Thursday, December 06, 2007

The One About Some Good Burger

Some people dislike burgers, some people love them.

I love burgers, be it from the fast food chain, the
roadside, home made, girl friend made, mama made,
papa made or any kind of them. I love burgers.

As long as the burgers are not made of Jelly and
taste sweet, then ok.

The other day Amanda told me that the Carl's Jr.
at Mid Valley has started it's operation and asked
if I want to give it a try.

Before I replied amanda " Yes.... " I was already
in my car and rushing to Mid Valley already.

Amanda was still there, " wei ? wei ? Are you there?"

Anyway, 20 minutes later I was at Carl's Junior and
we ordered a Combo Set + 1 salad cause Amanda wanted
to keep fit.

She said, eat salad will slim down.

Obviously she hasn't hear about " Makan Sayur Boleh Gemuk"
facts yeah ? Well let it be !!

Anyway, a set of Combo meal + a big set of Salad cost us
RM 32.00 , slightly expensive I must say.

But the meal was damn heavy and meaty and fully and no
curry and don't call me Billy ( wtf am I talking about? )

A lot of people walked to the menu, looked at the price
and walked away, perhaps they feel that the price is slightly
at the high side, or they suddenly feel like going to toilet,
I don't know lah yeah !

But tak kan 25 people see the price and menu, and suddenly
they all want to go toilet, right ??

Anyway, we proceeded and finished the meal.


Cost of lunch = RM 32.00
Cost of car park = RM 1.00

Full until cannot move in Mid Valley = Priceless !!


By the way, look at the size of the burger and the
salad. It's obviously for Elephants and Rhino mia !!

* lari !!!

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