Monday, May 25, 2009

The One About MC

Was having bad cough this morning and din't go into office and
chosen to work from home instead.

At late evening went to see the Doc and took medicine...

Doc checked checked checked, asked me to say, " AHHHHH "

I did the " AHHHHHH " as per requested.

Doc, " Now I want to listen to your lung. "

Me, " ok.... ok..... " And take off my shirt .....

Doc, " Eh eh eh !! Wait wait !! No need to take off shirt !! "

Doc, -_-" "I have stethoscope.... nih !!"

Me, " Wopppss ! Sorry.... "

It was a female doctor....

* lari

Tuesday, May 19, 2009

The one about I don't know how to say it.....

阿妹要去槟城, 问道:"有什么出名的好料要买吗??"

老妈:" 买一箱豆沙饼"

外婆:" 买一箱麻油"


一箱豆沙饼, 好像太少了.....

买一箱麻油, 又好像太多了.....

哎不理了 买了再说.... 赶时间....

两天后 回到吉隆坡 把豆沙饼和麻油搬下车.

老妈开门 问道:" 我的豆沙饼呢?"

阿妹: "拿, 一箱豆沙饼 和 一大箱麻油"

老妈 外婆 双双 反白眼............

老妈外婆 : "我叫你买义香豆沙饼和义香麻油啦 笨蛋"


The One about 50mm F1.8 lens

For Johntim, nah, here you are !!

The One about Coconut

The One about Got To Have One of These


The One About Unknown Plant

Fat Lady asked, " what the heck is this ? "

Me, " I don't know, you took the photo, and ask me back ? "

Fat Lady, " yaloh yaloh !!"

The One About De tour De Langkawi

Leaving Langkawi in a Jet Plane.....

The One About Spagatha !!!!

My father calls this " Spagathaaaaaaaaaaaaaa !! "

Me, " Spaghetti lah...... "

The One About Yo Shorty !!

7 shorties....

The One About Pling Pang Pong

The other day we whole family went to Penang and spent the
1st of May holiday there.

On the way, ah pa, " Penang Island is always hot hot and hot !!! "

4.5 second later....

the sky turned dark, wind started becoming stronger....

Ah Pa, " oh owww.... "

The rest of 3 days and 2 night in Penang, 70% of the time was raining.

Ah Pa, " wooppsss .... "

Me, " Complain lah complain, now everyday rain already loh !! "

The One About Epic Fail

The picture is self explanatory...

The One about Let's go to the beach.

Darn I wished that I had all day and could just play at the beach...

The One About Kang Kung vs Predator

Went to a bay in Penang and ordered the fried Kang Kung.

Ah Pa did the Predator vs Kang Kung cause he was really hungry....

I ordered a extra big plate one cause we needed the fiber...

But the plate seems so small....