Wednesday, December 26, 2007

The Tummy Table Test

To see how big is your tummy or to check if your tummy is too huge,
you may do the experiment below....

1. Sit on a chair.

2. Take a pack of sugar or creamer ( the one at restaurant or hotel )
and put the pack between your chest.

3. If the pack fells down immediately at 120kmph, then you do not
have tummy at all, no chest muscle either !!

4. If the pack slowly go down the hill at 5 kmph, then congratulations,
you have got tummy !!

5. If the pack simply stuck there between your chest and tummy,
then, you are the champion !! Which my cousin Ah Wei became last
night. The pack of sugar was like stuck there between the chest and
stomach lolrotf !!

I laughed so loud that i almost pee in my pants !!

My cousin, " My shirt mia problem ! very sticky shirt ! "

Me, "hahahahah !! Shaddap ! And eat your ice cream ! " lolrtof !!

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