Tuesday, February 12, 2008

The One About Coffee And Milo !

Last night we were traveling from Kota Bharu military base to Kuala
Lumpur military base as the Chinese New Year is getting over.

At about 7:45 pm we stopped at Petronas of Gua Musang for a few
cups of coffee, and we thanked the guy from Petronas who prepared
the coffee for everyone,

then suddenly my sister, " Excuse me, ada milo ah ? "

The petronas guy -_-" and replied, " Sorry nah, takda leh ! "

I stared at my sister and shake my head slowly. People already
put advertisement in nationwide TV and Radio to offer you free
coffee ( not bad, the taste despite a 3 in 1 type ) and you go and
ask people if they have Milo or not, hoi !!!

What lah ! Amat mempermalukan !!

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