Sunday, August 26, 2007

THe One About Eh So Fast ?

How come weekend comes so slow and disappear so fast one ?

Like my teacher back to Form 5 that time, he always perlied us
that :

" Kamu semua mari ke sekolah perlahan macam siput, apabila balik
terus cepat macam semut !! Kenapa har ? "

We lari cepat cepat !!

The One About Joining Air Force.

I reported to my new work yesterday, yeah !! Junior or cadet pilot
based at one of the biggest air squadron.

Going to spend another 2 years in the cadet school to get training,
learn how to fly, take off, landing, engineering, combat tactics,
marching, shooting, theory, practical and everything.

I can't believe that I took this changes in my life when I am at 30,
cause most of others cadets were like 20 years old or so.

Now i have to share common bathroom with them, have to eat in
a hall like prison dining area, have very short hair, have to wear
uniform and everything.

The good thing is that the uniform looked good on me : ) And I get
to carry a 9mm semi auto pistol with me as standard issue.

9mm semi auto pistol is different from .38 revolver as the guy fires
faster, no need to load the bullet individually and has 15 rounds of
bullet per magazine, where the .38 revolver has 6 rounds only.

Besides get trained to be fighter pilot, we were also assigned to protect
and work and to support the local politicians ! Hence I get to see and
talk to a lot of VIP and minister !!

Happy for that yeah ?

Not at all !!

But one thing that I really can't understand is that why am I joining
the air force cadet at the age of 30 and how come they issue me the
9 mm semi automatic pistol so fast ?

And since when that Malaysia has it's own super air craft carrier
and a lot of Phantom F-4 II on the carrier.
And these F-4 II has retractable wings like the F-14 tomcats -_-"

Waitaminite !! This is crazy my friend !!

And a few minutes later we all pee on the deck of the air craft carrier
and got warned about that.

And a few minutes later the air craft carrier could move on the
land and we were moving in some really heavy fogged area -_-"

That was when I woke up in cold sweat and said to myself

" Do Not Join The Air Force ! "

Must have watched too much of THIS !!

8:24 am on a Sunday, the rain has stopped and I am going for
a swim now !!

Scary dream !!

By the way, I was having a lot of scary dream recently, I think
my work is getting a little bit heavy compared to last time.

I am definitely need a good swim now -_-"

Saturday, August 25, 2007

The One About Enjoying Errr Billboard.

A few weeks ago I was driving from Taman Tun Dr Ismail and was turning
into LDP towards SS2 ( near the traffic lights towards One Utama ) and
suddenly noticed this couple sitting there and like enjoying the Billboard

Errr..... wouldn't that be a little bit dangerous to enjoy or look at the billboard
by parking your bike at the shoulder of the busy road where everyone was
turning sharply into a major trunk road ?

Sayanglah nyawa, adik !

The One About 1 month later.

Well, it has been 1 month since I last update this blog.

Has been really busy and gray recently.

I think I still need a few more weeks to get things organized and let things
be on the tracks again.

For those who read this blog, my thanks and apologies to you.

Darn !! still very the gray.

Why so graygelinggem one ?

Picture taken in Kota Bharu, about 1 month ago.

Went back for the funeral of my uncle who passed away.
Dear 5th uncle, this one is for you, may you be fine up there in
the paradise, where you don't have to suffer anymore.

Take good care of yourself :(