Wednesday, April 26, 2006

Wah ha ha ha !! It's 26th April 2006 now and where on earth got people eat Tang Yuan one? Well you know me, my family is Elite family, special food are available as we wish. If we feel like want to eat some Dragon, Dragon also would be caught and eaten by us. Tang Yuan in the middle of the year ? Sap Sap Sui ! Thanks grandma for giving me this container of Tang Yuan along with the pandan syrup ! Yahoo !! I am very happy tonight !
???? ???? ?????!????!
At the left is syrup cooked with pandan leaves. Sweet and hmm.. my whole air cond room now is filled with aroma of Pandan leaves. and at the right, he he he !! Now you see, 10 minutes later you don't see !! you just don't!!
Time = 11 pm plus plus. Flooded !!


Ever seen a rat kicking the elephant ass ?

And the elephant suffer major trauma at the ass ?

And rat just get some bruise ?

No ?

Then you should probably look at my F117 condition on
Saturday 22nd April and the condition of the blardy
Kancil which kicked my F117 so hard that my heart
was broken into pieces.

and from today onwards whenever I see a kancil
approaching or within my view.

I would either use my 30mm cannon to destroy it before
it gets closer, or I would do Evasive Maneuvering (EM)
with my tails between my legs.

call me coward if you like but I aint going to let any
kancil get close to my F117 no more !! No freaking more!!!

Whenever my F117 gets hurts I will get nuts, just like
now. he he he he he !!

System reboot succesful !!

Time: 20:00.
Location : Puchong Air Space.

E&ECT System Checked...OK
System Reboot.... 100%
Loading Profile.... 100%
Weapon System Checked.... OK
H.U.D. System Checked.... OK
Stealth System Checked.... OK
Comm Set System Checked... OK

Alright, my F117 finally could fly another mission
again after being grounded for more then 12 hours.

Taxied to run way at 20:05 and by 20:08 I was all over
Technology Park Malaysia air space heading to Ipoh
Road for some mid night mission.

On the way along Sungai Besi road I tested the Stealth
system performance by flying low and flying fast next
to a BMW 7 Series.

I performed a quicked simulation of AGM lock on, target
locked and Eagle 1, Fox 2 !!! Go go go !!

And I released the trigger and turned of the weapon
system and maintained back to normal speed and altitude
cause there was this PDRM Police Bike next to me -_-"

He he he !! PDRM Police Bike. Honda 750cc. would be
the last bike that I would ever wanted to messed with
on Malaysia road. They are fast and they are good !!

Don't want to get pulled over and issued a ticket, do
I ? Neah...

Anyway, I am glad that my F117 now is back to Hanger 1
of Kayu Ara and all system green and good.

good night F117. Tomorrow we are going for some mission
over KL air space. Watch out you all !! you all !!

Sunday, April 23, 2006

Appetizer or cold plate or whatever we call it. When you see this on table, you would know that the hungry feeling in your stomach would become history soon. In today's case, it simply means that a lot of us will suffer stomach overloaded problem at the end of dinner. Read on and see what has gone into our stomach on the evening of 22nd April 2006. Jason this one is for you ! I think we might need to come here and eat when you are in KL later ok ?
Some people says what comes around goes around. I am so angry that the sharks in Australia and US are eating poor swimmers and tourists as their breakfast and lunch. Today i will seek revenge for those poor swimmers and tourests who were bullied by all the sharks, brothers and sisters, today I will bite their fins like they bite us ok ? Grrrrrr !!
My shark fins soup with a few drops of chinese made black vinegar. Hot soup with fresh crabs meats and eggs and shark fins and a little bit sour feeling of vinegar. It feels like heaven for a moment, you know? when you put a big spoon of shark fins into your mouth and when you swallow the soup over your throat. that's what we call life ( and death for sharks, poor sharks)
Shrimp cooked with eggs and butter and stuff like that. This is so wrong !! And this is what we called cholesterol cooked with cholesterol but my Maths teacher teaches us : Negative and Negative will result of Positive. So ? cholesterol and cholesterol = Healthy lah apalagi ?
Really really fresh and smooth Patin, steamed with soya sauce and taufu and dried fish. OMG the taste, OMG the gravy OMG i could eat 3 bowls of rice with the gravy alone but I pulled handbrake and didn't actually ordered any white rice this evening.
Lemon chicken, cooked with chicken and lemon sauce, nothing to should about. But amazingly, no chicken nor lemon sauce left after that. They all just, you know disappear like that in thin air, must be the hot weather in subang and all these stuff evaporate into air eh? Told you my science is good !
Dish number 6, actually this is mixed vegetables and came out as dish number six and dish number 7 was fried rice.
Fried rice, dish number Six. Taste was so so for me but my grandma liked it and as usual none of the rice was left alive. All kept in the place call multi purpose aquarium. I mean giant aquarium now.
Tom Yam with extra Chili and Spicy. Good for health !
Crabs, fresh and smells so good. Covered with salted egg, fried with salt and herbs. Hmm.. finger lickin good !! Some doc would says, look this is cholesterol covering cholesterol cooked with more cholesterol !! But my family doc says Eat First Die Later ! How? I trust my family doc only ok?
OMFG ! Are these really my cousins?
Are these really my cousins ? Mein Gott im Himmel, and yes unfortunately there are !! Shake head slowly and walked away.
My cousins, all full of talents and acting skills. People says, once you are done feeding the children with foods they will start trying to be funny, and I believe they will all one day get Oscar awards or so... especially the 2 girls.
Err. maybe some of them wouldn't make it to Oscar.
This guy eat until face was full of seeds of Dragon fruits also didn't realize and was running here and there showing the seeds on his face proudly, another special product from Ho Family Kuala Krai. -_-"
By the time we finished the dinner it was already 10:15 pm. Everyone was filled and stomach has became aquarium cause there were shrimps, patins, crabs, chickens etc swimming inside. You are looking at 17 big and small portable and walking aquarium in Subang now LOL !! OMG it was so much of satisfaction that I regret that I have only 1 stomach.
As I have said, everybody was so happy and satisfied. Don't believe ? Look at how happy Xuen Xuen was, senyum sampai nampak gigi!! kih kih kih !! Burp !!

Saturday, April 22, 2006

22 April 2006

Learning Italy , Lesson 20 :

  • Incoming = ricevuto , ricevuto
  • Abort = terminazione , terminazione
  • I am hit = sono colpito , sono colpito

    Neah, today's record :

  • Incoming !! Incoming !!
  • Abort !! Abort !!
  • I am hit !! I am hit !!
  • Emergency landing ! Emergency landing !
  • Kancil
  • F-117

    Get what I mean ??
  • Tuesday, April 18, 2006

    Masalah besar !!!


    Terasa amat lapar sekarang selepas mencuci kereta tadi dan tadi terhidu bau Ketam dimasak tomato -_-" daripada luar tingkap aku.

    Tetapi saya tinggal di rumah pangsa pada tingkat 10 woh?

    Orang tua aku memberi tahu jika kita dapat hidu bau makanan pada tengah-tengah malam itu mesti ada hantu !!

    Duh !!

    Ya betul itu mesti hantu !!

    Hantu-hantu dan Roh-roh daripada mangsa si mati (ketam)
    yang telah saya makan sepanjang 28 tahun yang lepas.

    Mereka pasti datang cari aku untuk membalas dendam ya?

    Bagus ! Saya terasa amat lapar dan harap-harap ada nasi putih yang dapat dimakan bersama dengan ketam-ketam yang datang. Saya harap malam ini hantu ketam datang dengan ala :

  • Masak ala goreng garam.
  • Masak ala kukus.
  • Masak ala tomato masam pedas. wu !!
  • Masak ala telur masin.
  • Masak ala Kam Hiong ( daun kari ).
  • Masak ala BBQ .

    Ok cukup ! Yang lain, maksud aku, hantu-hantu yang lain sila datang besok atau lusa hari dan sila fikirkan cara lain yang lebih sedap dan kreatif, sekian terima kasih.

    MCB Semakin tulis blog semakin lapar ! Ini semua Jason mia pasal lah !
  • Quote of the day.

    Masih lagi saya ingat dalam satu adegan yang saya tengok
    dalam TV pada tahun 1996 atau 1997.

    " Bagi segala, janganlah berketerlaluan !"

    Akan jadikan ini salah satu daripada prinsip saya mulai
    hari ini .

    Kebaikan mencuci kereta.

    Hari ini adalah merupakan Hari Bahasa Malaysia dan saya
    rasa adalah baiknya jika saya dapat menyambut HBM dengan menulis dalam Bahasa Malaysia.

    Masa sekarang adalah 1:34 pagi dan, rasa amat segar setelah mandi, dan sebelum mandi telah saya mencuci kereta kesayangan saya, jenama F-117 buatan Itali, tetapi ia dibawa masuk ke Malaysia dengan CKD -_-" wtf? AIK? ( Apa itu kongkek? )

    Makan malam adalah nasi lemak dan rasa amat kenyang walaupun banyak yang tinggal dan dibuang. Maka pada pukul 11:00 malam terasa tak tertahan lalu pun bawa bakul, bawa paip air dan syempu kereta ( selepas gosok gigi dan sikat rambut ) menghala ke tempat cuci kereta.

    Suasana agak sunyi tetapi rumah pangsa kos rendah di sebelah masih riuh rendah dengan, rasanya kebanyakan mereka baru saja hendak keluar kerana saya dengar sekarang adalah merupakan musim perlawanan bola sepak.

    Maka, saya pun teruskan usaha untuk mencuci F-117 aku yang sebenarnya tidaklah begitu kotor. Pagi tadi masih ada rakan sekerja yang memuji :

    " Wah Kai Hong, kereta awak ni bersih lah !"

    " Wah Kai Hong, jarangnya kereta juru jual yang sebersih kereta awaklah ! "

    -_-" Tetapi demi senaman dan rasa bersalah kerana memakan nasi lemak sebagai makan malam, maka terpaksalah saya mencuci F-117 yang tidak begitu "kotor" .... ai....

    Sebenarnya sejak kebelakangan ini, saya terasa agak tertekan demi masalah bekerja. Sudah 2 bulan saya terasa begini, dan perasaannya adalah bagai seseorang yang terapung di lautan yang besar dan tidak pasti mana hendak atau akan dibawa ombak. Teruk betul perasaan begitu kan ?

    Sebagai seorang yang tidak mengalah kepada keadaan yang tidak memuaskan hati. saya telah cuba beberapa cara untuk mengatasinya dan salah satu daripadanya adalah

    Mencuci Kereta... hahahaha !!

    Apabila seseorang itu asyik dan betul-betul memberi perhatian apabila mencuci kereta. Segala masalah dan perkara yang tidak seronok akan dilupai sementara.

    Pemikiran dan daya membuat keputusan juga akan meningkat apabila seseorang itu mencuci kereta ( sama seperti apabila seseorang itu bersenam atau rehat ).

    Setelah 80 minit mencuci, mengeringkan dan memberi lapisan lilin ( waxing ) terasa amat dahaga, sikit penat, tetapi pemikiran sudah semakin jelas, rasa sudah cukup senaman.... maka pun baliklah ke condo saya untuk meneruskan tugas kedua, mencuci baju.

    Sebenarnya, sejak 1998 tugas mencuci baju talah menjadi sesuatu, bukan lagi tugas kerana ianya hanya melibatkan saya untuk memasukkan baju ke mesin basuh, tekan butang dan tunggu untuk mesin siap membasuh. Kemudian pun mengantungkan baju dan seluar dan lain-lain dan tunggu ia kering.

    Sejak 3 tahun yang lepas lagi seronok setelah berpindah ke Condo Puncak Damansara, ada mesin pengering baju pula atas jasa dan sumbangan Ah Kok dan Fane Yuan.

    Sekarang, hanya masuk baju ke mesin, cuci, dan lepas dua jam, pindahkan baju daripada mesin mencuci ke mesin pengering, 1 jam kemudian terus ada pakaian yang bersih dan kering...

    Oh seronok betul !! Jadi, jika begitu seronok dalam kehidupan harian, buat apa nak terasa tersinggung jika menimpa sedikit masalah dalam berkerja?

    Baiklah, saya akan berusaha untuk menangani masalah yang bangkit dalam kerja saya esok dengan sedaya upaya. Jika masih tidak dapat menangani, maka, masih banyak hutan hutan di luar sana, tak usah kerana satu pokok dan membelakangkan segala hutan yang lain, bukan ?

    selamat malam, salam mesra !

    Monday, April 17, 2006

    Petang tadi setelah sampai di rumah, telah aku buka tingkap dan merenung ke arah luar. Tiba-tiba ku ternampak ada bunga Lotus, alangkah gembiranya jika dapat nampak bunga lotus di luar sana. Malah ada seekor itik atau dua yang berenang sampil bersenorok.
    Sekali nampak ? Alamak ini bukan lah bunga lotus tetapi beg plastic, dan sampah sarap yang terapung mcb !
    My good in the sky !! I thought it was lotus flower, turned out those are white plastic bags and finished food container ( read : rubbish ) floating on the surface of the small pond. knnkliabbqlcct !!! -_-"
    Cheh ! It's only a small pond in the middle of land waiting to tbe developed. But there are anglers here mind you, fishes too, snakes, frogs, worms, bugs, insects, dogs, cats , ducks and chicken are common visitors here. Actually most of them stays here except the anglers of course.
    This is how Pelangi Damansara Condo II looks like at around 6:30 pm of 17th April 2006.
    Today 17th April 2006. Time 12:43 am and I looked out and Holy Macaroni and Cheese!! I can't see The Curve, Tesco, Power Centre and others Mutiara Damansara building already. Infact this Pelangi Damansara Condo II is really rushing for the completion. I think this project is even running at midnight. I could hear the crane from there rotating and making noise now... I hate that ! First they block my view, then the work day and night, and at night they make noise somemore !! Benci betul !
    However there was this Pelangi Damansara Condo II in consruction. By that time I still could see The Curve, Tesco, IKEA and Power Centre or so. Not too bad view i told myself ! No I was wrong !!
    Last year somewhere in September I looked out from my room windows it was like this. The night was peaceful, Bandar Utama seems to be very quiet and not much of noise. Date was 11 Sep 2005.

    Friday, April 14, 2006

    Crab ! Lotz of crab !

    A few days ago i was chatting online with a friend of
    mine over the IM software and we discussed about the
    "suicide" issue.

    I told him, I really don't agree and see why one should
    commit suicide in this world. I really can't understand that...

    I added on:" I would only commit suicide if I am a crab or something like that."

    Friend:" Hmmm ? Why leh ?"

    I replied:" I can't sing, I can't walk straight and I can't even see my own kkc, sure I suicide lah !"

    Friend:" MCBKLIALCCTBBQ !"

    So, our conclusion is that, since crab has the tendency
    to perform suicide cause they are majority unhappy life

    So we should be caring people and lend them a hand by simply, eating more crabs... cause we are caring Malaysians.

    Eating more crabs will release them from the suffering that they (crabs) are experiancing and according to my
    religion, when we release someone or some creature out of misery or suffering, it is called Good Karma !!!
    公 德 无 量

    So? What are we waiting for? Let's lock and load and go
    and eat some crabs today !!

    When we see crabs on the table, we should also shout out very loud :" Fire at will ! Fire at will !! "

    and quickily finish them off and send them all the way
    to next life where they would become a happier creature. Ok ? Agree ??

    Lock and load !! Lock and load babeh !!


    I remember seeing from some news paper or internet which shown a picture of a Seafood Restaurant from don't know where happyly put up a sign.

    " We sell the best crap in town !" WTF ?

    Ching Ming Part Duex

    Contiues from previous blog about Ching Ming..

    So, it was about I informed Jamaliah that nowadays we
    have gone "Environment Friendly" and " Efficient "
    and stuff like that.

    So, I have also informed Jamaliah that we don't burn
    all those Hell Notes, Paper Cars, Paper TV and stuff
    like that during Ching Ming no more.

    Instead, we issue Cheques... current cheques...

    So Jamaliah was really, really impressed !!

    She asked me:" Then how much is the value?"

    I replied:" A lot babeh ! A lot ! "

    She asked:" Like how much ?"

    I said:" 9,000,000,000,000.00 per cheque "

    She replied:" Wow ! That's a lot of money man !"

    I said:" In USD you know ?"

    She lagi terkejut !!

    I added:" Each ancestor get 1 cheque you know?"

    She lagi amat terkejut !!

    I added somemore:" Tax free one up there you know?"

    She almost fainted....

    I would be too if my ancestor really going to bank in
    the cheque and start spending billions, trillions of
    USD up there while we suffer down here working our
    ass out !!

    It's so unfair !!

    Wednesday, April 12, 2006

    Happy Belated Ching Ming 2006 !!!

    As I have mentioned before, Ching Ming Festival is always one of my favourites Chinese festival, all the time.

    Cause during Ching Ming it is always like a re-union for most of us who came to KL to work and Ching Ming means " Go home, meet the old folks, clean the graves and eat!"

    The point is "Eat" hahahaha !!

    Ok just kidding, I love to visit my ancestors grave, clean the graves and telling them infront of the graves that how much we appreciate them, how great of them
    to carry and feed my grandmothers and relatives and
    how much of effort they spent to educate all of us !!

    It always break my heart that I didn't have a chance
    to thank them and show my appreciation to them one by
    one cause most of them passed away really really long
    time ago !!

    Oh, last week during Ching Ming time my office Jamaliah
    (HRA staff) asked me :" Kai Hong, tak balik Ching Ming
    kat Kelantan ke?"

    I replied:" Tahun ini tidak, kerana terlalu sibuk!"

    Jamaliah:" So , tahun ini tidak ada bakar rumah kertas,
    baju kertas, tv kertas, peti sejuk kertas lah ?"

    I replied:" No, Jamaliah, kami sudah tidak bakar benda
    benda macam itu lagi."

    Jamailiah:" Habis ? Macam mana?"

    I replied:" Kita issue current Cheque dengan nama
    nenek moyang dan kasi bank in (bakar) itu cheque!"

    Jamaliah:" Hastala Vista betul ke kai hong ?"

    I relied:" Of course ! Sekarang atas sana ( pointed at
    the sky ) macam-macam ada ! "

    " Hypermarket, Macro, Parkson, KLCC, Tesco, Giant,
    Citibank, Hong Kong Bank semua pun ada !"

    Jamaliah -_-"

    Aboh then? Prove to me that I am wrong lah then?

    Monday, April 10, 2006

    Evening sky ( sun set mode : Pentax S60 ) taken by Fat Lady on 10th April 2006. Around 7:33 pm. Not bad eh ? I mean the scenery outside of my windows LOL ! The photo below was uploaded twice accidentally. But stupid is a stupid does.. let it be lah !
    Evening sky ( sun set mode : Pentax S60 ) taken by Fat Lady on 10th April 2006. Around 7:33 pm. Not bad eh ? I mean the scenery outside of my windows LOL !
    Sirloin + Soft Shell crabs. I ate the potato + sirloin also become full already. Hence did not really entirely enjoyed the soft shells crab which in my opinion was a little bit too oily. But the sambal on top of the crabs was really tasty. The sirloin was also tasted very very good. I ordered the medium rare so that I could cook the rare meat over the sizzling metal plate. Dang the sizzling plate kept on sizzles oil ( very hot oils ) on to my arms... painful !
    Fat Lady's mia daging rusa. For me I think there were too much of black pepper sauce.
    Fish and Chips at Jack's Place, 1 utama. Fane ordered this, at the end, fished got eaten and chips ended up in rubbish bin. For me, I don't know how to appreciate fish cooked via western style that much.

    Sunday, April 09, 2006

    Is this what I get after I pay RM 3.00 from Subang Jaya to Cheras area ? This is plain crazy and the peoplse who are in charge of traffic control and provide the people "Smooth Driving " are so ought to be shot between the eyes !!
    The Saturday afternoon jam begins at around 11 am and 12 pm onwards right after Endah or Indah Parade Sri Petaling Ampang Bound. I have been enjoying the same jam since 1999 till now 2006, the good old jam, never miss ! You could upgrade the standard jam to super nova extreme jam if there is a heavy rain. Paid RM1.50 x 2 at Kesas, enjoyed 8 minutes of smooth drive and this is the end of smooth drive ok ? This is the end of smooth drive.
    After the Sri Petaling / Salak South jam there is another jam called the Pandan Indah jam. Wonderful Middle Ring Road II !! Be expecting the same jame tomorrow, and the day after tomorrow and the day after tomorrow's tomorrow, same jam, same location, same time, same channel !!! Same KLIABBQMCB!
    Give me 10 of this, 3 of that, 4 of that, 7 of this, 12 of those, the one there give me 3, yes, hmmm, no, perhaps you should just give me the whole tray and I take everything ok ?
    RM1.50 for 4 pcs of Dim Sum and it was selling like Hot Cakes, emm, i mean Hot Dim Sum.
    Singing competition at Melaka's Jonker Walk.
    The largest pedestrian bridge or footbridge

    Melaka Sentral

    Yes, Melaka Sentral.

    On the way back to Kuala Lumpur after the inter-state pursuit
    of Robbery Suspects , Sgt Ramli arrived at the largest pedestrian
    bridge in Malaysia ( at the moment ! ) and it's somethink like the
    one in Hong Kong according to the wife of Major Lim.


    晴天(周杰伦) 歌词


    Time now is 8:50 am of a nice Sunday, 10th April 06 and I
    am listening to the song above sang by Jacky Cheong
    and boy this Jacky is good !!

    Lyrics taken from :

    Friday, April 07, 2006

    Morning fart.

    Sometimes in night when someone's digesting system is
    working perfectly at the harmony maximised and total
    efficient rate, a lot of gases would be produced and
    stored in the stomach.

    So, sometimes when people wake up with a lot of gas in
    the stomach the first thing is to release them back to
    atmosphere, where gases belongs right ?

    So, morning fart is just a natural process of returning
    something back to where it belongs and I think this
    should be complimented and appreicated.

    But still, why everytime I do this action Fat Lady
    would quickily cover her head in 5 pillows ?? why??

    And I always find it funny when someone is wake up by
    natural sounds, like fart.... healthly fart... right?

    Ok, what about un-healthly fart ?

    Un healthly fart is produced under the below situation:
  • Food poisoning.
  • Stomach up set and not working properly.
  • Digestion system screwed up.
  • Too much of protein in food.
  • And etc.

    The characteristic of un-healthly fart.
  • It's almost noiseless, and stealth ( not for long!)
  • It's warm or feels hot. I mean the air.
  • It's warm and hot because a lot of bacteria acts.
  • It smells like... rubbish trucks or dump.
  • It's dangerous, because friendly fire incident might happen if not controlled properly.
  • Fat Lady would get really up set....

    And, more about friendly fire or run fire situation.
  • Monday, April 03, 2006

    Colourless Dream ?

    A few months ago when I wake up at midnight I remembered that I saw Green, Yellow and Red colour in my dream.

    So, I just want to record down here that in my dream it
    is not Colourless, there are colour in my dreams !! :)

    How about you? Do you dream in colour ? Or black and
    white only?


    Oh and don't know why I always do wake up at midnight
    around 2am, 3am and sometimes 4:55am. Perhaps it is
    because of the noise that come in to my room from

    2 of the restaurants down there outside of my 10th
    floor windows are showing some soccer game at midnight
    and sometimes 3am or 4am... and I heard that World Cup
    2006 is coming really soon... -_-"

    Everytime there is a goal the patrons whould shout and
    cheers and make noise like that.

    My questions:
  • Don't these people has TV at their home?
  • Don't these people has to sleep ?
  • Don't these people has to work second day?

    And from 5:00 am onwards the praying starts.

    And from 6:30 am the school buses ( yes at least 2 )
    started to honk repeatly to pick up students out

    7:00 am onwards, second round of school bus honks -_-"

    I remember when I was a kid, I was the one who wait
    for the school bus at the desinated spot, not the
    school bus to wait for me !!!

    What the hell is wrong with the students nowadays and
    what the hell is wrong with the mentioned 2 school
    buses, yeah ! the 2 school buses which pick up students
    at Kampung Kayu Ara area and Bandar Utama area ? Huh?

    I am so NOT Balanced today ! Need some tranquilizer !!

    Could someone tell me that I should go back to Kelantan
    or Taman Negara and stay there to enjoy the peaceful
    feeling ?
  • Windows XP Activation in dream??

    A long sigh !!!

    Last night in my dream, I was installing Windows XP for
    a customer or someone like that.

    And I was deeply disturbed by the process of getting "Activation" for the Windows XP and everything was so clear when I woke up this morning.

    And now every Sunday afternoon and evening I become less comfortable cause Monday ( have to work ) is approaching fast and Sunday is gone fast too !!

    I really need some rest for my mind. I am really really tired !!

    Saturday, April 01, 2006

    Lamb cutlets, fat ladies mia favourites !
    Ladies and gentleman, Minutes Steak that I ate last Saturday, huh I tell you it was so tasty and yummy !!
    On the way to KLIA last week I asked Fat lady to take this photo of this. I don't know what do we call this in English, some floated mining machine or so. But in Sejarah and Sains dan Kemanusiaan I remember my teachers called this Kapal Korek Besi. whenever I want to korek hidung i remember this Kapal Korek Besi story.... -_-"
    What is a Kapal Korek Besi doing near Sepang area ? Is there a mining area near here?

    LCCT. Low Cost Carrier Terminal of KLIA.

    Today let's talk a little bit about LCCT which has began it's operation some 2 weeks ago.

    First of all, this LCCT looked like a huge hypermarket in the eyes of Fat Lady.
    She told me that OMG she thought that it was some
    Macro Hypermarket opening at KLIA area.

    But it was not bad actually... let's see what I have
    found out !

    1st of all LCCT is located some 20km away from KLIA toll exit, please refer to the map below if you are
    not sure how to get there.

    KLIA toll exit to KLIA terminal = 13km.
    KLIA toll exit to LCCT terminal = 20km.

    But how come we feel that LCCT is so far away, firstly
    the surronding of the road to LCCT is something new
    and doesn't have much of scenary but palm trees. Feel
    like very ulu like that, hence feel further.

    Secondly, to get to LCCT from KLIA toll one has to
    pass through 2 roundabouts and 4 sets of traffic lights
    and imagine if all the lights are red, means travelling
    time is greatly increased.

    So folks, if you are going to LCCT to board a plane, leave earlier, say, 15 minutes earlier compared to KLIA because it would need more time for sure on the roads.

    And, remember to put umbrellas in your cars before going to LCCT cause the car park is open air system.

    And, feed yourself before you go there, food is not
    cheap and. Pee and Poo before you leave the house. I feel that the toilet there might be over utlized in future. I strongly feel that.

    Do not wear thick shirts or long sleeves as LCCT is a
    warm place, at least that was what both of us felt !

    And oh ! If you are the passenger to board a plane at
    LCCT, please kindly be prepared. My advises as below:

  • See weather forecast or ask God if it would rain.
  • And pray hard it does not rain.
  • If it still rains, bring rain coat or umbrella.
  • Cause you have to walk in open air to board.
  • Meaning that you would get wet if it rains.
  • Make sure you do not board the wrong plane.
  • Don't 1 person bring 5 active running kids ok?
  • Don't be late to check in cause i heard it is packed.
  • hmmmmm... whatever you don't do in KLIA, don't do it here.

    What else let me see, yeah during my visit to LCCT 2
    weeks ago I could hardly find any dustbin there. Only
    found 1 in the toilet and it was very very full.

    So, I hope the situation is being improved now and let
    me know if there is anything that we should take note

    Thank you for choosing LCCT airlines. We wish you to
    have a wonderful flight experiance.
  • LCCT floor plan in details. Picture taken from
    The map to LCCT from KLIA toll exit. It is located some 20km away from KLIA toll exit. And you have to pass 2 roundabouts ( 1st one go 12 oclock and 2nd one 3 oclock ) and 4 traffic lights ( all straight ). When I went to LCCT last week from Kuala Lumpur city, Fat lady was complaining that we were feeling like going to Ipoh like that ! Far away ! Very far away babeh !!
    The plan for LCCT. This image is taken from
    An Air Bus, control tower for for LCCT and at the background should be the satellite building of KLIA.
    The car park entrence that 80% of the people missed because of the small small P sign placed there. And it does not look like an entrance for us at all actually