Sunday, May 27, 2007

The One About Miss Ong

In 1992, i was in form 2 and it was one of the funny years that
I had. I had a good friend that I like very much, Miss Ong.

One day I called her:" Hello, may I speak to Miss Ong please?"

Miss Ong:" Hi, speaking, how are you ? "

Me:" Ha ha, I am fine, how about you ? What are you doing?"

Miss Ong:" I am playing testis game now, interesting leh!"

Me -_-"

Me:" Excuse me? Whose testis(cle) that you are playing?"

Miss Ong, after 5 seconds, " Iyer OMG!! You very bad leh !! "

Me lolrtof !!

This one is for those people who enjoyed playing the Tetris but
can't differentiate what Tetris and Testis(cle).

OMG !! Kenapa boleh jadi begini ??

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