Friday, November 21, 2008

The One About Military Training

A team of Soldier were having survivor training in Singapore forest
and they haven't got the chance to take bath for 2 weeks already,
and everyone feels their underwear is full of oil, grease and stain

3rd week the Sargent came with a huge bag and announced
" Good news ! You all can change underwear already today !! "

The soldiers were so happy and some cried with happy tears.

Then the Sargent said, " Now, Ali , you change with Ah beng !"

" Ah Beng, yours give to Muthu ! "

" Muthu, yours give to Ali !"

Buahhahahahahahha..... their wishes came true !!!

Tuesday, November 18, 2008

The One About Love, Caring and Kasih Sayang !!

* Warning !! Do Not Apply This Imagination Pieces to real Life !! *

A few days ago a friend of mine was complaining to me that one of
her family members is very nasty, acting cocky and obviously doesn't
respect the seniors etc.

And they mumbled for the whole night and asked me what solutions
that I have. Being the wisdom one in the group the ladies came and
consult me.

Them, " What should we do ? We ran out of ideas already !! "

Me, " God told us to have Love ! Be Caring !! Ada Kasih Sayang !!!!"

Them, " But how ? Can you be more specific please? "

Me, " That is so simple, but never mind, learn step by step yeah !! "

Them with tears in their eyes,
" ok ok ! Please enlighten us ! Pls teach us !! We Appreciate that!"

Me, " When you see the person , you slap her twice on the face so hard
that her unborn children will come out well educated !! "

" Then you tie her to using duck tape to the chair and put my socks
into her mouth !!! And then use the 1,000,000 lumen spot light and
beam on her face and ask,
" Do you feel lucky ? Punk ?" hmmm ?? Hmmm ?? "

The girls protested,
" Where got use Love, Caring and Kasih Sayang like that ?"

Me, " Oh ! My left palm is called Love, and right palm is called Caring,
and my socks brand is Kasih Sayang brand, boleh ah ? all used what? "

They 2 legs in the sky but at the same time they answer, " Yeah loh hor!"

Me claps hand and walk slowly into sun set.....

Friday, November 14, 2008

The One About Rainy Langkawi

We stayed 3 days 2 night in Langkawi and out of 3 days, 2 days were
raining, the sky was gray and dark.

Suddenly the feeling of 1995 came back -_-"

Yeah 1995, just after the SPM, Kelantan was having Monsoon rain,
and it rained and rained and rained.

We had no direction back then, STPM ? College ? Study in KL ? Study
in US ?? Parents were busy working and no one was around.

Conclusion of 1995 rainy season = Lost + Blur !!

Basically, rainy days remind me of all these, even in Langkawi.

Hence I decided to drive and drive and drive. From Kuah to
Tanjung Rhu and then back to Telaga Habor and it was really
like in Kelantan.

Trunk road, heavy rain, slippery road surface, village , trees.

2008 could be very similar to 1995 sometimes.....

The One About RM 180 for 3 days

We rented this Black Nissan Sentra 1.6 Auto ( Basic ) for RM 180
for 3 days 2 night ( fuel not included ).

Hence the first thing we did was to rush to pump fuel for this
bebeh !!!

It's good to visit Langkawi during Super Low Season !!

We went to Kuah town cause I used to think that place was
happening. But OMGBBQ !!! It was more like a ghost town
according to someone.

A lot of restaurant door wide open, brightly lit and only 1
table with people, and those people were the cook and the
shop owner !!!

The One About Trees !!

See ? The whole hotel and resort was built within the
thick forest and the preservation of the trees were
quite good.

Trees were everywhere and I enjoyed to the max, sometimes
i wonder, my past life, I think I was a Gorilla or something.

Darn Green eh !!

The One About Over Slept

Because of the constant raining in Langkawi, I had some really good
rest and slept for non stop in Langkawi , and the hotel room was
surrounded by huge trees and the raindrops sound was non stop.

Woke up at 10 am and darn , missed the hotel breakfast !!!

So we went to Telaga Harbor for breakfast .

RM 60 for everyhting, the best Macaroni and Cheese that I have ever
tried !! RM 15 for the Macaroni, a must try !

And the view, nice !!!

The One About Cicak Besar !!

At the hotel that we stayed in Langkawi, it was within the forest
and we were surrounded by a thick layer of rain forest trees.

When we went out for dinner first night....

Fat Lady, " Wow ! Tengok ! Cicak yang teramat besar !"

Me without looking, " Eh ! That one is called decoration lah !"

Fat Lady, " But ! Its moving woh ! "

Me , " Huh ?? Walauwei ! Cicak Gergasi !! "

* ran away fast fast, i mean both the cicak and us ran away fast fast.

There were actually 2 of these lizards which stayed at the wood
beam to eat the insects around the lights.

Decoration ? Decoration my food lah !! Fat Lady said....

The One About Langkawi View

Langkawi, i was there 2 weeks ago and out of 3 days there
2 days was raining occasionally ala cats and dogs -_-".

However, I had some really good rest there and appreciated
the good air, nice scenery and good air there.

And boy !! Cows and buffalo are everywhere !!!

Tuesday, November 04, 2008

The One About Can't Notice -_-"

Today in the office I was talking to a colleague and she
asked me back, " Are you talking to me ? "

Me -_-" yes of course lah ! Yorrrr !!!

She, " Sorry Kai Hong cause your eyes are so small that
I can't notice if you are looking at me or not "

Another colleague joint and said, " Yeah yeah !! Kai Hong you
please don't smile yeah, if you smile, your eyes even more
smaller, we call that total goner !! "

Me, " Hoi !! "

Them both , " But you are still very cute anyway "

Me -_-""