Saturday, November 26, 2005

6:58 pm PJ Sunset 25 Nov 2005
7:04 pm 25 November 2005
7:05 pm 25 November 2005
When someone told me that sky could be on fire, I couldn't agree then, but now I could ! I finally could !!
7:16pm. 7Nov 2005.
An evening flight over Sony building. Plane (cargo plane I presume ) takes of from Subang airport from time to time flying over PJ night skies...7 Nov 2005. 7:19pm
A view towards Sony building from my place. 7 November 2005. 7:22pm
Evening of 7 November 2005. 7:26pm
Kayu Ara night shot.
PJ night at 8:00 pm, 24 November 2005. Funny cause it's like, daytime !!

Thursday, November 24, 2005

One fine day, my good friend Ah Leng went to Sepang F1 and A1 circuit near KLIA and hopes to catch some exciting A1 racing in the weekend. Upon arriving he found something funning going on.......
Look look left, no people at all !! -_-"
Tuan ! Tayar Takda macam mana nak race? The kuai loh at the right was asking :
Never mind, the Kuai Loh team's car also has no tyres what? Why worry ? We all use back up cars lah !! Yeeesh !!
Now I am a little bit confused here, you have F1 circuit ready, crowds are here, everyone is here but there ain't no tyre around. How?
Never mind we have a lot of spares A1 race cars, but errr.. the size is a little bit ...err not so huge ok? No Fish Shrimp also can lah !! Aiya let's race babeh !!! Let's race !!!
Yeah ! Let's go to race and Malaysia Boleh !! Alex, please smile a bit ok? Wei wei wei??
But this car got tyres woh !! What is going on here in Sepang ?
What the heck is going on? Go Kart racing day ? I thought today is A1 racing day in Sepang? Why am I seeing all these miniature A1 cars and bike!! -_-"
Now this is the actual A1 racing my friends! And here we would like to congratulate Malaysian team which get a number 5 !! Not bad at all, keep up the good work guys !!
Going into Pit for refuel?
CHiPs, anyone? Neah? Actually CHiPs stands for California Highway Petrols. This TV show was one of my first encounter with US TV series. And boy I loved these cops with big bike with tight pants and white T-Shirt inside uniform LOL !! Picture taken from :

I am a bad person.

Yesterday evening fat lady came to my house and we were
preparing to go out for dinner at 7pm something.

She had a lot of working story to tell me and blah blah blah blah
blah wi wang wang wi wang wang....


" Puuuuuuuttttttttttt !!!! "

Then the whole room became dead quiet !!!!

I turned around and saw fat lady buried her head in the pillows
and blankets of my bed.

Well it was me, some gases from the stomach you know???

Wah it was so funny that moment.

1 second ago it was so riuh-rendah in my room with fat ladys voice
and the next second it was so damn dead quiet !!

Now I understand what happen after a Nuclear War Head explodes
in the middle of nowhere without warning. Everyone dies !!!
Dies !!!
Dies !!!!!
Dies !!!!!!

Ahhh..... Sorry lah sayang, I have difficulty controlling the mata
dubur these few days mar...... -_-"

Oh Fat Lady hated me so much !!!

OMG My house in Kelantan getting flooded !!! As usual !!

Time : 4:20 pm
Date : 24 November 2005
Day : Thursday

I have just called back to my parents in Kota Bharu, Jalan Kelochor
and they informed me that the water level at the Kelantan river is
quite high but maintaining at a level, that is DANGEROUS level OMG!

The drain behind my house is static meaning that the water level
of Kelantan river is like 4 to 6 inch from my house level -_-".

My father and mother and brother and sister are not worried at all.

How come they are not worried ?? Cause they are blardy raised up
in this kind of environment for the past 60 over years !!

LOL !! I missed the fun of Water Carnival in Kelantan so much !!

I want to go home and be a part of flood victim lah, when I told me
scolded me and said I am very 38 -_-"

But I really wanted to enjoy the flood in Kelantan leh !! How ??

The last time I went out to enjoy the flood in Kelantan it was 1994
and it was more then 10 year ago !!

Like Michael Buble sings, " I want to go home!! I want to go home!"

Merajuk and don't want to work for the rest of today !! Hmmmph !!

Wednesday, November 23, 2005

Rainy Days in Kelantan

One of the season that I love very much is Raining Season, I
discovered this 20 or 25 years ago when I was 4 or 5 years old.

This is one of the thing that I can remember since I was a kid !!!

Back then I was staying in Kelantan, Kuala Krai when I was a kid
and everyone that I love was there !!! My grandma, just turned
70 a few weeks ago, and all her sons and daugther ( my uncles
and aunties ) including my mom that is !!

We stayed at the lowest part of Kuala Krai in the 1980s, that
would be the inner part of Jalan Chin Hwa, near the Kong Kong
Miau ( LOL !! WTF? Kong Kong Miau ??? ) yeah that's what we
have been calling that Chinese Temple for the past !! LOL !!

Our ( my grandmother's ) house was a double story, wooden
made errr... bunglo yeah !! Behind the house was something like
a swamp or wet lands where we farmed some fruits and had our
own chicken and ducks !!!

I remembered how my youngest aunty Lin Lin when she was in
Form 4 or Form 5 how she prepared all those mixed rice for the
chicken and ducks !!

And these chickens and ducks were always "hentam"ed by the
King Cobras that roamed freely along others wild animal like Fox
and stuff like that.

Sorry, but there were no Tiger or Leapord or Elephant in Kuala
Krai then... perhaps in the Zoo if I am not mistaken !!

Anyway, just to describe to you how was our old house like.

And normally at the year end the Monson season arrived with
a lot of rains and at the end of the day, Kuala Krai and many
places of Kelantan get flooded because of the rain.

I don't know why, but all of us Kelantanese actually enjoyed the
flood and the rains even till today.

  • Pros of the rain and flood in Kelantan :

  • When it rains, we feel cold. I like cold !
  • When it rains, the sky turns grey. I like grey sky !
  • When it rains for many-many days, it get flooded !!
  • When it gets flooded, the adults don't have to work !!
  • When the adults don't have to work, they spend time with me!
  • When adults spend time with me, I became very happy !!
  • LOL ! I love raining and flooding season!!
  • When it floods you could see all sorts of stuff !! like

  • Shit flowing out of sewege tanks like sea cucumber like that.
  • 8 inches long centipede swimming.
  • 2 foot long cobra swimming towards you -_-".
  • A lot of frogs.
  • Your ducks swimming happily and ask you:" Where is lunch?"
  • Some of your chicken died.
  • Some of your chicken stayed on the tree branches, chilling !!
  • See your neighbours cursing cause the cloths can't dry.
  • The adults sometime put me in a big bathing pail, like a boat!!
  • Everyone in town comes out from their house to walk in the
    flood like carnival, really !! That's why I am proud to be a Kelantanese.

  • Cons
  • Your cloths can't dry on time, let the adults worry about that.
  • Some of your chicken get drowned -_-"
  • You can't use the toilet cause it is 5 foot below water level.
  • You have to move your house furniture to 1st floor or away.
  • You have to wash your house like mad ( the mud ) later on!
  • Some adults will throw a 8 inch centipede into the pail that
    I was sitting in and enjoy seeing me panic -_-" like hell !!

    Well, as a kid, it was so much of fun there !!! And that's why I
    always appreciated for being able to grow up in Kelantan.

    After the flood it still rains sometimes, one day when we were
    cleaning up the house after the flood my uncle Addy Ho stepped
    on the slippery staircase and fall down, luckily he used his buttock
    to land, plum, plum, plum, plum, plum, plum, I can't remember how
    many steps of staircase that he used his buttock to land but it was
    damn funny.

    His buttock was so painful but all of us ( especially me ) can't help
    but laughing at him. I think he was the one who thrown the centipede into the pail carrying me !!! Padan sama dia mia muka LOL!

    Well, it's always nice to be able to remember all these memories!!

  • Monday, November 21, 2005

    Teluk Gong Seafood ?? mein Gott im Himmel !!!

    Teluk Gong Seafood ?? mein Gott im Himmel !!!

    It was a lovely Saturday late afternoon when the sky was raining like
    cats and dogs. I was having a good time having a nap in my air
    cond room.

    Fat Lady called up :" Yo ! Dinner time !! "

    Me:" Affirmative ! Be right there !!"

    Took a quick bath and went out with Fat Lady, her brothers Ah Leng
    and Ah Yuen.

    Fat Lady:" We will go Teluk Gong today !!"

    Me :" Teluk what ?? "

    Fat Lady :" Teluk Gong, Pork Klang area. "

    Me :" OK, I don't know the route, can someone please ?? "

    Ah Leng :" You go to Kesas Highway heading Klang, titt titt
    kia titt titt kia
    ( It means go straight in Hokkien !!! -_-" ). "

    Me :" Ok ! All passenger please fasten your seat belt and keep
    your food tray upright. "

    Me :" Err.. flight crew please crosss check door lock !!"

    Fat Lady:" Door cross locked !"

    Me :" Flight crew please be sitted for take off !! "

    Me :" Flight KATTG9214 ready for take off !"

    Control tower :" Please use runway KS150, rodger !"

    Me :" Copy !! "

    30 minutes later my F-117 was all over the air of Kesas Highway
    and it was about 8:10 or 8:20 pm. The sky was really dark and
    it was still raining like cats and dogs .....

    Me:" Ah Leng, so macam mana pergi teluk gong ?"

    Ah Leng:" Titt Titt Kia !! Titt Titt Kia !! "

    Me :" I don't want to fly directly into the sea of port klang ok?"

    Ah Leng :" Don't worry lah !! Aiyo !! "

    Ah Leng :" There !! There !!! pusing kiri !! "

    And 5 minutes later we were entering a small trunk road which
    has no street lamp, which looked like Taman Negara at night
    and finally saw the T-junction of the famous Teluk Gong Seafood

    I stopped and took a photo, shown below as 1st photo.

    Yes, it was still raining like cats and dogs then.

    Teluk Gong Seafood ?? mein Gott im Himmel !!! Part Duex !!

    As we cruised at the even smaller road after the T-junction, the
    rain has becaming subsided.

    Before our destination, there were a few seafood restaurants before
    the Coconut Farm or something like that. All of them looked large
    scale and were thinking that these must be some old factory or
    industry area some time ago !! Yeah ???

    Arrived at the main entrance of the coconut farm restaurant and
    i was like :" Wow !!!! "

    In fact all of us, were like :" Holy Cow !! "

    Except Ah Leng, he came here a few weeks ago with his friends and
    recommended us this place.

    Why we were doing the "Cow Peh Cow Bu " sound ?

    Cause the compound was like super huge !! A big car park , I mean
    really big car park, and a big restaurant , with I think hundreds of
    workers and chef working and serving all the customers.

    Me -_-" :" Need to be so big meh this restaurant ?"

    Ah Leng :" Come mon, let's go and eat ! "

    Me -_-" and i think there must be like 150 to 200 tables here in
    this restaurant !! Macam macam ada !!!

    So we sit down and ordered the food. Oh the rain started pouring
    down again and there was a few lighting which striked really
    near the restaurant, causing the explosion like sound "Booom !!! "

    I told myself, " Here ain't not Teluk Gong babeh !! "

    Fat Lady :" Why ? "

    Me :" It's more like Teluk Boooooooomm !!! "

    Fat Lady terus 2 legs in the sky !!! LOL !!

    And we ordered the below :

  • Steam Crab.
  • Tom Yam Coconut Shrimps.
  • Steam Fish in soya sauce.
  • Kam Hiong Zhuk Tan ( cousin of lala ).
  • Seafood Pot.
  • Vegetable ( Choi Dam )

    And that's all that we ordered. And someone told me that the
    toddy here is very famous, so I ordered a big 1.5 litre toddy and
    it was a big mistake !!! !! Really big mistake for me !!!

    The toddy that we used to drink in Kelantan tasted sinfully
    sweet and dangerously good !!!

    But here, it tasted like carbonated drink plus dirty cloths.

    Anyway I could live with that if I was left no choice :)

  • The crab was so so , the meat was not firm and fit though.

  • Tom Yam Coconut Shrimps, also nothing special.
    But the shrimps were fresh though.

  • Steam Fish was nice, fresh and tender and melt in mouth.

  • Kam Hiong Zhuk Tan was good too, but the freshness of the
    Zhuk Tan was covered by the Kam Hiong. Fat Lady said she has
    never seen such a huge Zhuk Tan before. And I told her you
    should go to Unique restaurant at PJ and you will see the Zhuk
    Tan which is as big as an elephant KKC like that !! yeah !! -_-"
    Ganas !!!

  • Seafood Pot was fantastic! The ingredients were good and
    taste was fine !!

  • Fried vegetable ( Choi Dam ) was so so only.

    Everyone had good time but me, i was not too hungry that
    day cause I had late lunch. So there should be a next time for
    me to really test the food .

    I will be back !!!
  • Sunday, November 20, 2005

    Saturday night, time 8:30 pm and we arrived at the T junction of the famous Klang Seafood Garden where a few ( 4 or 5 ) large scale Seafood restaurant operator operates from here. We were going to the Coconut Flower Garden or something like that. And yes as you can see it was raining like cats and dogs.
    Local coconut toddy ( Yeh Fah Zhau ) which tasted a little bit diffrent from the toddy from Kelantan. More about this in the article.
    Cocounut and Shrimps and Tom Yam soup.
    The Special Seafood Boat. This one is also very special, all sort of seafood + some vege cooked in nice gravy. Very-very nice and good ingrediant used here.
    The Zuk Tan ( KKC ) like of creature that people dig out of sand from the beach. It's the cousin of lala, if I am not mistaken.
    Steam Mah Yau Fish. Bathed in soya sauce and covered with some vegetable. The meat of the fish were so tender, soft, fresh and sweet. It practically melt in the mouth. This fish I gave it 4 stars out of five.
    Cut the crab !! Steam crab up close and personal.
    Middle of the dinner, and the steam crab has just arrived.
    The End of the dinner !! Nothing left alive. We came, we ate, we paid and we go !!!!!!

    Saturday, November 19, 2005

    Testing Fire

    remco remco remco remco remco remco remco (7)
    remco remco remco remco remco remco remco remco (8)
    remco remco remco remco remco remco remco remco remco (9)
    remco remco remco remco remco remco remco remco remco remco (10)

    This is to prepare an allignment or cross reference for future
    post so that the sentences would not be too long nor too short.

    Yeesh !! FFC !! Benci Betul !!

    Yeesh !! FFC !! Benci Betul !!

    Yesterday night I had some Famous Fried Chicken as dinner ,
    and when Fat Lady asked me what was my dinner I replied

    " I makan roti ...... "

    then i whisper small small sound that not even ants and mosquitos
    could even hear

    "..... but with some fried chicken in between lah !! "

    Small small sound like that....

    Fat Lady was satisfied with my answer because she ( nobody )
    heard my " but with some fried chicken .... " whew !!

    So, escaped from Fat Lady's punishment this time !!


    At 10 something pm I told myself

    " Yo ! Time to work out for the FFC extra calories !! "

    " Affirmative !! Sir !! "

    So I went down with my car wash tools and start washing my
    car F-117.

    After about 1 hour my F-117 became very clean and shining. It was
    2 weeks ago when I last washed this babe !!! And now she is feeling
    really freshed and happy, I could see the happiness in her eyes...

    As I parked the F-117 into the hanger, got my washing tools and
    walked towards the lift some youngster came out from the lift.

    Yeah, it was Friday night and everyone was going to have some
    fun, Disco, Karaoke or whatever. These young chaps wear all those
    branded shirt, heavily gelled hair, with shining powder (-_-") and
    with lots of perfume. They were walking to get their cars or to
    wait for pick up, sure going for some enjoyment!!!!

    Me ? I was wearing the white Pagoda or Eagle brand T-Shirt with
    a hole at the arm pit area and walking opposite direction. Oh
    and I was wearing my favourite Ah Pek pants which was really
    loose and when I wash my car I can feel some cold at the buttcrack

  • What a contrast !!! one come and one go !!
  • One all shining and one all dirt and wet !!
  • One smelled like heaven and one smelled like hell !!
  • One getting out for fun and one going home for sleep !!

    Well, young chaps, any you are only young for once, so go a head
    and enjoy yourself, and drive carefully on the road ok ?

    I think I am too old for all these !!!

    Well, went back to the condo and bathed and everything.

    Finally at around 12 :30 pm I turned on the air cond and started
    to sleep.

    At about 1:54 am, some 016 number called me and I answered
    the phone, but no answer or reply from the other side.

    It must be some guy or girl pressed the wrong number and too
    shy to apologize, too bad !! So I continued my sleep.

    I think this call was meant to give me a little bit of warning of
    "No More FFC without Fat Lady Approval "

    OK Boss, next time I get your approval first ok ??

    Don't midnight midnight ask people come and fire a warning
    shot ok ? -_-"

    Moral of the story : If Fat Lady ask anything, I better tell her
    everything completely and no small small sound add on.

    If she ask anything I must tell her One Five One Ten
    like that only can !!

    Affirmative !! Acknowledge !!
  • Friday, November 18, 2005

    Define "feeling good !!"

    Right now the time is 4:58 pm and I am sitting in office and it
    is raining like cats and dogs out there. With lightning effect
    some more !! I am loving it !!

    Why I am feeling good ? Cause I did not wash my car last night
    and I was like 5 minutes away from washing it.

    Due to lazyness, I did not wash.

    If I was not lazy, I would have washed my car until clean clean
    and shining shining, and I would feel terrible now cause it is

    But, since I did not wash my car yesterday, now I do not feel
    "Beh Song" at all. In fact I am Feeling Good.

    I am feeling darn good !! So good that I can see KLCC from
    my office now, how about that?

    This is what we call Feeling Good !! OK ??

    It's great to be lazy sometimes, right?

    我 真 他 妈 的 十 分 超 级 强!

    昨 天 和 朋 友 闲 谈 时,

    她 问 道 :" 狼来了,猜一种水果!"

    半 秒 后

    我: "杨 桃 (羊逃哇!) "

    她 -_-"

    好 !! 再 来 一 个 !!!!!!

    她 再 问:" 那 如 果 羊 来 了,怎 么 样?"

    0.004 秒 后...

    我 :" 草 没 了 (草莓哇!) "

    她 答: " 强!!!!! 果 然 是 强 !!!!! "

    我: "过 奖 !!!! 过奖 !!!! 谢谢 !!!! 谢谢 !!!! "

    我 真 他 妈 的 十 分 超 级 强!

    Thursday, November 17, 2005

    Phones... gimme a lot of phones !!!

    Back to year 1999 or 2000 I stayed in Ampang to study here in
    a local college for their Diploma in IT.
    That time I was so blardy poor !!

    Stayed at Taman Kosas, Ampang, an absolutely lovely place
    to stay even until now. Nice and easy memory there as student
    life :) muaks !! Those were the carefree years !!

    When I was studying I had a part-time job teaching some
    IT and English classes, and stuff like that. I loved teaching !!!

    One of my students name Steve, and eventually he became one of
    my good friend. And I became his IT Consultant and stuff like that.
    ( Steve is late 40's and suppose to be around 50 years old now )

    Then one day this Steve decided to go to UAE ( Arab countries )
    to work as an drilling or don't know what engineer.

    He then said , hei Wong take this handphone of mine,
    an Ericsson GA628 GSM phone dude !!!!!

    That's when I began to use mobile phone, I was like 22 years
    old then, and I went to purchase a Prepaid Package which
    cost me RM238, anyone?? My God in The Sky RM 238, yes !!

    Then the package dropped to RM199, RM188 and now RM10.

    -_-" that's a lot of diffrent eh mate ??? Yeah !!

    So, anyway, that's when I begin to use a mobile phone coupled
    with the prepaid number. After some time, the GA628 began
    to give problems and I brought the phone to a phone shop,
    the guy looked at me and suggested me to upgrade the phoe
    to Ericsson A1018 , dual band phone with a bigger screen
    and more feature.

    So I kissed GA628 bye-bye. And found a nice place to RIP.

    I said ok and paid RM300 over ringgit for that phone A1018,
    if I am no wrong. A1018 has more feature compared to GA628
    but let me tell you the Large Capacity of A1018 was so heavy
    that when I hanged this A1018 at my belt or put this phone in
    my pocket, my pants went down 20 mm per minute until my
    gf complained that she could see my buttcrack !!

    I said sorry to her, cause it was a heavy phone anyway !! But
    one thing funny about this A1018 was that, when we put the
    highest capacity battery to it, the highest battery looks like
    some Old China Coffin cover !!! You know those movies !!

    After sometimes, I found that this Ericsson A1018 doesn't
    have the feature like vibration, internal memory and so on.
    And well, my butt started to get flu and cold occasionally then,
    which my mom said it was bad for health. Ok ! Let's do
    something about my health !!!

    So I go and Keh Kiang and went to purchase a Ericsson R320s (above ).
    Damn nipis and like Sharks Fin, and same class with R320s was the
    T28s which were featured in "Who Wants To Be a Millionaire?" TV show.

    Feature of R320s
  • Internal Memory up to 99 numbers.
  • Vibration
  • Calculator
  • Infrared ( see ? I told you, best technology )
  • Alarm
  • PIM feature.
  • And windows like Menu which was very cool then !!!
    Damn canggih !!!

    R320s was one of the best phone, and later when Ericsson came out
    with the new R520s ( same class with T39 ) I went to get myself
    one of the R520s. Damn canggih !!!

    R320s was very slim wherelse R520s was larger. Special feature of
    the R520s was :
  • 500 numbers storage.
  • Bluetooth ( one of the first phone which has bluetooth. )
  • Speaker phone with promimate switch.
  • Infrared.
  • Called picture ID
  • Recurrent Alarm.
  • PIM feature.

    And then when the T68i (below) actually drop price I went to get one
    T68i.( RM350 )
    The feature of T68i was more or less identical to R520s.
    The diffrences ?
  • T68i has no external aerial. unlike R520s and R320s big huge shark fin aerial.
  • T68i has 256 colour screen ( very advance then !! )
  • T68i has everything which the previous model has, except speaker phone +
    proximate switch.

    And somewhere in 2003 or 2004, my sister got me a T610 phone
    which cost RM500 which I am using it till today.

    My T68i is working as my primary backup phone while the
    R520s is serving me as my secondary backup phone.

    So, if you ask me, I would say go ahead with Sony Ericsson
    Phone, it's the best of the best for technical and practical people.

    Orang yang menggunakan Sony Ericsson adalah :
  • Ada gaya.
  • Ada mutu.
  • Ada keunggulan.
  • Ada style.
  • Handsfree semua sama dan compatible.
  • Battery charger pun sama dan compatible.

    Gaya mesti ada !!!
  • Bacons !!

    During the last weekend my friend Ken invited us to his BBQ, Ken is
    our company's IT guy, I mean ex-IT guy now and he organized
    this BBQ party at his house to have sort of farewell or something
    like that to us who were always giving him IT
    support problem.

    Anyway, some of us brought wine there, some of us brough bread,
    some of us brought keropok, some brought rojak there.
    Well I brought a ctn of Shandy there
    while these bacon .... OMG eat first die later !!!
    These are the semi cooked bacon.

    The secret of cooking nice bacon is that we need some mild fire to cook
    them, this will allow the bacon to be fully cooked, crispy but not turning
    into all charred and all carbon.

    Infact that's the correct way to cook during any BBQ party, the fire at
    the beginning of every BBQ party is always too hot and un-controllable,
    hence I always prefer to start cooking or BBQing after 40 or 50 minutes
    of the initial fire start up.

    Have I told you that I was in Fire Brigade or Cadet Bomba during my
    school days? And I have won the 1994 school prefects survivor contest,
    they call me King of Fire or something like that.

    Feeling hot infront of the BBQ fire ? Have a cup, err, I mean 2 cups of
    Shandy which is always good for your and, hmmm, why did I see Pepsi
    Twist cups here?

    Don't ask me, ask the organizer, Oiii !! Ken !! Apapasal ni ??

    Ken -_-"

    Now the bacon are almost done and look at the colour, nicely done
    and not overcooked at all.

    Oil dripping from the bacon onto the charcoal ... producing
    Tzzzzzzzzccchhhh !! zzzzhziiiizzzzzhhh sounds.... yeeesh !!!

    These bacon were in my stomach after 3 minutes these picture were taken
    and of course some were in other guests stomach as well.

    I always say, the bacon comes from pig's stomach and belongs to my stomach.

    My friends all agreed !! Wonderful !!
    And after the BBQ with a lot of meat and heavy food, I remembered
    my mother always tell me to take fruits or vegetables after each
    meal to keep myself healthy.

    ok mom, I consumed this bottle of fruit ok ?

    Hic !!! Now gimme more fruits !!!

    More !! More !! More !!! Fruits !!!

    Wednesday, November 09, 2005

    My Blog Should Be Yellow Wah !!!

    Your Blog Should Be Yellow

    You're a cheerful, upbeat blogger who tends to make everyone laugh.

    You are a great storyteller, and the first to post the latest funny link.

    You're also friendly and welcoming to everyone who comments on your blog.

    Tuesday, November 08, 2005

    MyVi Air Bags

    Air Bags....of MyVi.

    A few days ago when I went back to Kelantan I had a chance
    to test drive my cousin 3 months old MyVi.

    I told him:" Wei ! New car woh, let me test-test a bit ok ah?"

    My cousin:" Hmmm.. ok lar, but becareful hor, because this
    is my new car, monthly about RM600 plus-plus installment
    and 7 years to go you know? Very chiat lat... bla bla bla !!!"

    Me :" Ok ! Don't worry, I will sayang your car one !! "

    He handed me the car keys and he was like a little bit -_-"
    and takut-takut and pah pah like that.

    I assured him everything would be ok and nothing back would
    happend and gave him RM50 in one hand. Another hand was
    his Perodua MyVi car keys, yes !! yes !! yes !!!

    He asked:" What for ? RM50 ? "

    I said:" Take lar aiyar, for you one !! "

    He asked:" But, for what reason?? "

    Me :" Oh you see, I have never seen an air bag in action before,
    so I plan to drive your MyVi and hit some tree or lamp post,
    I want to see how does an Air Bag explode and see how it
    saves people life. "

    My cousin:" ...... "

    Me:" So this RM50 hor, for you to go and refill the air bag later
    or re-install a 2 new air-bags later."

    My cousin:" ...... "

    Me:" Rm 50 should be enough lah hor ? hor ?? hor ????? "

    Me:" Aiyah, I malu mah, test your air bag for free meh? Need
    to give you some compensation to re-install air bag what?"

    My cousin:" ...... "

    Me:" I eat until this year 28 years old already, have never seen
    any single air bag on action, let me see lah !! let me see lah !!!"

    My cousin:" ...... "

    Me:" Ok ok !! Take , take !! nah nah !! Take lah !! "

    My cousin:" ...... "

    Me:" Wei wei !! Don't paiseh lah, take lah, take lah !! "

    My cousin:" ...... "

    Me:" Later I also want to try the ABS system, I want to drive
    fast fast, and hit the brake kuat-kuat, and see if the ABS could
    really work to let me avoid the big tree infront there, you see?"

    I pointed at the biggest tree at Kuala Krai and asked him.

    Then my cousin terus -_-" and 2 legs in the sky.

    Me:" Oii !! Oii !! Wake up leh, see the air bag and ABS in action
    leh !! Oii ?? Oii ?? Hello ??"

    What ?? ?????

    It's always fun to see Air Bag in action and ABS working what?

    Don't you agree ??

    Perodua MyVi Test Drive.

    A good experiance with MyVi

    During the trip back to Kelantan last week I had a chance
    to drive my cousin's 3 months old MyVi.

    The cabin space is definitely sufficient and everything seems
    to be well placed.

    First impression and I heard that the cabin space
    for MyVi is larger if compared to Proton Wira from someone a
    few months ago, I wouldn't be surprise with this car's height
    and width. Looking at MyVi on the road sometimes reminds
    me of a friend of mine, who has huge and firm back LOL !!!

    Inserted the key and the self luminous speedo-meter looks
    sharp babe!! It was like driving a Camry or Honda Accord 05 !

    Turned on the engine, engaged the reverse gear ( automatic trans )
    and I hit the gas gently and this babe moved !!!

    Strong and powerful reverse gear indeed !!!

    "Don't hit the gas too hard !!" ....I had to warn myself
    or else the car would ended up in the drain LOL !!

    Shifted to D gear and on the road. With 4 ( heavy + very heavy )
    adults in the car the car seems to be still very powerful and
    the response from the gas pedal is really well.

    Hit the gas padel harder and the DVVT engine gave me more &
    more power. Well, since that this is my cousin car and he was
    sitting at the co driver seat, I didn't sort of "Hentam Kau Kau "
    and I was very gentle with the car.

    If not he would be -_-" already, right? Ah Soon oh Ah Soon !!

    The buttons and equipment panels are positioned at the
    comfortable location and easy to reach. Signal stick, wiper stick
    seems to be ok too !!

    My cousin told me that he wished that the gear level could be higher
    because for us ( 170cm and above ) to change gear we had to stretch
    our arms lower to change gear, be it P, R, N or D, D2 or so on.

    But average the stick, panel, air-cond and everthings seems to be fine :)

    Did for about 5 km of driving at Kuala Krai town and well, I have
    to say that it's a good car to drive about, perfect for the KL and PJ
    people who drives to work daily, have a nice weekend out of town.

    It would be best used in town and city as it is not so long distance &
    frequent travelling friendly, I felt.

    The boot area is smaller compared to sedan car ( WTF? Sure lah ) hence
    if you have a 5 family members who wants to travel from Kota Bharu
    to Kuala Lumpur, trust me, the baggage space could hardly fit !!

    Or if you want to cruise fast and cruise safely from Johor to KL or from
    KL to Penang everyweek, I am afraid this would be a second choice.

    If I have this car, I would not ask him/her to do outstation or long
    distance so much. This car is ought to be pampered and not for
    torturing, love it, sayang it and I am sure you would enjoy it's service
    and to commute you around town for as long as you wished.

    Oh, the side signal at the side mirror which we first saw on Mercedes
    was quite Ok too !! I wished it has LED or light source facing the front
    too because currently only the people at the back of the MyVi car
    could see the Side Mirror Turning signal blinking, but not from front.

    It's always a need for improvement for any car as we human are not
    easily satisfied, but I would say that the need for improvement for
    this MyVi is minimum !! Not too bad at all.

    If we have the cash in a year or two, would get one for Fat Lady, she
    is so in love with Automatic Transmission car right now.

    All those P, R, N, D, D3, D2 are like magic for her, that lazy fat lady !!!
    LOL !!!

    Things that I like about MyVi:
  • Comfortable and spacious.
  • Dynamic Variable Valve Timing (DVVT) engine.
  • Engine performing well.
  • RM0.11 per km ( RM1.62 per litre petrol ) quite cheap.
  • Gear change was smooth.
  • Dual SRS Air Bags (Premium Model )
  • ABS (Premium Model )

    Things that I don't like about MyVi:
  • Small baggage compartment.
  • Neah, I think that's all.

    LOL Enjoy the ride, it's a good car in my humble opinion !!
  • Monday, November 07, 2005

    Flying in rain and at night !!

    Date : 5th November 2005.

    Time=3:55 pm
    I travelled from Kota Bharu to Kuala Krai town ( 69km apart ) and I
    spent 2 hours for that blardy 69km !! wtf ?? yeah !!

    Kesesakan Lalulintas yang melampau !!!

    The reason was that there were too many cars travelling from
    Kota Bharu heading back to Gua Musang and KL area.

    The Machang traffic light took me about 40 minutes of precious time,
    a lot of people became rude and started to jump Q, blardy barbarian !!

    Well anyway, 2 hours later I finally arrived at Kuala Krai,
    grandma's military base / hanger place.
    (The same 69km was done within 50 minutes 1 week ago at 1:13 am
    when there were almost no car on the road LOL !!)

    50 mins vs 120 minutes !! Holy Cow !!

    Time=5:55 pm
    Anyway, once arrived at Kuala Krai I proceeded to the petrol station.
    Had some re-fuel for F-117, checked engine and everything. Cleaned
    the mirror and so on, well, at set for take off !!

    Time = 6:20 pm
    And sit down for a nice meal before taking off !! Hmmm.. life is good !!

    Time= 7:05 pm
    Later in the evening after dinner, went to pickup some passengers
    who wished to go back to KL.

    Time = 7:20 pm
    Cruising at Jalan Pahi, Kuala Krai.

    Time = 8:00 pm It started to to rain, and it rained all the way until
    after Bentong or so, hence we cruised at about average 80km/h
    and some part when it was dry, at about 100km/h.

    Some slow vehicle caused us to Q and follow them, and they were
    doing like 40km/h or 50km/h.

    Arrrghh !!!! Benci betul !! So I quietly armed my weapon system,
    and my F-117 became offensive mode. Infra red and radar worked
    fine and it's like the good old Vietnam day mate !!!

    I had my missiles and cannon aimed at
    those blardy slow ass car , I had a lock on and beep, and my finger
    was at the level and trigger, I was like 0.01 second away from firing
    into these nuisance !!!
    I almost shouted " Burung Helang 1, Musang 2 !! " in the radio
    and pulled the trigger.

    That, I would see the target explodes in a huge great ball of fire !!!!!!

    * ( Eagle 1, Fox 2 )

    But I didn't, mom / pop asked me not to cause any trouble this time.
    Ok fine, so I disarmed the weapon system, dis-enggaged the cannon
    and changed the F-117 back to defensive mode.

    So we cruised at 40km/h and 50km/ h..... LOL !! poor F-117 !!!

    Anyway, the road became clear after Gua Musang as some people
    has to pee and poo and so on, and we increased the cruising speed
    to about 80km - 100km/h because it was still raining quite heavily.

    Visibility was very low because the road surface was wet and the
    incoming vehicles headlight blinded me for like 50,000 times !! LOL !!

    Anyway, after all these havoc we finally landed safely at
    TTDI International Airport at 1:40 or 1:50 am.

    That's about 6 hours from Kuala Krai to TTDI IA.

    Not too bad !! Our par time was 5 hours when there was no rain and no
    Syabas !! So total time consumed = 2 hours + 6 hours = 8 hours.
    Kota Bharu to TTDI in 8 hours was considered as slow.
    Kota Bharu to TTDI should be done within 6 hours. That's standard !!!

    I chat with my sister a few minutes ago, she informed me that some
    of her friends actually travel from Kota Bharu to KL and total time was
    11 to 12 hours LOL !!!

    Why ? Cause the road was packed and jammed like sardine !!
    That's why.

    Luckily we have left earlier or else !!!

    Got to buy a helicopter liao !!

    Sunday, November 06, 2005

    Ahh.... i am back !!

    Time now is 2:24 am and I am just finished taking bath.
    6 Nov 2005. Sunday.

    Just came back to PJ from Kelantan. Going to miss them all !!

    Timeline, dated 5 Nov 2005, Saturday.

    3:55pm F-117 taxied to the runway. Jalan Kelochor.
    4:00pm F-117 all over Jalan Kuala Krai.
    4:41pm F-117 stuck at blardy Machang traffic light.
    5:21pm F-117 moved 4km in 40mins.
    5:55pm F-117 arrived at Kuala Krai Military Base.
    6:40pm F-117 refueled and Philips had dinner.
    7:20pm F-117 take off and left Kuala Krai.
    8:00pm F-117 experianced heavy rain + slowass sissy driver.
    1:46am F-117 arrived Taman Tun Dr. Ismail Thanks God !!!

    See? I really had a tough day with those idiots on the road.
    Going to write more about them later.

    Now I need some sleep. Bed !! Bed !! Where are you??

    Friday, November 04, 2005

    Grandma and 3 yi family.
    The queen of Kuala Krai. Daulat !! damn Daulat !!
    Sam, Addison, Yuri and Adrian. Yes yes and some grape juice, cokes and so on.. i know.
    My father and ahem.... my sister. I know, you all feel that why I am so handsome and but why my sister is so..... so-so only, don't ask me ask God !! I am the master piece from God!
    Sad face or happy face?? you tell me !!
    Joey Tribiani from Friends and ah mei mei !! Small fish's daugther !! LOL !!
    Micky mouse, Nicky mouse, Ah Mei Mei and the Fatty Sim Chew Yen.