Monday, December 01, 2008

The One About Why I am not rich

A few weeks ago and it was a friday and I asked my fellow colleague
out for lunch, and i proposed Bak Kut Teh for that.

Ah June asked me, why we want to have Bak Kut Teh on friday.

Me," Nothing lah, just thought of having BKT, can ah ? "

Ah June, " cannot, you must reply us in details and be reasonable !!"

Me, " ok ok ok... you see, back in Kelantan, in 1993 , 1995,
my family is very poor, actually till now we are still very poor....

we only get to eat pork on Friday only, the rest of the weekdays
we didn't get the chance to eat pork...

Sometimes, we don't have pork at all for many days, we only
eat lobsters and sometimes the lobster is very huge and the meat
is a bit old, a bit hard, a little bit chewy you know ?
very difficult to chew....

Also sometimes, we also don't have rice for many days, we had
to go to Victoria Stations, or The ship Restaurant for the steak,
or sometimes when we really poor, we eat the chicken chop and
some mushroom soups only.

There was a time when the economy was no good in, 1997 something,
we didn't take rice for one whole month. We only had shark fin soup
and seafood soups for many many days, mana kenyang like that ?
no white rice....

sometimes, when economy is too bad, we had to leave town and back
to my father's island at South Africa, we stay there and whole month
also can eat 3 head's abalone only. Sometimes when the wind very
strong, we can eat some fresh oyster with lemon only.
No money to buy Tabasco also...

Haih... so, that's why I like to eat Bak Kut teh on friday, cause I
remember the very poor and difficult time last time.

Eh why all my colleague take stick and wood and baseball bat and
chase me?

June:" Hoi ! You don't run !! Come back here !! "

Wah !! Run away fast fast !!!

Is it a crime to be not so rich meh ?? why ?

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Anonymous said...

wah, the sun is so bright, u are "sai" (jemur nyawa)..hahahaa