Friday, February 29, 2008

The One About Salt and Pepper

Today during lunch I was with Fat Lady and we were sitting in
a restaurant which the famous singer who decided to go into roasted
chicken business.

Cause I have been having plenty of chicken since The Tour De Kelantan
and De Tour De Sungai Siput, hence I ordered some jacket potatoes

When the plate of potato came, I ate a little bit and found out that the
taste was a bit out.

Hence I asked the waiter :" Hi ! Could I have some salt and pepper please?"

20 second later the waiter came back with a bowl of black pepper sauce
and placed the bowl on my table, and walked away really fast !!

Me :" Excu......... never mind... " cause the waiter was gone before I
could finish my excuse me things....

I looked at Fat Lady, her face was also clueless and confused....

Fat Lady, " Now what are we suppose to do with this bowl of thing. "

Me, " I don't know, put them onto my potato ? "

I tried to put a bit of the sauce on potato and tasted it. Yucccckkkk !!!

Me, " Negative ! Negative !! "

Fat Lady, " Then ? Should we drink it ? "

Me shouted, " Hell no !! "

Fat Lady, " Then ? Should we wash hands with it ? "

Me shouted, " Heaven no !!! "

And finally I asked the waiter for, " Sedikit garam dan sedikit lada
hitam " and this time the correct stuff came finally.

Aiseh !!! I must practise my English to become better or what ?

How come they can't understand my English eh ?

Perhaps I spoke like British kot ? Got meh ?? Got mehh ???

* run away....

The One About Chemur and Sungai Siput

Chemur is a small town in between Ipoh city and Sungai Siput and
it comprises some shops and some really pre war old shops. You
wouldn't miss is whenever you pass thru Chemur town.

Was in Chemur town attending dinner with relatives and Fat lady
was having some headache.

It was around 9 pm and I went out to Chemur main road to search
for 7-11 shops... -_-" didn't see any.

Suddenly I felt that my right shoulder became heavier and warmer.

And Shit !!!! Really shit !!!

The swallows from the power cable had just pooed on my shoulder !!!

But I thanked god cause it wasn't an ostrich up there pooing at me!

Aiseh !!! So accurate meh ? Anyway, had to continue to seach for
the medicine...

Searched for medicine shop.... -_-" didn't see any and probably
they went for resting already.

Went to a shop selling liqueur ( next to Shell petrol station of Chemur )
and asked if they sell any paracetamol..

Me:" Hi, do you sell any paracetamol ? "

Boss:" Sorry , we sell only liqueur .. "

Me:" Oh i see, it's ok then.... " and suddenly

Boss:" Wait wait !! " and ran to his drawer and teared out 2 pils of
paracetamol for me.

Boss:" This one personal use one, we are not selling tough... "

Me: " Har ? How much do I owe you ? "

Boss:" Aiyah ! No need to kira lah Aiyah !! "

Me:" One more thing, could I have a little bit of tissue paper please?
I kena the swallows poo just now -_-" "

Boss trying not to laugh ( face became reddish ) and passed me some
tissue paper and helped me to wipe away most of the poos on the
shoulder cause I can't reach the spot easily.

Me promptly thanked him very much and walked away feeling darn
warm again !!

Darn ! This boss is good !!

Squad ! Hats down for the Chemur people eh !!

And for the swallows of Chemur, you all wait and see !! Just wait
and see !

The One About Sungai Siput

Had a chance to visit Fat Lady's relative back in Sungai Siput
during Chinese New Near time.

A small town with a main straight road and a lot of friendly

Surrounded by beautiful mountains and nice forest too !

Darn I could retire there one day eh ??

And everyday you could stay at the balcony and see the sun
goes down slowly.... and have a glass of cold Wine.....

Darn !! Going there again really soon...

The One About Fire Works 1

Darn I like this one !!

The One About Fire Works 2

This one is the 12 or 10 sticks in one pack, I remembered
it has a Cat brand one. After the the sparks, the whole stick
would become very very hot.

But the sparks were brilliant eh ?

The One About Fire Works 3

Yay ! Main Bunga Api !!

Darn it must been 15 years already since I see one of
these !!

The One About I Don't Know What To Say

Kids nowadays are very smart and has higher intelligence compared
to when I was younger.

When they see camera they know what kind of expression to show
and they would find 2000 ways to attract your shutter clicks !!

Last time when I was a kid, I didn't even know what is a camera
nor knew that we need to smile and look at the lense.

Hence a lot of photos with mouth open and saliva coming out
from mouth while looking at some fried chickens...

Anyway, back to Chinese New Year a few weeks ago we found out
that Fat Lady has this nephew who is darn good at doing faces !

Try this one ! When I saw the photo I laughed until I almost
pee in my pants !!

Where did he learn this darn expression from ? Japanese Carton?

The One About Great Wall Came Down !!

2 days ago there was this super heavy rain and the rain water
brought down the wall near my place when they have no where to

I wasn't around my house that time and I thought some crazy
lorry driver or my drunken sister might have brought down the
wall via lorry or kancil instead.

Anyway, here it goes !!

The One About What Is EP ??

This morning while having breakfast, my staffs were busy
chatting about food and quality and everything....

bla.. bla.. bla.. bla...

Miss K : " The mamak shop mia EP Koey Tiao darn good !! "

We all -_-" and " What is EP ? Sister of APidah ? "

Miss K lolrotf !!

Miss K :" EP = Extra Pedas !!! "

We all " Ohhhhh !!! Weeeeeee seeeeee !!! "

EP Koey Tiao is so hot and spicy that after you eat, blood comes
out from your 7 holes !!

EP Koey Tiao is so hot and spicy that when you pee after eat
that, petrol came out instead of urine !!

EP Koey Tiao is so hot and spicy that when you fart later,
there would be a small nuclear explosion at your rear.


Wednesday, February 27, 2008

The One About Commander !!

In 1994, i was the commander for the prefects marching team.

Today, I am again the commander in the place where I work, but
again it is for today only lolrotf !!

Darn it feels good to be in the position of commander.

Squad ! Ke kanannnnnn .... lurus !!!

( Prappppp.... prapppppp... prappppppppaapappapap.... )

Sounds like cow poo eh ? Gee let me write about my commanding
experience back in the 1994s one day yeah.

Squad ! Keluar baris !!!

Wednesday, February 13, 2008

The One About Parliament Dissolved

I am sure that by now you would have heard the old man said
that the Parliament is dissolved today yeah !!

Now, go and check your voting information such as which area
that you are being registered under and go and vote !!

Make your vote useful and channel your view right now !

Check the info here, don't travel all the way back to Kuala Krai
and only found out that oppsss you are suppose to vote in
Johor Bharu lolol !! or shortcut here !!

Happy Voting !!

Selamat Mengundi !

* lari

But there is a security and privacy concern here in this
web page, no ??

Tuesday, February 12, 2008

The One About Google Map and Kuala Krai

After many many months waiting for Google Earth to cover
my hometown Kuala Krai, finally it's here.

But the road names are not up yet : )

From this image ( Tenk kiu google ! ) you could see the train
station of kuala krai, most of taman kuala krai, Sultan Yahya
Petra Secondary School ( just below the compass ), Jalan Chin
Hwa, Jalan Ah Sang, The Market, Hospital, Tasik Krai etc.

My house is also in there !!! Waho ! Waho !!

The One About Coffee And Milo !

Last night we were traveling from Kota Bharu military base to Kuala
Lumpur military base as the Chinese New Year is getting over.

At about 7:45 pm we stopped at Petronas of Gua Musang for a few
cups of coffee, and we thanked the guy from Petronas who prepared
the coffee for everyone,

then suddenly my sister, " Excuse me, ada milo ah ? "

The petronas guy -_-" and replied, " Sorry nah, takda leh ! "

I stared at my sister and shake my head slowly. People already
put advertisement in nationwide TV and Radio to offer you free
coffee ( not bad, the taste despite a 3 in 1 type ) and you go and
ask people if they have Milo or not, hoi !!!

What lah ! Amat mempermalukan !!

Monday, February 04, 2008

The One About Patin !!!!

Was in Kuala Lipis yesterday and stopped for lunch.

Had this nice Patin fish ( 1/2 fish ) and it was darn good.

Of course there were better one that we have eat before
but for RM 36 for 1/2 fish, the price vs taste was ok.

Not bad !

The One About Q Jumper

Now, even smaller town like Kota Bharu has more and more Q jumper.

Is that becoming a trend, lifestyle and culture, i mean Q jumping.

Got to put some mini guns in car and grenades launcher to seek and
destroy these sons of bitches !!