Friday, May 25, 2007

The One About Mid Night Rescue Mission

Went for a rescue mission midnight yesterday but the mission
turned out and situation changed to midnight supper mission !!

I here ask :" Kenapa boleh jadi begini ??? " lol !!

Was preparing to have a rest at 1:00 when the phone ring.

Sergent Jason :" Captain, help needed, mayday, mayday !! "

Me:" What's the scenario ? Pls advise ! "

Sergent Jason:" Captain, aircraft down ! aircraft down !!! "

Me over radio :" Hanger pls get F-117 ready !! With rescue crew
and equipment on standby, paramadic ready too ! "

Radio" Affirmative, F-117 taxied to runway and
running hot !

Me:" Affirmative !! prepare search and rescue, Mutiara Damansara!"

Radio:" Rodger that ! C130 & ladder 33 engine 49 deployed !!
Guard search team eta 4 minutes !! "

Me:" Affirmative ! F-117 command centre eta 3 mins !"

Radio:" Lite FM - The Best Music from Yesterday & Today !"

Me:" Pls repeat that ! What did you just said ? "

Radio:" Play don't say it, use any word to describe the word,
without saying it, or spelling it or in other language !! "

Me:" Wtf ? This is military frequency, stay off this frequency!"

Radio:" Good morning folks, traffic reports, Jalan Ampang
slow moving at citibank, Pandan roundabout, heavy traffic
but moving, Federal Highway, a stalled lorry causing massive
jam by onlooker infront of Mid valley... pls do not slow down
and look as you may contribute to more traffic jam. "

I was like -_-" and Sergent Jason:" Mission called off !
called off!

Me:" What ? "

Sergent Jason:" Victim recovered, all ok ! all ok !!
Please call of
the rescue mission !! Over ! "

I looked at the F-117 which was ready to take off and the C 130,
black hawks, happy green giant, Sandy's in the sky .... they were
all -_-"

Me:" Lite Fm - The Best Music From Yesterday & Today ! "

They all 2 legs in the sky...

And since F-117 was ready to take off, I went to SS2 and had
late supper / early breakfast with Jason ...

Kenapa boleh jadi begini ???

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