Tuesday, December 30, 2008

The One about slow shutter and alot of water.

A lot of moving water and a slow shutter will create
this, i heard : )

The left side looks like a white shadow dancing in the
water : )

The One About Butterflies

Butterfly having lunch.

Drinking the sugar water on hibiscus...

Friday, December 26, 2008

The One About Susu

Dr. Foo," Hoi !! 牛 奶 是 给 小 牛 喝 的,  不 是 给 小 孩 喝 的 好 吗?"

My aunty, "  对! 对! 对! 对! 对!"  满 头 大 汗

Out of 100 person of my family, 95 of them kena taruhed by Dr.Foo
before and we just went -_-" and , " You are right doc !! "

Dr. Foo, how are you doing lately.

Happy New Year to you and your family yeah !!

Tuesday, December 23, 2008

The One about Take Back Take Back !!

There is a term called " Mong Poh "

Mong = some one who is blurred, no direction, always confused.

Poh = female aged between 18 and 80.

Kang = I don't know but Mong + Kang = Mong Kang sounds good.


So, Fat Lady has 2 elder sisters and let me tell you that these 2 sisters
are the most creative in terms of creating laughter in the family.

One day, one of the sister went to a friend's Wedding dinner , upon
arriving she proceeded to sign the guest book and pass the Ang Pao
to the receptionist counter / table.

Sister," Errrmmm ? How come so many unknown faces and I don't
see anyone that I know one ? "

Sister then called the Bride, " Harlo ? Ah Lian ? Where are you ?
I don't see you one ? har ? what do you mean you are at the
receptionist counter there ? I am here already what ?
I don't see you one ??? "

Bride, " We are at main entrance here, I don't see you one ? "

Sister, " Wah Liau ! Got 2 entrances ah ? "

Bride, " Yeah yeah ! I think got 2 wedding dinner tonight at
this place ! "

Sister 2 legs in the sky and, " Ok Ok !! Wait wait i come i come!! "

Sister went back to the registration counter / table , " Harlo ! Eh !
I am very sorry yeah, i think i came to the wrong wedding
reception and can I have my ang pao back or not ? "

Receptionist tried not to laugh and said, " Oh ! I see, ok ok !
Please wait and let me find your ang pao, what is your name
again ?"

Sister, " Oh ! Mong Poh Mong Poh ..... "

Receptionist face became extremely red cause it is very
difficult / bad for health to control / suppress laugh,
" There you go "

Sister, " Soli ah Soli ah !! Wrong place wrong place lolol !! "


31 years old and I am still seeing strange news everyday.

The One About Transssportmer -_-"

Being a very nice person in the office, Fat Lady always received offers
like movie tickets, F1 tickets, food vouchers, free SPA pass etc and
she always come back and offer me to go with her.

A few days ago, her colleague again offered her some free movie passes.

Friend, " Eh ! You want to watch Transformer 3 or not ? "

Fat Lady, " Oh !! oh !! Yeah yeah !! Sure sure ..... wait a minute... "

Friend, " Why ? Why ? What happened ? "

Fat Lady, " What's the movie name again ? "

Friend, " Transformer 3 loh !! Nah nah !! Ini tickets, bye ! "

Fat Lady took the ticket and looked and 2 legs in the sky!

" Transporter 3 " lah Oiyoh !!

or was it Transsportmer or something like that.

Never mind .....

Fat Lady in the phone, " I thought I have missed Transformer 2
pula -_-" , but I swear I have just watched Transformer 1 with
you recently, or was that Transporter 2 ? Or Transporter 1?"

I said Never mind lok !!!!

Sunday, December 14, 2008

The One about Fish Spa !!

I will never allow the fishes at the Fish Spas to violate my
bulu kaki...

My bulu kaki are for my wife and friends ( female friends ) only!

The One About Colours !!!

Back in the golden days of 1990's

Green = Jujur

Blue = Tabah

Red = Setia

Yellow = Yakin

Thanks to Ah Lem for reminding me some of those.

Jujur Rawk !!!! * lari

Friday, December 12, 2008

The One About Why I am not rich III

Today after lunch my fellow sales team people were complaining at me
and they said that I am very annoying.

Me, " why ? "

Them, " Because you always show off that you are rich lah knnbbq "

Me, " where got ? Me ? rich ? Yeah right ! I really wished so! "

Them, " Sometimes when you see your car kena rain water and you
are unhappy, you said you will buy a new car instead of wipe off the
rain. "

Me -_-"

Them, " That day, you didn't remember where you parked your car
and you said.. oh never mind, i can't find my car, let me buy a new one !"

Me -_-""

Them, " And also, that day, you can't find your car keys, you also claimed
that no need to search for the keys, too tiring, you will just buy a new car,
more easier ..... "

Me -_-"""

Them, " Also, that day, you drive drive drive on the road and the petrol
level became quite low, you said you will just abandon the car at road side
and buy a new car, which has petrol !!!!"

Me, " Eh where got ?? "

Them, "Got !! Got a lot of witness !! "

Me, " Joking only mar !!! Joking only !! " and started running away....

Them, " Hoi ! Don't run !! We are so going to slap you !! come back ! "

Me lolol !!!

p/s : I am really really not rich one ok ? See in my garage, all of my 32
Ferraris and Aston Martin already all no petrol, I also never buy new
Aston Martin to drive. But maybe I might need a Porsche Cayenne to
go to lobby and pick up my cloths.

Cause I always buy new cloths when my shirts and pants were not
yet done from ironing from laundry. Sometimes when I eat cookies
the cookies pieces fall on the shirt, i also go buy some new shirt.

Not too good hor...

My team, " HOI !! Mahu mati ah ?"

Monday, December 01, 2008

The One About Why I am not rich

A few weeks ago and it was a friday and I asked my fellow colleague
out for lunch, and i proposed Bak Kut Teh for that.

Ah June asked me, why we want to have Bak Kut Teh on friday.

Me," Nothing lah, just thought of having BKT, can ah ? "

Ah June, " cannot, you must reply us in details and be reasonable !!"

Me, " ok ok ok... you see, back in Kelantan, in 1993 , 1995,
my family is very poor, actually till now we are still very poor....

we only get to eat pork on Friday only, the rest of the weekdays
we didn't get the chance to eat pork...

Sometimes, we don't have pork at all for many days, we only
eat lobsters and sometimes the lobster is very huge and the meat
is a bit old, a bit hard, a little bit chewy you know ?
very difficult to chew....

Also sometimes, we also don't have rice for many days, we had
to go to Victoria Stations, or The ship Restaurant for the steak,
or sometimes when we really poor, we eat the chicken chop and
some mushroom soups only.

There was a time when the economy was no good in, 1997 something,
we didn't take rice for one whole month. We only had shark fin soup
and seafood soups for many many days, mana kenyang like that ?
no white rice....

sometimes, when economy is too bad, we had to leave town and back
to my father's island at South Africa, we stay there and whole month
also can eat 3 head's abalone only. Sometimes when the wind very
strong, we can eat some fresh oyster with lemon only.
No money to buy Tabasco also...

Haih... so, that's why I like to eat Bak Kut teh on friday, cause I
remember the very poor and difficult time last time.

Eh why all my colleague take stick and wood and baseball bat and
chase me?

June:" Hoi ! You don't run !! Come back here !! "

Wah !! Run away fast fast !!!

Is it a crime to be not so rich meh ?? why ?

The One About Why I am not rich II

A few days ago we were reading some car magazines and I
pointed pointed at some nice car photos.

Me, " Hi pa, see this one, Toyota Harrier 3.0 liter engine!"

My father, " What ? Looks like some balak car * "

Me -_-"

Me, " ok ok , how about this one Toyota Alphard 3.0 liter ??
nice ah ? spacious hor ? "

My father, " Looks like Ah Kao who sells pork in his van, youlo
remember Ah Kao, don't you ? His pork very fresh one? "

Me 2 legs in the sky.

Never mind ..... we are not rich anyway......

* Balak = logging.

The One about Wah Pong !!

A few days ago i saw some strange news in the newspaper and
i " Wah Pong ! Like that also can ? "

Fat lady, " What is Wah Pong ? "

Me, " Wah Pong is the brother of Wah Piang,

Wah Piang is the sister of Wah Peng,

Wah Peng is the cousin of Wah Liew,

Wah Liew is the family doctor of Wah Lau,

Wah Lau is the neigbour of Wah Lan,

Wah Lan is the Local Area Network (LAN) Wah Fi,

Wah Fi is the sister of Wah Fah ...... "

Fat Lady, " Wah Miang ...... "


Friday, November 21, 2008

The One About Military Training

A team of Soldier were having survivor training in Singapore forest
and they haven't got the chance to take bath for 2 weeks already,
and everyone feels their underwear is full of oil, grease and stain

3rd week the Sargent came with a huge bag and announced
" Good news ! You all can change underwear already today !! "

The soldiers were so happy and some cried with happy tears.

Then the Sargent said, " Now, Ali , you change with Ah beng !"

" Ah Beng, yours give to Muthu ! "

" Muthu, yours give to Ali !"

Buahhahahahahahha..... their wishes came true !!!

Tuesday, November 18, 2008

The One About Love, Caring and Kasih Sayang !!

* Warning !! Do Not Apply This Imagination Pieces to real Life !! *

A few days ago a friend of mine was complaining to me that one of
her family members is very nasty, acting cocky and obviously doesn't
respect the seniors etc.

And they mumbled for the whole night and asked me what solutions
that I have. Being the wisdom one in the group the ladies came and
consult me.

Them, " What should we do ? We ran out of ideas already !! "

Me, " God told us to have Love ! Be Caring !! Ada Kasih Sayang !!!!"

Them, " But how ? Can you be more specific please? "

Me, " That is so simple, but never mind, learn step by step yeah !! "

Them with tears in their eyes,
" ok ok ! Please enlighten us ! Pls teach us !! We Appreciate that!"

Me, " When you see the person , you slap her twice on the face so hard
that her unborn children will come out well educated !! "

" Then you tie her to using duck tape to the chair and put my socks
into her mouth !!! And then use the 1,000,000 lumen spot light and
beam on her face and ask,
" Do you feel lucky ? Punk ?" hmmm ?? Hmmm ?? "

The girls protested,
" Where got use Love, Caring and Kasih Sayang like that ?"

Me, " Oh ! My left palm is called Love, and right palm is called Caring,
and my socks brand is Kasih Sayang brand, boleh ah ? all used what? "

They 2 legs in the sky but at the same time they answer, " Yeah loh hor!"

Me claps hand and walk slowly into sun set.....

Friday, November 14, 2008

The One About Rainy Langkawi

We stayed 3 days 2 night in Langkawi and out of 3 days, 2 days were
raining, the sky was gray and dark.

Suddenly the feeling of 1995 came back -_-"

Yeah 1995, just after the SPM, Kelantan was having Monsoon rain,
and it rained and rained and rained.

We had no direction back then, STPM ? College ? Study in KL ? Study
in US ?? Parents were busy working and no one was around.

Conclusion of 1995 rainy season = Lost + Blur !!

Basically, rainy days remind me of all these, even in Langkawi.

Hence I decided to drive and drive and drive. From Kuah to
Tanjung Rhu and then back to Telaga Habor and it was really
like in Kelantan.

Trunk road, heavy rain, slippery road surface, village , trees.

2008 could be very similar to 1995 sometimes.....

The One About RM 180 for 3 days

We rented this Black Nissan Sentra 1.6 Auto ( Basic ) for RM 180
for 3 days 2 night ( fuel not included ).

Hence the first thing we did was to rush to pump fuel for this
bebeh !!!

It's good to visit Langkawi during Super Low Season !!

We went to Kuah town cause I used to think that place was
happening. But OMGBBQ !!! It was more like a ghost town
according to someone.

A lot of restaurant door wide open, brightly lit and only 1
table with people, and those people were the cook and the
shop owner !!!

The One About Trees !!

See ? The whole hotel and resort was built within the
thick forest and the preservation of the trees were
quite good.

Trees were everywhere and I enjoyed to the max, sometimes
i wonder, my past life, I think I was a Gorilla or something.

Darn Green eh !!

The One About Over Slept

Because of the constant raining in Langkawi, I had some really good
rest and slept for non stop in Langkawi , and the hotel room was
surrounded by huge trees and the raindrops sound was non stop.

Woke up at 10 am and darn , missed the hotel breakfast !!!

So we went to Telaga Harbor for breakfast .

RM 60 for everyhting, the best Macaroni and Cheese that I have ever
tried !! RM 15 for the Macaroni, a must try !

And the view, nice !!!

The One About Cicak Besar !!

At the hotel that we stayed in Langkawi, it was within the forest
and we were surrounded by a thick layer of rain forest trees.

When we went out for dinner first night....

Fat Lady, " Wow ! Tengok ! Cicak yang teramat besar !"

Me without looking, " Eh ! That one is called decoration lah !"

Fat Lady, " But ! Its moving woh ! "

Me , " Huh ?? Walauwei ! Cicak Gergasi !! "

* ran away fast fast, i mean both the cicak and us ran away fast fast.

There were actually 2 of these lizards which stayed at the wood
beam to eat the insects around the lights.

Decoration ? Decoration my food lah !! Fat Lady said....

The One About Langkawi View

Langkawi, i was there 2 weeks ago and out of 3 days there
2 days was raining occasionally ala cats and dogs -_-".

However, I had some really good rest there and appreciated
the good air, nice scenery and good air there.

And boy !! Cows and buffalo are everywhere !!!

Tuesday, November 04, 2008

The One About Can't Notice -_-"

Today in the office I was talking to a colleague and she
asked me back, " Are you talking to me ? "

Me -_-" yes of course lah ! Yorrrr !!!

She, " Sorry Kai Hong cause your eyes are so small that
I can't notice if you are looking at me or not "

Another colleague joint and said, " Yeah yeah !! Kai Hong you
please don't smile yeah, if you smile, your eyes even more
smaller, we call that total goner !! "

Me, " Hoi !! "

Them both , " But you are still very cute anyway "

Me -_-""

Wednesday, October 22, 2008

The One About Facts No 5883

俗语说得对 !!

对流血一周仍然不死的动物, 千万不能大意!!


Tuesday, October 07, 2008

The One About Some Comics...


答:明知她不爱你 但你还是送她 100 朵玫瑰花

她已经爱你 但你还是照样送她 100 朵玫瑰花



答:她说她宁愿死也不要嫁个我 !!


Friday, October 03, 2008

The One About Philips's Day Out

It was 2nd day of Hari Raya Holiday and I was staying at Fat Lady's
Ampang command center before that.

So in the morning I told the team that I am bringing them to a nearby
water falls.

The team ( Fat Lady + 2 brothers ) :" Huh ? Near Ampang got water falls
one meh ? "

I said, " Yes indeed, it has ! "

The team, " Don't make out story ok ? We stayed here 30 years and never
heard that there is water falls near here !! We know you are the KOB in
town man !!"

* KOB = King of Bluffing -_-"

I replied, " Just wait and see ! And get into F 22 right now !!"

The team was still skeptical but did as what I ordered.

A few moments later we arrived at the entrance and WAHLIEW !!!

I have never seen so many cars at this water falls area before ! It was like
endless of cars and people.

In Mandarin, this is called People Mountain People Sea.

Definition of People Mountain People Sea, please see the below photo.....

As many people as mountain and as many people as car indeed eh !!

Fat Lady -_-" :" OH ! Really got water falls here woh ! and look there
is a friend of mine here ! "

Fat Lady's friend, " Eh Fat Lady you also come here because of China
Press report and suggest this place for Picnic ah ? "

Me, " Wtf ? This place was featured by China Press ah ? Habis lah this
time !! "

Basically people were everywhere and OMG !!!

Waterfall In My Imagination WAS like the below :

But the Actual Waterfall On 2nd Oct 2008 looked like this -_-"

But hey, it was holiday and it was indeed a good place to visit, and
I am sure there are a lot of loving and caring people like me who
love to bring their family and love one to a cool place.

Just only this time, too many loving people, too little space at
the waterfall.

Next time, I am going to visit this waterfall during weekdays and
non public holiday.

By the way, I lost about 500 to 800 ml of body fluid in sweat when
climbing up and down and for the past few hours of that. Yay !!

No need to go to gym !!! lolrotf !!

The One About F 22 Instrument Panel

Being a machine which cost more then F-117, this new F-22's instrument
panel seems to be very simple, but well lighted.

Since mid Jul 2008 till now, already 6300 km done -_-"

and that converts to about RM 1260 worth of fuel burnt and gone with
the wind.


Tuesday, September 30, 2008

The One About Maxican Standoff

Mexican standoff always refer to a few parties that has
weapon (guns) pointing at each other and no one dares to
move nor wanting to surrender.

Like guy A pointing a gun to guy B head.

Guy B has his gun pointing at guy C.

And, yes, guy C has his gun pointing at guy A.


Yes, Mexican standoff does not require any Mexican involved.

A few days ago, Fat Lady told me that she wished to go out
and have dinner with her friends and to have some good time.

Me, I said no problem.

And I added, " But if you didn't come back by 9 pm, I will
start killing 1 hostage every 20 mins start eating
1 piece of chocolate every 10 mins until you come back.
What do you think, punk ?? Want to make my day ??
I sweared I sounded like Dirty Harry for the last few words.

Fat Lady blood pressure went thru the roof and gave me a
deadly stare, " Where on earth did you learn that ? huh ? huh ??
And I
double dare you !!! You don't even go close to that
jar if you want to see tomorrow sunrise,
and TRY ME to see if I am bluffing !!!!

Now, wait a second, that wasn't any Mexican Standoff.

That was something that I learnt from US Movie...

Apanama 101 ways to Ask for Ransom....

... but failed.

Monday, September 29, 2008

The One About F1 Night Race Singapore

Today Fat Lady, her brother and I were watching the Singapore
F1 Night Race and before the race we were watching some TV
host or reporter interviewing the spectators before they go
in and watch the F1 race.

A few good one that I could remember.

Reporter:" Hi ! Which team that you think will win ? "
Spectators 1 :" Huh ? I don't know any team leh !" and
she ran away fast fast .......
Reporter -_-"

Reporter:" Hi ! Which drivers that you support ? "
Spectators 2 :" Is there a Michael Schumacher right ?"
Reporter -_-""

Reporter:" Hello ! which drivers will win you think?"
Spectators 3 :" Mikka !! Mikka !!"
Reporter 2 legs and 1 mic in the sky !!

Reporter terus bo lat, asked one uncle
" Hello ! Which drivers will win , you think ?"
Uncle," Hamilton something... ! "

Reporter," Wheeewww !! "

By the way, we enjoyed the race anyway.

Fat Lady's brother, " Yay !! Can see the safety cars !
Nice safety cars !! Got blink blink lights one ! Can
see twice somemore , damn good race man !!!!! "

Fat Lady rolled eyes and Tsk !!!!!

Me -_-"

Friday, September 26, 2008

The One About The Happy Cat

Time has changed, my parents always say that....

We used to keep a cat or two to solve the mouse problems at the
house but I heard nowadays the cats simply don't work anymore.

They eat and sleep and watch TV and remind you 4 times a day
which are, " Breakfast time, Lunch Time, Dinner Time, Supper Time"
and sometimes midnight snack.

Darn.e Did you know that the cat foods in the supermarket are quite
very very expensive ???

ROI of keeping cat(s) at home = Negative 344% let me tell you that!

See what I mean below ???

Thursday, September 25, 2008

The One About Haih ......


Haih = The sound that most Malaysian make when they are disappointed, upset.Sigh.

Me, " Haihh..... "

My friend, " What happened ?"

Me, " I screwed up ! Very bad !"

My friend, " Tell me Tell me !! " 38 poh pattern came out...

Me, " You see, I knew that the petrol price was coming down.... "

My friend, " Yeah , you told me before ! "

Me, " I went to a lot of places and visited a lot of customer and planning
to get full tank of cheaper petrol tomorrow ( 25 Sep 2008 )"

My friend, " Oh good ! good planning !! "

Me, " Yeah ! Good planning, but last minute of 24th Sep my fuel tank
became low and I totally forgotten everything and went to pump another
full tank with old prices.... "

Me, " After I pump pump pump, suddenly I remembered OH SHIT !!
tomorrow fuel price would drop !!!
Actually 2 hours later would be midnight and the fuel prices would
drop already !!! "

My friend lolrotf !!!

She pointed at my nose and said, " 老猫烧须! 老猫烧须! "

Me -_-"

But, on the other side, RM 0.10 drop per litre.

My F-22 Fuel Tank = 42 litre ( not really empty )

Say 38 litre x RM 0.10 = Only RM 3.80 wasted.


Wednesday, September 24, 2008

The One About Yoga and Bowel errr..... gas !!

My sister has been doing Yoga for many many weeks and recently
she asked Fat lady to join them for Yoga class. Being wanted
to stay slim and not so fat, Fat Lady agreed.

So 1st day after Fat lady came back from the yoga class.

Fat Lady, " Wah liew !! Very tired !! very tired !! Whole body
stretched like hell and legs and arms very tired. "

Me, " Good good !! "

I was wrong....

A few hours later while I was reading news paper, Fat Lady was
watching TV and suddenly, " Putttt ! "

Me jumped out and shouted, " Gas Attack ! Gas Attack !! Run for
your lives !! Everyone run for shelter !! "

Fat Lady face blush blush, " Soli Soli !! "

Me -_-"

Late at night and I was watching TV another few " Poooottttt !"

Me, " Wah Liew ! Damn healthy farts !! Congratulations !"

Fat Lady, " Yorr ! The Yoga lah ! Yoga Causes Fart Mar !! "

Me, " Wah Liew ! Yoga can cause Fart one meh ? "

Fat Lady then Puttttt !!!

The Famous Kampung Kayu Ara Morse Code :

Puttt = Yes!

Puttt puttt = No!

Pooootttttt = I hate you !

Pffffffffutt = Silenced Puttt !

Probpp proob prooobo put = Puttt with watery sound, deadly putt!


No more YOGA class !!!

The One About Kampung.

Kampung = Small town or village.

Yesterday at dinner the waitress had some conversation with
me and we were chatting :

Me, " Eh ! Minggu depan Hari Raya doh nih ! Balik kampung ke?"

Lady," Tak lah, saya berasal dari KL. "

Me, " Oh macam tu, ruginya, tak boleh balik kampung. "

Lady, " Errr.... "

Me, " I bahagia, boleh balik Kampung tiap tiap hari !! "

Lady, " Yoooorrrrr !! Syioknya ! Mana you punya Kampung ? "

Me, " Kampung Kayu Ara loh ! "

Lady lol with 2 legs in the sky.

Me ? I terus lari cepat cepat lah.

Sunday, September 14, 2008

The One About Improvising

Everyday in life we face problems and challenges.

When people face problems and challenges, there are 2 typical
responses most of the time :

a. To whine, to complain, kao peh kao bu, and problem not solved!
b. Improvise and solve the problem, and be a real man !

My friend Gary has a Kancil and he is been driving it for quite
some time. Once his nice girlfriend complaint that the car visor
has no mirror and she can't put her make up and lip stick and

Gary made this for less then RM 0.50 the second day and the girl
friend became speechless.

The girlfriend doesn't complain no more.
Gary become happier man.

That, is a good story of the importance of improvising and I think
every good sales person should be able to do that.

Gary could have complaint or cried like hell or protest or ask
for government help and subsidies..... but he didn't !!!

He improvised and solved the problem , like a real man !!!

Gary !! This one is for you !!

I tabik you very much !!

The One About Whale and Sonar !!

A few weeks ago Fat Lady and me went to this famous Spa Center at
Jaya 33 and signed up some SPA package for her.

At the same time I managed to get the complimentary usage of the
swimming pool and finally had a chance to swim there just now.

The swimming pool is like 30 meters long and it is perfect for a 4 km
or 6 km course. I did a 480 meter only today.

Yeah I know I know... long time never swim already, lost stamina.

But the best thing is that this 30 meter pool has under water speaker
mia you know ?

As one swim ( people or whale or shrimps ) he / she / it could enjoy
the music. Darn !! The world has changed so much !!!

Initially I wasn't sure about the underwater speaker but when I was
near the both 2 side ( end / start of 30 meter ) there was this sound
like sonar sound of submarine in the movies.

I was like -_-" what noise was that ?

I submerged my head and OMG !! Music under water !!!

Darn I am loving this swimming pool very much.

This post might look messy and unorganized as I drink quite a lot
of water this evening and still high at the moment !

Wednesday, August 27, 2008

The One About 落井下石 伤口撒盐




这岂不是落井下石 伤口撒盐吗?

Saturday, August 23, 2008

The One About Kucing Pipe !!

A Hello Kucing exhaust pipe.

I am so totally speechless !!

The One About AKLEH !!

In Hakka, Ah Lek means a small kid.

It is always norm to see a description of the
kid's appearance in front.

Like if that kid is too darn thin, his name would
be Pai Kut Lek.

If that kid is handsome, his name would be Handsome

If that kid has tall nose, his name would be Kuai Low

If that kid has a lot of hair, would be Harry Lek then.

Anyway, it has been like 25 years since I last heard
this name Ah Lek Ah Lek.

At Ampang the other day I saw a signboard saying

" AKLEH " and " KLCC "

I was like, wah liew !! Which Ah Lek is so famous until
there is a few signboard putting direction to his house,
and this guy ( Ah Lek ) is as important as KLCC -_-"

And then, I figured figured....

AKLEH's actual meaning is Ampang Kuala Lumpur Elevated
Highway lah !!

Cheh ! Ah Lek and Ak Leh tak sama tahu ? Dik ????

Fat Lady, " Oh I see !!! " lol !!!

Hence, AKLEH = Highway's name

Ah Lek = Kid !!

How about Ak Leh Lek ???

Must be the kid who stays under the KL Ampang highway
loh ! Duh !!!

Sunday, August 17, 2008

The One About Another Cold One !!

Three tomatoes are walkin' down the street.

Papa Tomato, Mama Tomato and Baby Tomato.

Baby Tomato starts lagging behind,
and Papa Tomato gets really angry.

Goes back and squishes him and says,

"Ketchup !! "


Wednesday, August 06, 2008

The One About Sarong.

So, there was this not so thin guy getting married and his
friend kept on giving him pressure over the MSN.

Friend, " Hi ! What cloths you are going to wear that night?"

Fatty, " Don't know yet, maybe shirt and coat kua."

Friend, " Why not something more special ? Whole white?"

Fatty, " Don't want, wear white cannot eat dinner liao, you
want me starve to dead izzit ? "

Friend, " Aloi !! Eat eat eat !! Getting fat loi ! Nanti cannot
wear coat or wedding cloths baru tahu ! "

Fatty, " Can always wear sarong what ? "

Friend, " Wahh !! That would be interesting !! "

Fatty, " Later the sarong jatuh, lagi intersting aloi !! "

Friend, " Nampak burung sial !"

Fatty and Friend lololrotf !!!

Photos from : http://www.travel.hickerphoto.com/images/bald_eagle_bird_MG0813.jpg

The One About RM 20 and RM 10.

A few weeks ago I found out that the non original Audio CDs
are being sold at RM 20 for 3 pieces at some SS2 night

I pointed at them and shouted, " Wow ! That's cheap !! "

My sister turned head and said, " RM 10 for 3, Kepong and
Cheras night market ! "

Me -_-"

You know back in 1996 / 1997 the price of non original CD
was RM 25 per piece ?

By the way, the RM 20 / 3 was using stamping technology
and the RM 10 for 3 was using CD-R.

Manufacturing cost tak sama.

Sunday, August 03, 2008

The One About 28 weeks later.

Just finished watching 28 weeks later at Star Movie Channel.

Just one word, " diediediediedie !! "

* run away ala Zombie ..... damn tiring !!

The One About Adoi !!!

Adoi !! Kelapa sangkut !!!

The One About F-117 and F-22

After many many years in service, my F-117 is finally going to
retire from active services and become under General Fat Lady's

Me ? I got a new smaller vehicle, still very much stealth and
could move fast and move low. Darn !! I am going to miss the
7 years old F-117 already.

Fat Lady, " WTF ? I get F-117 ah ? You get F-22 ah ? "

Me, " F-117 better then F-22 ! Ignition part got light one woh ! "

Fat Lady, " )!&&$^^%!%%$$$!#%&**#*$*%&&&B"

Thursday, July 24, 2008

The One About Good and Bad Dreams.

I had a dream last night, in the dream I had the urge to go pee
pee and I went to the toilet.

In side the toilet, there was only 4 walls with 1 door and nothing
else, no toilet bowl, no toilet seat nothing, just like a empty store
room, how too pee like that ?? Hoiyoh !!!

This is bad dream !!

Sometimes in the dream, we worked like hell and went thru some
tough time and finally time to eat came, and I woke up !!!!!!!!

That is also bad dream (timing) !

Sometimes in the dream, we ate a lot damn good stuff and enjoyed
to the max, and able to wake up before the bill of food come !!!!

That is good dream ( timing ) lolrotf !!

Theses idea came from the 19 sec duration of my pee this morning.

Friday, June 20, 2008

The One About Flowers.

Tuesday, June 17, 2008

The One About Many Partitions

Now, my desktop computer shows 13 partitions of hard disk
drive containing a lot of files since 1996 until today.

All 4 IDE and 2 SATA are used up and there are totally 5 physical
hard disk in the computer casing, powered by 1GB RAM and a tiny
mini kini Intel Celeron processor -_-"

That is a lot of files in there, really.

Once there was a few files missing, I sent a team of commando to go
in and search for the files, the whole team of commandos also went
missing till today.

I sent another team to rescue the rescue team which went to rescue
the files, the team failed yet again !!!

It's a huge jungle in there and do not mess with me , ok ?

Kommies : "Nerd !! -_-""

You know who has this much of partition back in 1990s ?

Dr. Foo from Kota Bharu , Kelantan.

I am so proud and grateful to Dr Foo , thanks Doc !!

There are also millions of funny story of Dr Foo and my family too!

Friday, June 13, 2008

The One About Buku Latihan

Somehow the old exercise book ( Buku Latihan ) from year 1994
managed to follow me despite so many years after, and after moving
from a place to another.

Some comics from 1996 like Michael The Cat and Gon : 傻仔龙 followed me
wherever I go.

KB to SS2
SS2 to Setapak
Setapak to KB
KB to Ampang
Ampang to PJ Condo
PJ Condo to PJ link house
PJ link house to Town House

wtf ....

The One About CPU cleaned 1

What you see in the photo is how does my computer casing
looked like yesterday night.

Was adding another Hard Disk in and noticed that the Processor
heat sinks and fan were full of dirts and dust.

Hence, I had to take them out and give them a good bath.

Note that this is the first time I am dissembling a heat sink since
my Pentium 200MMX time.

Boy the fan and heat sink technology sure has come a long way and
improved so much.

But dust is always there, and heat sink cream or the grey coloured
heat conductor is always there. Eh ?

And a person with thick palms is not suitable to do too much of
hand in hand out job between the CPU, RAM, Hard disk and stuff like
that cause the meat will kena Kiap in between, I sumpah !!

How to trim one's palm size ah ?

The One About CPU Cleaned 2

Look at the amount of dirt and all those don't know what
on the cooler fan and heat sinks fins.

A lot of dirt and dust means no good air ventilation.

Bad air ventilation means CPU get hots.

CPU gets hot means we could fry eggs on top of it ??

Anyway, I can't stand all these dust near me and inside
my computer case. Hence , Operation Desert Storm begins lah!

The One About CPU Cleaned 3

Look at the amount of dust and dirt and all those shitzz...

Collected since Jan 2006 till 12 June 2008. 2 and 1/2 years
worth of dust, dirt and don't know what.

Kenapa boleh jadi begini ?

The One About CPU Cleaned 4

This is how the heat sink looked like after a rinse of
pressurized water. No soap, no detergent, just water to
flush away the dust and dirt.

After that, I blowed of the water drops in between the
fins so hard that the vision became dark ( insufficient air
to the brain -_-" )

Cause water droplets on your CPU and Mainboard might
cause short circuit and fry themselves up, right ?

The One About CPU Cleaned 5

Tadaaaaa !!! Clean and shining and looks like new one!

Despite it's a Celeron only, it's more then enough for me
and my family home use.

Monday, June 02, 2008

The One About Taman Kosas Breakfast

Have known this uncle who sell " Kon Low Mee " for about 10 years
already, this shop is in Taman Kosas, Ampang, one of the best place to
stay back then !

He sells nice Wan Tan Mee and Kon Low Mee.... Kai Kei -_-" is the
stall's name.

I don't know his name, and he doesn't know mine, but each time I come
he remembered what I want and I just say hi to him and greeting and

And the good time begins !!!!

The One About Appetizer

The pickled green chilies ( a must ) always come first !!

The boss still busy there preparing the main course and soup of the day -_-"

The One About Noodles Arrival at Table !!

Now this is the main course of the morning, yeah !!

The One About The Soup of the Day !

Any Kon Low Mee is not complete without a bowl of hot
soup with Wan Tan inside !!!

The One About The Ready To Eat Condition

Now the noodles are ready to be put into stomach after
being properly mixed with it's gravy.

Ready !!! 1, 2, 3... go !!!

The Aftermath (burp)

That is the end of a wonderful breakfast + lunch at Taman Kosas !

The One About Don't Know What Flower.

Saw this a few weeks ago and had my d50 with me. And if you look carefully
you might be able to find 3 dust ( from my CCD sensor lolrtof ! )

The One About A Cold One !!

问: 为甚么不能在海边讲笑话??

答: 因为可能会引起海啸!!



Thursday, May 29, 2008

The One About Shorty & Jogging

Today Jessie came kacau me over the MSN and started
a lot of discussion about her height and everything.

She asked, " Pendek tak boleh jogging mer ? "

Me, "Pendek jogging bahaya, kereta tak nampak !"

* run away !!!

I think she is still angry until don't know what do to, till now !!

Sunday, May 25, 2008

The One About Rice Dumpling

A naked Rice Dumpling. Awaiting for Fat Lady ...

Dumpling:" Eat me !! You Fat Lady !! "

Fat Lady:" Ok !! Your wish is my command !!! "

The next moment, the rice dumpling looked like this.

Me :" Ewwwwwwwwww !!! "

Fat lady with a piece of pork in her mouth asked, " Whhaaaattzzzz ?? "

The One About Rice Dumpling 2

The Rice Dumpling Season is here again, this year my parents
started early to prepare the rice dumplings. And the result ?

Fat Lady :" Wah !! Sedap !!! " and started eating.

Me with my d50 -_-"

Tuesday, May 20, 2008

The One About Hmmmm d50 !!! hahahahaha

Acquired a Nikon D50 some weeks ago at RM 1,000.

Was thinking to buy and to sell this babeh so that I could earn
some RM 500 in the process and while get to play with a real
dSRL for sometime.

Fat Lady got that and sniff sniff, " Hmm, smells new ! Let's keep
it ! "

Me -_-" ok

Anyway, the camera produces good photo despite some dust on
the sensor. Me going to clean the dust later and might buy a
better lens later. Please wait till i have chance to take some
night shoot using this D50. I heard the noise is pretty low.

Wednesday, May 07, 2008

The One About Going Oversea !!

A few weeks ago someone asked me where would I go for
honey moon if I am married.

I replied, " Pulau Ketam ? Pulau Pinang ? Pulau Langkawi?"

Someone -_-" and 2 legs in the sky.

Me, " What ? All over sea destination woh !! What else do you
want ? hmmm ?? hmmm ? "

Hence there is a saying that, " Never ! Ever ! Evar marry Philips !! "

Monday, April 28, 2008

The One Which is Dedicated For Kelly.

Kelly was a good friend of mine back to 1995, we were having a lot
of fun back then, like watching Hot Shots ! together, teaching her
how to do juggling with lime etc. Somehow she later moved to JB
and started working there ever since. Sigh !! Yeah ?

A few days ago she SMS me and I returned her call and asked her
how was everything.

She, " Waliew ! Nowadays going to work in Singapore very jam !!"

Me, " Really ? Cause the guy who ran away right ?"

She, " Yeah lah !! Need 2 hours plus to cross the causeway, like
that is very tiring everyday leh !! "

Me, " Poor you !! Don't worry, you are not alone ok !!?? "

She sobbed sobbed and asked, " Really ? "

Me, " Now I also very difficult to go to work, my house is 4km
away from my office, everyday also need 10 to 15 minutes only
can arrive at the office, you know ? "

She -_-"

Me, " I have to wake up at 8:30 am, and by 8:45 am I have to
go out, else I would be late to arrive at office, and that would
resulting all the nice Nasi Lemak sold out liao !! Very sum tong
you know ?? how sum tong ahhhhh !!! "

She -_-" and continued to sob and sob and sob !!!

She, " Jangan lari you !!! "

Me lolrotf !!!!

Hei ! Kelly ! Take good care of yourself and may you always be
happy there yeah ?

Thursday, April 24, 2008

The One About Income Tax Relief.

Today in office we all were discussing about income-tax and some
deduction and relief.

Miss Prada, " Boss, what are the things that we could get relief eh ?"

Boss, " Computer, parents medical, children, spouse, etc... "

Miss Prada, " What else eh ? "

Boss, " Boobs !!! Your boobs !!! "

Miss Prada, " I beg your pardon ? How dare you !!! "

Boss, " Yeahlah, when you buy boobs , you have the receipts what ?"

Miss Prada, " How dare you ! Mine are original boobs ok ?
Walaupon taklah besar sangat.... "

Boss -_-" and me, " He means Books !!! Buku !! Magazine !! Majalah !!! "

Miss Prada, " Oh ! I see !! Cheh !! Sei Hum Sup !! "

Me lolrotf !!!

Boss -_-" and " What ?? What is going one ? "

Oh ! Never mind ....

Tuesday, April 22, 2008

The One About 246,480 km

Look at the dashboard of the F-117 a few days ago and found
that this Stealth Fighter has flown over 246,480 km over the
past 67 months, which is about 3678 km per month or 122 km
per day -_-" fuyuh !!!

Thanks for the reliability and always being there for me !!

The One About 子孙根

In MSN today, a friend of mine who is famous for being
Chili Padi , LCLY and 整 蛊 作 怪 也 很 同 时 臭 屁 的!

Jessie Chow Pendek says:

Wong Kai Hong says:

Wong Kai Hong says:

Wong Kai Hong says:

子孙根 = kkc !

* run !!

The One About Warm Seremban Siew Pow

This morning I bought 2 seremban siew pow, fresh from the oven and
had one after my breakfast. And brought the other one to office and
put on my table.

Moment later , Miss Prada walked in and me, " Hi morning !! "

Miss Prada, " Morning , Mr Wong. "

Me, " Eh ! Would you like to have a Seremban Siew Pow ? "

Miss Prada, " Wow ! Really nice of you , thanks ! " and she proceed
and started eating the Seremban Siew Pow.

Miss Prada , " Wow ! So nice ! Still warm one woh ! Thanks yeah ! "

Me, " Yeahloh, this morning I put the Siew Pow in my pants pocket
next to balls to keep them warm..... "

Miss Prada, " Iyeeerrrrr !!!! Woweeeeekkkkkkkkkkk !!
Ptui ptui !! Wooooweeeekkkkkkkkkkk !!! Wowek !!
knnbbqserembansiewpowjohnyhotdogwhiny !!!

Me ? I ran away so fast and laughed so hard till I almost pee in my
pants !!!

Warm Siew Pow ? Anyone wants ???

* Lari !!!

Monday, April 14, 2008

The One About Piglets

Me told my friends, " OMG ! My cousin dog gave birth to piglets"

My friends, " You crazy chicken ah ? "

Me, " Really mia ! Look at the photos !! "

The One About Puppies !!

Me :" Fuyoh !! Why your puppies look like piglets one ?"

Cousin:" lolol ! I thought like anak tikus !? "

Me : " Correct ! Correct ! Correct !! "

* Now we have got 5 dogs at home -_-"

Sunday, April 13, 2008

The One About Police Road Block !

A few weeks ago as usual after work I went to pub and had
fun there and got drunk. I was so drunk but yet I still decided
to drive home cause the pub was not far away from my house.

The good thing to stay in PJ area is that your house is never
far away from pubs and happening places, right ??

So on the way back to home that day, despite the high feeling I
could still able to drive, remember the road home and stop at
red lights and go at green, cool eh ? Who says that I am drunk?

But not far away from the pub there was this police road block.

Me, " Yeah right !! Saturday, happening day, sure got road block!"

2 mins later and the police knocked at my windows and I winded
down the window. I am very sure that I am not going to pass the
alcohol test and hence, let's get them to issue the ticket and quickily
go home and sleep lah ! Damn tired.

The police officer put the instrument over the window and I was
lazy to go out from my car, I just blow hard at the instrument
and wait for the reading.

Me, " fuuuuuuuuuuu....... " blowed as hard as I could.

20 second later, the police asked me, " Encik , kenapa encik tiub
saya mia lampu suluh ? Tengok ? Sudah basah dengan air liur
encik !! "

Me -_-" and nevertheless I got the ticket for being too drunk to
differentiate between a torch light and alcohol tester.


My neighbor uncle told me this story, when he told me the story
his face looked very serious and i trust that this is based on the
true story.

Don't Drink And Drive and Watch That Torch Light !!!!

Friday, April 11, 2008

Maka hatta, Hang Tuah pon bertitah bertanya si Lee Poh,

Hang Tuah, " Eh ! Aku dengar lok nih Kelateh panah sungguh
deh ! Pokok, grumput mati kheging belakoh ! "

Lee Poh, " Yeah lah ! Pasal itu apana kesan Al Maanila !"

Lee Poh, " Atau, kesan Al Fido Dido ? "

Lee Poh, " Atau, kesan Al Fatimah binti Ramlah "

Lee Poh, " Atau, kesan Al Nana? Ali Baba ? Lina Ong ?"

Hang Tuah -_-"

Lee Poh, " Cekap cakap ! Apakah jawapan muktamat anda ?"

Hang Tuah, " Boo.. bolehkah saya gunakan talian hayat ?"

Lee Poh, " Sudah tentu boleh, talian hayang dibawakan khas
untuk anda oleh Ericsson T 28, nipis macam tuala wanita !"

Hang Tuah, " Teee... terima kasih ! "

Lee Poh, " Siapa anda hendak menelefon ? "

Hang Tuah, " Abang saya, James Bondalinggam ! "

Lee Poh, " Ok ! Silakan tunggu... aku paseh speaker phone deh!"

Hang Tuah, " Terima kasih.... "

T 28 mia speaker phone, " Nombor yang anda dial, tiada dalam
perkhidmatan kami , The Number That You Have Dialed, is not
in Service "

Hang Tuah, " Apacek ?? Kenapa boleh jadi begini ? "

Lee Poh, " Oh maafkan kami, nampaknya nombor tersebut
tidak aktif, jadi, berbalik kepada studio, apakah jawapan
muktamad anda.... "

Hang Tuah, " Eh ! Tapi saya belum dapat bercakap dengan
james lagi, macam mana ada jawapan ?"

Lee Poh, " Itu anda punya masalah, bukan saya punya masalah."

Hang Tuah terus 2 legs in the sky....

Hang Tuah semakin cemas dibuat si Lee Poh dengan nadanya
yang serba memaksa dan menghantui jiwanya yang lemah.

Jiwanya yang memang lemah lembut nampaknya tidak dapat
bertahan lama jika diteruskan pergodaan oleh Lee Poh.

Lee Poh, " Hmmm... janganlah begitu !! "

Hang Tuah, " Eh ! cepatlah !!"

Lee Poh, " Taknak ! Orang ni perempuan lah !"

Hang Tuah, " Apa taknak taknak ? Nak kena tampar ni
ke ?"

Lee Poh, " Aku Taknak Merokok ! Kerana ianya
membahayakan kesihatan dan mungkin menyebabkan
barah payu dara. "

Hang Tuah, " PFORBABOH ??? "

Akan bersambung lagi entah bila....

Thursday, April 10, 2008

The One About Teaching A Lesson

The stray dogs in my area has becoming worst lately as the dogs
reproduce in a very huge amount and at high speed.

Hence, now there are a several gangs of stay dogs namely:
  • Midnight attack gang.
  • Daily surprise gang.
  • Bike chasing gang.
  • Making noise gang.
  • Road blocker gang.
  • Rubbih cari makan gang.

    Ok !!! That is a lot of gang x 5 or 6 that is about 40 stray dogs at
    my place. No wonder I see people go jogging carrying stick and
    baton just like a High Ranking General or Police Officer.

    -_-" eh !!

    Anyway, we shall talk or introduce about the individual gangs above
    when i have the mood and time to do so yeah !!

    But this morning the Road Blocker Gang ( aka Kurang Ajar Gang )
    was at work !! They were having fun blocking the road and causing
    the cars to slow down and they RESPECT NO LAWS !!!

    Me old myself, " Enough is enough !! Teach the guy a lesson !!"

    Pressed the F-117 silent mode and the engine became noiseless and
    car become super quiet !!

    The leader dog still stand at the middle of the road, arse facing me!!

    Me " Urgggghhh !!!! " and let the F-117 glide with 20kmph and
    give a soft push at the dog leader !!

    For us who do precise driving all the time, this is small case cause
    we always know how to do this kind of trick !!

    Once the F-117 touched the dog, the dog had a shock of it's life and
    ran to the road side and looked back at me.

    Me, " Hei ! Your grandfather road ah ? "

    Dog, " Hei ! You scared me to death you know ? "

    Me, " Oh ! Really ? I did that on purpose one ! Didn't feel so ?"

    Dog, " You watch out ! "

    Me, " You watch out your arse too ! "

    Dog, " Hmmmpppffff !!"

    Me, " lolrotf !! "

    Shifted to 1st gear and accelerate full throttle.

    The dog coughed in dust and engine smoke and cried.

    Me 1 and Dog 0 !!!

    Me won big time !!!

    * run fast fast !!
  • Wednesday, April 09, 2008

    The One About Trees and Lamp posts !!

    After lunch today the girls at the back of the car felt
    the urgency to go to washroom. " pee pee " they said they

    Me, " Ok ! Let me drive a bit faster, but if traffic jam
    how eh ? "

    Amy, " Hmm... find a tree ! find a tree !!! "

    Me, " Why must you find a tree ? If you are about to
    explode already but there are no trees to be found, then
    how ? Especially at the highway area? "

    Amy -_-"

    Me, " Why can't you just pee at the lamp post there ?"
    ( Me pointed at Phileo Damansara lamp post )

    Amy -__-"

    Moments later, Amy, " You idioteh ! Cause if I pee pee
    at the lamp post, it would get rusted !! While if I pee at the
    tree it becomes organic fertilizer ! Faham ?"

    Me -_-" betul juga !!

    This one is dedicated for those who feels like going to explode
    but stuck in bad traffic jam mia people.

    Muah ah ha ha ha ha ha ha !!!

    Tuesday, April 08, 2008

    The One About 5P and 5K

    I have a lot of friends from Singapore and some of them are very
    lovely one, like one day one of my friend somehow made me
    "beh song" hence I insulted him.

    I said, " You know you all Singaporean has 5 K ? "

    J, " Wtf 5 K ? "

    Me, " You Kiasu, Kiasi , Kia Bor, Kia Boh, Kia Zheng Hu!"

    怕输 怕死 怕没有 怕老婆 怕政府!

    J -_-"

    And then J replied," You blardy Malaysian ! You also have 5 4 P!"

    Me wtf this round.

    J, " You all always Pangsai Pangjio Pangpui Pang Pui Ki !! "
    什 么 大 便 小 便 乱 放 屁 还 放 飞 机!

    The One About Old Lift.

    A lot of ghost or paranormal story/ incident happen inside some old
    lift or old building. Especially when there is no one around and when
    the night is quiet, no wind....

    Today I went to Digital Mall's car park with Amanda and we wanted
    to use the lift, Amanda pressed the button and the lift came shortly.

    Amanda walked in to the lift which already have 5 person and then I
    walked in.

    The alarm went off, and the button " Overweight " came on !!!!

    Amanda -_-" and the rest of the people behind us also -_-"

    I took out my car keys from my pocket and showed everyone the
    keys and said, " These keys very heavy, hence overweight !"

    Me, " Never mind, I walk with my keys, Amanda ! Come !! "

    Then I walked out from the lift proudly with Amanda following me
    closely from behind.

    Amanda, " Wah Lau eh ! You blame your car keys ah ? "

    Me, " Of course lah, I also want to blame the pack of tissue in my
    pocket one, but I am in such a hurry you see ? "

    Amanda terus 2 legs in the sky !!!

    So next time, when the lift become overweight and if you are the
    last one to walk in, tell them the truth !! Tell them which are the
    items that cause the alarm to go off, such as

  • Car keys.
  • Credit card.
  • Pack of tissue.
  • Parking ticket ( a lot of time )
  • Your sun glasses.
  • Your watch, maybe.
  • Your handphone, maybe ??

    Tell them the truth, it's not your fault, don't worry !!!

    * run away !!!
  • Friday, April 04, 2008

    The One About Johntim in Hai Kou

    Hai Kou is the major city for Hai Nan Island of China and my friend
    Johntim Chia is being sent to Hai Kou for a couple of weeks. After a
    few days staying there he reported something funny back to me.

    Johntim:" Here you can choose to wear shirt to take bus."
    Me:" What ? "

    Johntim:" Yeah, it is optional here for you to wear shirt when taking
    bus, I have seen people not wearing shirt when they are in the bus!"
    Me:" What Da Fark ?? "

    Johntim:" Oh yeah ! Here very nice, RM 0.50 you can board the bus
    and go to ANYWHERE that you want. "

    Me 2 legs in the sky !!!

    I am going to Hai Kou one of the day my friend !!!

    Thursday, April 03, 2008

    The One About Healthy Breakfast !!

    When I was in From 2 back to 1992, there was this subject called
    "Kemahiran Hidup" which basically general knowledge about life as
    we grow up and some skills subject.

    In one of the chapter it said that " Nasi lemak is a type of balanced
    food ( or healthy ) as Nasi Lemak cointains
  • Rice ( Carbohydrate )
  • Chicken ( A lot of protein )
  • Cucumber ( Vegetable, fiber, vitamins etc )
  • Anchovies ( Seafood, iodine, protein -_-" )
  • Egg ( Protein and enzyme )

    We all trusted what we learnt in school very much and till today we
    always practice "Eat Healthy Food "

    Let's start babeh !! RM 3.50 for a nice pack of balanced healthy food.

    Fat Lady, " But nasi lemak a lot of oil !! "

    Me, " Oil is good as it protects our stomach from bacteria and virus !"

    Fat Lady -_-" and mouth open big big....

    Me added on, " Oil is essential as it contains Vitamin B1, B2 and B3.. "

    And, " Oil is good cause it moisturize your skin, preventing water loss!
    see my skin ? QQ one , doing doing sound one !! "

    Fat Lady =_=" and ....

    Fat Lady would probably kill me when she sees this, but, heck for the
    happiness of mankind, die die also must publish this one.