Tuesday, May 31, 2005

355 steps away !!

When I first join this company that I am working right now 3 years ago
there were no covered car park provided for us. ( everage John Doe )

We had to park our car at :
  • Under the tree.
  • Besides the 40 footer container lorry.
  • Besides the huge rubbish dump.
  • Outside of others company compound.
  • Under hot sun and acid rain.

    But since last week, the scenario changed, our company has bought a
    factory located right behind of our current factory. Now our company
    has 3 factory in Subang next to each other.

    They are all called F1, F2 and F3 and we our office are at F1 and
    the new car park is at F3....

    F3 is used to be a very large online or IT company which now has
    moved out. Hence there were plenty of car park there. And they
    provided Covered Car Park for the managers.... heheheh ! I am one
    of the manager kekekek ... !!!

    So, felt really happy finally my Proton Wira has finally get his
    botak head covered.

    Covered against:
  • Hot sun.
  • Acid rain.
  • Bird shits.
  • Falling leaves and branches.
  • Worms falling from trees.
  • Caterpillar.

    The problem of bird shits, worms and caterpillar falling on top of
    the extremely hot car surface such as top of the car, engine cover
    or front and back mirror is that.

    These juicy stuff ( shit + worms+ caterpillar ) get fried in a few
    minutes time and became dry. All the juice also dried and stuck to
    the mirror or car surface or stuff like that.

    Imagine, an Egg which is over cooked without oil and fried until it
    is totally dried and stuck on the pan... that's how it feels...

    Anyway, I am right now no need to suffer all those problem.

    But from my office to my car park Number 9, is 355 steps away. On
    the way I have to pass through :

  • A lot of air cond compressor. ( Kompressor in Germany )
  • A lot of air outlet with solvent smells. ( CD-R / DVD-R dyes too )
  • A lot of fork lift moving about.
  • A few containers 40 and 20 footer.
  • Under hot sun.
  • Some stray dogs too..

    Well, the world is like this, when you get something, you'll loose
    something. Ain't that a bitch??

    Welll I guess I would have to look at the possitive side cause 355
    steps for me x 4 times a day is not bad for excersise at all right?

    Have a nice day and be prepared for another few years of 355 steps !!
  • Monday, May 30, 2005

    Philips Swims again... forever this time!!

    Yesterday was Sunday, rained like cats and dogs in the afternoon around
    2 to 3 pm. Fat Lady was away and till now she is still in Sarawak having
    fun there celebrating Pesta Menuai or Pesta Gawai... i think so.

    Well, anyway I was alone yesterday while Johntim and Fane went to Genting
    and attended some forum or so. Me? Wah ha ah ha !! Free as a bird and
    watched 2 DVD movie and sleep for like 3 hours ( afternoon nap )

    Woke up at 5 something and had nothing to do.... feeling really guilty
    cause I just ate and sleep over the weekend. Like wasted a lot of time

    Looked at the cupboard, my swimming trunks and swimming goggle were
    crying there cause no one uses them for long-long time already. And
    looked at my tummy. oh I can still see my toe and kkc, but it's not
    smart and attractive anymore.

    Grabbed my swimming trunks and goggle and warm up a few minutes.

    5 minutes later,

  • 1 Lap of freestyle + breast stroke.
  • 4 Lap of breast stroke.
  • Rest 30 seconds
  • 2 Lap of breast stroke.
  • Rest 60 seconds
  • 4 Lap of breast stroke.
  • 1 Lap of life saving technique with 1 hand above water level.
  • 1 Lap of freestyle + Breast stroke.
  • Rest for 5 minutes.

    Feeling like want to die like that cause really long time never
    swim already. All stamina gone. All muscle gone....

    But while I was swimming there were some young lady looked on and
    "wow" and "hei look" and sort of things like that.

    I felt proud ! I am going to swim more from now onward !! I want to
    be able to swim 30 laps non stop like 1 year ago. I really want !!

    Till then, have a nice day !! I will swim 3 times a week.

  • I will swim I will swim I will swim I will swim !!
  • Why so many arang one?

    A few weeks ago while having lunch with William and Steven, same
    desk there were also Richard, Amanda, Tan and Philips (me! me!)

    When talked about beautiful Malaysian Chinese lady, William suddenly
    out of no where look at Amanda and asked :" Why Malaysia has so
    many girl with dark skin like batu arang one?"

    " Isn't there any fair and white lady like Hong Kong and China??"

    For your information, Amanda has just came back from Pulau Redang
    after 3 days 2 nights stay for holiday trip. Of course she looked
    very much like Pop Piah Goreng pretty much !!

    Amanda:"Eerrr..... -_-"...."

    Feeling a little bit of sad because William seems to be asking why
    does Amanda looked so dark in colour.

    Steven went and Size Up and Add On... by saying

    " No Amanda, William was not talking about you, not you ok?"

    Wah ah aha ha ha ha !!! What a good way to size up and add on the
    damage for a person. !!!!

    Friday, May 27, 2005






















    1. 父亲跟母亲是不同的;

    2. 父亲更爱与孩子玩闹;

    3. 父亲对孩子的推动作用更大;

    4. 父亲使用的语言更复杂;

    5. 父亲对孩子的约束更多;

    6. 父亲使孩子更社会化,为他走进现实世界做准备;

    7. 介绍男人在现实生活中的作用和行为;

    8. 父亲支持妻子;

    9. 父亲更会帮助孩子发挥潜能。







    父亲对孩子良好个性品质的形成具有极大的促进作用,是孩子良好个性品质的重要源泉。父亲通常具有独立、自信、自主、坚毅、勇敢、果断、坚强、敢于冒险、勇于克服困难、富有进取心、富有合作精神、热情、外向、开朗、大方、宽厚等个性特征。孩子在与父亲的不断交往、相互作用中,一方面接受影响并且不知不觉地学习、模仿;另一方面,父亲也自觉、不自觉地要求孩子具有以上特征。如果孩子在 5岁前失去父亲,对他的个性发展会非常不利。孩子年龄越小,影响越大。没有父亲的孩子会缺少克服困难的勇气,具有较多的依赖性,缺乏自信,进取心,同时在冲动的控制和道德品质发展等方面也受到削弱。
















    Philips needs help !! Really needs help !!

    Does anyone out there who knows some guys like Nam Mor Lou,
    or Monk with Superpower or exorcist or Tok Guru who has
    really powerful skill?
    Or Ghost Buster or something like that?

    I think I need their help. Really need help this time !!

    I've noticed that there is something wrong with my room in
    PJ when I first moved in a few months ago.

    At night or at even day time, the room seems to be having
    "something" else there apart from my furniture, piano and
    my computer table + computer.

    There is always "something" there awaiting for me, and
    observing me whenever I am around, waiting to take action
    whenever I am not ready.

    I've tried to fight "it", negotiated with "it", begged "it"
    to leave us alone, try " Nam Mor O Mi Tor Fo " or even
    read Holy sentences.

    I've tried to evade "it", avoid"it", ignore "it "

    But still every day, "something" just can't leave me a lone.

    For example this morning and yesterday morning, when I wanted
    to wake up and arise from my bed, to go for a morning swim
    or excersise, "something" stopped me and made me sleep till
    8:15 am and almost late for work.

    After work go home, had dinner and wanted to play piano,
    "something" forced me to the bed and sleep again.

    What is this "thing" actually? How do I define it and settle
    with it?

    I know what is it called now, it's call " Sleeping Chi "
    or " Dato' Chow Kong " or " Sleeping Evil " or in Bahasa
    Malaysia " Syaitan Tidur-tidur !!" or " Sleeping Spirit "

    Oh My God !! Help help help !! My room is full of Syaitan,
    Evil, Hantu, Iblis, and spirit of sleep !!!

    That's why I can't wake up early every morning at 6:30 am
    for jogging and swimming. That's why I can't work properly
    on Sunday afternoon cause the evil will make me have
    afternoon nap and help help help !!!

    The only Holy day when these ghost and spirits and hantu of
    sleep will leave me alone, is the day when I needed them.

    That's right, Sunday and public holiday morning. They seems
    to be not working on Sunday and public holiday early morning.

    That's why I always wake up at 7 something or 8 am on Sunday
    morning or public holiday, don't know what to do... blur blur
    and cannot sleep back... haih !!

    Really, Philips need helps to wake up every 6:40 am for a swim
    or a jog or something to loose weight. Please kindly leave
    me your suggestion and be a good Samaritans and help the
    poor Philips to become handsome & slim again? Anyone?? Hmm??

    I hate those evil, ghost, iblis, syaitan, hantu !!! Ptui !!

    But they are too strong for me...help !! help !!

    A good site with resources

    If you have not visited this blog before, I think you should
    probably give it a try.


    You could find a lot of info about Perodua, MyVi, Toyota
    and Proton Tiara Replacement. My Sassy Car and stuff like
    that there.

    I liked it very much and I hope you would feel the same too.

    Cheers to Paul !!

    Perodua Myvi ( Not Produa cause they are not that pro actually )


    Today went to the Perodua car center prompty at 4:15 pm as
    we've informed the sales person. Reason? got to test drive the
    Myvi 1.3 new launched car.

    Arrived there, call the Edwin guy and he told us that he is having
    lunch not far away and asked us to wait.

    This guy thinked that he is the boss ?? Ask customer to wait??
    If I did this to my customer probably my boss or my customer
    would have skinned me alive... !!!

    Well anyway, while waiting for him, had a look at the Myvi car
    displayed there. Below are the observation :

  • Car looked ok, something like Honda Jazz and Piccato etc.
  • Car comes with 1.0 and 1.3 litter engine.
  • Car comes with auto & manual transmission.
  • Premium model has :
  • a. Spoiler ( like Batman's car )
  • b. ABS ( but 2 disc brakes only, ventilated though )
  • c. Self illuminated speedometer, dashboard.
  • d. 2 extra fog or spot light.
  • While normal model has no a.b.c.d.

    And when the moment arrived, the sales guy Edwin guy simply
    shrug his shoulder and said :" Sorry, can't test drive today mate!"
    "too many people around !"
    "next week lah, next week I arrange for you!"
    "I come and pick you up next week!"

    What the heck 3 of us travelled 20km and spent 2 hours and this
    guy came and tell us this kind of rubbish ??

    I asked him back:" Did I this morning asked if test drive available?"
    He replied:" ....errr.. "

    I asked again :" Did I told you if there is no test drive you should
    inform us earlier so that we could cancel the visit?"
    He replied:" ... errr.."

    I asked finnaly:" Did you know how much of time you have caused
    us today? Let me tell you, each of us lost 2 hours x 3 person.
    That is 6 working hours gone !!! "
    He replied:" .....errr... "

    I told him that I am very dissappointed & unhappy with this kind
    of attitude and we left.

    So, are these people Produa or Perodua ? I don't see no Pro here!!

    Blardy stupid sales person, only good at wasting our precious time
    and great manipulator, oh wait !! I should ask him to go and join
    politic in Malaysia cause he has the potential to talk cock !!

    He could talk a lot of cock, a lot of cock I tell you !!

    Will upload the price list & some additional info once available.

    When asked if I am going to buy this car, I told my friend Wai Ling
    even if my answer yes, it has to met the below condition :
  • Never buy from this Edwin guy.
  • Have to test run, really test run first.
  • Have to observe market feedback.
  • Have to monitor sparepart price too.

    Other then that, I would perhaps give it a try. :)
  • Thursday, May 26, 2005

    Test Drive Produa MyVi

    Today I am going to test drive the Produa MyVi at Shah Alam
    Section 1 Daihatsu Show Room.

    A colleague of mine wishes to look into possibility of buying
    this car and asked if I could help with the test drive.

    I said:" Sure, why not?"

    In my mind, I evilly laughed kekekekekekekekekke.......

    What I am going to do with the poor MyVi test unit?

  • See the handling / control.
  • Cruise at the highway.
  • Test the air bag function.
  • Try Piu Yee with this car.
  • Try head on collision with Lorry yang Kurang Ajar.
  • Try to turn 90 degree corner with Electronic Stability Control (ESC)
  • turned off. ( Wait does it has ESC anyway?)
  • A lot of off road driving.
  • Push it to the limit and drive to KLIA at 160kmph.

    And suddenly my colleague told me, errrr, they provide 5 minutes of
    test drive only wor !!!!

    -_-" wtf? so lin si meh ????

    Wait for my detailed report this weekend about this little car...
    I will provide you some information from the perspective of
    huge and large driver. ok?
  • Tuesday, May 24, 2005

    Blog address not changed...


    Dear all, today I've been a big boo boo !! My old address of blog
    http://kaihong.blogspot.com resurfaced.

    I thought I wanted to Post something at kaihong.blogspot (old site)
    to direct any incoming to here at kaihongs.blogspot ( current site )

    Mana tahu, people count cannot win god count, all messed up !!!

    Now I can't even use Hello to post photos to my http://kaihongs.

    Help ! Help ! Help !!

    Start The Blog

    Start The Blog

    This site has been moved to http://kaihongs.blogspot.com and
    please see the rest of the stuff there.

    Have a nice day and be good !!

    Everything is messed up today. Help help help !!

    I think Quantum Leap has happened here, Ziggy !!
    Can you hear me? Ziggy ??

    Monday, May 23, 2005

    Tukar Tayar

    This afternoon after lunch with customer in Low Yatt, I
    drove pass my car pit stop ( a cool machanic next to
    Caltex Petrol Station near Jalan Pudu, not far from
    Time Square).

    Suppose to clean the engine throttle, but at the end :
  • Engine Throttle Cleanse.
  • Engine Oil Clease.
  • Air Filter Changed.
  • Engine Oil Changed.
  • Engine Oil Filter Changed.
  • Both of back tyre changed to Michelin RM140 each.
  • Tyre balancing performed.
  • Tyre alignmend done.
  • Brake System checked.
  • Battery water checked.
  • Power Steering Fluid & Pump checked.
  • Brake Fluid checked.

    And my credit card has RM483.XX extra charges recorded
    and well.... who ask me to love my car so much??

    Will upload the receipt for reference later. You all
    let me know if it is cheap or expensive. Thank you!
  • Sunday, May 22, 2005

    My chocolate expresso. Taste? Very very good for chocolate lover like me.... yum yum!
    Evidence will never lie !! Blue Berry Cheese Cake.
    Blue Berry Cheese Cake, kena one bite from fat lady, 60% terus gone !! OMG !!
    Caffe Latte for Fat Lady...
    Bak Kut Teh + Ghost + Rice. See the amount of meat , vegetable, tau pok and soup in the clay pot, it's it nice and wonderful? What you are feeling hungry now? too bad hahahahahahah!!! can't help you kekekek!!
    Bak Kut Teh Subang Jaya + Oil Fried Ghost.

    Happy Wesak Day

    Oh it's a Sunday morning and I freaking woke up at 7:23 am
    for don't know what reason. Even on a working weekday I
    only wake up at near 8:00 am heheheh !!!

    Try to wake up fat lady who was sleeping like a pig, koook
    piu.... koookk.... piu.... koook.... piu -_-"

    I shouted :
  • Oi babi ! bangun oi !
  • Oi bangau ! bangun oi !
  • Oi cicak ! bangun oi !
  • Oi harimau ! bangun oi !

    Fat lady = kooookk...piu....kooook....piu....kookkk...piu!!

  • Oi kuching ! Bangun oi !!
  • Oi anjing ! Banggun oi !!
  • Oi ular ! Bangun oi !
  • Oi Godzilla ! Bangun oi !
  • .....
  • Hello, Beautiful Leng Lui, wake up please?

    Fat Lady opened half of the left eye, -_o and looked at me
    and said :
    " Oi fatty, shut up ! gimme sleep for 10 more minutes !"
    and koookkk...piu.....koook....piu....kooookk..piu.....

    I was like -_-" what the hell, call Leng Lui only wake up !!

    Well it was too early anyway, went for a pee pee and came
    back to continue the sleep sleep.

    That's how I started my beautiful Sunday.....

    It's also Wesak Day, hence I would like to wish and greet
    everyone Happy Wesak Day. I don't really have to mood to
    celebrate the Wesak Day with all those devotee's out there.

    Hence at 10 something I brought Fat Lady and went to celebrate
    the Wesak Day at somewhere special, where there is :=
  • No crowd.
  • No hot sun.
  • No people mountain people sea place.
  • Can sit donw and enjoy nice food. :)

    We went for Bak Kut Teh at Subang Jaya and then after that
    went to Sunway Pyramid Shopping mall for a walk.

    Look at the photos below and understand/ how I appreciate
    the special Wesak Day with my Fat Lady.

    Cost of Bak Kut Teh = RM 16.40 for two
    Cost of Coffee & Cake = RM 32.42 for two

    Satisfaction / feeling stomach going to explode = Priceless!!!

    Got to bring my boss to try this Bak Kut Teh one day, and
    perhaps shall invite Jason who mumbles a lot to there too.

    Jason !! If you are reading this, print this and show it
    to me. I belanja you this Bak Kut Teh and you help me to
    rate it ok???
  • Saturday, May 21, 2005

    Trivia : Are pork available in Kelantan?

    For the past 8 years that I've spent in Kuala Lumpur, I've
    encountered about 9,745 time where my KL friends or stranger
    asked me :
    " Eh down there in Kelantan got pork for eat or not?"

    " Eh I heard Kelantan no pork to eat one is it?"

    My reply ?

    I pointed myself and my nose, and shouted loudly:
    " If without pork, you think why I look so STRONG today?"

    Actually, in Kelantan there are plenty of people selling
    pork. For example in Kota Bharu there is a dedicated corner
    shop selling only PORK !!

    We call it the Pork Shop ( Brilliant Idea eh mate? )

    Whenever we want to buy pork we just go there and buy it
    from there. It has becoming a convergence point for most
    of the housewives/ houseman purchaser.

    The Pork Shop ( Zhu Rou Dang ) is one big happening place
    like Petaling Street in Kuala Lumpur, only PS is smaller

    Before Chinese New Year each year, 89% of the Kota Bharu
    Chinese will appear at the PS and you could meet the person
    that you want to find there, if you lost your contact :)

    And, just meters away from the PS, there are a lot of
    Malay women selling fish, vegetable, fruits, chicken and
    stuff like that. Any problem? Nope !!

    So next time if you want to accuse Kelantan's society's
    for being not open minded, think twice or think 5 times.

    Or you could come to Kota Bharu and have a look at it.

    Kelantan's society are well blended and I don't see no
    risk or tension, compared to KL and Selangor. Only that
    the state government is a little bit retarded, actually
    very retarded that's all.

    Other then that, Kelantan is almost a perfect place to

    Please see : ( added on 10th Feb 2007 )

    The retarded above means slow / not fast enough in thinking
    and does not carry the meaning of idiot or any negative.

    The retarded above simply means, no class !!

    Or in my friends language = Lousy !!

    Trivia : Kelantan Market Scenario

    There were many many events that when my friends from other
    part of Malaysia ( not from Kelantan ) asked me, while
    visiting the Pasar Besar Kota Bharu or in fact at most
    of the market ( wet market ) in Kelantan.

    " Where are all the Malay man?"
    " Why all the sales person are Malay women?"
    " Why did the market Malay women has so much of Gold one?"

  • In Kelantan, or perhaps Terrengannu too, Malay man works
  • really really hard at the field, at sea, or at outside.
  • Hence the product that they get, or hunnted or angled they
  • let the women to sale at market.

  • And most of the Malay women in Kelantan didn't really
  • trust the bank. You know lah, nowadays bank damn LCLY one.
  • Hence they converted their money into gold and wear them.
  • Gold's value is always there.

    I think that's the understanding that I've got from asking a few
    of my Malay frinds. You have any opinion? Let me know :)

    But one thing for sure is that, Kelantan's Malay friends are the
    friendliest in the world. And I challange you all to prove me
    wrong. kekekekekke !!!
  • Friday, May 20, 2005

    Sakit Kerongkong

    2 days ago having dinner with my boss.

    He was pouring wine for the guest and gave me
    a full glass of the wine. Australia RM118.00
    per bottle wine. Alcohol = 13.5% whew !!

    I said:" That day I finished 1 bottle of wine with my
    fat lady, the next morning I terus sorethroat !! "
    My boss terus Bang the table and pointed at my
    nose and shouted:" Kai Hong this is the first time
    I heard people say sorethroat after drinking wine !

    "This is nonsense !!"

    "It must be something that you've done with your girlfriend
    and not the Wine!!"

    I kept quiet !! Just kept quiet !!

    Nasi Lemak oh Nasi Lemak

    Time = 9:00 am.
    Date = 20 May 2005.
    Day. = Friday.
    Cond = Hot and clear sky.

    Nasi Lemak or Fat Rice (-_-") is a local food which is popular
    in Malaysia.

    It used to be breakfast for Kampung folk like me back to Kelantan
    and a plate of Nasi Lemak back to 1985 = RM 0.30 per plate with
    a lot of Ikan Bilis and cucumber and egg ( 1/4 slice ).

    Taste of it, very very good !!!

    Yesterday I was in Low Yatt early in the morning with my boss
    scouting for some CD-R and DVD+R business trend there. After
    that we sat down at a shop call Kedai Kopi and had breafast.

    Nasi Lemak + Kari Ayam + Teh O Ice.

    I pointed at the rice and told my boss. Last time when I was
    in form 4 and form 5 time. Nasi Lemak + Teh O Ice = RM1.00 nia!

    He was -_-" Wah So Cheap !!

    And we proceed and finished some work and job and sent him to
    KLIA in the afternoon.

    After work of the day, I went back to Kayu Ara and felt lazy
    to go out. Hence I went to the Nasi Lemak ( Again? ) store
    to take a way a pack of Nasi Lemak.

    Finished my dinner at about 7 pm and everything.

    At 9:30 pm, I felt sorethroat !!!!!!

    The formula is like this :

    Nasi Lemak + Nasi Lemak = Sorethroat !!! It's true !!
    It's true !! It's true !!!

    Story of Temerloh Patin


    Blogger Mango Tan has mentioned about Temerloh town which
    is located at between Mentakab and Chenor...

    It suddenly reminds me to a story that I've heard last year.

    Last year I was on a busines/ site visit trip to Mentakab and
    Temerloh area, and 2 weeks a go I was at Chenor area to attend
    a ceremony of a old classmate of mine becoming Bhuddist Monk.

    Hence I could assure you that I enjoy the Pahang state very
    very much. Kuala Lipis and Jerantut are also some nice place to
    visit apart from the Taman Negara area.

    Well the story started like this :

    A few years ago there were some touris from Singapore who
    drove all the way from Singapore to Temerloh, Pahang on a

    Their mission is to enjoy the Ikan Patin ( Silver Catfish ) which
    were widely available at Pahang, especially near Temerloh area.

    They found a nice restaurant and ordered alot of Ikan Patin,
    and they were really enjoy eating those fishes.

    When the bill finally came, it was very expensive. You may
    ask, could it be one or two thousand ringgit?? Sap Sap Sui !!

    The bill came and the Singaporean tourist didn't have enough
    of money to pay. Hence they left one of the Rolex watch at
    the shop as "hostage" while they went to ATM to get more

    What has happened actually?

  • Singaporean Tourist who loved Patin a lot.
  • Perhaps Singapore's Patin not that fresh & good.
  • Singaporean love Malaysian Patin a lot.
  • Eat too much Patin.
  • Cash not enough.
  • Credit Card not accepted at small places.
  • Shop owner insist hostage required.
  • Singaporean Tourist has no choice.
  • Boh Pian but to leave Rolext watch as hostage at shop.

    What have people learnt from this story?
  • Patin fish is expensive. Very expensive sometimes.
  • Don't rely 100% on credit card. It's Malaysia for God sake!
  • Bring more cash if you want to eat exotic food.
  • Else a Rolex or 2 would do also kekekekekeek !!!

    For your information, my boss is a Singaporean and the "friend"
    who asked me :" Kai Hong, why Patin fish is special? " is also
    a Singaporean.

    And my Singaporean "friend" wears Rolex. You connect the dots...

  • Thursday, May 19, 2005

    Trivia : Why is Patin fish special?

    I think most of us have tasted Patin Fish before, which
    looked a little bit like Cat Fish but it's diffent.

    So yesterday while at lunch my good friend ask me.
    " Ok Kai Hong, as a Malaysian please tell us why
    Patin fish is special?"

    I was :" Errr. because it tastes good?"

    " Wrong !! Stupiak !!"

    " Because Patin Fish could only be found in Malaysia
    and not other parts of the world. "

    I see I see...

    I continued eating.

    Define : Aquarium... big aquarium.

    Aquarium, is a container normally made of clear glass to
    keep sea creature like fish, crabs, shrimp, and sometimes
    some water plants.

    And aquarium could be found at the house of a lot of people
    regardless their age and sex. It's something like a hobby
    for a certain of people to feed fish and water creatures.

    And the word aquarium is the word to describe my stomach
    today and yesterday. Cause it is full of sea animals and
    stuff like that and with a lot of water too.

  • 17 May 2005. Tuesday Dinner at Chi Kuai.
  • 18 May 2005. Lunch at Sunway West Lake.
  • 18 May 2005. Dinner at Greenview.

    So all the heavyweight restaurant that cost us about RM1,000
    a pop for continues 3 meal, imagine. 3 pops mean RM3,000
    and that's more then my one month salary liao !!

    And if you run a CSI Food Test with my stomach you would
    probably find the below item resedue in my stomach :

  • Lobster (gravy stuff)
  • Indonesian Crab
  • Starry Sek Pan Fish *******
  • Scallop
  • Steam Shrimp

  • rest stomach of 12 hours

  • Patin fish ( why patin fish is so special leh??? )
  • Thai Style Shrimp ( very big prawn balls )
  • Dim Sum Har Kao
  • Dim Sum Siw Mai + Shrimps roe or eggs
  • Dim Sum Ju Chiong Fun + Scallops ( Nice one! )
  • Dim Sum Fish Balls
  • Dim Sum Foo Chok + Pork

  • Rest stomach for 4 hours

  • Shark Fins Soup
  • Suckling Roast Piglets
  • Scallops + Hong Kong Kai Lan
  • Steam Soon Hock ( how to catch soon hock???? )
  • Big Fat O Prawn Shang Har Min ( Really big ass prawn )
  • Manggo... a lot of maggo
  • Wine..... a lot of wine, Australian Wine particulary.
  • Anything that I've missed???

    Yeah I think my stomach shouldn't be considered as aquarium.
    Aquarium is actually for amature & Ah Kua's .....
    I think my stomach should be labelled =

    " 250GB Seagate Annaconda Cobra Lion Tiger Hard Disk 128MB buffer"
    and that will do, that will do.....

    And can you blame me for being mean by showing off all those nice
    stuff that I've stored in my hard disk??

    Not in a million years, and even if it does, I don't care. Burp !!!

    Car Park = RM12.00
    Petrol = RM 3.00

    Satisfaction being labelled 250GB hard disk = Priceless !!!

    Burp !!

    Whoooopppsss !! I think I've just vommited a little bit in
    my mouth, never mind, I could swallow them...expensive stuff
    you know? Chinese says:" If can eat then don't waste!"

    Gulp !! There you goo!! Chewing some undigested meat and
    licked my lips.... hmmmmm !!!!
  • Wednesday, May 18, 2005


    A few days ago Amanda my colleague went to Pulau Redang and when
    she came back to office. She told me that she saw Dolphins on
    the way from the jetty to the Island.

    I was like -_= and asked her, sure boh????

    She said it's true !! its true !! its true !!

    And I was wondering, what is wrong with the ocean nowadays. I
    mean previously Dolphines does not visit Malaysia cost that
    frequently, has the ocean changed?

    Is the change caused by the Tsunami on 12 Dec 2004?? Well it's
    too early to tell.

    But I hope and I really hope, what following the appearance of
    the Dolphines would not be "Sharks" and "Great White Sharks"
    else I am done !!!

    Cause I takut Sharks like hell !!! Banyak takut !!!
    Now read the article of Dolphines sight at Penang Bridge yesterday!

    updated:2005-05-17 20:46:20 MYT









    納吉深感吃驚?? Sure or not??

    updated:2005-05-17 20:00:00 MYT
    Source = http://www.sinchew.com.my/content.phtml?sec=1&artid=200505171066

















    Cita-cita saya : to earn RM34 million..only

    When I was a kid, you know sometimes we have to write essay
    of "cita-cita saya" or what I want to be when I grew up.

    I always wrote:
  • Teacher (cause my parents are)
  • Pilot
  • Dentist
  • Doctor

    But today after I read the newspaper, I know what to advise
    my sons and daugther, or even my sister and brother already
    because they are still young.

    Got to be a cop !! Read the news below, and find out how
    a police could earn RM34,000,000.00 and live happily ever after.

    Source, The Star Online.

    The Star Online > News
    Wednesday May 18, 2005

    Najib: IGP will probe RM34m case

    KUALA LUMPUR: The RM34mil assets declared by a senior police officer that was disclosed in the Royal Commission Report came as a huge surprise to the Government.

    Deputy Prime Minister Datuk Seri Najib Tun Razak said that although no name was mentioned, he was certain the police would look into the case.

    “It’s up to the police to take action. I believe the Inspector-General of Police will give it due attention,” he told reporters yesterday after presenting awards of excellence to 100 personnel from the Defence Ministry.

    The commission stated in its report released on Monday that a retired policeman had informed them that a senior police officer made an asset declaration totalling RM34mil and that many other officers too had assets several times above their known income.

    When it was put to the deputy prime minister that a senior police officer amassing so much money would not inspire confidence in the force, Najib replied: “I know. Action has to be taken in terms of finding out where the wealth came from. I’m sure the IGP will do this.”

    On the 125 recommendations made by the commission, he said the task force chaired by the prime minister would study all the proposals.

    “For now, we do not want to say what can and cannot be accepted by the Government,” he said.

    He added that relevant agencies, such as the Public Services Department and the Finance Ministry, would be called in to study the recommendations.

    “The Cabinet agreed in a recent meeting that action should be taken on proposals that could be implemented fast such as logistics, which would improve efficiency in the police force,” he said.

    Najib said that this was something that would boost the morale of the police and the people’s confidence in the force.

    This would include increasing the number of patrol cars, communications sets and housing quarters, and upgrading police stations.

    In Kangar, Minister in the Prime Minister’s Department Datuk Seri Mohd Radzi Sheikh Ahmad said the Government was willing to amend any legislation to help the police become a revitalised, modern, effective and trustworthy force,

    He said this would include shortening the period of detention for remand and Internal Security Act (ISA) cases as recommended in the Royal Commission Report.

    “Any amendment which can help the police carry out their duties diligently is worth supporting,” Radzi told a press conference here.

    However, he said, the reduction of the detention period for ISA detainees needed to be studied by the Cabinet task force.

    He also said the Government would have to spend more on the police force, to meet their needs in such areas as housing, salary, equipment, training, knowledge and motivation.

    Radzi also supported the call to appoint two Deputy Inspector-Generals of Police to alleviate the burden of managing the force.


    See? There are chances !!!
    Me as a sales person? My salary ==> RM 34,000,000.00 ?? Freaking no way!
  • Tuesday, May 17, 2005

    Happy Meal II


    From time to time my boss would suddenly give me some
    very useful quotes such as:

  • Let customer eat and let us sales person pay.
  • So that they can't bribe you.
  • or
  • Let customer eat what they want.
  • We go out and eat again later, as we wanted.
  • or
  • If someone is very noisy and ka ka ciao ciao,
  • You walk towards him/her and ask:
  • "Excuse me, am I disturbing you?"
  • He/she would reply:" Nope "
  • Then you would say loudly:
  • "But you are disturbing me leh!"

    Listen to your boss, not only hear.
    A dog could hear but it can't listen -_-"
    Crunch the words and be wise, I know cause I am
    learning from him.
  • Happy Meal with Boss !! ha ha ha !!


    When Bill finally came and resurface, Kiddo told him in the
    face," We have unfinished business!"

    Bill asked:" Are you sure about it?"

    Kiddo replied:" Revenge is a dish best served cold !"

    Errr... what's going on mate?

    Actually when the bill finally came to the table, it clearly
    showed RM440 + RM520 = RM 970.00 !!!!

    Yes that was the bill for the dinner that we had with
    our Boss this evening. We were at a restaurant at
    PJ called " Strange " or " Qi Guai " in Mandarin.

    The food tonight was not too bad and not too good.
    And the person who joined the dinner ,

  • William
  • Richard
  • Steven
  • Mr. Tan
  • Brenda
  • Amanda
  • Philips

    7 of the best of the best of the best, had a dinner
    and wine at a restaurant. Consisting the people
    from :

    1. Malaysia.
    2. Hong Kong.
    3. Singapore.
    4. France.

    And a few table away was our boss family with some
    Dato' and business associate.

    Dinner started with a bottle of wine RM148.00 from
    Australia, 2002. Tasted a little bit "sep sep" initially
    but later it turned sweet with the exposure to the
    air I suppose.

    And the alcohol level was 14%. Felt my ears becaming
    warm and hot. Geee... strange wine !!!!

    Menu of the dinner :

    1. Lobster Steamed with gravy. A++
    2. Star Sek Pan Fish. A++
    3. Tau Fu. A
    4. Scallop. B- ( mixed with sar kot !! -_-")
    5. Plain steam shrimp. B
    6. Fried Rice. A
    7. Salty Egg Yok Crab !!!! A
    8. A big plate of Sweet Mango. A++

    With wine and chinese tea.

    As usual, my boss became really relaxed and funny
    during dinner time and made a lot of fun with me.

    He "put me on the table" "Bai Ngo Siong Toi!"
    and made the below statement :

  • I am very nice, because I will serve shrimp to girls.
  • My girl friend is as huge as me.
  • I like the Malay waitress.
  • I like to eat a lot of hor liao.
  • I am very hum sup.
  • If in Singapore, I sure tak dapat cari makan.
  • Cause I eat very slow. -_-"'
  • Amanda's husband is going to kill me if I touch her.
  • I should go to China.
  • But I will not survive in China.
  • Cause I will die under pretty girls pants/ skirt.
  • I normally don't let my fat lady eat, only eat alone.
  • Cause I am fatter then fat lady very much.
  • I looked like the guy in the movie Kung Fu.
  • The fake Axe Gang's fatso !!

    OMG !! In a short short dinner like that also my boss
    create so much of tembakan to me.

    So I complained to Amanda, " 我很伤心了啦 "

    But Amanda said, " No lah, I think boss like you !"

    I terus 2 legs in the sky and shoes also in the sky.

    But to be frank, it was a great dinner with a lot of
    conversation from everyone and a lot of information.

    I always enjoyed having dinner with my boss.
    Thank you Mr. Ho.
  • Boss is coming to town.

    Yeah yeah !! My boss is coming to Kuala Lumpur.

    When my boss is around, I get to :

  • Kena taruh via funny way for no reason.
  • Discuss with him about production schedule.
  • Report the problem we face to him.
  • Ask him for future advise.
  • Go out and wallop Hokkien Mee at SS2.
  • Get allocation for extra stock for sale.
  • Many more adventurus stuff.

    Yeah yeah !! Boss is coming to town.
    Boss is coming to town.
  • 野蛮师姐 & 野蛮Girl Friend :)

    Judged from the tittle and the beginning of the movie, it
    is supposed to be a comedy with funny love story and
    a lot of laugh in the process.

    Yeah it was funny and brought us ( me and fat lady ) a lot
    of fun. Some parts were like MTV with nice music and nice
    scene of nature... initially.

    Driving Jeeps off roads to village with the one that you love.
    Enjoying the rain with the one that you love.
    Stayed infront of the fire to get warm with the one that you love.

    After all these scene, the movie has became a real sad story
    that I have to admit, it made me feel really upset and
    unhappy watching it. Philipes got into thinking mode!!

    Cause it brought back too many sad old memory of mine
    and I wished I wouldn't have to experiance these again.

    Another tittle My Sassy Girlfriend as well, were almost the
    same with the effect. Looked really funny most of the time
    but, end of the day, these movies really tend to make people
    sit down and think....

    And when people thinks, it brings back the old memories.

    Some happy moments.
    Some un-happy moments.
    Some sad moments.
    Some laugh.
    Some tears.
    Some regret feelings.
    Some stuff that could never be undone.

    If you ask me, I would say that these 2 movies have got
    right at the soft spot. Or I would say the director has
    hit me below the belt in the 2 movies.

    Of course the ending was somehow not frequetly happened
    in real life and the movie was like about 120 or 130
    minutes long. Typical Korean long winded style eh !!

    Anyway, what's in my mind right now? Read on.....

    Have you looked at the star lately? Walk around and have
    a look at the star when you are free. You would feel
    better. Really really better.

    If you have a chance, go and have a walk at the beach with
    your family and the one that you love. Tell them how much
    you enjoyed their accompany.

    Once there was a kid, the name was Kiddo,
    He walked at the beach, and saw some nice shells,
    Pick up the most beautiful one and walked on,
    Later, he found another one,
    Hence he throw the first one and took the new one,

    Then somehow later, he found another more beautiful shell,
    he took out the second one and throw it away, and kept the
    third one, and then repeated with the 4th, 5th and so on.

    At the end of the day, Kiddo found that he actually has
    missed a lot of good shells and what he has at the moment
    was not that really pretty compared to the others.

    Not that the one on his hand is not pretty or nice,
    but it was because he had seen too much of shells,
    ... it was because he had so many choices before,
    ... it was because he didn't really appreciate the most
    important thing.

    At the evening, Kiddo walked home with a regret feeling
    and empty hands.

    And here I hope to wish everyone, with my sincere wish
    that you all would have and will always appreciate of
    what you have at the Moment.

    Because the Moment is not forever.
    Before you know it, it is gone.
    Don't spend the rest of your life regretting.
    Spend the rest of your life holding you love.
    Spend the rest of your life enjoying each other.
    Spend the rest of your life happily.
    Don't let go and don't hesitate.

    A person who hesitate will loose everything.
    Be brave and be responsible of the decision.
    Anyone could make any decision.
    But only the strong and a few could be responsible for it.
    And could you?

    Monday, May 16, 2005

    The Wedding Dinner Repost (14 May )


    Just came back from a wedding dinner at a famous chinese
    restaurant at Jalan Ampang, opposite of CitiBank.

    Well the food was ok, friends were almost all there, actually
    most of them are fat lady's friend and schoolmates since
    she is a kid. Me? no problem blending myself into it.

    See people use people language.
    See bird use bird language.
    See ghose use ghost language. My philosophy !!

    Well, just to tell that I am good in blending into diffrent type
    of people ( sales man talk lah ! apa lagi? ) kekekekekkeh !!

    Some idea generated after attending the wedding dinner :
    If I were going to host my wedding dinner too, i've got to:-
    # Got to be prompt and don't delay the dinner for 90 mins.
    # Strictly no Kara-Ok session.
    # No noisy MC ( like M-16 machine guns )
    # No noisy music .
    # Not too much of alcohol.
    # Not too much of drunken master around.
    # Menu = Nasi Lemak + Nasi dagang -_-"'

    Ok last list = Nasi Lemak + Nasi Dagang is just a joke. My
    moms and relatives are going to kill me then if I belanja them
    Nasi Lemak only kekekekekek....

    Well, blog reader, I think I am going to host the dinner in 2
    years time from now, maximum 3 years. So if you print this
    page and bring to my dinner, dapat 1 free gift ( umbrella !!)


    better start saving money for the wedding.


    Now, boys and girls !! See the effect of alcohol drinks on an
    adult?? Hic !! I am not drunk !! I am not !!

    我很伤心了啦 Part Duex

    This morning, the very same person who caused me to become
    very very sad met with me in the toilet again.

    I was wee weeing when he walked out from the the smaller
    room in the gents. In our company, there are 2 type of method
    to pee pee or wee wee and only 1 way to poo poo.

    1. To pee or wee, you could use the smaller room with toilet seat
    or you could use the wall mounted toilet bowl.

    Image borrowed without asking from

    2. To poo, you have to use the toilet room which has a
    sitting style of toilet bowl.

    Ok enough of toilet talk this morning. My point is that
    I am more opened style where I always pee at the
    wall mounted toilet bowl. While some of my colleague
    prefers to have more privacy to pee using the seat
    style toilet bowl.

    Like they are afraid we will peek their kkc like that...
    aiya... -_-"

    Anyway, while I was peeing happily ( I am always happy
    when I pee cause ada Ummphhh !! )

    The same guy who caused me 我很伤心了啦 walked out from the
    toilet room.

    This time I took pre-emptive strike. And I asked :" Do
    you still have any question that you want to ask me?"

    He think for a sec, and said." hahaha.. no not really!"

    Then another second, he added:" Yes in the matter of fact.."

    I asked back:" Ok what is it?"

    He asked:" Are you still a virgin?" then quickily run away.

    I shouted at him :" GNN you should ask me this question 10
    year ago lah !! "

    And I continued to pee pee.......

    16 May 2005

    Today is a Monday, suppose to have some Monday blue but
    since it is a "Teacher Day" in Malaysia, I've better cheer up
    a little bit more.

    In the morning, the DJ from the radio asked if the listener
    still mantain any contact or keep in touch with their teacher.
    Or did they spoken to their good old time teacher lately.

    I'd alomost call to the DJ and say:" Yes !"
    Cause both of my parents are teacher, my father retired a
    few years ago though. Hence , for me Teacher day is also
    "Parents" day... kekekekeke !!!

    It is also a very special day for a friend of mine, she is now
    staying in Singapore and earning a lot of Sing Dollar.
    Today she is suppose to be 19++ years old. But I don't know
    the age counter for girls always jam at around 18 or 19,

    The age counter will always jammed before reaching 20,
    making the female always claimed themselve as 19 ++
    or almost 20 or around 20 years old.

    Despite some are 28, some are 42, some are 29, some 27
    some 24 or so. The result they will tell you is that
    :" I am about 20 years old this year !!"

    And they will tell you the same answer for the rest of the
    20 years ... until they are 50 or 60 over. And you wouldn't
    ask any more, cause you are getting used to it liao.

    Here, I would like to dedicate the song to everyone !!!

    Happy Teacher Day to you !! ( to all the teachers )
    Happy Teacher Day to you !! ( to my father )
    Happy Teacher Day to mama !! ( to my mother )
    Happy Teacher Day to Ah Jet ( to Ah Jet who age = 19++ )

    Hope that it would be a good week a head.

    Saturday, May 14, 2005

    110 cc vs 1500 cc

    This morning when I was driving from Kayu Ara to Sunway
    using LDP. I was cruising at about 90kmph to 95 kmph.

    There was not much of cars on the road since it is a nice
    Satuday morning. Hence I was kind of enjoying the drive
    cause this mode = fuel economy mode.

    Suddenly there was this blardy tiny tini mini 110cc motorbike
    overtooked me from my left side of the car. And peppeppeppe
    pepepeppppeppepepepe...... gone in 20 seconds...

    He must had doing 110 kmph or 120 kmph....

    Well, what I did was just shaking my head slowly and hope that
    his engine wouldn't be over heated, jammed or "peciah" if
    he keeps on pushing his 110 cc motorbike to the limit.

    During Chinese New Year or Hari Raya I used to drive back
    ( which I still do now ) to Kota Bharu Kelantan. I normally
    wake up at 4:00 am and on the road at about 5:00 am.

    That time about 5:00 am +/- we could see so many tini mini
    tiny cc bike on the road. All the way from Middle Ring Road II
    to Genting Highway, from Bukit Tinggi to near Bentong.

    Usually at near Batu Caves when I was driving at about 90kph
    they would zooomm !! zooom !! zooooom !! whosssh !!! overtoke

    At the slope before Genting Highland exit, you could still see them
    pushing really hard for thier 110cc or 125 RXZ up hills. And
    5 km a head, you would see a lot of guy with their bike broke
    down and had to stop at the side of the road.

    Either engine engine over heated, something "peciah " , " patah "
    or simply engine jammed. Had to wait for 30 minutes for rescue.

    I don't know, but sometimes I really hope they would take the
    bus or train to balik kampung instead of the small motorbike.
    Reason :

    1. Safety first, motorbike accident rates is way too high.
    2. Driving motorbike for 6 hours could hurt your back badly.
    3. Get peace of mind and rest in bus or train.
    4. Wouldn't block the fast driver like Philips who had problem
    over taking 80 motorbikes at one shot. -_-"'

    Remember, whatever we do, safety first and we wouldn't
    want to leave this lovely world too fast eh? Philips? Sam??


    This morning I am feeling a little bit of sorethroat because
    of the cheap wine ( i believe so ) that I drank 48 hours ago
    and... I opened my Nutrilite(tm) bottle and seach for
    an Vitamin Bio C + to help the sorethroat.

    I opened the bottle and said:" Wah Lau eh !"

    My colleague asked me:" What what happened?"
    She then asked :" Is it a lot of ants?"

    I replied:" No lah, Vitamin Bio C+ finished, got B only!"

    She replied:" I see, I thought got ants there, a few days
    ago my Nutrilite bottles that I placed on the floor attracted
    a lot of small reddish ants ( semut api ) !!! "

    I added on:" Perhaps they want to join Amway too, ask
    them to join Amway lah, good prospect what?"

    She was like -_-" !! Ants woh !!

    I was LOL with 2 legs in the sky !!! kekekekekekekekek !!!

    Philips 1 - Amway 0 !!!!

    Friday, May 13, 2005

    13th May 2005. I am 28

    Today is 13th May 2005 and it is a Friday today.
    Some Mat Salleh ( from Mad Sailor ) believes that if
    the 13th of the month which fells on Friday.

    Then it would be very-very sui, very very tai kat lai si.

    Not for me !! I don't think and believe that 13th Friday
    is a sui, no good, unlucky and bad day at all.

    However, the incident that happened on 13th May 1969
    in Malaysia will never be forgotten.
    I hope that this kind of unfortunate incident may never
    repeat in future, and I hope everyone shall try his/her
    best to achieve this.

    Ok, let's not talk about history. Let's see what good
    things that has happened today, so far...

    1. This morning I woke up early, sent Fat Lady to work.
    2. After that still have time (30 minutes ) before 9 am.
    3. I went to my favourite mamak stall near my office.

    4. I got myself beehun goreng+ ayam rendang + telur.
    5. Drinks = Teh O Ice Kurang Manis.
    6. A good start for a day.

    200,000 pcs of CD-R order + 20,000 of DVD+R order
    is on my table when I sit down, sweet :) Yahoo !!

    Later, the sales were approved by boss, delivery date
    would be in July. good !! very good for me. But customer
    is comparing our delivery lead time vs Dragon's lead
    time. Not that good, have to talk to customer again.

    Afternoon collected 2 cheques and made a few calls to
    customer. A customer again try to be funny when comes
    to payment time.
    Gave her a good fuck over the phone, left and right,
    front and back. Song !!!

    Lunch with Laurence Ng was informative and fruitful,
    not too bad and good news keep coming in.

    Came back to office after that, and everything seems
    to be ok too. Sent COO Steven to PJ before coming
    home, and had KFC ( Kai Fan China Style ) as dinner
    as instructed by Fat Lady -_-"'.

    On the way purchased 2 DVD movies too, to be watched
    if I ever become bored tonight.

    And now, nothing seems wrong today. Who says that
    13th Friday is a bad day? I don't think so !!!

    Wine... cheap wine.

    A few weeks ago I went to Giant supermarket and did some
    guys shopping, you know guys shopping, I only buy guys
    stuff and man stuff . Item purchased :

    1. 1kg of fine sugar.
    2. 2kg of Milo Refill Pack ( cheaper without the tin )
    3. Quaker's Oakmeal Refill Pack ( see above )
    4. Toilet Roll ( xxx brand, we buy toilet paper, not air )
    5. Soya Source.

    6. Palmolive Bath Soap. ( Smells good ! )
    7. Tooth Brush. ( Used by our doctor http://www.drliew.net/archives/001646.html)
    8. Tooth Paste.
    9. Candy(s)
    10. Errr... errrr.....errrr....

    When one goes shopping, I mean man shopping it is always
    better to purchase 10 items minimum each time. Else it
    would be considered as No Economy of Scale.

    Like some friends of mine, when want to buy sugar, drive
    to Tesco and purchase sugar and spend 3 hours there.

    2 days later, toilet paper fisnihed, and drive to Carrefour
    and buy the toilet paper 1 big pack, and come home.

    4 days later, soya source finished, and drive all the way
    to The Curve and beli soya source (???) .... that's what
    I call no Economy of Scale.


    So I said to myself, what should I buy to make the item
    to be complete? Hmmmm...

    Aha !!! A bottle of wine to impress my fat lady !!

    Ok Ok walked to the Wine and Alcohol Section.

    RM105.88 ( XO something ) Neah ! XO are for old folks.
    RM103.55 ( VSOP something ) Neeah ! VSOP no vitamin one.

    RM88.95 ( Something Rum) Neah Rum are for ah kua !!
    RM79.99 ( Australia Wine ) Neah Australia wine mana sedap?
    RM49.99 ( US. Wine ) Neah I hate President Bush !!

    RM35.45 ( French Wine ) Whops cannot read French !
    RM28.90 ( Australie Wine ) Neah ! Good day mate !

    RM17.99 ( Mixed Tropica Wine ) Kaching !! Kaching !! $$$$$$$

    Wait a tick ! Mixed Tropica Wine, looks ok for me ( the price )
    cause I don't know why all these sub RM20 and RM 30 wines
    always taste better.

    ( Gee I Know, cause I am poor that's why ! )

    So I took a bottle and completed the Economy of Scale.

    Tasted sweet, and the "sep sep" taste and feel was minimal when
    I drank it yesterday night with fat lady.

    We finished about 700ml of it, balance about 50 ml perhaps will
    use it to clean my car windows later.

    However this morning when I wake up, alamak sorethroat.
    Fat Lady had the same feeling too.

    Cheap wine? or too much of alcohol? God knows...

    But the wine tasted sweet woh ! Tasted like Ribena + alcohol

    And oh yeah, after drinking the wine fat lady looke like a cooked
    shrimp or cooked crab !! wahahahah whole body = Red red red !!

    Now that's how we get Women In Red !!

    Wine, a lot of wine !!!

    Thursday, May 12, 2005





    A few months ago my cousin who is in standard 2
    at SRJK(C) Yuk Chai Damansara came back to
    his father and said loudly (and for the record

    he is only like 7 or 8 years old....)

    Haaaaaaaaiiii....我很伤心了啦......... !!!

    So we asked him what happened ?
    He said cause his Bahasa Cina and Maths exam he only
    got 97 marks and 98 marks out of 100 marks.

    I was like -_-" wtf ? 97 or 98 marks still sad ah? What
    is going on with the world today?

    And I sweared in my heart that I will not simply use this
    我很伤心了啦 term cause it is not lucky !!! Choi Choi Choi !!

    This morning in the Male toilet a staff from accounts dept.
    asked me :" Are you married?"
    I replied :" No I am not, not yet :) "
    He asked:" Then how old are you woh?"
    I replied:" 28 loh ! ( acutally not yet 28, 2 more months time )

    He -_-" and -_-"

    He replied:" Are you kidding?"
    I said :" No ! I am really 28 only !"
    He said :" Don't tipu me !"

    I became dulan and open my wallet and shown him my IC.
    He was -_-''' and rubbed his eyes.
    And replied:" Oh ! Sorry I thought you were over 30 plus !"
    And added:" really sorry ah ! sorry... sorry !"

    I rushed out from the toilet crying, covered my face with my
    hands. Tears kept coming out from my eyes , over my fingers
    as I ran back to my place.

    That's why I said 我很伤心了啦


    Later of the day when my mood came back to normal, after
    lunch while coming back to our office. I was driving and in the
    car there were Cobin, Amanda, Jessie and Mr. Tham.

    On the way I saw an Evo IV or Evo V and I said :" Hmmm..
    a good car !" and " One day I am going to get one of those!"

    Amanda said:" Sure you can Kai Hong, you are only 28 what?"
    Mr. Tham got a shocked of his life....
    He asked :" Haaaa??? How old is Kai Hong ah?"
    Amanda :" Kai Hong is 28 loh !"

    Mr. Tham:" Are you sure? I thought you are ... err.. err !"
    Me :" Oooohhhhh !! Both of you shut up !!"

    Mr. Tham tried consoling me:" I mean, errr, I mean I thought
    you are only 23 years old mar."
    Others followed:" Yeah loh yeah loh !!"

    I replied :" Ooohhhhh !!! All of you shut up !!!"

    That's why I said again 我很伤心了啦

    -_-"' Do I really looked that old?


    Later when come back to office I already have no mood to work
    cause get these kind of good wheather thunder 晴天霹雳
    That hit me twice on my head. 1 day kena 2 strike like this....

    So I decided to take a candy to make myself happier.

    I asked Jessie :" Please pass me the candy please?"
    Jessie :" Haa??" ...walked to take some paper.

    I asked again :" Jessie could you please pass me the candy jars?"
    Jessie :" Hmm?" ....walked to drink some water.

    I asked again:" Can you please kasi me 1 candy?"
    Jessie :" Haar?" ....while walked far far away from me.


    One day at KLCC..

    Two men met at a KLCC bus stop and struck up a
    conversation. One of them kept complaining of
    family problems. Finally, the other man said: "You
    think you have family problems? Listen my

    "A few years ago, I met a young widow with a
    grown-up daughter. We got married and I got
    myself a stepdaughter. Later, my father married
    my stepdaughter. That made my stepdaughter, my
    stepmother. And my father became my stepson.
    Also, my wife became mother-in-law of her father-

    "Much later the daughter of my wife, my
    stepmother, had a son.

    This boy was my half-brother because he was my
    father's son. But he was also the son of my wife's
    daughter, which made him my wife's grandson.
    That made me the grand-father of my half-brother."

    "This was nothing until my wife and I had a son.
    Now the half-sister of my son, my stepmother, is
    also the Grandmother. This makes my father, the
    brother-in-law of my child, whose stepsister is my
    father's wife, I am my stepmother's brother-in-law,
    my wife is her own child's aunt, my son is my
    father's nephew & I am my OWN

    "And you think you have FAMILY PROBLEMS?"

    From Addy Ho

    Wednesday, May 11, 2005

    Observation made on Mother's Day


    Last weekend was mother's day. 8th May 2005 Sunday if
    I am not mistaken. How did I find out ?

    1. Radio which was full of mothers day advertisement.
    2. News paper which was full of mothers day stuff.
    3. Traffic at LDP and Bandar Utama extra jammed up.
    4. All the restaurant around PJ and Kepong = fully booked.
    5. Most of the cars are full of "one house big big small small".

    It was suppose to be a nice Saturday, picked up fat lady
    after work and let her use my computer at home. And er..
    Addy Ho called up and asked me to go for dinner.

    We had late heavy Ban Min lunch at TTDI a few hours ago
    and fat lady didn't feel ok, so she stayed home and work
    with the office work.

    I went out and joined Addy's family + my grandmother.

    I tried to call Tuck Kee Restaurant but the blardy Ah Tuck
    punya business was so good that they didn't have time to
    pick up the calls. Well never mind.

    Addy suggested us to go to near Dataran Prima for dinner
    cause there was a roll of new shops there ( 1 or 2 years old)
    and we tried out there. We went, we ordered, we ate and
    we went home :)

    I think KL's mother day is very much diffrent compared to
    my Kelantan's M.Day. Back then during mothers day we tend
    to be good kids, help to wash the dish after dinner or at
    least pretend to be hard working that particular day.

    My mom is a teacher till today for your information.

    But KL and PJ -_-" people is a little bit diffrent. I think the
    people here has made the mother's day a little bit too
    commercialized like Fathers Days, Hari Raya, New Years
    and Mooncake festivals.

    There are just too much of commercial sense.

    Everyone go out and stuck in the jam in cars, enjoy dinner
    and that's it.

    No more essay writting like " My lovely mom" and no more
    " good boy / good girl on mothers day?" and certainly no one
    cook for the mothers during mothers day.

    I think, it's really too commercialized and there is nothing I
    could do about it.

    Happy Mothers day, and happy Fathers Day.
    I love you mama and papa.

    My ancestor story !!

    A few years ago when I went to Alor Star in Kedah to attend the
    wedding of Elvis Cousin , I have learned a big story about my
    ancestor which is related to me.

    First, why did we call this Alor Star cousin Elvis Cousin leh ?????
    Cause his sideburn was really like Elvis... of course he may not
    looked as handsome as Elvis.

    But, all the guys in my family looked funny and blur sotong don't
    know why. Perhaps it is due to our ancestor fault !! Long long time
    ago..... back to 1700s gee !! 300 years old story.... want to read?

    If yes, then open a can of beer and get some peanuts... its a very
    very long and intersting story.

    My grandfather's great grandmother was a British Women !!!

    And my grandfasther's great grandfather name was Henry Wong !!

    Habis Cerita !! Woho !! Woho !! Waho !! Waho !! Clap hands clap hands..

    That story explains alot, like :

    1. Why am I so hairy , due to British hairy ancestor?
    2. Why am I so hairy, due to ancestor named Henry ( sounds like Harry )
    3. Why is the colour of my eyes = brown.
    4. Why is the colour of our family hair = some brown some black.
    5. Why am I so fat.
    6. Why am I so difficult to keep fit.
    7. Why am I so enjoying watching "Full Monty!"
    8. Why was I so sad when Princess Diana died on Aug 1997.

    hehehehhe..... what are you laughing at? Come and kiss my metal
    shining ass ! " Quoted from Futurama , Bender !!

    My father again !

    As an 4th kid of the family, my father CY grown up in a poor family
    in Kota Bharu, he was born in 1942 July and he is err.. ( press
    calculator ) 63 years old this year.

    I am not sure if my grandfather ( my father's father ) is a funny &
    blur sotong type of guy. But I am very very sure that my father
    CY is the most funny and blur sotong father in the world.

    1 month ago he went to Kota Bharu largest market to purchase
    some chili.

    He asked the makcik :" Are these chili hot?"
    The makcik repied :" Yes sir, extremely hot!"
    He replied :" Ok give me 2 kg of these !!"

    When went home, my father was preparing the Chilies for my
    mother to be made into Yong Tau Fu's => Yong Chili actually.
    The process involved to wash the chilies, cut open the chilies
    and remove the seeds ( the hottest stuff ) and be ready to
    insert the minced pork + fish. Voila !

    My mum warned him:" Eh, you better wear gloves !"
    My father said :" No need lah, the Chili not hot what?"
    My father added:" Stupid makcik tipu me, chili not hot one?"

    And my clever father took his own sweet time preparing the
    chiles without wearing gloves.

    1/2 hour later and the dish was done and everyone was eating.

    My father was :"we wang wang we wang wang..."
    Sit also cannot , stand also cannot, sleep also cannot.

    Appearantly the effects and the chemicals of the chiles has
    began to give him a "very hot" sensation over his hands
    and palms ...

    He was sweating cold sweat and I heard that the hot is so
    intense that his hands became numb !!!

    He then put his hands into ice bucket... no use !!
    He then put his hands into cool water... no use !!

    So he just ran up and down, ran up and down, eat also cannot
    while the others were enjoying the Yong Tau Fu they both

    My mom was LOLOTF .... my father was:
    -_-" Aduh !!
    -_-" Aduh !!
    -_-" Adui !!
    -_-" Tolong !!
    -_-" Tolong !!

    At the end of the day, my mom kasi her the Green Herb
    Medicine, purchased from Penang and saved him.

    My father told us later that he thought that his hands and
    palm would become cacat , so worried !!

    Again we all LOLOTF !!!! This guy read too much of comics
    when he was a kid !!

    I shaked my head slowly when my mom told me this story.
    Why my father like this one? Why ??

    Don't fucking waste my time !!

    Being a Sales and Marketing person in a listed company
    in Subang Jaya Malaysia over the years has given me
    a chance to learn a lot of thing.

    First my boss has told me to work "smart" or he is going
    to fry my ass. I did, and my ass was saved !! Thanks boss!

    And later he told me to be careful on the paper work and
    don't make careless mistake. I became more careful now
    thanks to him, Thanks boss !!

    And be punctual, he told me cause customer don't like to
    wait. Especially foreign customer like from Europe or
    Japan or Korea. I have become very much punctual
    now, even to arrive earlier then the actual time.
    Thanks boss again !!

    And don't be controlled and pushed by customer. Which I
    enjoyed the most at the moment. He told me like this
    :" Don't think they are big ( company size ) then they can
    push us around !"

    This is the latest toy and power given from him to me.
    And let me tell you at this very special time I will
    fully utilize this power... to the max lvl.

    This morning I fucked a big distributor who was trying to
    be funny with me when comes to payment time.

    And last month, a very large French company ( in fact )
    an Europe famous Media came to my company and acted
    too cocky !! And my boss fucked him left and right before
    we showed him the door out.

    Ahhhh ..... very very song after that. It's like after you
    gone into the toilet and found that you've pooed a bout
    2kg of poo poo.... that's the feeling !!
    Satisfaction !! and Satisfaction again !!

    I am writing this to remember my courage of being
    brave enough to start to say no and correct the
    wrong stuff going on. Even it is my biggest customer.

    But again, fucking is still fucking, you better fuck smart
    and fuck with safety equipment.

    Sunday, May 08, 2005

    To the path of joy and wisdom


    Today 9th May 2005, a nice Sunday morning and I woke up at
    3:40 am. My friends (7 of them ) + Philips were going to a place
    in Pahang to witness the ceremony of a friend of mine from KB
    to become a monk. Yes a Buddhist monk.

    Time now is 11;13 pm near midnight, I don't know how to write
    about this event, perhaps I should and need to do more research
    about the case and I'll probably blog about it later of the day.

    And too all the mothers ( an my mama too ) Happy Mother's Day!

    Saturday, May 07, 2005

    Kill Bill Vol.1 and Vol. 2

    Watched Kill Bill Vol.1 (2003) and Vol.2 ( 2004) again yesterday
    night with Fat Lady.

    She was totally so enjoyed the movies like what I did 2 weeks ago.

    In case you haven't watch it, I propose you find a way and get the
    DVD version, be it D5 or D9 or 2 in 1 DVD. Just watch them and
    enjoy them.

    Evasive maneuvering

    What is actually Evasive Maneuvering (EM)? If you would ask.
    First heard this in a movie in year 1996 or 1997 and it was
    a hit. And from that day onwards, EM is burned in my brain.

    See when we drive at any Highway and we see an emergency
    brake infront when we are driving 120kmph. And the distance is too
    short for emergency brake. Perfrom the EM.

    In 0.02 second look back over the shoulder if there is no car
    around, perform a quick lane change and slow down. Saved !!!

    Car saved, Brake saved, and $$$ Saved.

    Friday, May 06, 2005

    KLIA This morning

    It was 5:02 am and I looked at the sky outside,
    hmm, lighting... and thick cloud. omg I told myself !!

    The Judgement Day II : To sleep or not to sleep !!

    Perfect for sleeping. But it's a Friday a working day and
    I have to send Johntim & Chris Yuan to KLIA at about
    6:30 am.

    So, unwilling I rolled on the bed about 20 times like a
    Kota Bharu Belut , only a little bit fatter. Rolled until
    about 5:45 am.

    And hey !! My friends out there are starting to pray
    from the surrounding mosque. I think there must be
    like 4 or 5 mosque around Kayu Ara area and
    every morning, we have diffrent voice and tone
    praising their God.

    It's kinda of like the Dolby Digital Surround System
    with rich 3D feel, high treble high pitch and low bass.

    -_-" for me it's very loud and I wished it could be
    a little bit softer, I really wished !!!

    Stood up and went into attached bathroom and begin
    the daily Kung Fu Shower and 15 minutes later,
    we were walking to car park and to get my car.

    Engine warmed and cruised at 90kmph because
    the flight was delayed for any hour. So it was no hurry
    and rush at all, we have so many time, so little distance.

    Arrived at KLIA, wished them a good journey and
    proceed back to Office. But on the way I was too
    tired and sleepy, pulled off at USJ R&R and slept
    there for about 20 minutes.

    Oh ! I tell you I slept soundly of course kekekeke !!

    And at about 8:30 am I woke up and proceed to the
    office and stuck at the massive jam from Kesas
    Highway to Subang Jaya area....

    I hate Subang Jaya Traffic !! I hate it !!

    Thursday, May 05, 2005

    Petrol and Diesel Price Hike, again !

    Yesterday I saw from www.jeffooi.com that the price of the Diesel and Petrol
    would be raised RM 0.20 and RM 0.10 per litre respectively.

    All I did was just shaking my head slowly and wonder what is wrong with
    this country that I stay in.

    My sister called up and a received a few SMS after that regarding the fuel
    price hike. And whoopss .. my fuel tank is still full I remembered. Just
    put a full tank of Caltex Ron97 a day ago.

    Called my sister , BB and my fat lady later, all of them with the same answer.

    Long Q at the petrol station all over the Klang Valley to purchase petrol and
    diesel like there is no tomorrow, and causing massive traffic jam around
    all the petrol stations.

    For me, even my tank is empty I wouldn't go and do the last minute purchase
    of diesel and petrol, why?

    1. Why go and waste your precious time waiting like mad cow at petrol station?
    2. When all you could save is RM5 to RM 15.00 maximum.
    3. How much of time wasted for this RM 5 or RM15 ?

    4. How much of fuel wasted for this RM 5 or RM15 ?
    5. How much of exhaust gas you inhale, with your gf and family also inhaled?
    6. How inconvinience that you've caused the people who stays around the
    petrol station? like the neighbours of petrol station and road users?

    I think most of the people have forgotten to look at the big picture everytime
    whenever there is a petrol and diesel price hike. They would only think
    1. Oh quick ! Inform everyone I know, save RM 5 per person.
    2. Oh quick ! Take out my Bonus Link card !
    3. Oh quick ! Pump in as much as possible before mid night.

    The real issue that really bother me are :

    1. Why is there a price hike? Is is absolutely necessary?
    2. Did you all know how much Malaysia gained from local petroleum industry
    per year? Ask Petronas !!
    3. Who was to be blamed when the Diesel smuggling couldn't be solved?
    4. Any plan of our government for secondary fuel? Especially environmental
    friendly and re-newable like Hydrogen Fuel Cell? Or Palm Oil Diesel?
    5. Any plan for better public transport system?
    6. Any plan for environmental friendly such as bicyle day?

    Appearently, none of the people that I know even think about point 1 to 6.
    Hence, it's a sad day for me to learn all these after coming into careful

    RM 0.10 or RM 0.20 for me is not much, but the up set and disappointment
    that I've got from this inccident = Priceless !! Is this a really good country?

    Lost 5 kg in 2 hours time !!

    A few days ago I went to a resort near Genting Highland.

    There was a place where visitor could pay a small amount and enjoy
    a few hours of horse riding, with instructor of course.

    I went on for the horse riding course and wow ! lost 5 kg in about
    2 hours time my mate !! omg !!

    Of course the horse lost 5kg, not me !!

    Monday, May 02, 2005

    May 2nd work out


    Today is 2nd May 2005 and it's a Monday, a public holiday which
    compensate the 1st May Public Holiday which fall on a Sunday.

    Woke up at about 9 something this morning, considered late for
    a nice holiday. Listened to Jee Ooi on Ai FM ( previously Radio 5 )
    Radio & TV Malaysia (RTM ) and well, one thing for sure is that
    he speaks good Mandarin.

    Later of the day went for a medium sized Ban Min with my sister
    and ate some tau sar + lin yong bao... burp !! hehehe !! Got to
    stop these self destruction and go into Hungor Mode.

    Came back and read some news paper ( Sin Chew + The Star )
    and got into hibernation mode. Woke up at OMG 4 something,
    watched some DVD again and listened to some MP3, did the
    house work and ate the mango from Kota Bharu, sweet !!!

    at about 6 something, the guilt feeling was at the maximum lvl.
    Hence put down the rowing machine and started doing the
    rowing excersize. 20 minutes later ( now ) whole body was
    like going to Peciah like that kekekekek !!!

    A little bit tired really, but the satisfaction is high and the guilty
    feeling is a little bit lower. Gotto have some hungor strike this
    week. And followed by the fruit drinks week most probably.

    If I could loose near 10 kg I would announce it. Else? Let's get
    back to sleep !!!

    egg habis !

    1st of May 2005.


    As usual I wake up early in the morning, just like any ordinary Sunday.

    Call Jack LP Tan to meet up with Tan Chai Hong who just came to KL
    from Kahang with her who family last night. She stayed at Hotel
    Taman Maluri which is located just behind Jaya Jusco Taman Maluri.

    And upon arriving there we went for a breakfast at a Chinese Seafood noodles restaurant for breakfast. 9 adult + 1 baby
    ( 5 months ) and the food bill = RM89.90 -_-"

    Well, LP and me spit the bill since we are the KL Worm !! And
    headed to Tian Hou Kong 天后宫 which is located near Taman
    Seputih near Federal Highway, opposite side of Mid Valley.

    Upon arriving there it was really hot ( noon time ) and what we
    could see was people mountain people sea. 人山人海 !and
    appearantly it was Ma Chor's 妈祖 Birthday. I see, I see...

    Later of the day we each gone back to own home and sleep like
    a pig in the afternoon. Of course that was after reading Sunday's
    The Star + Sunday's Sin Chew Daily Newspaper. Spirit Food !!!

    At night, at night we went for Hokkien Mee at Taman Paramount
    and the Pasar Malam there. The Hokkien Mee was cooked using
    Charcoal and suppose to taste like Super Mee like that, perhaps
    because of too many people were there , the Super Mee taste
    a little bit out of expectation. got to try it again.

    And... that's how I spent my 1st of May. Quite not productive
    actually. However I enjoyed the accompany of :

    1. Jack LP Tan from Kuala Krai.
    2. Tan chai Hong and family. ( 7 adults + 1 baby )
    3. My sister who cooked soup for me in afternoon.
    4. Dinner with 3rd aunty from TTDI with family.

    And my sister upon coming back from Pasar Malam after whacking
    the Hokkien Mee purchased 6 Kuih Apong for herself -_-" and
    she actually finished 6 kuih by mid night while watching the
    Super Sunday program from Taiwan.

    So she was like laughing and rolling on the floor + eat a bit of
    kuih a pong, and rolled on the floor again...... is this a real UKM
    Law Faculty Student + Future Lawyer for Malaysi??? -_-" ....