Thursday, May 31, 2007

The One About 被 人 出 卖!!

Yesterday my 2 friends from hometown were chatting with

P told me that R has MSN installed already !! -_-"

P:" Yo ! R has installed MSN liao now ! You can messege her!"

Me:" What ? She installed MSN messenger liao ??"

P:" Yeah ! "

Me:" Wah Liew, after 200 years, finally R installed it !! "

P lolrtof !!

Me added on :" She must be the last one on this world to
have installed the MSN thing yeah ! "

P lagi lolrotf until tears also come out.

Me added somemore:" Since she have installed this MSN
thing, the circle is complete, we should announce that it
is a very important day in Kelantan and declare public
holiday !! "

P evil laughed and copy pasted everything that I typed
and showed to R.

knn ! 被 人 出 卖!!

I lari until pants also fall down in order to save my life
because of this Mr. P action.

And R is famous of killing people softly with her beautiful
eyes !!

Lari !!! Lari cepat cepat !!

The One About Compaq nx6310

I have been so used to the keyboard of my Compaq
lap top that when I was using my normal keyboard
yesterday at home, i felt unnatural -_-"

First time in history that I felt unnatural about my
lovely Logitech Black nice keyboard -_-"

Perhaps I have been spending too much of time with
this new Compaq laptop yeah mate ?

Dang !!

The One About Michael Buble.

He is a Canadian I heard.

He sings good !!

Listening to his songs now, great !!

Have you seen him in Las Vegas ? Funny guy who tried to
do stand up comedian, and that scared Mary to 2 legs in the

And in the end, when Mary realize that it was a bet between
Buble and Ed, she "kek" until beep beep sound lolrtof !!

Oh oh !! He is singing the song " Sway " now !! omg !!

The One About Fun Stuff About Smart Tunnel KL.

A few fun facts that I have noticed about the SMART tunnel KL
which opened about 2 weeks ago.

  • From Astro building to KL town near Indonesian embassy
    takes about 10 to 12 minutes using SMART tunnel.

  • Speed limit in the SMART tunnel should be 60kmph.

  • The road surface inside SMART tunnel is made of cement,
    hence it's bumpy and if you drive fast your heart would jump out
    from your mouth and you will be very scared.

  • You really should turn on your vehicle lights to improve visibility.

  • You should keep a good distance with the vehicle infront and
    behind you because the tunnel has very little place to maneuver
    should there be any collision.

  • Motorbike, Lorry, Trucks, Bus, Bicycle, Roller Skates, Jogging
    and dancing are prohibited in the tunnels.

  • The Light And Easy ( 105.7 fm ) would immediate change to
    some local Malaysia channel when you go inside the tunnel.

  • Have not tested out the mobile signal yet, will update once
    I have the chance to do that, but I heard the mobile signal was

  • Enjoy the free ride for 1 or 2 more weeks before the toll
    collector starts slaughter you nicely.

  • The Smart Tag sensor are really slow in responding to
    your smart tag, drive slow or halt your vehicle, don't be
    hero, else you would have embarrassed yourself by
    having to reverse your car and have to let the sensor to
    detect you again lolrotf !

  • I tried the tunnel 5 times and still I don't like it, yet.

  • The radio announced that as Life Saver, i don't know
    why. Wait till they start charging toll my friend !!
  • Monday, May 28, 2007

    The One About "Kenapa boleh jadi begini?"

    I placed the " Kenapa Boleh Jadi Begini " at my MSN status
    and a lot of my contacts asked me

    " What happened ? What went wrong ? "

    I replied, " Nothing, just put it there for fun ! "

    They all, " Chehh ! Knnbbq ! I though something happened!"

    I would like to thank you all for your concern and everything.
    But I am ok lol !! In fact very ok !

    Sunday, May 27, 2007

    The One About Miss Ong

    In 1992, i was in form 2 and it was one of the funny years that
    I had. I had a good friend that I like very much, Miss Ong.

    One day I called her:" Hello, may I speak to Miss Ong please?"

    Miss Ong:" Hi, speaking, how are you ? "

    Me:" Ha ha, I am fine, how about you ? What are you doing?"

    Miss Ong:" I am playing testis game now, interesting leh!"

    Me -_-"

    Me:" Excuse me? Whose testis(cle) that you are playing?"

    Miss Ong, after 5 seconds, " Iyer OMG!! You very bad leh !! "

    Me lolrtof !!

    This one is for those people who enjoyed playing the Tetris but
    can't differentiate what Tetris and Testis(cle).

    OMG !! Kenapa boleh jadi begini ??

    Friday, May 25, 2007

    The One About Mid Night Rescue Mission

    Went for a rescue mission midnight yesterday but the mission
    turned out and situation changed to midnight supper mission !!

    I here ask :" Kenapa boleh jadi begini ??? " lol !!

    Was preparing to have a rest at 1:00 when the phone ring.

    Sergent Jason :" Captain, help needed, mayday, mayday !! "

    Me:" What's the scenario ? Pls advise ! "

    Sergent Jason:" Captain, aircraft down ! aircraft down !!! "

    Me over radio :" Hanger pls get F-117 ready !! With rescue crew
    and equipment on standby, paramadic ready too ! "

    Radio" Affirmative, F-117 taxied to runway and
    running hot !

    Me:" Affirmative !! prepare search and rescue, Mutiara Damansara!"

    Radio:" Rodger that ! C130 & ladder 33 engine 49 deployed !!
    Guard search team eta 4 minutes !! "

    Me:" Affirmative ! F-117 command centre eta 3 mins !"

    Radio:" Lite FM - The Best Music from Yesterday & Today !"

    Me:" Pls repeat that ! What did you just said ? "

    Radio:" Play don't say it, use any word to describe the word,
    without saying it, or spelling it or in other language !! "

    Me:" Wtf ? This is military frequency, stay off this frequency!"

    Radio:" Good morning folks, traffic reports, Jalan Ampang
    slow moving at citibank, Pandan roundabout, heavy traffic
    but moving, Federal Highway, a stalled lorry causing massive
    jam by onlooker infront of Mid valley... pls do not slow down
    and look as you may contribute to more traffic jam. "

    I was like -_-" and Sergent Jason:" Mission called off !
    called off!

    Me:" What ? "

    Sergent Jason:" Victim recovered, all ok ! all ok !!
    Please call of
    the rescue mission !! Over ! "

    I looked at the F-117 which was ready to take off and the C 130,
    black hawks, happy green giant, Sandy's in the sky .... they were
    all -_-"

    Me:" Lite Fm - The Best Music From Yesterday & Today ! "

    They all 2 legs in the sky...

    And since F-117 was ready to take off, I went to SS2 and had
    late supper / early breakfast with Jason ...

    Kenapa boleh jadi begini ???

    Thursday, May 24, 2007

    The One About Question of the day.

    The question of the day is ...

    " Kenapa boleh jadi begini ? "

    lolrtof !! this one is good !!

    The One About Waiting for boarding flight.

    Took these shortly before I boarded the flight back to KL from Kuching.
    It's always nice to see the sky changes at the evening and able to capture
    the changes using the camera.

    The One About Kuching Airport

    Was at Kuching airport yesterday rushing back to KL at 8:00 pm flight.
    Suppose to stay there for another day, but some last minute meeting with
    clients back in KL made me changed all the plan.

    Brought the Sony V3 with me but really no time to take photo at all, all
    rushing here, training, site visit and customer visit and all. At the end,
    before boarding the flight, I saw the evening sky of Kuching which I felt looks
    nice. Just like the good old days back in Damansara high rise time.

    Set up the Sony V3, and asked myself, " Mana itu tripod ? "

    I replied:" Tripod at home sir ! at home at Kayu ara ! "

    Me:" Oh mangkuk besi berkarat berlubang bertimbun engakau !"

    Used my laptop bag as tripod in the end and got this image.

    Before that, my colleague brought me to another huge roundabout, the
    one RH area or RF area roundabout which is minutes away from the
    Kuching international airport. He told me this Kolok Mee ( Kolo Mee )
    is number 4 in his list, and we had to settle for that due to time
    constraint.... -_-"

    Me:" Number four only ah ? "

    Him:" Yeah, top 3 in town, takut jam boss !! "

    Me:" Ok lah boss, we eat here, time is gold !! "

    And the result ? Number 4 near the roundabout where a lot of direct
    sales company located tasted good enough for me to totally forgotten
    that Mas actually provides meal in flight -_-"

    That is another story taking Mas flight from Kuching back to KL and
    I was using Airasia from KL to kuching 2 days ago.

    Darn !!! Going to be really busy today but also have a lot of story
    about the nice Kuching trip !!

    Work first lah yeah my friend, tahan sikit yeah !!

    Sneak preview of what is coming:

  • Airbus vs Boing.
  • Makan vs No Makan.
  • Fly by night vs fly by light.
  • Stars, have you looked at them lately?
  • Instant noodles in the plane. Not Snakes in the plane.
  • Toll free route from KLIA and LCCT to KL lol !!
  • Many many petty things more for me who enjoys these.
  • Wednesday, May 23, 2007

    The One About 1 big prawn and 3 small prawns.

    Went to the famous Kuching Laksa today, the place was like a food
    court with some other business premises and it is really near to a
    huge roundabout.

    Yes, that shop near the huge roundabout one.
    ( By the way, huge roundabout my friend )

    Because I woke up and started working since 6:30 am and didn't
    had time for breakfast. Hence I ordered a large one RM5.00 and
    my colleague ordered a normal one at RM3.00.

    When the 2 bowls came I was like -_-", why leh ??

    Same amount of soup.
    Same amount of laksa.
    Only different amount of prawn.

    I had 1 big prawn with big head ( kepala otak besar engkau !!! )
    My colleague has 3 smaller size prawn. Headless.

    RM5 and RM3 -_-" RM 8.00 only.

    But the taste was really nice, I finished mine pretty fast cause I
    was relatively really hungry ....

    So I looked at my colleague, and," I am going to get another one!"

    He was like," Huh ? So kao lat ah you ?"

    Me," Yeah ! Really hungry !! and it taste good & cheap!! "

    My colleague -_-"

    So, a few minutes later another RM3.00 bowl infront of me
    and I had the most satisfying lunch in Kuching today : )

    The prawn was standard, quite fresh and taste sweet.

    The laksa soup Fu Yoh !!! I tell you !! Really Fu Yoh !!!

    And yet the price is as cheap as RM3.00 per bowl !!

    Next time I come I would terus order 2 bowl of RM 3.00
    and take my own sweet time for that.

    Fu Yoh !! Fu Yoh !!!

    Tuesday, May 22, 2007

    The One About Hello Kuching.

    Right now I am writting this from one of the Kuching finest hotel
    called Harbor View Hotel, which is facing a river but I don't see
    any Harbor yet lol !!

    Why am I saying that this is a fine hotel ? In fact I feel that the
    whole journey from LCCT onwards was fine.

    After about 1 hour 30 minutes or so from LCCT, the Airasia
    air bus touched down at Kuching International Airport this
    afternoon. A group of musical performer from east Europe
    clapped their hands after the Air Bus touched down and I
    was like, " Wow ! Darn polite and thankful chaps !! "

    I smiled to them and I knew that this trip is going to be a
    smooth, lovely and fine one. Although I am here for official
    business, but I am starting to have the feel good feeling since
    they clapped.

    The airport taxi from airport was a friendly young lady and
    the cost was Rm 17.50 only. omg !!! From Taman Tun KL to
    LCCT was RM 65.00 my friend !!! -_-"

    And, checked into the hotel at about 3pm and connected to
    their free WiFi immediately, lovely !! And started to work
    and enjoying life.

    From 7th floor of the hotel, I could see the river flows to
    the south china sea where I came from this afternoon.

    Not bad at all I would say.

    Had my dinner with my Kuching staff and the cost for
    2 was RM 16.00 only -_-"

    No wonder I see a lot of Big Huge Nice Mercedes here!

    And oh oh !! part of kuching at 9 pm is as quiet as KL
    in 3 am in the morning lol !!

    Starting to like this place already, feeling peace already!

    Saturday, May 19, 2007

    The One About 29 degree celsius.

    Last night was really really hot in KL, in fact it has been that way
    for many many days, but on and off there were thunder storm and
    stuff like that.

    My room is fitted with a 1hp power air cond and I normally turn on
    the air cond and let it auto off at 3 am ( timer babeh ! ) Normal temp
    would be 25 or 26 degree celsius.

    Last night after the air cond stopped at 3 am, the room became warm
    and in the middle of the night I cursed cursed cursed and turned on
    the air cond again.

    But it was still really hot and warm despite the air cond has been turned
    on and when I woke up at 6 am or 7 am, my T-shirt was like wet of
    sweat -_-"

    I looked at the air cond, eh ? how come not cold one ? -_-"

    Looked at the remote control, " 29 degree celsius " wtf ??

    I must have accidently increased the temp to that high and no wonder
    the air cond was not cold at all, infact the room became warmer -_-"

    knn !! Next time have to look carefully before pressing the controller
    liao, or put a torch light near the remote controller lolrotf !!

    Hot ah !! KL is really hot leh !! knn !!

    Wednesday, May 16, 2007

    The One About My Hotel View 1/2

    Checked in to my hotel last weekend and they said the
    view towards Ayer Hitam is not available and gave me
    the view of KOMTAR and penang bridge.

    I said ok and they said thank you Mr. Wong.

    So I just opened the window and saw this....

    Grabbed FZ30 and started snapping photos lol !!

    The One About My Hotel View 2/2

    Nice eh ? To stay at a hotel that have such a view?

    And i was staying at 16th floor of Sunway Hotel, Penang
    and it was a non smoking floor, hmm, smells good !!

    And the staff and people there were really helpful and
    warm, really, you got to try it someday!

    I could sit infront of the window whole night just to
    see this nice view !!

    By the way, the tall building in the photo is KOMTAR,
    the tallest building in Penang once upon a time, now
    i am not sure if it is still the tallest yeah !
    This is for those who are not familiar with Penang and

    Penang is a good place for holiday or to retire at, trust
    me for that, the people, the food, the street etc !!

    Everyone loves Penang !!

    Friday, May 11, 2007

    The One About Him, It and Me.

    This morning woke up at 6 am after some not so pleasant dream,
    packed and went to the park to burn some fat. It has been over a
    week since my last fat burning session, got to do that more !!

    Went for a few round of fast walking and some skipping. Darn the
    performance was like 5% of 10 years ago. -_-"

    After everything, I felt ok & that wasn't so bad.

    When I reached home I noticed that I have accidentally stepped on
    some dog or cat poo, I don't know !!! blardy hell !!

    When something smells like poo, looks like poo, feels like poo,
    you don't have to taste it and you know it is definitely poo, my friend!

    I went home and washed the sport shoe ( left shoe ) and started
    the conclusion of the morning...

  • The cats and dogs in PJ are darn kurang ajar !!

  • Or the owners who didn't clear their poo ! Yeah ?

  • Or Him ( The all Mighty ) is sending some signal to me ? Like
    exercise is bad ! Stay in bed ?

  • Skipping is fun ! Especially when you realize that you could
    still perform 1 jump 2 rope rotation !

  • A big thanks to Fat Lady to find the skipping rope for me.
    I could use that to strangle myself sometimes when she tells me
    funny theory and so -_-".

  • Or perhaps I just need to walk in a not so dark place so I
    could see the path cleary ? lolol !!

    Got to prepare for work now and I have decided not to listen to
    HIS signal, i have decided to continue to do that more frequently.

    If YOU want to place more poo in my path, be my guest !!

    I ain't quiting this time !!
  • Monday, May 07, 2007

    The One About Alternate Saturday Off Cancelled !!

    A few days ago I was having Pizza with Fat Lady and her brother
    at her place.

    Me:" You know, actually my new company has scrapped the alternate
    Saturday off scheme.... "

    Fat Lady:" What ? .... "

    Me:" Yeah ! They just changed the whole plan immediately without
    giving us to change our time table !! "

    Fat Lady:" What the f.... ?? "

    Me:" Yeah ! International company make decision really quick one!"

    Fat Lady:" Oh poor guy.... "

    Me:" Yeah ! Now what am I suppose to do on Saturday ? Very difficult
    to find programs on Saturday one mar !! "

    Fat Lady:" Huh ? What the heck ? Saturday ? "

    Me:" Yeah ! Now with they scrapped Alternate Saturday off , I am having
    5 days week liao my friend, don't know what to do on Saturday lek!! "

    Fat Lady 2 legs in the sky and pizza also flown to ceiling !! lolrotf !!

    2 seconds later she gave me the China Fat San No Shadow Leg Kick and
    I flown all the way from Ampang till Bukit Larut Taiping !!!

    Adui !!

    I explained :"I was just telling the truth mah !! "

    Fat Lady gave me another San Francisco No Mercy Free Kick and
    kicked me all the way till Alaska.

    While I was flying over Bangkok, " Oh ! I can see my house from here!!!"

    lolrotf !!

    Thanks boss ! For arranging 5 days work for us !!
    We appreciate that
    very very much !!

    The One About Water Theme Park In 1x Zoom

    John has used his Nokia phone to take this scene, and I took the photo again
    using the FZ30 1x.

    F5.6 and 1/400 sec.

    Somehow I feel John's photo is better, why ah ?

    The One About Water Theme Park

    Sunday, afternoon, hot sun, a lot of people having fun at
    this famous theme park at Sunway area.

    I took this photo from 17th floor, about 500 meter away
    from them I think.

    FZ30 f5.6 shutter speed 1/320second
    19.1x zoom -_-"

    The One About Blue Sky in Damansara

    Yesterday was Sunday and it has been drizzling and so since
    5 am or 6 am. Drizzling and the sky was gray color, made people
    feel sleepy till 9 am or so.

    At 10 am Mr. Hot Sun came out to work and the sky turned
    blue really fast and this is the result.

    FZ30 f/ 7.1 shutter 1/400 second
    1x zoom

    Friday, May 04, 2007

    The One About Ulu Langat

    Ampang Ulu Langat at Night.

    The One About Ulu Langat 2

    The One About Ulu Langat 3