Friday, February 29, 2008

The One About Salt and Pepper

Today during lunch I was with Fat Lady and we were sitting in
a restaurant which the famous singer who decided to go into roasted
chicken business.

Cause I have been having plenty of chicken since The Tour De Kelantan
and De Tour De Sungai Siput, hence I ordered some jacket potatoes

When the plate of potato came, I ate a little bit and found out that the
taste was a bit out.

Hence I asked the waiter :" Hi ! Could I have some salt and pepper please?"

20 second later the waiter came back with a bowl of black pepper sauce
and placed the bowl on my table, and walked away really fast !!

Me :" Excu......... never mind... " cause the waiter was gone before I
could finish my excuse me things....

I looked at Fat Lady, her face was also clueless and confused....

Fat Lady, " Now what are we suppose to do with this bowl of thing. "

Me, " I don't know, put them onto my potato ? "

I tried to put a bit of the sauce on potato and tasted it. Yucccckkkk !!!

Me, " Negative ! Negative !! "

Fat Lady, " Then ? Should we drink it ? "

Me shouted, " Hell no !! "

Fat Lady, " Then ? Should we wash hands with it ? "

Me shouted, " Heaven no !!! "

And finally I asked the waiter for, " Sedikit garam dan sedikit lada
hitam " and this time the correct stuff came finally.

Aiseh !!! I must practise my English to become better or what ?

How come they can't understand my English eh ?

Perhaps I spoke like British kot ? Got meh ?? Got mehh ???

* run away....

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