Wednesday, May 31, 2006

Lightning strike !!

Hmm did you know that almost all if not majority of the Lightning Strike victims in Malaysia are Male ???

Hmm ? hmm? Why leh ?

Sunday, May 28, 2006

Today it's a Sunday and i normally sleep until 10 am or so, or just wake up naturally regardless what time it is. However i was having this weard dream that I was sitting at a corner of KLIA or some air port while all the air craft is landing one after another. Siao eh crazy dream. So i woke up and , heh ? How come the KLIA noise is still around in my head one ? I opened the windows and looked outside, hmm, funny, i stay in PJ and it's 60km away from KLIA right? But how come ..... and then the noise came again. It was some noisy slow helicopter flying low over our PJ sky actually. Well, i said to myself, what are they doing here ? ( and i suddenly remember that they are doing some practise for the coming don't know what celebration. ) and i told myself, practise then practise lah, why must you all practise over PJ and making noise and giving me nightmare and waking me up before 9 am on a wonderful Sunday morning? That's wrong attitude dude ! So when you have wrong attitude I must do something to correct your attitude !! I was searching for the sign of the air craft and then i saw it ! Mother farker ! Damn noisy formation of helicopter squadran appeared infront of my windows again !!
This big ass helicopter is the nosiest ! But 1 helicopter normally wouldn't produce so much of noise, isn't it ? Tak kan ada whole squadran of helicopter early morning right? I was so wrong !!
Ah ... good God there were 7 of them all rotating around my condo making noise and burning fuel !! I am very Beh Song liao, what could I do to make myself feeling Songer leh? Think Jack Think !!
I became a little bit annoyed with noise on a nice Sunday morning, so I went to my F-117 and took out the Stinger ( USD 4,000 ) per pop and aimed at the helicopters formation. Target locked with radar and laser, and infra-red tracing also activated. What am I waiting for? Lock and load and shot ! I gently squizzed the trigger and the missile was launched.
Missile flying towards the formation. T minus 4 seconds before impact, I promptly closed my ears, going to be loud that that distance.
4 seconds later, the anti air missile hit the target head on and the target bursted into a big fireball. That's direct hit ! Positive impact PI PI.... Yee Haw !! I am good !! Now I could enjoy a peaceful Sunday morning liao, and what happened to the rest of helicopter ? Some landed and some disappeared in the cloud. There was one landed infront of my condo, it's a Black Hawk down !! Black Hakw down !!
Mayday Mayday !! Black Hawk Down !! Black Hawk Down !!

来 嘢 咗 and 一 言 惊 醒 梦 中 人 !!!

Was talking to Jason over the MSN just now
and expressed to him that i might wanted to let go of my
Panasonic FZ30 which i have just bought 5 months ago.

Reason? There was this son of a bitch Jeff who sells camera at
Time Square spoken to me. He said FZ30 is for pro-sumer and I
am going to advance level liao, need at least a dSLR baru ok !

Then he turned around and showed me the Olympus E-330 which
comes with 2 lenses and everything is RM 3,600.00.

He said:" 底到烂!"

I said:" No ! 底裤都烂 baru betul ! RM3,600 !! Cis !! "

He then proceed and start taking photos using this E-330 and showed
me the photos . OMG !!

I gulped and asked again, " How much already ?"

Jeff :" RM3,600 only, very the !"

I said to Jeff with tears in my eyes," No Jeff, I ain't have no money !"

Jeff:" Never mind, you could sell your FX30 for RM2,000 and etc !"

Me, run away like a women who found that her husband is having an
affair with another man ( wtf? yeah Brokeback thing , you know ? )
on their bed.

Jeff:" Woi Woi Woi ! I reserve one unit for you ok? you go and find
RM3,600 in 2 months time. "

Jeff is really an arse hole ! arse hole ! arse hole !!!!!!!

Actually Jeff has warned me before, a few months ago....

Jeff :" Oh you better don't touch dSLR ok ? "

Me:" Why ? You think i am not rich enough to buy ah ? "

Jeff looked me up and down, twice and said :" Yeah, you are not rich!"

Me:" Ha ha ha ha ! Don't worry lah, i will not kena hooked one ! "

Jeff:" 听着先 lah ! "

and now here I am, everynight thinking of the new E-330 and
want to die like that.

Really 欲仙欲死 now leh thinking of E-330.

Then my rescue team arrived, Jason said:" Oi ! Farker listen up ! "

Me with tears in my eyes," Why? What ? Where is my E-330 ?"

Jason," Why you want to change FZ30 to E-330 ? hmmm ?"

Me:" Cause i kena hooked liao ! Lai Yeh Zho 来嘢咗 !"

Jason:" Listen to me carefully, I thougt you said you wanted to
get married and things like that ? "

Me :" Holy Cow ! 一言惊醒梦中人 !!!!! "

I better start saving money instead of spending them like there
is no tomorrow like that.

2 worst thing that could happen to a person, ever !!

1, is that you are dying in 2 hours, but you still have 20 million USD !!
2, is that you finished using all the 20 million USD but you still not dead!!

So, that's how a 22 years old boy scout from MMU who saved the
team leader of Las Vagas Crime Scene Investigaton Team.

Mr. Gil Grissom is very thankful to Mr. Jason from MMU, Melacca.

And talking about getting married is another story, let's avoid talking
about it, banyak tensi

Saturday, May 27, 2006

Quote of the day.

Me:" A leaked rubber could cost life and dead sometimes!"

Friend:" Is that so ? "

Me:" If the paramedic wears a broken / leaked rubber gloves and attended to contamination, he/she could get his/herself in danger, even death ? right ?"

Fried:" You are right !"

MeL" If a leaked or peciah condom is used, she could get a new life or two right ? "

Friend:" Iyeeerr ! you humsup !! "

Me -_-" what ? It's true isn't it ? That's really the matter of life and death !

Friend:" Iyerrrr you very humsup !! "


There are times when I am having an afternoon nap on a nice Saturday (or Sunday) when someone has call up and disturb my meeting with Ms Vivian Chow Wai Muna/p Dato' Chow. And I always feel like -_-" oiyo process tidur terdendala pula !!

Well, today it's a diffrent story, as I have mentioned that my F-117 has turned into something like Super Aquarium capable bay. Thanks Proton ! Thanks a lot !!

To make the damp smell disappear, i have asked the security guard at my condo to give me a visitor space which is under open air section to expose my car to maximum sunshine to dry the aquarium up.

And i proceed back to my room and as usual the Standard of Procedure S.O.P. for Saturday afternoon would be :

  • Close windows, curtain shut.
  • Turn on air cond.
  • System shut down and zzzzzzzzz.....

    About 2 hours later a friend of mine Ah B called me and wanted to check some information with me. And she asked:" Am I disturbing your S.O.P for Saturday?"

    I said:" Yeah you just did ! "

    She:" Sorry ah ! " and started her story....

    I looked out to windows and shouted:" Oh fart ! "

    She:" Hmmm? You just farted ?"

    Me:" No no, I have to thank you for waking me up cause now it is going to rain and i have to move my F-117 the convertable Super Aquarium into my car park to avoid it being damaged by rain. "

    She:" Oh ok, so you owe me a lunch for waking you up?"

    Me:" ok ok can whatever also can ! gtg bye!"

    She:" Ok, so you don't hate me for waking you up from your afternoon nap ?"

    Me:" Not at all, thanks for saving my F-117 from being damaged , muaks ! "

    She:" Iyerrr !! "

    Me:" LOL ok bye !"

    She:" Bye !!"

    Well, there you go, it depends what is the timing when you call me and wake me up, for this case, i am really glad that she have called, else.... yeah ?

    This Blog is specially dedicated to those who have disturbed my afternoon nap, thank you very much you all!
  • My sister and Harry Porter.

    My sister was staying at my place for the past few weeks
    cause she has to attend her practical at some court in PJ.

    One fine morning she asked me, " Hei koko, did you realize that some of your neighbours have owls as their pets ? "

    Me:" Nolah, in condo we can't raise or keep any pets"

    My sister:" But morning i heard gru gru gru gru sound!"

    Me -_-"

    Me:" That is the sound of Pigeon lah ! "

    My sister -_-" :" really meh ?"

    Me :" Yeahlah, the sound of owl is like uhh uhh uhh and not gruu gruu gruu gruu... uhh uhh uh ?? "

    My sister:" hmm hmm hmmm , ba ba ba ?? "

    Me :" Boo Boo Doh ! "

    My sister :" He He He !!! "

    What is going on with the kids nowadays? She is having her Law Degree in less then 1 year time leh but she can't diffrenciate the sound of Pigeon and Owl.

    And my sister:" Oh like that is it? I thought you know the Harry Porters people and all stays next to to your condo unit mar !! "

    I 2 legs in the sky !!

    DIY or DIM

    So after I found out that the problem with F-117's cargo bay. Today I guess it is going to be a busy day for me -_-"

    I have to go and purchase some stuff and DIY DIM ( Do it myself ).

  • Anti rust compound (rubber gum like stuff).
  • Solvent.
  • Small brush.
  • Protective equipment.

    La la la la !!! My Saturday has become something like CSI day. I have to get the full gear above and start processing the evidence.

    It's like Gil Grissom working on Saturday, Hooray !!

    And Thanks a lot to Proton, i love you very much for giving me such an opportunity to buy these gears, learn how to use them, stand under hot sun for 2 - 3 hours, and etc. This is what we call Value Added , right ?

    CSI Theme Song playes. Who Are you ? Who Who ?? Who Who ??
  • F-117 is not an air craft, she is a ship.

    This morning while checking the cargo sector of F-117 there
    was some damp smell. I check and announced that :

    "Errr... Houston, we have problem ! " in radio ....

    Upon checking I found out that the cargo sector is having a leak at an unknown spot ( ain't that bitch? ) and water was leaking in for the past 1 or 2 days.

    There were heavy rain and storm and shit like that for the past few days in PJ and Subang area, in fact the whole Klang valley.

    My car actually started to have this problem since 2002 when I first bought it, not only mine but my uncle Addy Ho also had the same problem.

    But my father Choo Yeng fixed the problem with some anti-rust compound and my cargo area was sealed air-tight until it was hit by some AAM a few weeks ago !!! mcbknn!!

    My previous company car an Iswara also had the leaking problem. Whenever it rains and when it rains hard, water leaks from the rubber area and come in like Niagra Fall and well the water stopped at the spare tyre bay, foaming an good Aquarium.

    So that's what we call, Buy car and get free Aquarium .

    You could raise Gold Fish, Flower Horn , Tortoise etc in the free Aquarium. How thoughtful of the Malaysian car manufacturer eh ? That's why I love them !!

    Now since when that Proton has started venture into shipping and logistic business ? No ?

    Are you sure? If not, then why does the customer of Proton have to send their vehicle to shipping yard and get the leakage patched?

    In my place Kelantan, only ships, sampan, boats and sea/ river transport need and require patches to fix the leakage, but my Proton woh? Why does it need patching for leh ?

    And those ships, sampan, boats and sea/ river transport only require patches after a few years, not brand new.

    I am confused, what is going on here leh ? confused....

    Friday, May 26, 2006

    My dream job.






    LaLaLaLaLa !!

    LaLaLaLaLa !!


    Tuesday, May 23, 2006

    Selena the Dog Lover.

    A few days ago we went to Fane's new house and tried to clean the backyards which was full of grass and stuff like that.

    Prince (Putera) the Golden Retriever saw we opened the backdoor of the new house it he shouted at us:" Woh ! Backdoor Orifice! " and I was wondering WTF how come a Dog also knows so much about IT nowadays ???

    And in 3 seconds Prince ran out to the backyard which was full of grass and some woods left by the previous people who stayed in this house before.

    And Selena and my sister saw Prince shilvered a few seconds and then it that Son of a bitch started to poo all over the backyard !!!!

    Selena and my sister almost fainted when they saw Prince produced about 2kg of Gold on the floor that they were about to clean and ....... OMFG !!

    Selena who claimed herself who loves dogs so much also cannot stand the 2kg of Gold on the floor and almost ran to toilet and puke.

    I said to Selena:" Oi, I thought you love dogs ?"

    She (face green green ):" Yes, I love dogs !"

    Me:" Then ? Why see Poo then want to puke ?"

    She (face become white ):" I don't like the poo, especially the smell of the poo !! Owekkkk !!! "

    Me:" Apalah you ! Sikit-sikit pun mahu muntah !! "

    I showed her how we Hero ( who loves and repects dogs ) clean the dog poo.

    I picked up a piece of wood and wanted to use it as a shovel or scoop to scoop the one of the biggest poos ( there were 3 pieces of poo , damn Prince, what did you eat ? )into the drain but....

    the poo disintegrated into smaller pieces of poos and some flakes.

    All of us were -_-" , Selena:" eeeweeeekkk !!! "

    Me:" Ok, your turn ! " and ran away quick quick.

    Selena + My sister looked at me and said:" Niabeh!"

    Selena (with dog poos experiance) ordered my sister to bring the water hose and used the water to flushed everything into the drain. And everything done !! as simple as that .

    Me:" Good job Selena, good job ! "

    Selena:" Hmmmppphhfffff !! I look you no up ! "

    Me -_-" ok ok, the best way to clean dog poos is to use water if one is near to drain or something like that.

    But from this incident, I have learned something.

  • It's NOT a Golden Retriever dog, it's the 2kg one pop Gold Producer.
  • Prince did not say " Woh ! Backdoor Orifice! " but he said " Woh ! Back door for Pang Sai! "
  • Damn ! Selena doesn't like Poo smell.
  • Dog poos get disintegrated easily.
  • This dog needs more fibre cause the poo was too, hmmm, too easily get disintegrated.
  • Dog poos smells stronger when it get disintegrated.
  • Water cleans poos.
  • Shover or scoops disintegrates poos.
  • Dogs normally is not good at IT.
  • Dogs don't know

    And oh yeah, the drain is underground drain and I suppose it leads the poo to Indah Water place. LOL !!

    How silly " Woh ! Back door for Pang Sai! " tersalah dengar jadi " Woh ! Backdoor Orifice! " pula. bodoh betul -_-"
  • Monday, May 22, 2006

    This morning at about 1 am the glass of my windows were sort of vibrating violently, and i looked out and felt that it is going to rain cause there were thick clouds and strong winds. Yahoo i told myself, please expect a cold morning and fresh air awaiting you at 4 or 5 am. I said to myself, " Let it rain , let it rain and let it rain please ? " Sometimes the glass vibrating could be scary as if it is going to break any time, but it always rain after the strong winds. Let it rain !
    I knew something was wrong when the wind kept on blowing while there was no sign of raining at all. It could only means one thing, these clouds are going to be blown to somewhere else and we ain't going to get any rain this morning mate ! Sorry, better luck next time perhaps. The clouds are getting thinner and lesser like the hair of my neighbour Uncle Gont, the clouds are also like the cash bill in my wallet, getting lesser and lesser every minutes. Stop that will you ?
    The wind kept on blowing away the clouds over PJ sky towards Kepong and KL area. Blow by blow and the clouds are getting less and less over PJ sky. No dammit don't go!! I need you to rain here in PJ !
    The clouds are all gone finally at 1:34am. Bringing my hopes of heavy rain and cold morning together with them. Literally "Gone with the wind!"
    Not lights from UFO but from a plane heading towards KLIA with both landing lights turned on and slowing down into circle and preparing to land at almost 11pm.
    It's amazing to see and count how many aircraft actually flies over the sky of KL and Sri Petaling every night without people noticing. If you are free, do come to Bukit Jalil or Sri Petaling and I bet that you would be surprised. A lot of steel birds doesn't sleep at night and working quietly (not really that quiet) above our heads every night and day without we realizing that. This photo captured 2 plane, 2 path, zero intersection point, wheeew !!! mujur mate -_-"
    Was testing Sony W7 of my uncle at Sri Petaling 2 days ago. Zoomed 3x and exposed for 5 seconds i think. As usual KL Tower, KLCC , Maybank Tower, and yes Genting Highland at the background. But I also noticed that how serious the light pollution is in KL.
    Was having some lunch with my old friends from Chung Hwa this afternoon and LOL apperently nowadays instant noodles has finally evolved into something. Yeah something that you could put an egg + a piece of ham + some spring onion and charge people for almost RM10.00. I told my friends that my sister could cook better then this at my home with 1/5 of the cost and taste even better. And are you sure that they didn't use instant noodle in a cup(tm) when I ordered my Korean Noodles with don't know what? I seriously doubt it mate !! I seriously doubt it !! -_-"

    Sunday, May 21, 2006

    Isu semasa.

    Good morning, it's a Sunday 21st May.

    The Sarawak Election ended yesterday and how many of you knows the official result of the election? Don't say that you don't know or you don't pay attention.

    Something like this which may affect our future shouldn't be just ignored and I think all of us should pay more attention to it and we have to start fast.

    BN has retained the state with 62 while Opposition has won 9 seats. Let's wish Sarawak to have a better tomorrow as well as Malaysia.

    Malaysia's future ?

    A close friend of mine who is working in a big corporation was telling me about what's going on in her office and apparently there is an intern from a local famous college put under her Department who is really-really, should I say incredible ??

    Let me give you a list about this intern:
  • Never, ever greet the others in the morning.
  • Love to be phantom and walk pass you like you are invisible like that.
  • Can't even communicate with others even she studies Mass Commnnication.
  • Sends emails without Subject
  • Sends emails with only 1 word. Without Dear who who who, why I send you this email bla bla bla, no thank you, no Best regards, no Name , no indication. The receiver of the email has to go into Junk and Spam mail do find the email from this particular intern.
  • AWOL for 2 days and no calls, no communication. (Absent without Leave). Didn't even bother to call up to office to inform anyone.
  • Sit at her place whole day and surf net.
  • Sit at her place and wouldn't do anything unless being call or ordered upon.
  • If ask her to photocopy anything, might show face black black like owe her RM500,000 (ringgit) like that.

    Long sigh. Actually these are our University and college students who will one day lead Malaysia and come out to work in our society.

    Now would you have any great expectation towards our country's tomorrow ?

    Now I could understand that why there are so much of our graduates who couldn't even find a job. And who there are so many employers are refusing to hire these graduates !!! I could finally understand now !!

    Jezzz, in my office, fyi, even our Managing Director wishes people good morning and greet all of us, he even greet the gardener every morning.

    And our Managing Director ( who is a Dato' ) also always get to the photocopy machine and does his own copying job without asking the help of her secretary.

    You see the diffrences ? You should !! You really-really should, my friend !!

    God Bless Malaysia for producing these kind of Graduates from colleges and universities. Sigh.
  • My sister -_-"

    As I have mentioned before, my sister is an unique person who studies Law in UKM. And she sometimes ask serious kickass questions like :

    Sis:" Wah Ko, why your computer mia graphic load so fast one ? My computer back in Bangi loads so slow especially for all photos pages leh ! "

    Me:" Cause I am using Broadband, and you are using dial up."

    Sis:" Really ah ?"

    Me:" Yes, really mia !! "

    Sis:" Wah ! Good leh like that, very fast !"

    Me:" Yes, of course !! Can see Hsu Chi's mia photo fast fast. No need to wait long long !"

    Sis:" Huh ? What ? Who ?"

    Me:" No lah nothing... nothing !!" -_-"

    A midnight call from HQ -_-"

    Was a nice Saturday evening and I was enjoying some quality time with Fat Lady when suddenly my mobile phone received a text messege as below :

    "Sgt Philip, your attention is required as your F-117 a.k.a. Air Force One's system is almost all down, due to the combat flight Sir ! Could you please attend to this issue immediately please?"

    Fat Lady:" No niabeh way !! This is Saturday man !"

    Me :" Sorry mate, this is the Military, order is an order !"

    Fat Lady:" Affirmative sir ! "

    Me:" Dismissed ! See you at Washing Bay at 00:00 "

    Fat Lady:" WTF ? 12:00 am ah ?"

    Me:" Ah Boh Then ? Dismissed !!!! "

    Fat Lady:" Sir ! Yes Sir !! " Tabik hormat 3 kali !!

    And 5 mins later we were mumbling and washing this sassy piece of F-117 which ferry both of us everywhere without fail and complain.

    I mean for such a royal and reliable piece of art, who could leave her alone with all dirt and so ?

    So we washed and washed and washed and wipe and wipe and wipe. Finally 40 minutes later it was all clean and all shining already.

    Fat Lady :" Sir ! Done Sir ! "

    Me :" Good job, soldier, dismissed !"

    Fat Lady :" Sir ! You memang teruk Sir ! "

    Me :" Sorry I don't understand BM ok? Good night !"

    Fat Lady kicked me at my butt ..... kicked hard hard.

    -_-" Nowadays, the solder never respect their superior anymore eh ?

    Mana pergi hormat seorang askar terhadap pegawai atasanya? Mana pergi sudah ? hmm ? hmmm ???
    All system ready after taking bath. All shining and ready to take off. While me and Fat Lady are as tired as dog and feeding mosquito at the back ground. F-117 gets the credit while we are donating blood !! wtf ?? Somemore dare to switch on the lights and show off ?? This baby has serious attitude problem dude!!
    This is how an F-117 suppose to look like and thanks to Fat Lady. F-117 carries the Air Force One plate cause the Pilot (me) is Mr. President.

    Friday, May 19, 2006

    Dulu 1.94 now 1.92. Thanks RaY Kinzoku


    Kind Ray Kinzoku has commented in blog saying below, thanks Ray ! If not I really wouldn't know until today what's the reason behind it.

    the reason why petrol is 2 sen higher in Kelantan is due to the "pumping station" in the East Coast is in Kerteh alone. In the West Coast, it is in Melaka which explains why the norm rate in JB and Lembah Kelang. Got nothing to do with port stuff because not all port could accomodate a large amount of fuel.

    The oil company decided to surcharge 2 cent cuz they have to truck the fuel all the way from Kerteh to Kelantan.
    In fact, this surcharge thing happened years ago and the govt didnt interfere until very recently when there was a public outcry on this matter ( after the 30 cent hike )
    From there, the government ordered all petrol stations throughout the country to standardized their price to RM1.92. Esso and Mobil reduced the price first, followed much later by Petronas and Shell. I know about this because I am not sticking to just one petrol station.

    So, now, if you come again to Kelantan, you will notice that the petrol price per liter is RM 1.92 like the rest of Malaysia ( most if not all )."

    Thursday, May 18, 2006

    Am I an evil or Saint ?

    This morning bought 2 pack of Nasi Lemak before coming into office and finished 1 pack as breakfast. Cause I was very hungry then. Always have 1 pack extra for emergency purpose and backup purpose.

    After eating the 1 pack I was full enough and was trying to look for people to help me to "kaotim" the backup pack and oh yeah, i have an idea.

    There are 3 ladies in my office who are turning themself into Herbivore and they wanted to eat only grass and leaves fruits and vegetables for lunch for the one whole month to keep fit, kononnya.

    Well I always think that humans are not suppose to eat too much of grass and leaves because that is the task and duty of cows, horse and goat, right ?

    So I went to told one of them that I have got a pack of nice and warm nasi lemak for her ( for them actually ) and she terus -_-"

    She:" Kai Hong don't menggoda saya leh please?"

    I said:" This nasi lemak is the best in Subang you know?"

    She:" Really meh? But nasi lemak is fattening one woh?"

    I said:" Look at me, I don't eat nasi lemak, but I am also fat, so how ? Theory disapproved !"

    She:" Wah Kai Hong this pack of Nasi Lemak very large leh, can we share with 2 more person?"

    I said:" Go ahead, share among you all and have good time. Grass and leaves are for cow, horse and goats, we human eat rice and steaks ok ?

    She:" Oh ok loh ! Let' see how loh "

    While she was saying "ok loh" that time her saliva was all over her table and cold sweat is all over her forehead, she had a tough time waiting for lunch time which is another 3 hours away.

    Temptation is one thing that we normal people can't simply resist, especially during these rainy days and the weather is so cooling and strong wind.

    Must eat nasi lemak to provide us the energy to work and to work hard. Eating too much of grass and leaves will make your legs become powerless and can't even stand straight. Man become Ah Kua, Girl become bak kua.

    End of story.

    I was not trying to become evil to spoil their plan of keeping fit and getting slim. I was just trying to help them and lead them to enjoy real life.

    I don't want them to hurt their stomach and later got gastric or stomach problems.

    So, for me I have not being an eveil , i was trying to be The Saint.

    Tomorrow I am going to buy 5 more packs of Nasi Lemak to office and I would get myself upgraded from The Saint to the God ! LOL !!!

    The Saint Themesong Plays......


    Boys and girls, today we will learn what is Herbivore vs Carnivore vs Omnivore.

  • Herbivore is an animal that eats only plants.
  • Carnivore is an animal that eats other animals.
  • Omnivore is an animal that eats both plants and animals.

    I remember I learnt these in 1991 or 1992 during my science class back to SMJK (C) Chung Hwa, Kota Bharu, Kelantan.

    My science teacher was then Mr Fauzi during Form 1 and Mr Tiu during From 2. I think most probably I learnt about these animals eating behaviour during form one under Mr Fauzi time.

    Boy I love those teachers in Chung Hwa till today, they are simply the best teacher that I have ever met. And I
    bet RM500 to challenge anyone for that. And I am sure to pocket the bet at the end of the day.

    Well, I can't remember how did Encik Fauzi teach us to
    diffrenciate the above diffrent "makaning" behaviour but suddenly this morning I thought of something special and which perfectly make sense.

    You see, most of the girls in my office now are eating vegetables, fruits and no meat during lunch time. They are trying to slim down and keep themself fit.

    Well, since girl (her) eats grass and plants and vegetables. We could safely call them Herbivore loh ? Correct ?

    And, talking about guys like me and Jason we eats other animals like fish, crabs, prawn, cow, pig, chicken, ducks and stuff like that. And all most of the guys loves their car more then their own lives, we call guys Carnivore. Guys + Eat other animals + Love car = Carnivore. CarNNBBQKLIA !

    How about Omnivore hmmm... ohmmm !! ohmmm !!
    ohmmmm !! sounds like some fat guys ( not me ) eating
    everything like a pig producing Ohmmm Ohmmm Ohmmm sound and these people don't care if it is plant or animals they just eat first and think later. Whatever it is they also eat first.

    That could be classified as Omnivore I guess.

    I think with all these classification my science teacher En Fauzi is going to be so proud of me !!!

    Or else ?
  • 流金歲月的點滴: This week I have gold luck !!

    Jason said...

    174cm... so short one har u... :P

    -_-" Tell me, is 174 cm really that short meh ?

    Not too short lah hor, I would really feel short if one
    day I am walking in Low Yatt Plaza or Sungai Wang Plaza
    and all the girls around me are taller then me.

    Then I would say I am short.

    Till then, I am not Mr. Smith.

    And you know what who is Mr.Smith or not ??? LOL!!

    SMITH = Shortest Man In The House !!

    I am Philips and not Smith, luckily !! Whew !!

    Wednesday, May 17, 2006

    This week I have gold luck !!

    This week is work week (ww) 20 of year 2006 and after I could assure you that , yeah for ww20 I have damn good golden luck, that's for sure !!

    A few days ago ( actually like 2 to 3 weeks ) my housemates Fane and Johntim has got themselves a nice Golden Retriver puppy, about 8 months old but when this baby puppy stand up the front claws could land nicely on my chest and I am 174 cm tall ok?

    8 months old puppy ? I think it's more like a 2 years old grown dog ! My god in the sky !!

    Oh by the way, the name of the puppy is Prince ( Putera ) and it reminds me of Prince of Persia game and you know, gold coins and gold bullion and stuff like that.

    Yesterday after work I went to see Johntim's new house and saw Fane there playing with Prince, and when Fane saw us, she said, " Prince very naughty, he pooed in the house compound ! naughty ! "

    Before I could reply to her answer suddenly I feel that my right foot become powerless and out of control. It has gone like totally not listening to my command and wish anymore.

    Suddenly I can't lift my right foot anymore -_-" !!!

    Shit, could it be a stroke? or some central nerve brokedown ? muscle broken ? tendon peciah ? -_-"

    After careful inspection, it was a big piece of Dog poo on the ground which stuck on my shoe and caused my foot to literally stuck to the ground.

    It felf so sticky mate !!

    Kena landmine already this time !!

    Fane and the rest were laughing there and said I should go and buy TOTO or Magnum or 4D or something like that. They all said that I have luck cause kena landmine !!


    I spend another 10 minutes cleaning my Hush Puppies shoe and make sure that there is no more poo residue on the surface, neah, i am not going to talk about it no more.

    The point is, the next time I go to our new house ( the same applies for you too! ) make sure look at the ground before make a walk or something like that.

    It ain't funny to step on dog poos !!

    Celaka mia anjing liar ! Kurang ajar betul !!

    Next time I see you I am going to give you some super hot Tom Yam soup ok ? Wait and see !

    Friday, May 12, 2006

    The Pilot of F-117

    Today via MSN i was chatting with Jason about someone who might be from my hometown Kuala Krai.

    I asked Jason how does this particular lady know that who am I, I gave him multiple choice objective question

    How does the person (a blogger ) knows if it is me.

    a)Saw my blog photos that carry my face?
    b)The name Kai Hong rings some bells ?
    c)Via my blog post ?


    d)Deeply attacted by an Air Force Pilot who flies the F-117 aircraft like nobody does ??

    Define "like nobody does" please?

    Simple, when this person flies the F-117, no matter how fast the air craft flies, the air-craft never actually leave the road and the tyres ( 4 of them ) are always constantly grabbing the road like magnet.

    That's what we call Flying an aircraft like nobody does and one of a kind.

    Oh I am so sleepy today !

    Syiok or shock ?? Vent post !

    Syiok of my life, err, I mean shock of my life !

    Last week as usual I went to Low Yatt Plaza and meet some of my customer there for business talk.

    While waiting for the customer to arrive I went to the
    wash room just to , you know plow the road.

    The makcik ( with thick Indonesian slang ) told me
    " Lama Puluh Sen ! "

    I was like -_-" har ? 50 cents ?? WTF ?? You think here is Star Hill or Lot 10 or Sogo 10 years ago ah? Your toilet is made of gold one ah ? But all these were only
    mumbled in my mind.

    I looked at the receipt, yeah, RM0.50 per entry for
    a pop, you could pee or you could poo or you could just come in to smoke and the best part is that you could have the options to pee and poo at the same time.

    But then,

    Some people prefers pee first then poo, some people poo already then pee, some people mixes, some people pee all then poo, some people poo all then only pee.

    The point is, for RM 0.50 a pop you better make sure
    that whatever the pop is, it's better worth it to the max for RM 0.50.

    You think earning RM 0.50 is easy nowadays ah?

    And the best part of the story ? The makcik looked at my face and tried to rub salt to the wound or something like that. Or she was flirting with me ? OMFG !

    She said:" Dik, bawah sana ada RM1.00 punya tandas! Itu
    lagi mahal !" I think she refered to the toilet at
    ground floor but I had no intend to find out.

    I just quickily finished my business and ran away from the smoking room expensive toliet filled with second hand smokes. knnmcbbbq!

    But still, at RM0.50 a pop the toilet was still full house, and there were still a lot of people smoking inside and enjoying the smell of toilet and smoking at the same time.

    This is what we call:" Minum sambil menyelam !"

    The thing is, last time in Low Yatt 2nd floor IT level the toilet used to be free of charges. That time all other level toilets were charging RM 0.20 or RM 0.30 but only the 2nd Floor IT level is FOC.

    But I think, for this kind of place where a lot of visitor come and shop and spend money, why not be gentle and kind with customer and provide free toilet facilities? Look at KLCC, Mid Valley, One Utama etc !!

    If you want to grow up like a giant or big cooperation, then you better start thinking like one and stop thinking like a little Chinaman doing family traditional business. It's 2006 and no more 1940s ok ?

    RM0.50 a pop ?? I guess the staircase, car park etc are going to be filled with urine smell soon, just hope that no one would actually go and poo at all these places just to save RM0.50.

    I will try my best to hold my pee and poo too !!

    Rm0.50, mahal betul ! knnccbbbqlypt!!!

    OMG !

    Alamak! On this wonderful day of Wesak Day I actually
    didn't shave my face.

    Now in office and my face looked a bit greenesh and it's getting closer to look like Gil Grissom already.

    Well at least I could use my face as sand paper today
    to smooth things up like wood and my car and stuff like
    that, anyone?

    Holy Moooo !! Damn kasar my face !

    Charlie and Bogey and me !!

    My F-117 New Speed Mach 3:

    This morning while I was looking at my G-Shock it showed that I had less then 20 minutes to reach to my Sunway military office which was some 18 km away and
    The route of choice is only Kayu Ara => Sprint Highway => LDP=> Bandar Sunway.

    Well, should be alright because the F-117 is in good condition now after she was hit by Charlie at her tails and fins, well nothing too serious and just some RM750 compensation from Charlie has made my F-117 looks even better now.

    She (F-117) now has new Borsch made (military grade) tail lamp and the fins are now as smooth as silk.
    Most of the parts of the body including the nose area which was hit during the Operation Desert Storm were rectified and all surface are repainted with new radar absorbing paint.

    So smooth that not even a fly or mosquito could stand
    on the surface, really !

    One word for my F-117 : As freaking smooth as silk and as deadly as Viper and as quiet as ...argh forget it !

    Anyway, all these factors above plus a darn good pilot (who else?) this morning has resulted me & F-117 to covered the said 18 clicks within 15 minutes. On the way there was an old Toyota Camry who I guess must have his arse on fire doing Mach 6 behind me.

    My incoming radar LCD showed the bogey warning and I promptly made a few blocks by reducing and increasing air speed just to stay in-front of this Son of a Bitch so that he could neither over take me or others vehicle. This is not the way to over take people and this is very rude by doing S shape maneuvering at LDP ok?

    And it is also very rude to do Mach 6 when the rest of
    people are doing Mach 3 on this holiday. Not only
    dangerous but may piss people off. Remember speed limit
    of LDP ?

    It must be very frustrating for his old camry cause I saw smokes coming out from the vehicle after the camry done some very-very desperate pick ups and brakes and tried to do some S shape maneuvering again to squeeze in between others vehicles or so. But all others vehicles are equally dulan with this camry and neither of us wanted to let it go!

    Well, for this I have wasted about 15 seconds and I think ok that’s it !

    I didn’t want to endanger any party during this nice Wesak day and I think probably he was on some emergency and I have decided to quit playing with him and let him through.

    And I swear I could see tears in his eyes when he was over taking me, go ahead , make my day I wished him. Must have wasted a lot of fuel for his Z or S maneuvering.

    Anyway, reached my military office 7 minutes before 9 and F-117 landed safely. It was a pretty darn good result for Kayu Ara to Sunway within 15 minutes I must say. Thanks to Wesak Holiday where Malaysian are resting while my company people are working !

    But look at the bright side! Traffic was clear, we could easily hit Mach 3 and push to some Mach 6 (Kids, don’t do this!) and overall LDP was sort of clear. That’s the only reason I am happy today.

    F-117 scores 1 and camry 0 !! LOL !

    Monday, May 08, 2006

    Look at the "chok tan" cooked kam hiong style, i sumpah these "chok tan" looked bigger then some people's kkc and it was so fresh, without sand and tasted so good ! These chok tan made the chok tan at Jalan Alor looks like baby "chok tan" or embrio "chok tan" or even the sperm of "chok tan" only. Semut vs Gajah ! Babeh !
    Fried sotong and I considered this as a complimentary dish from the restaurant cause we all 5 guys like Mr. T or the Rock have shaken their restaurant all the way from the wooden bridge till the wooden restaurant. I think this Fried Sotongs gives us a messege that," Hei, you friend I friend lah hor, don't demolish our poor wooden restaurant lah hor ! " As usual, we eat first and ask question later. I am not sure if they do charge us for this plate of fried sotong but if they did, we are also good friends cause this restaurant really cooked kick ass dish and seafood.
    Fried mantis prawn kow pow style, if you have noticed that the colour should be a litter bit darker in real life. Poor flash can't work properly cause too much of nice food. Other places they might give you all chilies and onions and vegetables and a little bit of mantis prawn only. nope we don't do that here, here we ordered prawn, we get a lot of prawn and little bit of vegetables only, perfect !!!
    The lucky crabs that met us on our table, yeah we are about to rescue your poor soul and release you from the animal and walk side way and can't see dick embarrased moment.
    Realized that my flash was a little bit too strong for the crab hence the colour has changed a little bit, never mid, look at the next photo and you will see the original colour of the crab. At the upper part of the photo was the Mantis Prawn ala Kong Pow style. Cooked and fried to the perfection and tasted sooooo good !!!
    This is the sweet and sour crab. The gravy is enriched with eggs and the gravy is best taken with rice or breed or in our case Man Tou. We saw one guy just ordered a plate of this crab with a full plate of Man Tou, now this is how expert enjoy the purity and the concentrated gravy from this dish. Die die also must order and eat this dish ok?
    Kam Hiong Crab (crabs from Fitness Club that goes to gym 3 times every day ) the crab meat was so, munchy and filled all the body part of the crabs. At the left was the fried sotong that we never ordered -_-" and at far upper part is the largest "chuk tan" that we ever ate ( without sand this time ) and at the right, you would see the gravy of sweet and sour crabs. huh huh huh huh huh !!!