Saturday, May 19, 2007

The One About 29 degree celsius.

Last night was really really hot in KL, in fact it has been that way
for many many days, but on and off there were thunder storm and
stuff like that.

My room is fitted with a 1hp power air cond and I normally turn on
the air cond and let it auto off at 3 am ( timer babeh ! ) Normal temp
would be 25 or 26 degree celsius.

Last night after the air cond stopped at 3 am, the room became warm
and in the middle of the night I cursed cursed cursed and turned on
the air cond again.

But it was still really hot and warm despite the air cond has been turned
on and when I woke up at 6 am or 7 am, my T-shirt was like wet of
sweat -_-"

I looked at the air cond, eh ? how come not cold one ? -_-"

Looked at the remote control, " 29 degree celsius " wtf ??

I must have accidently increased the temp to that high and no wonder
the air cond was not cold at all, infact the room became warmer -_-"

knn !! Next time have to look carefully before pressing the controller
liao, or put a torch light near the remote controller lolrotf !!

Hot ah !! KL is really hot leh !! knn !!

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