Monday, December 31, 2007

The One About Chinese New Year Songs

We normally start hearing Chinese New Year songs ( played in streets )
a few weeks before Chinese New Year and this year a few weeks ago,
even before Christmas approaches, like end November I already heard
Chinese New Year songs being played at SS17 PJ -_-"

I told my sister, " Har ? " and she laughed like hell.

And this morning in the office I played the Chinese New Year songs
which started with, " tong tong tong tong chiaaaaaannnngg !!!
tong lo tong tong chiannnggggggggg !!! "

and my staffs were all, " wtf ?? wtf ?? hoi ! and *&^^%!%&^#$$^ "

but 5 seconds later they all came, " Kai Hong could you please send
that song to me pluuzzseeeeeesss ?? "

Me, " Hmm ? What song ? "

staffs, " Neh ! Just now you played one lor, Chineses New Year song
loh . "

Me," Har ? I thought you all very dulan this song ? And scolded me
for playing that ? "

staffs," No lah, where got scold you ? Give me can or not ? pluuzzee? "

And I played the song again in office with volume set to max !!!

They all covered their ears and ran away !!

Here wishing all a Happy New Year for 2008 and Gong Xi Fa Chai.

T minus 39 days ??

Wednesday, December 26, 2007

The One About My Panasonic FZ30

After about 2 years using this camera, I must say that I love
it and sometimes hate it and sometimes both at the same time
lolrotf !!

But the most important thing is this one !

" Di mana ada Panasonic FZ30, Di sana ada Noise ! "

* lari !!

The One About Built In Tummy Table

It is great to have tummy table sometimes.

You could put your hands on the tummy table to relax.

You could also put a bowl of rice on the tummy and start
your dinner on your own tummy -_-" who needs a table
anyway ???

You could also put your MP4 player on the tummy and watch
show on your tummy -_-"

At last, and should there be any accident, you already have
one huge SRS Air Bag installed !! Cool....

The Tummy Table Test

To see how big is your tummy or to check if your tummy is too huge,
you may do the experiment below....

1. Sit on a chair.

2. Take a pack of sugar or creamer ( the one at restaurant or hotel )
and put the pack between your chest.

3. If the pack fells down immediately at 120kmph, then you do not
have tummy at all, no chest muscle either !!

4. If the pack slowly go down the hill at 5 kmph, then congratulations,
you have got tummy !!

5. If the pack simply stuck there between your chest and tummy,
then, you are the champion !! Which my cousin Ah Wei became last
night. The pack of sugar was like stuck there between the chest and
stomach lolrotf !!

I laughed so loud that i almost pee in my pants !!

My cousin, " My shirt mia problem ! very sticky shirt ! "

Me, "hahahahah !! Shaddap ! And eat your ice cream ! " lolrtof !!

The One About Fun Facts of Wedding.

A few days ago one of my old school buddies told me that he
learnt something from the process of preparing a wedding.
He told me that the wedding photo company statistic shows
that nowadays, 8 out of 10 people who wed weds because out
of pregnancy.

Me, " WTF ? 8 out of 10 ? "

My friend, " Yes sir ! Statistic from wedding photos company
cause they need to use special angle or special wedding cloths
or stuff like that to hide the , you know.... "

Me, " Walauweh ! That is seriously wrong ! "

My friend, " Well, welcome to 2007 and 2008 lah ! "

Hence , I shared this information with my relatives yesterday
during dinner and my favorite uncle Ong replied below...

Me," Statistic from wedding photo place shows 80% of people
go wedding because of pregnancy ... "

My uncle Ong, " Yeah the rest 20% go wedding after they give
birth to the baby or babies !! Itu banyak bagus what ? You know
carrying baby or babies at the photo shop and take group photos !!"

I terus 2 legs in the sky !!

What. Kind. Of. Answer. Is. This ????????

Tuesday, December 18, 2007

The One About Hot Curry Rice.

Today as usual I was having my lunch at the Indian food store and
by the time I came back to office my whole head was full of sweat
cause the food was darn hot & spicy ( good one ! )

My supervisor: " Wah ! So hot meh ? "

Me:" I had Indian Curry rice mar ! "

Supervisor:" I see ! But until that extend meh ? "

Me:" I kupik ( stingy ) lor , don't want to order drinks , only had
curry rice, cause thinking to come back and drink in the office.
Like that can save some money and become rich faster mar !"

The supervisor laughed until he fall of his chair and hurt his
back and neck lolrtof !

What ? Is it wrong to become Stingy meh?? Cannot meh ?

Monday, December 17, 2007

The One About Facts

Someone forwarded this one to my email the other day
and I found that it is so true !!

Hoi ! Girls ! Do not feed us like no tomorrow and then force
us to go to Gym ok ?

Whoever draw this, I appreciate that ! You are the man!!

The One About A Lot Of Fun In My Blog ??

Someone just now told me that there is a lot of fun in my blog.

Geee... let me see , yeah sure there is. cause we have ...

Hor fun..

Mai fun...

Kon Low Lou Shu fun...

Kari mai fun...

Zhu Yok fun..

Darn so many fun !!!

So what fun that you like here ?

I normally take Kari Mai Fun and Yu Tao Mai Fun.

Kari Mai Fun from Damansara Kim

Yu Tao Mai Fun from Taman Desa KL.

Sedap sial....

Sunday, December 16, 2007

The One About Some Speed....

Was using this so called 4G or Iburst technology from
for the past 2 months.

Reason ? My new area has no Telekom fixed line and hence no streamyx,
but I need broadband from my home as work and entertainment
require it.

Okay, I said to myself, Izzi then izzi loh !!

The performance was not satisfatory since day one for me cause the
connection is always somewhere around 200K to 300K only despite
the signal strength is always 100% -_-" yeah ?

But for the past 2 days I got like 600K to 900K ( nearly 1mbps )
download speed already, I hope that they have improved the
speed somehow cause I was this close ( 2 cm ) away from terminating
their service.

Anyway, when time to give credits, I would : ) here is one for you !

Izzi, pls kindly keep up the good work connection speed
yeah ?? Happy Sunday !

Friday, December 14, 2007

The One About Something That You Don't See Everyday

This morning while on the road going to my office there
was this truck carrying some piece of dark green piece
of long metal.

Sekali look clearly that was the body of the A-4 Skyhawk
aircraft from Royal Malaysian Air Force I think.


What is the body of A-4 Skyhawk ( 1960's plane ) doing
in Petaling Jaya, near Atria area ??

Going to to have LIMA here?

Or there is an Area 51 near here that I didn't know of ?

lololol !!! Lock and load !! Lock and load !!!

Thursday, December 13, 2007

The One About Rain Fall and Water Level Record System

If you would like to know the water level of
the various river and rain fall record, go to
the link below and you may find out a lot of
useful information.

You may get to know the flooding situation or
predict the floods in Kuala Krai, Kota Bharu
and many many more places.

Darn ! I like this technology.

Now I can ask my parents to prepare when to move
up the stuff and when to move down the stuff.

The One About 26.1 degree celcius

This early morning I checked the digital thermometer again
and it showed 26.1 degree celcious -_-"

boy i am loving this place so much !!

The One About Ohh ! It's Moonsoon season

First of all, my hometown in Kota Bharu is under about 1 foot
of water. And my parents seems to be enjoying the water and
still watching Astro over the flood -_-"

Now, that is what we call get a long with nature yeah ??

And in Kayu Ara, 20 minutes ago the RM8.00 clock which
has thermometer displayed temperature at 26.9 degree
celcious !! That cold meh ?? How come I don't feel any
coldness at all one ?

Oppss, I forgot I am a bear... yeah yeah...

What does bear do when tempereture drop ??

They go hibernating !! That is what precisely I am going
to do in another 20 mins time.

But to sleep at 12 am and to wake up to work at 8 am is
not entirely accurate / conforms with hibernation.

Neah ! Who cares !!

Boy I love cold weather !!

The One About You Know That You are Old when...

I finished my dinner and was sitting comfortably on the
sofa at about 8 pm.

Was watching Doom via HBO.

And 20 minutes later I ter sleep on the sofa and only
woke up to the last 30 minutes of the movie.

Aisehman !!

Am I getting THAT old ? Or is the movie really that
lousy ?

Or there is some sleeping agent in my dinner.

Neah ! I don't want to know.

Who says that 30 years old is a lot of fun ??

Monday, December 10, 2007

The One About Midnight Flight

Was having dinner with Fat Lady's grandma and the family
members in Ipoh yesterday and by the time the dinner finished
it was like 10 pm plus already.

Hence, there we go, another Midnight flight.

Me:" Err... flight engineer pre-flight check ?"

Reply:" zzzzz......"

Me -_-"

Me:" Flight attendant, pls cross check doors ?"

Reply:" zzzzz......."

Me -__-"

Me:" Flight attendant, pls be sitted for take off ?"

Reply:" ZZZZZZZZZzzzzzzzzZZZZZZZ......"

Me -___-"

Anyway, as an experienced solo pilot, I managed to take off
while the rest of the crew were already sleeping like
there is no tomorrow.

After 1 hour the crews began to wake up.

Fat Lady with sleepy voice:" Dear are you sleepy ?"

Me:" Zzzzzzz.zzzzzzzzz... "

Fat Lady:" Hoi !! "

Me lolrotf !!!

And suddenly I saw a pair of lights coming from back at
and our distance was getting closer.

I looked at the speed : 120 kmph.

I gave left signal and changed to left lane.

And 5 seconds later a Red Ferrari made a 160kmph over us

Fat Lady mia brother:" eh ? Why no noise one ?"

Me:" Cause that one is actually a Proton Saga, he just changed
the cover to Ferrari, then mar no sound loh ! "

lolrtof !!!

Damn ! 5 adult, 1 baby in F-117 in a rainy night from Ipoh
to Damansara.

I could use some sleep really.....

Thursday, December 06, 2007

The One About Sorethroat

Life is good these few days, have been working hard
and had some good meeting with client.

And after the meeting, naturally we reward ourself with
some nice Banana Leaf rice. Soon after we started eating
my colleague face become red and all sweaty ...

Me ? Slumber saja !!

My colleague:" Eh Mr Wong you are not afraid of spicy food?
I eat already, so hot ! so spicy ! want to die like that!"

Me:" elleh ! In Kelantan, spicy food are for babies !" and
munch some fried dried chilly infront of him...


My colleague 2 legs in the sky....

And the second day, also Indian curry rice.

Third day, also somehow Indian curry rice. And last night
somemore went to Bandar Manajalara Kepong for the Asam /
Tom Yam steamboat with my sister.

I thought, Tom Yam should be cooling for body kua, and so
much of vegetables in the steamboat, suppose to be good for
health also kua ?

Dead Wrong !!!!

Yesterday night finally the sore throat feeling came.
Must be the fried chickens, chips and papadum =_=" i guess.
Some Tom Yam Curry Ikan too.....

Now, for being very lansi lanyong, now the result is having
to suffer for sore throat loh !!

This evening after work I went home and my sister was wating
for me for dinner.

She:" Ko ! Tonight I prepare dinner liao ! "

Me:" Great ! What's the menu ? "

She:" Nasi lemak + Ikan Bilis Sambal + Fried Chicken ! "

I terus 2 legs in the sky !!!

She:" What happened ? "

Me:" Me sorethroat getting bad lah ! "

She lolrtof !!

But anyway, eat first, die later yeah ??

If I don't wake up tomorrow morning, I love you all and
don't be sad har !! lolrotf !!

Good night everyone, have a nice evening !!!

* jogging away.

The One About Some Good Burger

Some people dislike burgers, some people love them.

I love burgers, be it from the fast food chain, the
roadside, home made, girl friend made, mama made,
papa made or any kind of them. I love burgers.

As long as the burgers are not made of Jelly and
taste sweet, then ok.

The other day Amanda told me that the Carl's Jr.
at Mid Valley has started it's operation and asked
if I want to give it a try.

Before I replied amanda " Yes.... " I was already
in my car and rushing to Mid Valley already.

Amanda was still there, " wei ? wei ? Are you there?"

Anyway, 20 minutes later I was at Carl's Junior and
we ordered a Combo Set + 1 salad cause Amanda wanted
to keep fit.

She said, eat salad will slim down.

Obviously she hasn't hear about " Makan Sayur Boleh Gemuk"
facts yeah ? Well let it be !!

Anyway, a set of Combo meal + a big set of Salad cost us
RM 32.00 , slightly expensive I must say.

But the meal was damn heavy and meaty and fully and no
curry and don't call me Billy ( wtf am I talking about? )

A lot of people walked to the menu, looked at the price
and walked away, perhaps they feel that the price is slightly
at the high side, or they suddenly feel like going to toilet,
I don't know lah yeah !

But tak kan 25 people see the price and menu, and suddenly
they all want to go toilet, right ??

Anyway, we proceeded and finished the meal.


Cost of lunch = RM 32.00
Cost of car park = RM 1.00

Full until cannot move in Mid Valley = Priceless !!


By the way, look at the size of the burger and the
salad. It's obviously for Elephants and Rhino mia !!

* lari !!!

The One About Kuala Krai Gala Dinner 2007

Attended the Kuala Krai Gala Dinner 2007 on 30 Nov 2007
and had some fun there.

Some 280 person from all over Malaysia
and the rest of the world attended the Gala dinner held at
Impiana KLCC Hotel.

Didn't bring my FZ30, Sony S85 and V3 as they are having
their year end vacation. Aiseh !

Was having a lot of fun there, especially seeing the fellow Kuala
Kraians meeting the old friends that they have not meet for like
20 or 30 years.

It's great to be in such an atmosphere when you see everyone
seems to have whole stomach of story to tell the long lost friend.

People were busy telling the stories of the past 30 years and
hmm, where to start leh ??


Cost of dinner = RM 100.00
Cost of parking = RM 5.00

Able to see the long lost friends after 30 years = Priceless !!


Me ? Since I am the top 20 youngest attendees ( below 30 )
muahahahhaha.... I didn't have much of long lost friends.
In fact i got to know some new friends, friends of friend,
and of course saw some friends of mine like Ming, Hui,
Siew, Yong etc... all looking more matured compared to
when I first know them : )

A lot of friends of my parents, uncles and aunties were there
though, and I have to be identified as,
" Siapa siapa mia anak , or siapa siapa mia anak saudara ,
or siapa siapa mia cucu "

-_-" ok fine...

There was this slogan where we shouted " Kreh Sokmor !! " and
we clapped at the same time.

Some same table youngster who didn't understand Kelantan slang
asked me, " What does it mean ? What is Kreh Sokmor "

I told her, " It means, y + 2x = 4z, if z = 3, what is y ? "

She -_-" and I :" No lah, means Longlive Kuala Krai ! And we love you!"

She ohhhh i see... Silly mia KL people lolrotf !

Kudos to the organizer, and they have spent a lot of time and
effort to pull all these people around, but didn't have chance to
really sit down and talk with them, perhaps next round i should
sit down and see what can I help .

But I did actually have met some long lost friends too actually,
see the photos below ?

I grew up with them in Kuala Krai ! RM 0.10 each I remember...

darn !! The 2.0 Mega pixel camera phone quality is so so only leh!

And how come these ice sticks looked darn like anti ship mines leh?

Kenapa boleh jadi begini ??

The One About Like This Also Can?

The metal theft problem is getting very serious nowadays !!

One time, the place where my sister stayed in Kajang got the whole
road's water meter stolen over night !

Whole street of meter !!! -_-" and the situation doesn't seems to be
improving over the time.

Now, as self defense, more and more people are installing protection for
their water meter, like this one !!

Boy ! Malaysia Boleh !

The One About Inilah Melampau

When we scold people in Malaysia language Melampau we
means that the person or incident has gone too far !

Gone overboard is the term used sometimes too.

Now what happen when someone is Melampau when he/she
is eating pizza ?

The photos here are self explainable !! The pizza got literally
drowned by the cheese powder ! And you can't see the
topping of the pizza no more !!

Some more put a red bean to decorate the cheese powder
pula !!! ZOMG !! Kononnya want to balance out the composition
of cheese and beans !! -_-"