Friday, December 29, 2006

Happy New Year

I would like to wish everyone and my blog readers a

Happy New Year !!

May 2007 be a Good and Prosperous Year for all.

Remember that in 2007 :

  • Please write the date as 1 Jan 20067.
  • Issue the cheque for 2007, not 2006 ok ?
  • Your Age = +1 (-_-")
  • Your car depreciate another at least 10%. wtf?
  • Major toll rise 10% to 60%.
  • LDP user, prepare RM1.60 per toll, KACHING !!

    And even the toilet in Low Yatt Plaza cost RM0.50 nowadays!!


    I better buy a new bike, bicycle that is !!!

    So, what is so special about 2007 new year ?

    I don't know mate!! I don't know !!!
  • I am damn 臭屁 !!

    A few days ago a friend of mine was asking me like this,

    " Kai Sir, did you happen to drive a Toyota Camry lately ?"

    Me:" Nope, why ? "

    " That day I overtook an Camry, the driver looked so much
    like you, you know ? That's why I ask you. "

    Me:" Oh I see, very unlikely, first I don't drive a Toyota Camry
    and secondly, only I overtake people, and people NEVER get to
    overtake me. "

    My friend -_-" and asked:" Why you don't drive a Camry ?"

    Me:" My F-117 is good enough already ! "

    Friend:" Why ? Camry engine capacity is 2.4 liter vs your 1.5 liter!"

    Me:" You see, I am driving the 1.5 liter already almost no people
    could overtake and become faster then me, imagine if I upgrade
    my car to Toyota Camry, then I would be certainly always and
    always be the fastest car on the road, very lonely one you know?"

    Me:" Hero is always lonely one, sad but true !

    Sometimes I have to slow myself down to let the rest to catch
    up with me, and sometimes I have to pretend to be very slow
    when I fly so that I will not hurt the others feeling.

    you know that kind of feeling ? Lonely and 凄 凉 !! "

    My friend 2 legs and 2 hands in the sky ....

    So now who says I am 臭 屁 again ?

    I am not !!!

    Voice vs Look.

    A few days ago I went to see a friend of mine, and his gf pointed at
    me and said :" Oi ! You very strange lah ! "

    Me:" Why am I so ? I have 3 head ? 6 arm meh ?"

    She:" No, not that kind of strange !"

    Me:" Then ? Do I walk terbalik ? Or have 2 nose ?"

    She -_-" :" No no ! Not what I mean !"

    Me:" Then ? "

    She:" You don't sound like your appearance !! you speak
    very soft , unlike your look, your look more garang ! "

    Me:" Oh i see ! So should I start speaking like Hulk Hogan
    or the Rock ? Using the deep throat sound ? Like hmm ,
    the guy who sung What A Wonderful World ? "

    She 2 legs in the sky !!

    But I take it as an compliment, and I am ok with it !!

    Always be gentle with female, pull the chair, hold the door,
    easy on the swearing, say excuse when you mean it.

    And the most importance, be polite !

    That would be the formula for less confrontation and might
    contribute to World Peace yeah ?

    Damn sometimes i am very the 臭 屁 !!

    Things to do when Internet is down.

    You could probably do these if the Internet connection is down
    for more then 10 minutes :

  • Read the news paper.
  • Read the informative magazine, not gossip nor 38 type.
  • Learn a new language, not programming language, nerd!
  • Watch some news from TV, or listen to Radio.
  • Take a walk in the park.
  • Feed your chicken or duck if you have, else your pet dog!
  • Take a walk around your neighbor and say hello !
  • Buy some cheese cake and enjoy them while they are still
  • Go and have a walk at Pasar Malam.
  • Buy some fruits and do fruit-punch or Salad.
  • Analyze your own EQ and attitude, improve yourself.
  • Ask people around you what could you improve to make
    more people like you.
  • Wash your car, or your father's car.
  • Read some books and learn some new skills.

    See ? Who says we can't live without the Internet ? Damn I
    wish one day the Internet could be turned off for 1 month
    and I shall see what would happen.

    Of course the email and should better be
    working then yeah ?

  • Lousy people.

    Was reading the local news paper about the disruption of Malaysia's
    international link (undersea submerged cable).

    And there was a lot of people ranting, swearing, panicking, cursing,
    mumbling, ah chi ah choing and diuing because simply they can't
    use the internet.

    Especially some so called Malaysian bloggers who can't sit, can't stand,
    can't eat, can't drink and has major Constipation because they can't
    post and read blogs these few days.

    I was like -_-"

    And some of the MSN users who can't log on to the MSN was also
    mumbling and kao peh kao buing until this very moment -_-"

    I think a lot of people are getting too addicted and depending on
    the internet, too addicted and that is no good !

    I mean i understand the frustration if you can't retrieve your email
    and can't reply your customer enquiry, or do online data / information
    collection and dissemination.

    But, Instant Messengers and Blogs, would these cause a lot of stress
    and tensions if one really can't access to these for a short period ?
    or even if one day Malaysian authorities were to ban the blogs and
    censor the Internet, would the Netizen walks to the street and
    protest, and some worst case, commit suicide if these blogs and
    the internet contents were not uncensored ?


    Thursday, December 28, 2006

    Internet Reading Lesson One.

    A few days ago when I was back to Kota Bharu a friend of
    mine learnt that I have this blog.

    And he said, " Wah Liew ! You so in ah ? Got blog ah ?"

    Me," Nothing lah, small blog only. "

    Him," Since when ? "

    Me," 2004 ! "

    Him," Wah Lau eh ! So long already ah ? "

    Me," No lah 2 years only lah, where got long ? "

    Him," Gimme gimme the address ! "

    After 1 day,

    My friend," Oi ! What does lol mean ? what is mia ? what is knnbbq?"

    I was like -_-"

    And he asked, " what is -_-" mean also ? "

    I lagi -_-" and 2 legs in the sky !!!!!

    Him," What is 2 legs in the sky ???"

    I said," Ok ! Listen, I am going to list all these technical thing in my
    blog later, you could pick up from here yeah ? "

    Him, " Ok very good ! Thanks ! "

    So here I am, let's start with all these yeah ?

  • lol = laught out loud = berketawa dengan kuat.

  • lolrotf = laugh out loud and rolling on the flood = lol + gulung atas lantai

  • mia = belongs to someone = punya

  • wtf = what the fuck = apa itu kongkek

  • wtfknnbbqlcct = wtf + knn + bbq + lcct

  • -_-" = sweating on forehead = berpeluh kepala kerana tension

    -_-" can I stop doing this already ? Please ?
  • Everyday is a Sunday this week!

    Despite the Internet connection from Malaysia to the rest of
    the world is super slow right now and for the next few days (weeks).

    The traffic in Kuala Lumpur and PJ seems to be super smooth for
    the past few days.

    I think this is because a lot of people are talking annual leaves, go
    back to hometown, bring the kids for holidays, spend some time away
    from town etc.

    I was in Kelantan last week for some work and leisure too.

    Boy I tell you it was a lot of fun.

    This morning I manage to drive from my place Damansara Kayu
    Ara all the way to KL Sentral at constant 90kmph to 110kmph !!

    Can you believe that ? 90kmph to 110kmph !!! Jalan Damansara!!

    Normally it would be like 20kmph to 60 kmph only !! But these
    few days, all the way top 5th gear and my F-117 was as happy
    as a fish in the water !! Muah ha ha ha ha !!!

    Muah ha ha ha ha ha !!

    Wednesday, December 27, 2006

    White House Kota Bharu 1.

    This is the little coffee shop called the White House and the
    address and all are self explainary there.

    Location of the coffee shop is it is located opposite of Kota
    Bharu largest mosque and near Padang Tembak, or you
    could just ask around where is the white house and I am
    sure the local would point you the direction, or even that
    guy is happen to be on the way to the White House itself.

    Why is it called the White House ? I guess maybe the the
    door colour is white kot ? Or the colour of the egg white is
    white in colour ?

    Or perhaps the owner has worked in White House Washington
    DC before as Special Service Agent, or the President himself.

    The most important thing here is not about how White House
    got it's name, or who is who and worked where before.

    It's the food and drinks that White House sell !!! bebeh !!

    Lock and load !!

    White House Kota Bharu 2.

    The menu on the wall of White House, Kota Bharu.

    A regular wouldn't look at the menu at all, like us.

    Only amature or Ang Moh might look at the menu if you
    ask me.

    We just sit down and proceed to order the top 3 famous
    dish in the shop.

    But due to the full house situation, we had to wait and the
    waitress ( some 60 years old plus makcik ) came to take
    our orders and clean our tables.

    Aiseh ! Really that bad eh ? 60 years old makcik serving
    us 29 years old kid, sort of paiseh leh !!

    White House Kota Bharu 3.

    As you can see, this coffee shop operated by Chinese has a lot
    of customers everyday.

    Got old chap, young kids, handsome guy ( like me ), makcik , pakcik
    and etc !!

    It's really harmony and peaceful here, people will greet you and share
    table with you.

    And when people share table with you they will also chat with you and
    asking howareyoudoinghowislife etc !!

    Lovely place with lovely food in a lovely state.

    Remember that, White House Kota Bharu !!

    White House Kota Bharu 4.

    After like 10 minutes the makcik working there put 2 packs of
    nasi berlauk on our table.

    Well, our objectives were not the nasi berlauk that morning hence
    we just left the rice untouched and undisturbed. We were waiting
    for something more exotic then yeah.

    Oh by the way, nasi UBS they call these !! lol !!

    When I was studying, if I lost any important paper or notes or
    documents, the teacher would ask

    Teacher, " Kai Hong, mana nota Mathematics engkau ? "

    Me," Tak tahu lah Cikgu, tak dapat cari !! "

    Teacher," Kai Hong, itu nota sudah engkau guna untul bungkus
    nasi lemak atau nasi dagang ah ?"

    Me," Soli lah cikgu, entah sudah ke mana ! "

    Teacher -_-"

    White House Kota Bharu 5.

    I don't care but this is going to be my wall paper for the
    next few days.

    But wait, better don't, if put wall paper will make everyone
    feels very hungry all the time and productivity drop yeah ?


    White House Kota Bharu 6.

    Plain white bread toasted on charcoal, with own kaya and butter.

    Now that is why I call breakfast at White House, Kota Bharu.

    Worth the waiting time my friend, worth it to the max.

    White House Kota Bharu 7.

    My teh O Ice , breads and butter.

    One more important item coming, yum yum !!

    White House Kota Bharu 8.

    Eggs babeh Eggs !! OMG eggs !!!

    White House Kota Bharu 9.

    Some of the best eggs in Kota Bharu town. With breads and butter
    and kaya and nasi berlauk and Tea at the background.

    White House Kota Bharu 10.

    1/2 or 2/3 cooked eggs are best taken while there are
    still hot with some soy sauce and a little bit of pepper

    Dipping white plain bread into these eggs would create
    the best food in the world.

    What is the name of this flower ?

    Does anyone know what is the name of this flower ?

    My fences of Kota Bharu house is full of these nice
    red little flowers, it's sort of 牵 牛 花 i think.

    But I don't see no cow and no then yeah ?

    Friday, December 22, 2006

    -_-" what the bao are these ?

    Greeting from Kelantan, besides river water arising, basically I am
    having good time here with cold weather ( raining 10 times per day )
    and good food.

    Could you please advise what are these stuff in the photo ??

    Oh tomorrow's dinner menu = Steamboat with Tom Yam soup.

    You know lah, weather cold cold raining everyday, if not eat Steamboat
    with Tom Yam, what else ?

    Selamat Menyambut Hari Dong Zhi

    Today is Dong Zhi and I would like to wish everyone
    Happy Dong Zhi !!!

    Dong Zhi means it is time to spend some quality time
    with the family and the love ones !!

    And Chinese New Year is near already yeah !!

    Flood @ Kelantan 22 Dec 2006.

    As I have mentioned many-many time, for Kelantanese, flooding
    means carnival and happy time with the water.

    A photo says a thousand word, yeah?

    What else do I have to say ?

    Banjir Kota Bharu 2006

    Today went to Tambatan Di Raja at Kota Bharu and had
    a look at the water level.

    And hmmm from here it says the water level was still not
    dangerous. So a lot of Kelantanese berpusu-pusu went to
    the Tambatan Di Raja and have some fun there.

    Some of them like us also damn 38 38 and want to see what
    is the water level too.

    Some people went to enjoy the teh coloured river water
    which because of upstream mud and polution -_-"

    Anyway, for Kelantanese, flooding is already yearly event
    and to enjoy the flood is a must.

    Wednesday, December 20, 2006

    Email from future ??

    Monday, December 18, 2006

    The Need For Speed

    A few days ago I was having dinner with a 2 lady friends who
    are at their early 20s.

    And I received an SMS and i went to reply for that.

    Me using Predictive Text input and press press press hand phone
    and I felt so smart for being a pioneer of Predictive Text inpur
    user among Malaysian yeah !!

    Suddenly my friend:" Look at the way you type SMS then
    we know you are a person who seldom use SMS liao one!"

    Me:" Wow ! How could you tell ?"

    Friend:" Your speed Mister!! Your speed !! "

    Me:" What the hell is wrong with my speed ?"

    Friend:" 2 words Mister 2 words , Too Slow !!"

    Me:" I send a lot of SMS every month one you know ?
    I send about 70 SMS a month at least ! "

    Friend sprayed the beer she drinks on my face ! -_-"

    Me:" What the hell you did that for ? "

    Friend lolrotf :" 70 sms per month ah ? So much ah ?"

    Me:" Sure lah, me IT people ! "

    Friend:" Pi lah lu ! You old antique ! 70 sms per hour
    still considered slow already ! "

    Me cried that night !! tears can't stop !!

    Am I really that slow with SMS stuff ?

    Saturday, December 16, 2006

    Madam What

    Today at KLCC cowinne asked me to go for lunch with her
    after her work at convention centre.

    I said sure no problem and she suggested the Madam What?
    place at 4th floor KLCC.

    I said oh that one the Nasi Lemak damn worth dying for one?

    she said I think so kua.

    Then i said let's lock and load !!

    She said affirmative and we waited for like for 10 minutes
    before there were seat for us, so good business eh ?

    So I have ordered some Nasi Lemak which is worth dying for
    and it is true !!

    The rice cooked to it's perfection, with nice acha, chicken floss,
    2 big pcs of curry chicken and oh their Sambal Ikan Bilis I tell
    you !! must eat must eat !!!

    Want to know how desperate I was during the lunch ?

    My hands went automatically reaching for the Nasi Lemak everytime
    I see it, when it was on the table and when I was taking photo
    like some handsome chaps hand reaching for boobs like that.

    Gulp !!

    Of course lah ! So nice mia Nasi Lemak, everyone would sure like to get
    a piece of it isn't it ?

    And the bill came RM 53 something.

    My grandmother would say, Choi ! How to eat Nasi Lemak and
    Chicken Floss until RM 53 something ???

    Well, I got to bring her here to try it out then only
    explain yeah ?

    Lovely lovely place !!

    Madam What 1/4

    Cowinned ordered some hot Lemon Tea for herself.

    Mine is Sagu Gula Melaka ( The best of the best of the best )

    The war of the world is about to start my friend, about to start!!

    Madam What 1/2

    Some so called homemade vegetable soup.

    Doesn't look good, but after a few spoon, i found
    it above average.

    Just that they served it warm instead of hot.

    I always prefer my soup to be hot. So does Cowinne.

    Madam What 1

    My Sagu Gula Melaka !!

    Must try !! Must try !!

    Die die also must try.

    Madam What 2

    Cowinne ordered some noodles like Wantan noodles with
    musroom ( Dong Gu ) and chicken floss.

    I tried the soup ! oh it was sweet and tasted good actually
    and don't be fooled by it's clear soup and think that taste
    might be so so, wrong ! The soup was really good !

    Madam What 3

    Me busy working walluping the nasi lemak at Madam What's
    place. 4th floor of KLCC if I am not mistaken.

    Madam What 4

    Mission almost completed.

    Soup is totally done !! Dry dry !!

    Cowinne was still busy sipping her Chicken Floss Noodle.

    My nasi lemak still have 1/2 of rice !! lol !!

    Honda Superbike 2007

    Fruit Seller Chap & his gf !! lol !!

    Mat Rempit

    More Happy Chaps

    Some happy chaps i met today.

    Was at the Chinese don't know what exhibition today at
    Kuala Lumpur Convention Centre and one nice exhibitor
    allowed me to take some photos of their products.

    See these small little people happy face already made my
    Saturday blue feeling completely gone.

    Sony S85S

    Some decoration glass surface.

    Spakata !!

    Some Chinese Recipy Spaghetti, please count how many
    Chinese ingredient found in the sauce.

    But the taste was heavenly good, so do not judge a book
    by it's cover.

    Sony Ericsson K300

    This guy has been servicing me for exactly 1 year already.

    From the front surface, there is hardly anything to tell people
    that this is an Sony Ericcson phone.

    The Sony Ericsson Texts are being wiped up and the Quick
    Share big piece of plastic logo also don't know fall into which
    place already.

    I showed the phone to my friend one day,

    My friend," WTF is this ? "

    Me," A phone Sony Ericsson K300i !"

    My friend," I thought it is a brick, you know for construction?"

    Me," You shuddup !! you asshole !! "

    My friend lolrotf !!

    How to go to Digital Mall Section 14 ?

    Some of my friends and colleagues were asking me about how do
    they go to Digital Mall Section 14 Petaling Jaya.

    It was a little bit difficult for me to draw them a map because my
    artistic level was like, hmm, very low !!

    So, thanks to google map at and I took a
    photo from their page and put some remarks and landmarks
    on the map.

    Now, as long as you know where is Federal Highway, and where
    is Amcorp Mall, you should be able to find your way to Digital Mall.

    The car park ( multi level ) car park is located some at the other
    corner of the building and you have to make a turn at the left
    after Digital Mall to find the entrance, however there would be
    a guard or officer there to guide you or show you in.

    I normally would look for the public car park which is RM 0.60
    per hour under MPPJ or DBPJ jurisdiction. Cheaper and
    no need to make so many round and round all the way to the
    multi level car park yeah ?

    Please note that to pay for the coupon is Rm 0.60 per hour.

    First, key in your car plate number 1234 or 123 or 12 or 1
    depending on your digits yeah.

    Then put in coins, minimum RM 0.60.

    Then press the green button there and the coupon would be
    printed out and display the coupon at your car's dashboard.

    Basically, that's all.

    lol teaching people how to park their car pula -_-"

    Please no more chicken for me!!

    2 Days ago after working near Digital Mall Sec 14 PJ I was walking
    pass a Famous Fried Chicken and bought myself 2 pcs of Hot &
    Spicy Fried Chicken as dinner.

    Reached home at about 6 pm and when I was munching my Fried
    Chicken and my friend called me, I picked up the phone,

    Friend:" Hi ! Remember your promise to buy me Pizza ?"

    Me:" Err, yes ! I do remember ! "

    Friend:" Well I wish to eat Pizza tonight ! "

    Me:" Err, tonight ah ? "

    Friend:" Yes ! Tonight ! At around 8 pm ! You have any problems
    with that ?"

    Me: " Err, nope, no problem at all ! " -_-"

    Friend :" See you at 8pm !!"

    So we went to Jalan Kuchai there where there is a shop where
    the Pizza and Famous Fried Chicken ( again ? ) is side by side
    and has a access door in between the building.

    My friend:" Oh ! Fried chicken, suddenly I also want to eat!"

    Me:" Har ? I thought you want to eat Pizza ?"

    Friend:" Now I want to eat both liao ! "

    Me:" Ok loh ! "

    So we ordered 2 pcs of Chicken ( dinner plate ) and a 4 flavour
    pizza and some deli wings.

    I thought, wow ! 2 time of Fried Chicken in an evening. that is
    a new record !! my man!!

    Wrong !!!

    Second day, I went to Ipoh for PC Fair and during lunch time
    with my boss.

    Boss:" Philips ! What would you like to eat ?"

    Me:" Me ? I will eat anything, no problem ! "

    Boss:" Look! There is an Fried Chicken shop there ! Let's go?"

    Me:" Har ? Fried Chicken ah ?"

    Boss:" Any problem ? Or you prefer vegetarian ?"

    Me:" Fried Chicken is just nice with me ! Vegetarian phobia!"

    Boss:" Let's go and eat chicken !! go go go !! move move move!"

    Me -_-"

    There you go ! 5 pcs of Fried chicken in less then 18 hours and
    I bet that would be the last time that I am ever going to have
    so much of Fried chicken in 1 day , hmm, i mean 1/2 day time!

    Now today when I see chicken I will run away automatically,
    I think I will skip chicken in my menu for the next few weeks
    time perhaps.

    Jangan-jangan tonight my uncle call me:" Let's go eat fried
    chiken ! "

    -_-" namo omi thofo ! namo omi thofo ! namo omi thofo !

    There are 2 types of cats ok ?

    A few days ago while talking and chatting with a friend of mine
    who is famous of being mong mong cha cha and lun lun chun chun.

    Me:" So what are you doing tonight ? Any plan ?"

    She:" Nope, going home, aiks, 11 pm already ! Missed Las Vegas !!"

    Me:" Oh ! You do watch Las Vegas too ? "

    She:" Yeah ! I like the show very much !! Casino and everything !!"

    Me:" Oh ! I just love the show, so which episode you liked most?"

    She:" Hmm... I don't remember the episodes but everything and
    most of the episodes are very entertaining !! A lot of fun !! "

    Me:" Yeah I agree, somemore got cameos and stars featuring !!"

    She:" That day, the episode got Ally Cats one ! Very nice !! "

    Me:" Hmm? Ally Cats ? Ally Cats ?? hmm... I must have missed
    that episode accidentally. Got to replay and see again. "

    She:" Yeah, the one Ally Cats one very nice ! "

    Me:" Ok later when I am free I will find these Ally Cats, but I
    remember seeing The Pussy Cats Dolls lah ! "

    She LOLROTF and :" Whooppss ! I mean Pussy Cat Dolls, I mean
    Pussy Cat Dolls !! Not Ally Cats !! "

    Me :" wtfknnbbq ? So much of different you could also mix up ?"

    She:"lol !! sorry sorry ! "

    Me:" Oi ! I thought I have really missed an episode pula !! "

    She tried to be clever:" Got one episode got Arnold one! Nuh the
    damn fit Arnold nuh ?? "

    Me:" You mean Silvester Stallone , the guy from Rambo and Rocky!"

    Me:" Arnold is the Terminator guy, who said: Talk to the hand !"

    She damn malu " Whopppsss ! wah ha ha ha ha ha !! "

    Me shake head slowly and told her to get the hell out of my face!!

    She laughed and went home happily !!

    Let me repeat, it's not Ally Cats, it's Pussy Cat Dolls.

    And it's not Arnold Schwarzenegger , it's Silvester Stallone !!!!

    For God Sake !!

    Thursday, December 14, 2006

    Steve oh Steve

    Was having a dream and in the dream I was working hand
    in hand with Steve Irwin ( 1962 to 2006 )

    We were trying to help to free some vehicle which was stuck
    and he was wearing the usual khaki pants and shirts like that.

    ( In real life, Steve was always trying helping help the wildlifes
    and reptiles especially crocodile )

    I regret that I didn't have a chance to greet him and had a
    good conversation with him.

    But I am sure that we all are going to miss him, aren't we ?

    JB Hotel View 1 : Police Station

    Infront of my hotel windows was this Police Station and it is
    a huge one.

    And the road infront of it is the famous Jalan Tebrau which
    leads ultimately to Singapore and JB town center.

    JB Hotel View 2 : The Sunset

    This photo was taken from my toilet window -_-" lol !!

    Hotel at Taman Johor Jaya and the only toilet window has
    good view.

    JB Hotel View 2 : The Sunrise.

    This one was taken at 6:40 am. Just finished my hotel breakfast.

    I went for the breakfast at 6:00 and waiting for them to serve
    the sliced beef, eggs, french toast etc : )

    It's kind of nice to sleep late and wake up early in a hotel where
    everything is complete. Nice i must say !!

    JB Hotel View 3 Iraqi War ??

    At the hotel I saw someone setting off fireworks.

    Ok great i told myself.

    Set the suttle speed to 3 or 4 seconds ( duh! too long ! )
    and the result were as if the building was hit by the
    missiles or cannon lolrtof !!

    Ideal shuttle speed for fireworks should be 1 or 2 seconds
    with tripod and timer if one doesn't have remote control.

    Dang ! old cat get misai burnt !!

    JB Hotel View 4

    From my windows, the 4x optical zoom could see only this far but
    still able to see part of Singapore Port or seaside.

    It's obvious yeah ?

    JB Hotel View 5

    From the Hotel that I was staying, i could see the busy Jalan Tebrau.

    12 mid night, there were still cars and bikes.

    3 am, I woke up and pee, there were still cars and bikes.

    430 am, I woke up and there were still cars and bikes.

    Malaysian are the most hardworking people when they go to work
    in Singapore, yeah ?

    Pontian 1 The Visit

    Was traveling from Batu Pahat towards Pontian to see some

    While driving along the main road before the Pontian small town
    I noticed the sea which is like 20 meters away from the main road.

    OMG how could a sea be so close to the main road one ??

    So I parked my F-117 and went sight seeing with Sony V3 in my

    I asked the local for permission to take photos, the local asked me
    back :" Are you from the JKR one ? What would you build here ?"

    Me:" Me ? No lah ! I am just passing by here. And wish to take
    some photos for myself . "

    Local:" Aiseh ! I thought you are government officer or something
    pula lol ! "

    Me:" Do I look like one ?"

    Local:" You got the style mar ! " ( What kind of style ? lolrtof ! )

    Me:" So may I ? "

    Local:" There is the Tok Penghulu , you ask him and see ! "

    Tok Penghulu ( head of village ) was walking towards us, and
    just finished fishing / angling I guessed cause he has fishing
    rods in his hand.

    Me:" Selamat pagi, encik, bolehkah saya ambir gambar di sini ?"
    ( Good morning, sir, may I take some photos here ? )

    TP:" Hmm ? Untuk apa gambar tu ?"
    ( Hmm ? For what purpose the photos ? "

    Me:" Untuk sendiri mia ! Saya lalu sini sahaja. "
    ( For own use ! I am just passing by here. )

    TP:" Ok tentu boleh, silakan ! "
    ( TP:" Ok sure can, please ! " )

    Me: Thank you ! And proceed.

    Why is that everyone here think that I am some sort of
    officer ? Because of the Sony V3 or my long sleeve shirt
    plus black jeans ?

    Man ! I made the Government officer look damn good !!!!

    Pontian 2

    I walked towards the end of the wooden path, the wooden path would
    shake as wave hit it -_-"

    I mumbled to myself :" Do not let my Sony V3 contact with sea ok ?"

    Myself:" Affirmative Captain ! "

    After getting the permission from the locals, I just wondered around the
    wooden paths, around the fishing boats taking photos.

    the locals looked at me as if I am the 山芭捞

    Indeed !

    I seldom see a town which is so close to the sea line mar !

    Like my hometown Kota Bharu, our town is like 8 to 10 km away
    from the sea. And even from the kampung at the seaside, we still
    have couples of 10ths of meters of beach ( read: with sand ) before
    the sea water.

    Here is like, main road, 20 meters away is sea water liao -_-"

    Kind of not used to the sea which is so close to me.

    Pontian 3 Old Harbour

    I walked through the old wooden On the Sea houses and saw the
    old small harbour. Parked at the harbour are some small fishing
    boats and some even smaller so called sampan. Damn this sampan
    at the left lower corner looked more like a coffin -_-"

    The locals are very nice and friendly and allowed me to take as many
    photos as I wish.

    Sometime I wished that I am staying in this kind of environment too
    where I am surrounded by friendly and nice people around.

    And these people are for sure hardworking too !!

    Pontian 4 Waves

    When I stopped at the side of the road I noticed that how close the sea
    is with the house.

    And i asked the local :" Wow ! Strong waves ! "

    Local lolrotf : " What ? You call these waves ?"

    Me:" Yeah lah, you see ? Sea water flies to mid air liao ! "

    Local :" This is nothing ! This is small waves or little waves only!"

    Me:" Har ? Then how is big waves ?"

    Local :" You wouldn't want to see big waves ! "

    Me:" You are right also ! Thank you !"

    Local :" You are most welcome ! "

    Pontian 5 The Old Town.

    Normally when I go to a place whenever I see this kind of old
    wooden house with zinc roof ( at the left ) and normally the
    zinc roof are so rusted that they appear red, and straight away
    that I know that this is a Chinese settlement area here.

    It looked just like the one that I was staying when I was a kid.

    These houses are located right next to the sea.

    Behind these houses would be the famous Straits of Melaka !!

    So nice, the family staying here can always fish their dinner
    practically from their backyards.

    Or always practice :" Jack ! You jump I jump ! " things.

    Pontian 6

    Far away is the Pulau Pisang.

    Me asked the local:" Anthing at Pulau Pisang ?"

    Local replied:" Pisang loh ! What else ? "

    Me -_-"

    Local added:" Neah, nothing interesting at Pulau Pisang !"

    Local added again:" If you want interesting stuff, go Tioman."

    Me:" Huh ? Tioman ? Isn't it at east coast ? "

    Local:" Precisely ! Pandainya engkau ! Normally the straits of
    Melaca the sea water is always opaque and non clear. And
    it is always like Teh Susu like that ! "

    Me:" I noticed that. Thank you."

    Local:" You are most welcome ! "

    Pontian 7 The Conman

    Went to Pontian to see some customers and being a good
    law abiding citizen I wanted to purchase their parking
    coupon which is RM 0.60 per piece for 1 hour parking.

    I saw this shop " Kedai Gambar Berwana Wee " and walked in.

    Me:" May I have a parking RM0.60 coupon please ?"

    Old man:" How many pcs? "

    Me:" One please. "

    Old man:" One pcs is RM 0.70 ! "

    Me:" Huh ? "

    Blardy pirate of the Pontian !!! RM 0.70 for a RM 0.60 coupon
    just because I bought one ?

    I told myself, never mind, I give you extra RM 0.10 but I will
    post your photo in my blog as " knnbbqfartingconmanpiratesofpontian"
    and the Rm 0.10 is a small fee for you.

    And by the way, it is 彩 色 印 .

    You moron !! Don't make the Chinese ashame !!
    Blardy uneducated pirate !!

    Pontian 8

    As I have mentioned, a lot of rocks at the beach of Pontian
    beach and do no try to jump here.

    I assure you the experiance of jumping here would be extra
    painful. Confirm mia !! And anyone would like to have some
    teh susu ?? We have whole ocean of these !!

    A bit salty though -_-"