogger Are You?

Friday, June 24, 2005

Royal Mulu Resort Tour : June 2005

For the past 4 days 3 night, non of the KL and PJ people has seen me and fat lady
nor hear from us.

We were actually spent the past 4 days 3 nights at East Malaysia, Sarawak.

Monday 20th June we took a flight from KLIA to Miri, Sarawak, arrived at the
airport after a havoc 2 and 1/2 hours flight ( suppose to be under 2 hour ).

What can I say about Miri airport? Clean, spacy, new and comfortable....

KLIA to Miri
Boarding time = 8:20pm
Take off time = 8:40pm Delayed / some havoc
Take off time = 9:00pm Approximately actual take off time
Arrival time =11:00pm Approxcimately.
Custom clearance = 11:15 pm
Check in Park Hotel, Miri = 11:30 pm

This is the first time I sit for more then 2 hours in Boeing 737 and my
buttock was really-really painful !!! And the food ? Aduilamak.....

Finally after 2 hours ( seems so long and lasting ) we finally arrived
at the Miri space, and touched down was ok.

It was drizzling and raining at Miri that night, air was ok and cool.

Get a cab ( Old Malay folk ) and asked him to send us to Miri town for
hotel search.

Spent a night at Park Hotel, Miri ( Not bad, clean but a little bit old ) and
next morning proceed to take the flight to Mulu.

Breakfast time = 8:00 am ( Golok Mee ( Koey Tiau ) and Laksa for Fat Lady. )

Took a cab to Miri Air Port at 8:30 am

Check in time = 9:00 am
Boarding time =9:40 am
Flight time = 10:05 am
Arrival time = 10:35 am

And I want to tell everyone that I feel Fokker 50 is more comfortable in this
flight cause the flight was not full. I've got myself 2 seat and fat lady
another 2 seats...

We were travelling like King and Queen. hehehehehe !!!

More on Royal Mulu Resort coming..... stay tuned..

About lunch time and I've got to go !! got to go !!!

Mulu Airport

At the Mulu airport while waiting for the Fokker 50 (MAS) to arrive
from Miri, I chatted with the tour guide.

Tour guide:" Mr. Wong, did you know why is the last flight at 3 or 4 pm?"

Me:" You mean the flight from Mulu to Miri?"

Tour guide:" Yes, the airport here closes around 4pm."

Me:" Hmmm... cause the weather here might turn bad after 4 pm?"

Tour guide:" Not really...."

Me:" Hmmmm.... cause there are not much of passenger?"

Tour guide:" Nope !!"

Tour guide:" Actually cause this Mulu National Park has a lot of caves
and in the caves there are a lot of Bats .... you know? Bats???"

Me:" Yeah , kelawar, bats, bian fu !!"

Tour guide:" These bats dinner time is 5:30 pm onwards till night, so
if there are plane (Fokker 50) coming and going....

2 years later this place will have no bats left... "

Me:" You are right !! "

Mulu Airport. 2 km from Mulu National Park. and nearby Royal Mulu
Resort. Best place to stay.


"Mr. Wong I strongly suggest you don't do that again !!" Wan pointed at
my nose and the sky want to fall down and very
kan jiong

I freezed ... dare not move ... and slowly...
"I was yawning only woh.. " I replied.

"Precisely !! Don't do that !!" Wan repeated.

"Cause if you do that in the cave, the bat shit will fell into
your mouth ok?" Wan added on.

Me -_-" :" Ok lah Wan, roger ! "

Wam :" Over !"

Me :" Over and out !"

Case 1 at outside of Deer Cave, Mulu National Park, Mulu, Sarawak.

Royal Mulu Resort


Arggh !! Dear Kuala Lumpur, we finally met again after a 4 days
3 night of missing in action.

Time now is 1:08 am of 24 June 2005 ( Friday ) and about 7 hours
ago I've just came back from :
  • KLIA, before that I was at
  • Miri, before that I was at
  • Mulu, where I spent the past 3 days 2 nights...

    Wonderful scene, forrest, animals, rivers, caves and so on !!!
    Have to rest for a little bit before I continue to write more.

    To those supporter like Jason and Fat Lady, gimme a few hours
    time and you'll see update liao :) Thank you !!!!

    Yawn !!! Got to sleep !! got to sleep !! Have to wake up at 6:30am
    and go to KLIA... heeheh KLIA again ???
  • Sunday, June 19, 2005

    Groovin (On a sunday afternoon)


    Used to see an advertisement on TV, some chaps playing golf and
    the background music was this "groovin (on a sunday afternoon)"
    and liked it so much immediately.

    Listened to the Groovin song just now and now my MP3 player is
    playing the S.W.A.T. theme long version.

    Just finished 35 laps of swimming this morning, first 32 laps under 50 minutes and the rest was sort of cooling down and muscle relaxation.

    Fat Lady? Koookk... piuuu.... kooookkk....piu.... kok......piu !!

    Maciam Biasa lah !! hahahahahah !!!

    Got out from the pool at about 9:25 am after the 35 laps and body was very warm then. I think most of KL and PJ people were sleeping then at this time ( even right now 10:28am )

    I don't know, it's not about pregnant whale or big tummy or something. It's just a nice feeling that I could swim 30 laps non stop or 1200m or 1500m of swim non stop.

    While I was swimming this morning, people came down and swim a few laps and left. Some people did freestyle, some people did breast stroke, some even butterfly dolphin stroke..... not bad eh?

    The best part, after 7 years absent, I saw a young chap doing a doggie style ( not ush ush ok ? ) swim in the pool yesterday.

    It was the best of the best !!! The mother of all swimming style !!

    The chap was swimming exactly like a dog would do. Meaning that
    the arms are crawling the water at the front while legs kicking the
    water at the back. As if the person was digging mud, only that
    he/ she is digging the water in the pool.

    Didn't have a good chance to see the chap finish the swim cause I was really busy counting my laps done :)

    Facts :
    Not much of people could swim like that nowadays, only Navy Seal,
    Baywatch's Lifeguard ( captain level ) and US Marine ( amphibion
    division : major level ) could perfrom a doggie swim. Some new
    commando unit in advance country has officer who could perform
    this swimming technique too.

    By swimming like this, you get to keep your head above water, and
    there are minimum of water splash and noise.
    It's good for ambush attack from the water, while your head is above the water you could pretty much see the enemy.
    And you could be equipped with infra red goggle ( water proof unit MS-205 ) and could bite at the Rambo knife as you swim in the water.

    I think we have some super hero staying near our condo !!!! LOL !!

    Anyway, it's 10:40 am Sunday 19 June 2005.

    Wake up Malaysia !! Wake up !!! It's a nice Sunday morning and lets :
  • Go for breakfast.
  • Drive around PJ or KL.
  • Buy some nice news paper.
  • Come back to house and on the air-cond.
  • Read the news paper.
  • Wash hands.
  • Play piano.
  • Watch some nice DVDs.
  • Oh ! Time for afternoon nap !!! koook...piu... koook...piu !!

    Have a pleasant Sunday you all !!
  • Saturday, June 18, 2005

    Another 30 laps


    I finished talking to God and jumped down !!!!

    I talked to God that I'd been sin today cause I makan Bak Kut Teh
    this afternoon. and after talking to Him I jumped into the swimming
    pool... tried to wash away my sin and "Dosa" and stuff like that.

    A lot of people need a reason to do things, for example :

  • People get a part-time job.
  • Cause they need more money.

  • People go and confess to the God.
  • Cause they did sin.

  • People become very nice to the boyfriend or husband.
  • Cause she used his Credit Card until "kad peciah" -_-"

  • A guy become extra nice to the girlfriend or wife.
  • Cause he curi-curi went and met the ex-girlfriend.

  • A person had a 180 degree changes in life direction.
  • Cause he has realized or being mislead.

  • A person swim everyday 30 laps.
  • He wallaped Bak Kut Teh, or some pretty lady told him, fuck off you pregnant whale !!!

    A million of possibility of answer. And endless loop of cause and

    Anyway, this afternoon had a nice chat with Sam. Sam is a good friend of mine at Puchong, as usual, we went for Bak Kut Teh near his office.

    Before that, Sam's wife came into office....

    Sam's wife:" Hi Philips !! "
    Me :" Hello !!"

    Sam's wife:" Going for lunch?"
    Me:" Yeah, might go for Bak Kut Teh"

    Sam's wife:" Oh I see, Sam told me you love the BKT right?"
    Me: -_-"
    Sam's wife:" He said you are deep in love with BKT."

    Me :" Actually Sam is the one introduce me to that BKT shop !"
    Me :" Actually Sam is the one who asked me to come today !"
    Me :" Actually Sam is the one who cannot live without BKT !"
    Me :" Actually I am Vegetarian you know?"

    Sam's wife:" Ok ! Ok ! Cool down, I know you are VEGETARIAN!"

    10 minutes later.

    Sam and Phlips was having good time eating BKT at Puchong and totally forgoten about Sam's wife and Vegetarian.

    Me :" You know, your wife just now asked me where are we going."
    Sam:" Really ?"

    Me:" Yeah I said we are going for BKT !"
    Sam:" Then ?"

    Me:" Wei you wife claimed that you told her that I love BKT very much woh !! "
    Sam:" Actually my wife love BKT very-very much !! "

    Me:" Wah ha ha ha ha ha !!! "
    Me:" People nowdays ah, never admit they like something, despite go and point at other people and blame other people."

    Sam:" Totally agree !! Here's a Pai Kuat for you !!" served PK 4 me.
    Me :" Cheers !! Here's a thin meat for you !!" served meet 4 Sam.

    Cost of petrol = RM2.00
    Engine cooling system fan = RM 175.00 ( damn Proton Wira ! )
    Satisfaction = Priceless !!!

    Consequence? 30 laps of swimming from 9:00 to 10:00 night !!!

    What Vegetarian??????????


    That's the reason, why tonight despite having a nice rest and TV time I had to go for the 30 laps.

    While I was swimming, as usual the brain did the reasoning process and came out with the Q and A above.

    Sam and Wife !! Wish both of you would be as cute as forever !!
  • Thursday, June 16, 2005

    30 Laps

    In conjunction with the hard wish to get rid of the code name
    " Ikan Paus yang mengandung " or " A pregnant whale ".

    Philips has resume swimming since end of May 2005. Today since
    I left office at 5:40 pm hence I arrived home quite early.
    Told myself that I've got to swim today... got to swim...
    got to swim... got to swim.....

    And at 6:20 pm changed on with the Triumph Swimming trunk and
    "terjatuh" to my bed and slept for 20 minutes... heheheheheh !!!

    And at 6:50 pm woke up and did some stretching & warming up.

    7:07 pm the swimming pool of Puncak Damansara Condo became full
    of current, tsunami and tidal wave.... why? cause Philips has
    started swimming down there.

    As usual, 2 laps of warming up dedicated for LG Korea.

    And today, my body felt smooth and powerful, hence I did 30 laps
    of breast stroke non stop. And by 8:10 pm I was done .....

    I pointed at my nose, and shouted :" I am spent !! I am spent !!"

    and I thought I was Austin Powers then...

    Well 30 laps was not that much and difficult actually especially
    one is doing breast stroke or " Gaya Katak Bawah Tempurung ".

    While swimming just now I've noticed a few things:
  • There were 4 Chinese ladies ( 2 older and 2 younger ).
  • Thre were 2 Indian Boys ( about 8 years old )
  • There were 2 Chinese teen.
  • There were 2 African Citizen.
  • There were also 1 big whale in the pool.
  • The whale size of course is the biggest.
  • But the whale could swim very well ( sure lah ! whale mar !!)
  • The whale also has good stamina ( 30 laps, no sweat )
  • The whale really wish to become Dolphin again, please support me!!

    After the 30 laps actually i still have 20% reserve fuel capacity.

    Looked around...

    Well, since there were a few chaps trying to do some Freestyle swimming,
    but they seems not too good at it. As a kind hearted mammal ( whale )
    I demo(ed) Freestyle 50 meter sprinter mode.

    Strange that there were not much of noise while I was doing freestyle
    sprinter mode, and by the time I finished 50 meters everyone was looking
    at me.

    Using my Mind Reading Super Natural Power I read their mind one by one : and the results are
  • Indian Boy: Hui Yuh !! Manyak cepat deh!!
  • African : Kili Kulu Kili Kulu ( I don't understand )
  • Young Chinese Girl : Wah ! Not bad !!
  • Not so young Chinese Girl : Wah ! Killer Whale -_-"
  • Chinese Teen: GNN ! Show off ! Sei Fei Chai !!!

    Philips :" he he he he !! that's what I call swimming mate !! "

    And again, the Chlorin in the water is making me high again.

    Ask me not to drink water while swimming? You come and try to swim 30 laps
    and in the pool there were so much of obstacle and moving parts.
    And alot of wave, tsunami and current too.... burp... hic !!!


    Now time is 9:05 pm, listening to Des'ree & Babyface "Api !! Api!"
    and i think most probably will play some piano later too.

    Oh oh !! Now my MP3 player is playing Robbie William's : Better Man

    So Lord, please give me strength to become a Dolphin again ok??

    Lord, I am doing, all I can, to be a better man. ( better Dolphin ) !!!
  • Wednesday, June 15, 2005

    You are not a good swimmer if .....


    I've started to learn to swim at year 1990 or 1991 when I was just
    around 13 or 14. Actually my mom forced ( yeahlah garang mother )
    me to learn swimming with her as well as my sister.

    Still remember the first day I'd wear swimming trunk and walked out from the changing room. Everyone was like:
  • "awe!"
  • "Hui Yuh !! "
  • "OMG !"
  • "Alamak "
  • "Holy Cow!"
  • " F117 approaching "
  • " Mayday Mayday Mayday"
  • " Houston, we have a problem !"

    Yeah right !! You'd thought everyone would be so free and have the extra time to look at you and as if they have nothing better to do then to observe the pathetic KKC like that !!!

    Wrong !!! Big Mistake !!!

    No one, I repeat no one even bothered to have a look at me as a newbie, I bet that they even wouldn't look at me if I was naked !!

    Why? cause in swimming pool, real swimmer don't go there and observe people's swimming trunk or KKC. They go there and swim.

    But I was still shy anyway cause, you know, first time to wear so little infront of a lot of people.

    Back then, Kota Bharu favuorites swimming pool (till today) is located at Complex Shchool, why people call complex school I really have no idea till today.

    The depth of the deepest part of the swimming pool was 14 feet and yes you could do diving into the water, or whatever people call it. And the length of the swimming pool = 25 meter. Yes half of the Olympic size.... kekkekek !! amature !!!

    We had a very strict coach Mr. Ho ( Not the VCD guy ) and a few guys from Kelantan Life Saving Society... a bunch of nice and steady guy who teached me to swim.

    Below are what they always told me, you are not a good swimmer if you :

  • Didn't take bath before going into swimming pool.
  • Pee in the swimming pool !!
  • Don't wear proper swimming attire in the pool.
  • Wear T-Shirt and pants to swim in the pool. ( look above )
  • Swim 1 lap and rest for 30 minutes.
  • Swim 1/2 lap and rest for 20 minutes.
  • Didn't wear swimming cap while swimming.
  • Fart in the pool ( this one I added one )
  • Only observe pretty girl in pools but never swim.
  • Smoke in the pool.
  • Eat in the pool.
  • Drink in the pool, both intentional or not intentional -_-" cause the water has a lot of dirty stuff and chemical stuff there, that's why.
  • Acted unfriendly and LCLY like that.

    Well, actually just some thought that I had while doing the 28 laps
    of swimming down there just now. I thought I would like to write something about swimming tonight, and here I am.

    Feel very warm right now after the 28 laps swimming session and feel very proud too cause I finally could swimming 25 laps non stop and that would be around 1/2km to 800 meter length. Meaning that I can now swim from Gems Island to Pulau Kapas kekekekek !!!

    Last year I actually did prepare to swim from Gems Island ( called Pulau Gemia locally ) to Kapas Island, but my friends who worried that I might got eaten my Great White Shark stopped me from doing that. They also worried that if I drown, they wouldn't be able to carry me to the shore, cause basically right now I look pretty much like a preagnant whale muaha ha aha ha ah !!!!

    Any idea about what I am talking about? Absolutely no !!! Must be the chlorine that I accidentally drink just now.... hic !!!
  • Tuesday, June 14, 2005

    My Ambition

    Yesterday while talking to fat lady on the way sending her home, I told
    her my second ambition right now.

    I was thinking that perhaps I could become a Car Safety Instructor, and
    I think the job is full of responsibility, self-control, and fun !!!

    Saw some TV programe that those car safety instructor teaching the driver
    to use :
  • ABS system.
  • Know your car performance.
  • Correct driving technique.
  • Correct braking technique.
  • Emergency braking technigue and so on.

    It's like a lot of fun, and I wonder where in Malaysia could I find a
    companyor an organization that could provide
    the course like this and.... hmmm... I think I am loving it !!!

    Perhaps I watched too much of The Hire ( BMW Shortfilms ) already.
    And I particulary like this sentence :

    "Things you could do with your BMW, but shouldn't "

    Camera= BMW 5 series fly over a high pit.

    And BMW 7 series full reverse and hit the bad guys vans head lamps.

    "Especially that one !"

    LOL That was a lot of fun watching those short films, download and
    enjoy them.
  • Saturday, June 11, 2005

    Walking to Seremban, sort of ....

    This Brilliant Association is organizing a Computer Fair at PWTC as I blog this.

    It's a much controversial events but I have some own feedback. To those
    organizer and participiants, you may agree or not agree with this but I
    am writing this anyway.

    Firstly, the location of the venue, Hall 2, and for me a frequent visitor
    to PC Fair since 1996. I asked myself, where the heck is Hall 2???

    Sometime in 1997 or so, someone did actually held a PC fair or computer
    fair at a hall next to the river, that require us to walk all the way
    over the Klang or Gombak river below to the hall.

    Ah !! I remembered, that must be the hall, so I walked like a camel to the
    hall and OMG the place is like kena whacked by Tsunami a few days ago and
    there were hardly anyone there. So, this small hall was the place where
    they organized a PC fair back to 1997, which proven to be a failure.

    And I walked further ( another 200 m ) or so, I finally came to a place
    where there were a lot of people, van and lorry of the IT company ,
    promoters, visitors and so on.

    It was like walking from Cheras to Seremban, the distance I mean.....
    and I saw some poor college girl dragging the Big O printer all the
    way from this stupid Hall 2 back to the main building of PWTC.
    The Big O Printer was stored in a big plastic bag, so one girl dragged
    on side of the pastic bag, like carrying dead body.... aiya...

    Secondly, when I finally arrived at the Hall 2 ( after walking for about
    10 to 15 minutes from car park ) I looked for my customer booth.
    There were not much of visitor yet that time, and well I could walk easily
    among the visitors.

    Observation made :

  • Every 10 steps I walked, a guy asked me if I want Streamyx.
  • Every 15 steps I walked, a girl asked me if I want a free Modem. Stramyx lagi.
  • Every 20 steps I walked, yellow colour printout = Streamyx again !!!
  • Ah ! Damn you streamyx !! Get a life and don't act like looser !!
  • Walked somemore.
  • There were 2 booth which sells Computer Speaker ( read woofer ) were having Kung Fu fighting which each other. Each of them were demostrating the powerfulness of their speaker and turn the music as loud as any club or pub in Kuala Lumpur.
  • Other then that, not much of annoyance....
  • Oh the female promoters are wearing less and lesser cloth nowadays. It's like visiting GT Race event with all those Racing Queen.... mamamia !!
  • Next time I got to bring a nice camera and capture some photos for my blog.

    OMG !! I still have to walk back from Seremban back to Cheras after the event !!!
    And when coming from PWTC main building to Hall 2 was descending, well, to walk from the Hall 2 to main PWTC building is ascending, let's rock and roll I told myself.

    So, there goes 3 hours of my precious time. When checked out time at the car park I think the car park charges were RM6.50 .... my god !! Expensive like hell !! Ptui !!

    You all better watch out the KLCC ( Kuala Lumpur Convention Center ) debut 2 months later from now. And I bet everything would be better there, and I bet RM500 if you want to take the bid .. hehehehe !!!

    Walked from Cheras to Seremban, and from Seremban back to Chereas....... aiyo !
  • Thursday, June 09, 2005

    Clever Cost Saving Sales Manager

    Once upon a time in far-far away land of Sea Park Petaling Jaya, a sales
    manager went to the Hong Leong Bank there for L/C document and parked
    the car at the Giant Supermarket at the opposite of the bank.

    Banking process and everything = 5 minutes only. And the car parked at the
    Giant supermarket car park = RM1.00 for the first 1 hour (60mins).

    After the Sales Manager went out from the bank, he wanted to save
    the RM1.00 payment and he remembered that patrons of the Giant
    Supermarket could enjoy the first 2 hour car park.

    Well, the Sales Manager always think (thought) that he is the smartest guy
    in the entire PJ and KL. This sales manager could squize juice out of rock
    and could even make Lawyer to take money from their own pocket..... gezus !!

    Hence he walked in to the Giant supermarket and selected a few item such
    as :

  • Dutch Lady UHT Choc Milk (5+1) = RM 4.79
  • Pringles Original 160GM (140%) = RM 4.89
  • Yoplait D/Yogurt B/Berry 750Gm = RM 3.99
  • Nekta KiwiFruit Juice Con. 1.2 = RM12.49
  • ==============================
  • *************************Total = RM23.84
  • ==============================

    So, this sales manager smiled all the way to the car park, with big bag
    small bag in his hands, like PJ aunty like that. And :"keh keh keh keh!"

    And :" I saved RM1.00 parking keh keh keh keh !! I am good !!! "
    And :" I am the man ! I am the man !!! "

    So, this is how we define clever manager who get paid to solve problem,
    save cost for company, maximize output, increase productivity.

    Do you think this country has future? William has always asked me this
    question. Hmmm?? See how smart the managers are ??

    keh keh keh keh !!! Saved RM1.00 woh !! Rm 1.00 you know?

    If you do this and save RM1.00 for like 164,000 time you could buy a
    decent condo in PJ or Cheras already kah kah kah kah kah !!!
  • Wednesday, June 08, 2005

    Stealth vs Invisible

    For the past 8 years in military equipment and firearms involment,
    along of friends and customer always ask me to diffrentiate some
    term for them.

    One of the frequently asked question was : What are the diffrences
    between stealth and invisible. A lot of local military high ranking
    people also asked me this question.

    Well, I always tell them using the simple way.

    Stealth = Something which is difficult to detect or notice.

    Invisible = Something which you can't see using naked eye under normal

    Ok let's put example and explaination.

    Stealth figther F-117 Night Hawke. US first mass production single seated
    stealth figher. It is difficult to notice cause it :
  • Normally flies by night.
  • Painted by black or dark colour.
  • Has radar absorbtion surface. Hence reflexing minimum or nil radar.
  • Has good exhaust heat "silencer".

    So this aircraft is Stealth in sense of it is difficult to be detected by
    radar or can't be seen during the night cause it is black colour. This
    is stealth...

    Let's define invisible = ( in=can't & visible= able to be seen )
    Invisible, actually invisible is very difficult to achieve. Cause something
    can't be just made invisble.

    For example, could a person become invisible? Nope I don't think so this
    could be done using today's technology. Anything which has mass like human,
    metal, water, and anything in the world is visible.

    Even, air when compressed into liquid it become visible. And water is visible
    cause the wave above it and the refection of lights let us "see" it.

    Invisible Fighther? Yes Malaysia has about 20,000 unit of Invisible F-117 with
    the latest weapon. Have you seen it? I don't cause they are all invisible.
    But I am sure they are somewhere around Subang, Sungai besi and Kuantan air
    base. I am sure that they are there.

    You have any idea what I am talking about? Sorry but I don't... heheheh

    Too much of durian and I am kena durian food poisoning... kekekek !!
  • Burpp !!! Durio zibethinus


    Burrrpp !! Excuse me mate !! Durian smell burp coming !! Evacuate
    and Class One(1) alert !!!

    Wah ha ha ha ha !!!

    There were some important guest from Singapore & Korea today to
    our factory for some purchase and delivery schedule stuff. After
    the meeting I went out with my boss and the guest to dinner.

    We had our dinner at West Lake Garden ( Expensive !! Mahal !!) and after that we sent the guest to the airport and resumed our
    identity = freeman & food predator.

    My boss :" Eh ! Where got sale durian ah?"
    Me :" mein Gott im Himmel !! we just had dinner leh !! "
    My boss :" I don't care, eat first, die later !! "

    Me, looked at my tummy ( which looked like a pregnant whale !!)
    and apologize to my tummy, have to trouble you already, I said.

    Pressed the "War Mode" button of my Proton Wira and it converted
    into F-117. Infra-red goggle & bullet proof vest + helmet ...
    ( fark cannot wear the vest cause tummy too fat !!! )

    Push the throttle to max ( after burner burning steadily ) and the
    F117 left Sunway Air Base covered by the night. 20 seconds later
    our F-1117 was all over LDP and monitoring it from 10,000 feet

    Cruising the F-117 at a moonless night like today is safe and fun
    cause you get to see everybody down there via the infrared
    camera and nobody would ever notice you from down there.

    When we were near Kelana Jaya area, I lowered the F-117 to
    perform a slow cruise along with the LRT. The people who just
    came back from work in the LRT couldn't even notice us cause
    our engine noise was very low and, the colour of the F-117 was
    designed to fly by night and asorb any light.

    We could see some lady resting on the shoulder of the boy friend
    and some working guy who looked extremely tired. Some student
    still having good time spending their parents money with the latest I-Pod & 1.3Mega Pixel Camera Phone in the LRT....

    This made me feel heartache, pulled back to 10,000 feet altitude.

    Boss :" Philips, how long ETA ?? Objective review report pls "
    Me :" Affirmative !! Target area 7km ETA 5 minutes. "
    Me :" Objective, BP Kiosk SS2 near Police Station. Roger "

    Meanwhile, 50km away Sgt. Roger bin Ramli jumped off his chair
    and asked :" Who was calling my name ? Hmm? Hmm? "

    Boss:" Philips, looks like we have the attack windows, 9 oclock!"
    Me :" Copy ! Preparing evasive maneuvering !! Over !!

    Meanwhile, 80km away Uncle Ho started to copy more of the Star Wars Episode III : Revenge of the Sith !! "

    Boss:" Careful !! Carefull !! AAM !! AAM !! 3 oclock !! "
    Me :" Acknowledged ! Flare deployed !!! "
    System " AAM misguided to Putrajaya !! "
    Me over radio :" Boy I am good !!! "

    10 seconds later, some building sewege system in Putrajaya was
    hit by unkown missile. The Indah Water consortium sent their
    people to investigate. CSI Level 3 officer Nick Stroke was there
    Result, swamp gas explosion !! Yeah right !!!

    Regained altitude after the evasive maneuvering to avoid the AAM
    and we were again circling the sky of SS2. SS2 and PJ looked so
    nice in the night with all the lights and cars and so.

    Monitor showed that we are 3 km away from target. Suddenly 3
    Mig 29 appears in the AERD ( Advance Enemy Vehicle Recongization
    Radar ) and simultaniously 14 AAM launched towards us !!!

    Shit !! Shit !! Shit !! No flare remains and the air-crafts F-117 is
    not designed for Dog Fight.

    13 seconds to the impact !!! Monitor kept beeping !! Warning lights
    were also blinking like there is no tomorrow !! Shit shit !!!

    Suddenly my I received the message from my radio, the voice,
    voice:" How to Piu yee leh?"
    Voice:" Its very simple !"
    Voice:" When doing cornering... "
    Voice:" Pull one pull the hand brake..."
    Voice:" The vehicle Piau one piau ...."
    Voice:" That's Piu yee ... "

    I suddenly had an idea, let's Piu Yee then !! I
    pulled the handbrake level ... and fart ! This aint not 86 sports car
    and this is F-117 !!!!! Diu loh this time !!!

    The level was actually the Emergency Eject level and both of us
    got ejected out from the F-117 immediately. And the monitor
    showed 2 seconds from AAM incoming impact........

    Boss :" Oiii ! Stupid wake up lah !!"
    Me :" oh ! dah sampai SS 2 BP Petrol Kiosk !" and suddenly i was
    driving my Proton Wira 1.5 again....

    Found the durian stall next to the furniture shop behine BP and
    police station ( used to be a police station there ) and parked the
    car. Looked at the sky, no sign of F-117, no sign of Mig-29, no
    moon, no stars and not even a bird. Not to mention Anti Air
    Missiles leh !!

    I smiled and pulled a table and 2 chair before sitting down with boss
    to order some durian. The rest of it, it's enjoy durian time and I
    wouldn't want to write about it, might offense those people who
    didn't enjoy durian like Amanda, Richard, my sister and so on....

    Ate 3 durian with boss and cost RM 42.00 , taste = fantastic !!!

    Again let's do the math and calculation :

  • Dinner with guest = RM 1,300.00 at West Lake
  • Durian 3 biji = RM 42.00 at SS2 PJ
  • Car petrol = RM 3.00

  • Satisfaction gained = Priceless !!!!!

  • Signs of too much of Bak Kut Teh consumed...

    Below are the signs of too much of Bak Kut Teh consumed :

  • The boss of the Bak Kut Teh stall remember your face.

  • The boss of the BKT remember what you like to eat and give
    you member card and bonus point card.

  • The boss of the BKT want to introduce the daugther to you.

  • The BKT stalls worker remember your name and call you Mr. Wong !!

  • If one Sunday morning, if no BKT consumed, you cannot sleep
    cannot stand, cannot sit, cannot pee, cannot poo, cold sweat,
    leg feel no energy, hands tingling, nausea, migraine.... etc.

  • You feel sorethroat.

  • Your throat is full of blister cause BKT soup too hot.

  • The Yau Char Kueh ( Oil fried ghost ) at your area extinct entirely
    forever from the surface of earth.

  • Or whenever you see Yau Char Kueh you become excited.

  • You don't drink BKT via spoon, but directly using bowl.

  • You begin to invest at counter BKT 7001 at KLSE or Bursa Malaysia.

  • You can memorize the phone number for the BKT stall.

  • You spent more then RM200 per month for BKT.

  • You put a photo of a claypot of BKT in your wallet.

  • You are interested with anything started with Klang xxx xxx xxx .....

    One look at above, I think I kena a few lot of points
    and ... who cares?

    Eat first, die later as usual right? As per advised by my good Doc at
    Dr. Liew
  • Tuesday, June 07, 2005

    脚鸡 Satu kisah di Bandar Klang

    Beberapa minggu yang lalu, setelah puas berbual-bual dengan pelanggan
    saya yang bernama Laurance. Kami pun terasa amatlah lapar serta ingin
    makan makanan yang bagus di Bandar Klang.

    Setibanya di Bandar Klang kami terlebih dahulu pergi melawat seorang
    lagi kawan kepada Laurance yang merupakan penduduk tempatan. Kawannya
    digelar Ah Tiong.

    Setiba di tempat Ah Tiong saya ternampak buku latihan membuat ayat
    untuk Bahasa Cina darjah 3 atau darjah 2. Difahamkan Ah Tiong ini
    tidak fasih bahasa Cina, hanya dapat bertutur dalam dialek Hokkien

    Nampaknya Ah Tiong ini merupakan seorang yang rajin dan tekun untuk
    belajar Bahasa Cina apabila beliau terasa lapang atau tidak sibuk.
    Saya memang suka orang yang bersikap rajin dan tekun seperti Ah Tiong.

    Tidak ramai orang di Malaysia berfikiran seperti Ah Tiong yang
    berinsentif dan secara sukarela untuk membelajari sesuatu Bahasa
    terutamanya Bahasa Cina... saya terasa amat terharu ketika itu.

    Selepas Ah Tiong masuk ke kereta kami, beliau pun bercadang untuk
    pergi ke Bandar Klang dekat jaya jusco yang berdekatan dengan
    sebuah sekolah rendah untuk menikmati sajian / hidangan yang
    paling canggih di Klang, iaitu Bak Kut Teh !!!

    Bak Kut Teh adalah merupakan daging yang dimasak dengan herba-herba
    cina dan merupakan kombinasi sup, daging serta nasi !!
    Ya Tuhan ! Makanan yang paling sedap di Klang, salah satunya ialah
    Bak Kut Teh (BKT) !!!

    Maka setibanya di tempat / kedai BKT tersebut, Laurance telah
    perpusu-pusu untuk mencari tempat untuk meletak kereta.

    Ah Tiong dengan saya pun mencari tempat duduk dan sambil berbual-
    bual. Seketika selepas itu pelayan datang ke meja kami.

    Pelayan :" 啊哈 吃肉骨茶 ?"

    Ah Tiong :" 好的,有脚鸡吗?"

    Me -_-" ??

    Pelayan -_-"

    Ah tiong also blur blur sotong, selepas 10 saat .

    Pelayan :"哈?什么?鸡脚是吗?ah? "

    Ah Tiong :" Whoops ! Saya punya Bahasa Cina takda bagus lah!"

    Pelayang + me = LOLOTF !!!!!!!!!!!!!

    So, actually I admire the courage of ah Tiong for being brave
    and practise Bahasa Cina a lot !!

    So , Bak Kut Teh and Ah Tiong !! we Love you forever !!!!

    Monday, June 06, 2005

    A girl called Jessie


    Jessie shouted loudly at me :" Oi ! Your statement damn sassy!!"

    And I laughed back to her and use my nose to " Hmmmmph !!"

    One day at lunch with her at Sunway Pyramid she ordered the
    Beehun Kantonise and I ordered the Nasi Kari Ayam.

    And while eating she said:" I don't like this vegetable lah !!"

    I looked at her and said:" Yeah, vegetable no good for health one!"

    She asked:" What? Vegetable bad for health? Then how about
    your big plate of Kari ayam ? "

    I replied " Vegetable is bad for health, and meat is good for health!"

    She:" Ptui ! Mana ada Lee Eu (reason or explaination) ???"

    I wiped my mouth clean, sipped some coffee and sit back and
    began to ask her.

    I asked :" Alright, Jessie, did you know I studied Medicine before?"
    Jessie :" I don't know, so what?"

    I replied:" I am telling you the truth with evidence and support!"
    Jessie :" Ok, I let you talk !"

    I asked :" What elephant & cow eat?"
    Jessie:" Grass and leaves..."
    I replied: " All vegetable right?"
    Jessie:" Yes correct !"

    I replied:" They are vegetarian, and yet so damn fat and big !!!!"

    Jessie -_-"

    I asked :" What tiger and jaguar and leapord eat?"
    Jessie:" Animal like cow and rabbit and stuff..."
    I replied:" All meat right?"
    Jessie:" Errr..... "

    Jessie -_-"

    So maka secara kesimpulannya, jika anda mahu gemuk dan
    berbadan besar seperti kerbau, lembu atau gajah. Maka bolehlah
    anda makan lebih sayur-sayuran. Mesti jadi gemuk punya !!

    Sebaliknya, jika anda hendak berbadan langsing, kurus and bergaya
    maka anda haruslah makan lebih daging, seperti KFC, McDonald,
    Bak Kut Teh dan lain -lain lagi.

    Oh ya !! Adakah berenang dapat mengekalkan badan langsing atau
    dapatkah berenang menguruskan badan??

    Pernahkah anda nampak Ikan Paus? atau Badak Air? Ya mereka
    berenang tiap-tiap hari malah 24 jam pun mereka berenang.
    Adakah mereka kurus dan berbadan langsing?

    Jadi, adakah anda percaya yang berenang dapat menguruskan
    badan? Tengok sendiri ikan paus ya sayang??

    Makan lebih daging = Berbadan kurus dan sihat seperti harimau
    dan singa.

    Laporan daripada Doktor Philips Remco

    Philips = 1 and Jessie = 0

    waho !! waho !! waho !!

    Friday, June 03, 2005

    Swimming and Pianoing

    My parents are both teacher and my mom is still teaching now in Kota Bharu
    and my father has retired.

    Now my father is a full time cook and butler at my house hahahahah !!!

    Well both of them were from poor family in Kelantan and grew up in difficult
    time. And both of them entered the teacher training course and started
    teaching since they were like 19 and 20 till they retire....

    I really respect and love them for what they been through and yet still able
    to struggle and kept 3 of us until big big and fat fat....

    When they were young ( in the 1950's and 1960's ) they didn't have the chance
    to learn Piano, Tuition or Swimming Class or anything like that. Cuase they
    were basically busy with :

  • Teaching in the school.
  • Bring money back to house.
  • Take care of the younger siblings.
  • Teaching in the school again and so.

    They didn't even started giving tuiton class at all, that I am really really
    proud of them till till today. I am really really proud of them.

    Since they didn't have the chance to learn piano and swimming and all those
    stuff. They made us ( me, my sister and brother ) to do it.

    When I was very much younger I considered practising piano as torture and
    I had to get whacked and beaten ( yes sometimes koey tiao and sometimes
    mee goreng mamak ) and it was really no fun at all !!!!

    Went through the Grade 1 till Grade 7 piano examination. And stopped at
    Grade 7. hehehehe....

    My brother did his Grade 8 two years ago. My sister has did that 3 years
    ago and has a Diploma for piano wah !!! OMG !!!

    I am lousy with examination with piano, infact I hated it !! But now
    when I play piano, people stop and listen and smile... sometimes they
    even claps after listened to my piano session.

    I (we) really appreciate what my mom and dad did for us. Now 3 of us could
    perform very good piano play, and my sister and me could swim like a fish.

    Thanks to my parents who sacrified themself for us and I felt really bad
    for the whacking and beating that I had to get to practise piano.

    I felt like, last time I did bite the hand that feed me, right?

    I will always love both of you, and next year I will sponsor both of
    you to China, ok? heheheh !! Wait and see !! wait and see !!
  • Kisah Sebiji Ketupat or Dumpling or Bak Chang and Fat Lady

    All fat lady said was :" Tell Amanda that I hate her very much !!"
    I was laughing & rolling on the floor that time.

    What actually happened yesterday?

    Amanda gave me a nice looking dumpling ( Bak Chang ) cause the
    Duan Wu Festival is coming soon. Well you know me, whenever people
    give me food I'll just take it :)

    Reached home after picked up Fat Lady from her office. And she
    saw the dumpling smiling to her.... -_-" she claimed so ...

    So, she asked me:" Philips, why got dumpling one?"
    I said :" Oh this one Amanda gave me in office one."
    She said :" Don't know taste nice or not hor...?"

    I said :" We are going to Oversea Restaurant ( Hai Wai Tien )
    shortly ah !! you hungry meh?"

    She replied:" Yes yes, very very hungry !!"
    I replied :" Then eat half lor..."

    Fat Lady was so happy that she performed the Dayak Dance which
    means celebrating the Gawai Festival, or Pesta Kaamatan or
    simply the festival of celebrating harvest season for 5

    This made fat lady feel even more hungor !!

    10 minutes later... "Burp !"

    I looked at fat lady :" What ? Honey you finished everything?"
    Fat lady:" You didn't say you want to eat mar..."

    I was like -_-" ok fine !!

    1 hour later we arrived at Subang Parade's Oversea Restaurant and
    the dish were as below :

  • Cold and hot platters ( best I ever tasted ).
  • Shark Fin ( 100% real stuff ).
  • Steamed Cod Fish.
  • Steamed Shrimps.
  • Abalone Vegetable.
  • Udon Mee with seafood @ pepper.
  • Nice undersea coconut drinks + cateyes + lemon ( special ).
  • Lin Yong pau.

    Oh my god the dinner was so nice, by the way this dinner was sponsored
    by my aunty and her husband from Alor Star. Total bill for the dinner
    was RM1,400.00 something for 2 tables.

    Fat Lady stopped eating at cod fish becase her stomach was full of

    When having the dinner, she was mumbling
  • "I hate Amanda! "
  • "I hate Amanda! "
  • "I hate Amanda! " and
  • "I hate Amanda! "

    So the moral of the story? Don't eat dumpling(s) before going to
    dinner, especially a RM1,400.00 dinner !! Duh !!!

    And, for me also I have sinned. I should have swim 15 laps yesterday
    before going for the dinner but I didn't. Hence today I need to
    swim already !!! heheheheheh !!