Wednesday, May 23, 2007

The One About 1 big prawn and 3 small prawns.

Went to the famous Kuching Laksa today, the place was like a food
court with some other business premises and it is really near to a
huge roundabout.

Yes, that shop near the huge roundabout one.
( By the way, huge roundabout my friend )

Because I woke up and started working since 6:30 am and didn't
had time for breakfast. Hence I ordered a large one RM5.00 and
my colleague ordered a normal one at RM3.00.

When the 2 bowls came I was like -_-", why leh ??

Same amount of soup.
Same amount of laksa.
Only different amount of prawn.

I had 1 big prawn with big head ( kepala otak besar engkau !!! )
My colleague has 3 smaller size prawn. Headless.

RM5 and RM3 -_-" RM 8.00 only.

But the taste was really nice, I finished mine pretty fast cause I
was relatively really hungry ....

So I looked at my colleague, and," I am going to get another one!"

He was like," Huh ? So kao lat ah you ?"

Me," Yeah ! Really hungry !! and it taste good & cheap!! "

My colleague -_-"

So, a few minutes later another RM3.00 bowl infront of me
and I had the most satisfying lunch in Kuching today : )

The prawn was standard, quite fresh and taste sweet.

The laksa soup Fu Yoh !!! I tell you !! Really Fu Yoh !!!

And yet the price is as cheap as RM3.00 per bowl !!

Next time I come I would terus order 2 bowl of RM 3.00
and take my own sweet time for that.

Fu Yoh !! Fu Yoh !!!


hao said...

Kch Laksa is one of my all time favourite food. You should tried some other food that's not available like Kolo Mee, Tomato mee. Enjoy your stay there!

PS said...

Yeah, my fren said Kuching has many huge roundabouts because they are out of idea with how to use their big land.

Jasonmumbles said...

Mana picture?