Tuesday, October 31, 2006

Nasi Lemak RM 1.30

Yesterday was still feeling no appetite to eat, hence just had
lunch only without breakfast and dinner.

Before went to bed, was reading about a post of Doc about the
heavenly taste of 豬油拌飯 -_-"

Suddenly the stomach made noise and I quickily went to sleep !!

This morning arrived at the office and found out that the indian
restaurant near my office has Nasi Lemak with banana leave !!

:) I ordered a plate of it and it came with super big rice -_-"
with nice sambal ikan bilis, 1/2 of hard boiled egg, fried ikan
bilis etc ....

Good taste !! And now feeling already have the energy and power
to work despite the bad flu and coughing !!

Lock and load babeh ! It's going to be a busy day ahead !!

Move move move !!

And the big plate of Nasi Lemak cost me only RM 1.30 !!

Lovely !!


Holidays is something that we waited for ages for it to
come but would be gone before we realize it !

Come slow slow, go fast fast !! -_-"

Mari macam siput,
Hilang macam semut !!

Benci betul !!

Still flu -_-"

After like down for 2 weeks plus the flu is still here.

Green shit still sprayed like nobody's business !!!

At Chiiiiiuuuuu !!!! Wipe wipe monitor with tissue !!


Puffff !!! -_-"

Last night I was working with my PC ( New Mainboard ) and was
trying to hook up the USB to IDE cable ( Made In China ) product
with my 2 old hard disk.

The USB to IDE Cable package consists:
  • USB 2.0 to IDE Cable ( for standard and notebook IDE ).
  • 1 power supply ( 240v to 12v ).
  • CD driver ( for Windows 98 etc ).
  • Manual ( 12cm x 6cm ) single page.

    I think that's all with the package and it cost RM55.00 at
    Low yatt Plaza, and the worst thing is that they didn't
    allow us customer to open the box and to have a look at the
    item before we buy, but I bought it anyway.

    Tried many-many times with both PC and the power supply's
    power, hooked and unhooked the USB, but in the end the
    thing just couldn't be detected by my Windows XP at home.


    So I just put the thing aside and used my internal IDE
    cable to hook back the 2 unit of Hard Disk.

    LOL ! Now my PC has 3 physical hard disk and 8 partition !!

    -_-" Like very canggih server like that !!!

    A few minutes later while I was still working I heard a
    loud " Pufffffff !!! "

    And my room was filled with Roasted Pork 烧 肉 smell immediately
    and I was panic for a while.

    Why ? Cause that time these thing were also operating.

  • RM2,699 Dell D520 Lap Top ( 2 days old )
  • My Celeron 2.4 PC System with New Mainboard
  • My LCD monitor.

    I told me," Don't tell me anyone of them has exploded!!!!"

    Me -_-" and check check check !!!

    Finally, I found out that the power supply for the USB to IDE
    has fried itself, don't know why but it just fried itself !!

    It freaking fried itself !!

    Stupid USB to IDE converter !!

    I am going to bring this back to the shop and demand for a
    refund or change to another product.

    Else I am going to complain this to the highest level of law!

    Luckily my friend's mia Dell D520 and my system were unharmed.

    Else I am going to something really nasty then !!!
  • Monday, October 30, 2006


    I think my head is going to explode soon if this blardy
    flu and cough don't go away from me immediately.

    It's been a blardy 2 weeks plus already and I am still
    not ok from this flu thing.

    Got to do something about it.

    Saturday, October 28, 2006

    RM 1720 vs RM 160

    My computer mainboard was giving me a lot of problems lately
    and I was calculating the cost to change the entire CPU units.

    Pentium D Processor = RM 455
    Intel Mainboard = RM 270
    Memory 1GB DDR2 = RM 420
    SATA Hard Disk = RM 80
    PCI-E Graphic = RM 250
    DVD Writter = RM 125
    Casing of cpu = RM 120
    Total cost is approx RM 1720

    After count count count, nope, let's see what else could we
    do to fix the problem !

    Finally I've got an idea, change the blardy mainboard only
    and use back everything. Because the AGP slot was giving me
    problem and I could only use the onboard graphic (shared memory)

    Result of the shared memory ? Very poor performance etc !!

    Yesterday after changing the new mainboard, everything was back
    to normal, graphic now is ok and speed of pc has became faster

    RM1720 ? Neah, just a RM160 Biostar Mainboard would solve the
    problem liao yeah ? Kao Tim !

    Banana !!

    2 days ago my parents were around KL during the DeepaRaya
    holidays and they spent about 5 or 6 days here.

    Before they left they bought be a bunch of banana and put
    them in my car. I went home and " Alamak ! " when I was
    opening my car boot.

    I told myself," How am I going to finish this bunch of banana?"

    Wrong !! Before I knew it these banana were disappearing like
    noboby's business like that !!

    Reason ? Each time I take 3 pcs as lunch or breakfast and I feel
    good after having them : )

    hehehehe !!

    I actually enjoyed having breakfast or lunch, kih kih kih !!!

    Thanks papa and mama !!

    Talking about intelligence and experiance of life, they are
    still the man !! They are the men !!! Yeah !!

    Burp... banana smell pula -_-"

    Black Hawk Down !!

    Over the radio:" Mayday !Mayday !Black Hawk Down !
    Black Hawk Down !!"

    Me:" Roger that ! I am down too ! "

    Radio:" Padan you mia muka ! "

    That was the response that I got since I was down
    for the past 10 days with combination of flu, fever,
    throat infection etc...


    When I was down I had some issue to blog too actually
    but then I was too busy bao"ing" the wantan and sneezing
    those green shit into tissue papers.

    I sneezed so hard that even the tissue papars peciah !!!

    omfg !!

    If there is a grade to classify the level of sickness, I
    would class is class 5 out of 5. The most serious flu
    that I've ever got.

    Hopefully this is not the bird flu -_-"

    Wait let me check..........

    Aha! The bird is still ok !! Yahoo !!

    Wednesday, October 18, 2006

    来 嘢 咗

    Yesterday I was saying that because I have managed to drink a
    lot of water, so nowadays seldom get sick and caughing and flu
    and fever and everything yadda yadda yadda....

    After dinner last night found that my throat was a little bit itchy
    and started coughing . Ahem !!

    This morning woke up the itchy and uncomfortable feeling became
    more serious. If the feeling doesn't go away by tonight, i am going
    to the clinic already ! blardy hell ! There goes my 6 months no
    clinic visit records ! son of a bitch !

    That's why hor, people say if you want to say something unlucky
    like getting sick or bad things, after saying so you have to say
    "大吉利事" or " Raba Kayu " or "Touch wood".

    Yesterday in the blog I did write about how long no sick lah,
    how strong how well builtlah everything.... itulah akibatnya.

    Aiseh ! Feeling damn beh song now !! Show off too much will ended
    up at this kind of situation, remember that eh kids !!

    Must always leave some space for everything.

    Bagi segala, janganlah berketerlaluan !!

    Now damn cham, have to get some Mat Salleh Ginseng Root
    洋参须, add hot water and drink the water, damn bitter !!!

    Somemore office has no salt, -_-" 2 legs in the skies this time.

    Oh Balad Coconut loh this time !!

    Tuesday, October 17, 2006

    河 马 喝 水,好 大 个 胃 !!!!

    Just now I looked at my water container and realized that I have finished
    drinking 2 litres of plain water from 8:30 am to 6:30 pm. In fact I drink
    at least 2 litres of plain water everyday.

    This does not include the 1 glass in the morning and 3 glasses of green
    tea I had with Amanda this afternoon.

    And when I go home in the evening, I would take another 1/2 litre or so
    before going to bed. And sometimes mid night I would wake up for
    a cup or a least a big sip or gulp of plain water.

    This would normally resulting 半 夜 oh 夜 尿 midnight pee at wee hours like
    5 am or 4:30 am -_-"

    So, I think I am definitely drinking more then 8 glasses of water everyday.

    Seldom had fever and coughing problems nowadays actually, perhaps I did
    have enough of water yeah ?

    真 所 谓

    河 马 吹 水,好 大 个 嘴 !!!!

    河 马 喝 水,好 大 个 胃 !!!!
    In MSN today with Amanda :

    Kai Hong says:
    lolrotf !!
    where is the best place to meet you?
    meet first and cari makan on the way

    Amanda says:
    do u know DOME
    at south court

    Kai Hong says:
    yeap i know, that one near to Federal Highway side
    Ground floor

    Amanda says:

    Kai Hong says:
    ok there

    Amanda says:
    ok, then i meet u infromt of DOME
    12.35 pm meet u at DOME

    Kai Hong says:
    ok sui
    if lift takes long time you can also jump if you want
    i will stand far away a bit
    lolrtof !

    Amanda says:

    Monday, October 16, 2006

    Bruce Willis Day.

    I think tonight I might meet Bruce in my dream cause
    I was like watching him for 5 hours non stop.

    Today is a Marathon Bruce Willis DVD day for me.


    I have watched :
  • Bandits.
  • 16 Blocks.

    And going to watch:
  • Lucky Number Slevin now.

    Inserting DVD now !!!
  • What ? Like this also can ?

    Today I received a comment from Madam, and I was asked
    about a very sensitive question in the blog.

    " Mr. Wong, what are you waiting for..... Fast fast kahwin lar,
    we all wait until neck long long already.... "

    You see, Madam, in Malaysia we have Perlembagaan Malaysia
    which says,

    " It is forbidden under Section 1994(ii) Mandatory CB Law to
    ask, check, test, probe, expedite, speed up, size up add on, to
    increase time interval, or in anyway to directly or indirectly to
    cause the question of the " To marry or not to marry " or
    " To marry fast fast or To mary slow slow ".

    The first offender shall be fined RM1,500,000 or to be ordered
    by court to do 15 years of community service at Damansara
    area, or both.

    This issue is under protection clauses of ISA, ISO, PTPTN, KFC,
    CIA, FBI, KGB, ICAC, PTU, SJMC, WTFKNNBBQ and shall not
    be released to the public even your father is Elvis Presley !!
    Also under consideration of the issue linked with APEC, APT,
    ARF, AsDB, ASEAN, BIS, C, CP, EAS, FAO, G-15, G-77, IAEA,
    IHO, ILO, IMF, IMO, Interpol, IOC, IPU, ISO, ITU, MIGA,
    WHO, WIPO, WMO, WToO, WTO, etc knnbbq lolrtof !!

    So, you may still ask me " Oi ! When would you be getting married?"

    I shall reply," please see the law above first !"


    Philips went Wedding Dinner !!!

    Was attending a Wedding dinner yesterday night.

    Fat Lady mia cousin was getting married and we were invited to the nice
    restaurant at Cheras area for the wedding dinner.

    Typical red table cloths, chopsticks , carbonated drinks and people waiting
    for the wedding dinner to start.

    It was fun, in term of we were able to meet a lof of Fat Lady's relatives who
    stays at Sungai Buloh, Sungai Siput and everywhere.

    Me ? I enjoyed myself by taking a lot of photos and observed people ....

    Of course there were people asking me, " Oi ! When is your turn ?? "

    Me gave official standard answer, " Oh ! Very soon ! very soon ! "

    They asked again, " How soon is very soon ?"

    Me, " Eh I need to take group photos there, excuse me ! gtg ! "

    They all -_-"

    That's why I love to bring my camera with me, besides acting as a
    rescue / excuse tool, it could also be used to Take Photos too LOL !!

    And a few of Fat Lady relatives asked me to join them drinking.

    Me swiftly joint them with some beer.

    They all, " Wah ha ha ha !! Tonight you will kena Philips ! "

    Me," Please don't be too harsh on me, me amature, can't drink one ! "

    They all, " No fart care, drink first die later ! "

    Me, pretend pretend, and gulp gulp gulp gulp gulp.....

    They all -_-" and asked," WTF you said you can't drink one ? "

    Me," I was thirsty mah, ate a lot of ajinomoto just now ! "

    They all -_-"

    One of the uncle," I don't believe you, that must be tea, one more ! I
    insist , come drink ! drink !! "

    Fat Lady mia other cousin poured more bear for me.

    Me -_- " and replied, " Ok lah, please Below Hand Leave Passion ( 手下留情 ) ok ?"

    Uncle, " No fart, drink first ! "

    Me, " Ok " and gulp gulp gulp gulp gulp !! gulp !

    Uncle -_-" two legs in the sky and drunk and face red like 关公 lolrtof !

    Me, " Ok who is next ? "

    Everyone became quiet now...

    Me, " Told you all I don't know how to drink but you all don't listen !"

    Everyone -_-"

    It feels like I was the elephant and they were the ants who challenged
    me to drink lolrotf !!

    On the way home,

    Fat Lady," Wah you so geng ah ? "

    Me," Where got ? My DNA has anti alcohol gene from my British great ancestor."

    Fat Lady, " Iyer no wonder you so hairy lah ! "

    Actually i just had about 5 or 6 glasses of beer and some liquor only.

    And I didn't drink like there is no tomorrow like that, that's why for the past 29
    years I have not even get drunk once.

    Sad eh ? Perhaps got do drink some pure alcohol and try.

    Found something to do while waiting.

    This nice lady is the cousin of Fat lady, she was busy using the FZ-20
    to capture the photos of the friends and family.

    Well yesterday the wedding dinner was like, hmm, photo taking session
    for all of us. Fat Lady mia aunties, uncles, granny everyone 3 or 4 tables
    of us were busy shooting photos while waiting for the dinner to start.

    We didn't waste our time and I shot like 100 over photos too : )

    While waiting for dinner to start.....

    Fat Lady was busy shooting photos.

    She used Pentax something 2.5 inch LCD display. 6 megapixel.

    I was using Sony S-85 with 1.8 inch LCD display. 4.1 megapixel.

    8:30 pm and the table was still empty.

    Typical Chinese Wedding Dinner timing.

    Invitation card indicated Wedding Dinner time = 7 :00 pm.

    But, our guests were .....

    ..... just finished watching TV at 7:00 pm at home at Shah Alam.

    Guests goes take bath before go to wedding dinner. 7:15 pm

    Guests leaving their house at 7:30 pm.

    Stuck in Jalan Loke Yew at 7:45 pm.

    Stuck at entrance of Car Park at 8:15 pm

    Can't find the way to restaurant, and finally walked in at 8:30 pm.

    Me? I arrived at 7:15 pm, yeah stuck at the car park.

    8:30 pm and there was no sign of food or dinner at all.

    I was so hungry, really-really hungry !!

    Soon Hock

    Soon Hock (顺 壳 鱼) is a type of fish which doesn't move much, most of the
    time they stayed near the the logs / rocks under the river.

    Doesn't move and swim much hence the meat is really soft , no muscle !!

    Pondan Fish !

    Fish and chips, i mean fish and kid.

    Cute guy with Soon Hock fish at the back.

    Tired ....

    The wedding dinner which was suppose to start at 7 pm something until 11 pm.
    Even I myself became a little bit sleepy, so it was kinda hard for this kid.

    This kid has changed from jumping_all_over_everywhere to this look
    and damn sleepy like that.

    Battery gone babeh ! Battery gone !! Depleted !!

    It means only one thing, time to go home and sleep !! Fall back !! Fall back !!

    Saturday, October 14, 2006

    F-117 and Tupelov Tu-160

    When I was driving along Jalan Sungai Besi with Fat Lady and
    another friend, the traffic was smooth and moving.

    Suddenly there was this all white F-117 flying low above us
    and made a landing.

    Wait a second, F-117 has no white camourflage that I known and
    what the heck is an F-117 landing at Sungai Besi Air Port ?

    Fat Lady also looked at the F-117 and OMFG in the air there was
    a few more F-117 circling Kuala Lumpur sky.


    And as I approached Jalan Tun Razak there was this Tu-160
    flying over us again.

    Wait a second, what does a Tu-160 has to do with F-117 ??

    Before I could finished asking the question, the Tu-160 has
    opened it's it's weapon bay and dropped a 5,000 Pound Bomb
    which looked like Little Boy.

    However the bomb didn't detonate immediately.

    Must be Made in China products I guess.

    It fall on a Nissan Vanette 1992 model and stayed there -_-"

    Me ? I hit the gas like mad and piu yee off !! After Jalan Tun Razak
    there was a few short tunnel below the road, like the one near Jalan Ampang
    and near junction to Bukit Bintang.

    Like the heros of Independent Days ID4 we found a underground room with
    metal door ( cheh ! ) and went hiding inside.

    I didn't know if the bomb did goes off or not but....

    A few moments later a guy came and see me -_-" he looked like
    this , perhaps from where he came from the air / water pollution is
    pretty much very bad eh ? he has got all these blister and deep
    skin problems !!

    Eyes colour also looked like people with Liver problems, and somemore
    bald one ! Botak !!

    And he looked very unhappy.

    But he said," I am here to save your earth ! "

    Me," WTF ? By dropping a nuclear or atomic bomb ?"

    The rest of it, I really can't remember already.

    But white colour F-117.... never seen one before.

    Does it mean that I should buy a new Honda Accord 3.0 V6
    full white ? maybe yes... maybe no....

    All of the photos above belongs to their respective owner
    and I am just borrowing their photos to illustrate what
    did I see in my dream.

    Weird eh ? Must be too pissed of because of the car park

    Disabled Person's Parking Bay at LCCT

    Was at LCCT last night and when I turned into their car park, I
    noticed that there were some parking lot reserved for the Disabled

    These parking lot are wider, easier for the disabled persons and
    were both labelled on the floor with a sign board ( Blue board with
    wheel-chair ) sign.

    There was like 5 or 6 lot reserved for this purpose. There were 5
    cars there with 1 empty space, why empty space ? Perhaps the air
    port parking attendent would like to block the non Disabled Person
    to simply park there, right ?

    The empty space were blocked with 4 big construction plastic block
    ( the type red and white colour ) used during construction of high
    way or road construction.

    But unfortunately, I saw all the cars parked there were belonged to
    non Disabled Person. I went to inspect the car and non of them has
    the Disabled Person logo / stickers nor any indication or so.

    I was so up set about it, and was thinking that if there is anything
    that I could do about it ? And would our authority do anything about
    it at all ?

    When all system fails, I am going to stop belief in the system and
    start believing in justice of myself !!

    Damn I better stop here, writing about this made me feel more angry
    every minutes !! Ptui !!

    Flight record 13th Oct 2006

    Last night went to LCCT in F-117 to meet an important potential
    client from Penang.

    Weather was good without strong wind and no rain. But the haze
    remain and the journey was like a little bit hazy.

    Was crusing at around 100 to 110 kmph because I was early before
    check point Putrajaya / Cyberjaya area.

    Then there was this KLIA taxi zoomed passed me at a very-very
    high speed. Well yeah that stretch was really straight.

    I pushed the throttle harder, 120, 130, 140 145 ....

    at 150 kmph .... F-117 HUD ( Head up display ) system displayed the below

    HUD:" Speed 150 kmph , so what do you want ? Get both us killed ?"

    HUD:" F-117 is designed to cruise and fly in stealth ! "

    HUD:" If you want a sprinter, go get Yamaza RXZ or become Mat Rempit
    Mat Cemerlang ! "

    HUD:" Or you could go buy Need For Speed 5 : Ultimate KLIA Race !"

    HUD:" Fuel saving at 95 to 110kmph ? "

    Me -_-" and relased the throttle, speed reduced to 110kmph again.

    Well the whole 140 and 150 process was around 10 second only, testing the
    capability of F-117 which is around 4 years old plus !!

    果 然 是 宝 刀 未 老 !!

    At the end of the day, both of us came back alive without major damage.

    Except a big hole in my pocket, toll chargers was RM 12 something !!!

    wtfknnbbq !! Like that also Rm12 something !!

    Badass Pilot !!

    This morning while I was crusing around University Malaysia Medical
    Centre, there was a minor accident involving a car and a bike.

    As usual the super keh poh chi drivers of Malaysia would slow down
    to look see look see and 38 38 .....

    My mood wasn't really good this morning and when the 4WD infront of
    me slowed down to almost stalled speed. My F-117 alarm goes off
    " Collision / Impact Warning ! "

    My actuve defensive weapon system locked and fired !!! Gave that guy
    3 seconds honk that was so loud that his unborn sperm would came out
    with audio impairment !!! That son of a bitch !!

    If you check my F-117 weapon firing pattern that you would see that
    the weapon was fired against these type of people only.

    Me, I am an Badass Pilot as always !!

    Friday, October 13, 2006

    Kids nowadays.

    Yesterday I went to service a friend's friend PC.

    I realized / learned this :

  • Father uses Pentium II computer to work, while the sons uses
    Pentium 4 computer for MSN and online games.

  • Father's monitor 14" and sons's monitor 17".

  • Sons formatted the computer but didn't know how to install
    driver and complained about no sound, and on board graphic
    was too slow. But during the service they didn't bother
    to ask/ concern about the PC at all.

  • Their eyes were all focused on the Cable TV while the PC
    was not available. Once the PC became available again, the
    eyes would stuck on the Monitor again.

  • Parents sleep in room with no air cond, while the sons sleep in
    room with air-cond.

  • Sons were busy watching Cable TV and using MSN and everything
    while the mother works until 10 pm.

    I don't know about you but I am sure this is not the scenario that
    I would hope to see in my family one day.

    It's all about command and control, how good are you at it ?
  • Early and earlier.

    Nowadays I normally wake up at 7:25 am.

    Start work at 8:30 am.

    Breakfast at 9:00 am. A few pieces of cookies
    and a cup of cold H2O.

    Lunch at 12:30 pm. Light mixed rice and soup.

    Finish work at around 6:30 pm. But I could leave
    at 5:30 if really no more work.

    7:00 pm dinner.

    8:00 pm Mandarin News

    8:30 pm cleaned up, do some homework.

    9:00 pm reading or watching TV.

    11:00 pm Arrived at dreamland.

    12:30 am or 2:45 am. Mid night pee. Check on F-117

    3:00 am air cond auto off.

    3:30 am. Wake up and turn on fan.

    5:00 am. Wake up morning pee. Check on F-117

    WTF So fast already 7:25 am again, repeat above steps.

    Wednesday, October 11, 2006

    The Sun or The Moon ?

    This morning at about 8:00 am when I was on my way to work I saw this
    object in the sky.

    I looked at it, it's like a Sun which the battery is running out.

    Or a moon with new battery or over charged battery.

    Don't know which is which :) Blur !!!!

    Oh and thanks to Indonesia for EVERYTHING ! I mean EVERYTHING!

    Foie gras <= For Fa Bo ??

    When I was a kid, my father loved to switch to " Mind Your Language"
    comedy, it was about a class of International student of teacher
    Jeremy Brown.

    Whenever there was a confusion or anything that they don't get it
    someone ( one of the student ) would say: " For Fat Bo ? "

    We continued to use For Fa Bo ? until today.

    My friend," Hei ! When would you be getting married ?"

    Me: " For Fa Bo ?"

    My boss:" Why is this month sales so low ? "

    Me: "For Fa Bo ?"

    Me boss " . . . . "

    So, there you go, how to use "For Fa Bo ?" effectively.

    Ironically, until today we don't really know what does it mean.
    But we are sure that whenever there is confusion or question
    this For Fa Bo ? would be heard.

    After searching the Internet and did some research, it was
    Por Favore and it was suppose to be Spanish.

    I used translator to translate it, and it means " By Favour "

    and if it is Por Favor it means " Please "

    So, could you please tell me which is which Por Favor ??

    Por Favore__Por Favor__ For Fa Bo ??

    So, Foie Gras Por Favor means ??

    Oh i am so confused today !!

    On a seperate note, a few days ago I was talking to a
    friend of mine.

    My friend," Oi ! I have got discount card for French Restaurant!"

    Me," Hmm ? What food ? What restaurant ?"

    My friend," Neh, the one got Foie Gras one leh ? Rm 300 per plate!"

    Me -_-"

    My friend," With this discount card, we get 50% discount everything !"

    Me -_-""""

    My friend, " So what do you think ? when should we go ? "

    Me : " You know, for RM 300 or RM 150 per plate, my grandmother
    could buy every duck or goose in Kelantan and get you all the liver of
    goose or duck or whatever for 20 years non stop everyday ? "

    My friend, " lolrotf !! "

    Me," Foie Gras my ass !"

    My friend lagi lolrotf !!!

    Tuesday, October 10, 2006

    Lunch and tears.

    Today is the 8th day of my new job at new place.

    At about 12:30 pm everyone in the office seems to be in the
    mood for lunch, they all disappeared one by one to hunt
    get their lunch.

    Alrigthty Then !! Today I am quite free and I suppose I could
    have a nice lunch before more people come out at 1 pm.

    Walked 30 steps across the office and there are a few stalls in
    between buildings , on a small lane ( lorong ).

    When comes to eating, whenever that stall has a lot of crowd
    or patrons, it is almost certain that the food would be either
    really good or cheap.

    So the boss gave me a plate of small rice ( just nice ! kurang nasi )
    and I got myself :

    1. Sweet and sour meat ( Ku Lou Meat )

    2. A lot of taugeh.

    3. Preserved vegetable cooked with meat and tomato.

    4. Fried eggs with onions.

    5. Free flow of herbal chicken soup ( cooked with chicken bones )

    And the bill was RM 3.50 and the aunty looked at me ....

    I said," thank you !"

    She said," Welcome ! Help yourself with any seat you like !"

    I said," Affirmative ! "

    I sit down at a chair with nice view and looked at my plate.

    And I started to laugh and laugh and laugh.

    All the others customers quickily finished their rice and left
    that place with fears in their eyes.... -_-"

    So, after spending about 2 months plus at Kelana Square where
    there is no access to Chinese Food, I am feeling that I am at
    either Heaven or Paradise at this very moment !

    Rm 3.50 for the above items, omg ! That's cheap !! Somemore
    got herbal soup, hot hot one !!

    I am so happy today !!

    Bye bye Kelana Square, Hello Old Klang Road !!

    ps: Whenever I go to a new place, the first friend that I always
    made would be the food stall operator, no missed for the past
    29 years ! Sure heboh !!

    Monday, October 09, 2006

    The corns.

    Fat Lady pointed at this one and said, " Look ! Jagung(s) Besar !"

    Me -_-" alright !

    I really need to get a good tripod cause those China Made tripod
    would dis-integrate within 1 year time. A bit blur ?

    My father's tripod is still going strong after 30 years.

    Jalan Tun Razak towards Jalan Ampang

    Time was 7:19 pm. 7th Oct 2006.

    Fire at will !! Fire at will !!

    5 minutes ago I received another call from some old friends.

    Ms Teo:" Yo ! Philips San ! "

    Me:" Yo ! Ms Teo ! Apaciam ?"

    Ms Teo:" No lah.... "

    Me:" No need to No lah No lah, getting married isit? when ?"

    Ms Teo -_-"

    4 seconds later, Ms Teo:" Wah liew how you know one ?"

    Me:" Including you hor, this month I received 500 wedding invitation liao !"

    Ms Teo:" Got or not ? Siao meh ?"

    Me:" Abuthen ! "

    Ms Teo:" So come or not come ? "

    Me:" Sure come lah ! You all go getting married like no tomorrow like that
    and all also fire at will fire at will !! I better do some OT for the next 4 months."

    Ms Teo:" wtfknnbbq ! "

    -_-" why leh ? why you all must get married during my pokkai time leh ?

    Can't you wait until next year when I am richer baru get married meh ?

    I think I better off my phone or hide somewhere at Gunung Tahan until all
    of them get settled down first.

    Next year this time or so hor, there sure would be one more round of Full Moon
    lah, 1st anniversary lah, this lah that lah, divorce lah etc one ! you wait and see!

    I better book the bus to Gunung Tahan Malam ini juga -_-"

    Body Line

    Husband asked wife :" Darling, I've been doing some workout, now
    me got bodyline liao hor ?"

    Wife:" Got ! Sure got ! "

    Husband excited:" Really ah ? Waho ! "

    Wife:" Got ! Straight line mar !"

    Husband 2 legs in the sky !!

    What the heck ??

    Yesterday was feeling a little bit down in the afternoon without
    knowing what was the reason, strange eh ?

    So i parked the heavily hit F-117 infront of the house and started
    the 1 hour SPA course for her.

    Washing, rinsing, using my palms to feel her skin, smooth and clean
    and the shine came back finally.

    At around 12;30 pm. The construction site which is right infront of
    my house started their work again, the machine went of puffing out
    black diesel smoke with cement dust, soil dust and everything !!

    -_-" wtfknnbbq ? My F-117 !!!!

    And Fat Lady called me and I went out away from the dust and dirt
    and smoke and everything.

    I told myself," Wheeewww !! Saved by the bell ! "

    Today morning I arrived at the office really early at about 8 am and
    parked my car at a nice spot. A nice spot here means somewhere
    NOT under the trees.

    Why ?

    Cause if I park the car under the tree, the visitors of the trees such as
    crows would pee and poo everywhere and the F-117 would suffer
    a lot, mostly direct hit with Balad Sputtering everywhere !!

    So I was really clever this time, not to parked under the tree.

    Just when I was about to celebrate.

    The strong wind came, came with the clouds.

    Clouds bring rain, rain fall to earth.

    Between the sky and the earth is my F-117.

    So, I wished that I have not washed my F-117 yesterday !!!

    wtfknnbbq , why everytime after I wash my car it sure rains
    one ?

    I know I don't pray much, but oh please God don't do this to
    me mar.....

    There are so many people out there also never pray what ?

    why me ? why ?

    Jalan Pahang & General Hospital Area View.

    I felt glad that I had my camera with me when I saw this scene. 7:16 pm of 7 Oct
    2006. When the sky in Kuala Lumpur could be seen again.

    7:16pm. KLCC view.

    From the spot, basically all the highrise building in KL could be seen if the
    sky is clear. Now this one we could see KL Tower at the right and KLCC at
    the left + Maxis building. Dang the Lamp Post, got to " Do something about
    it " lol !!

    7:15 pm. Jalan Tun Razak towards Jalan Ampang

    On the way to Ampang from Jalan Tun Razak, before entering to Ampang Elevated
    highway. 7:15 pm.

    A moment of clear sky of PJ

    On 7th of Oct, Saturday night, I was on my way to Ampang from PJ and
    the sky looked clear and no sign of haze and dust.

    I parked my car and captured this photo.

    That night, the evening sky was so beautiful. Perhaps because it has rained
    a night before and some slight changes of wind directions.

    Saturday, October 07, 2006

    Typing speed and skills.


    Here are your full test results:

    - Test Name: Strategic Alliances with Competitors
    - Date: 2006-10-07 11:27
    - Test Time: 03:00
    - Gross Speed: 54 WPM
    - Errors: 7
    - Accuracy: 95%

    - NET SPEED: 51 WPM

    This morning I was testing my typing speed online and
    scored the above result.

    Was it slow? medium? fast ?

    I don't know but I feel should be ok kua.

    I am using a Dell Keyboard which is the latest
    model with very much cost saving and it takes
    out minimal area on my office desk.

    Like tiger gets wings.


    Jason said that he scored 77 wpm and he that time was
    just wake up in the morning.

    And sometimes he could score 88 wpm and his cousin
    could score about 95 wpm anytime without problems !!!

    WTF ??

    I think there is something wrong with my computer , hmm,
    maybe my keyboard, hmm, maybe the processor 3.0Ghz is
    too slow ? or the Ram 512mb only ?? too little ram ??

    It must be the hard ware problem !! It must be !!!

    This is so not me !!

    Damn Koh Lian

    Today is a Saturday and yeah I am working today. My good
    friend Amanda sent an SMS to me and teased me

    " Oh Poor Kai hong has to work on Saturday ! "

    I replied with " I hate you! "

    But actually working on a Saturday is not that bad at all.


    I have to wake up at 7:40 am instead of 7:30 am normally.
    I could brush my teeth slowly.
    I could also take my own sweet time to Pang Sai.

    And today I gave a lift for my neighbour Aunty who was going
    to Taman Megah.

    And, hmmm, the traffic was really clear and could do constand
    90kmph or 100kmph and beat the hell out of Toyota Vios which
    tried to be funny with me, well, he tried, he lost.

    And i showed him the little finger for 10 seconds as I drove
    into the highway lol !!

    I hope his BP is better right now.

    Anyway, it's great to work on Saturday cause i would :

  • Not oversleep until afternoon.
  • Be able to have sales meeting with my sales person.
  • Have time for good breakfast.
  • Able to clear some paperworks.
  • Be able to wear my favourite Black T- Shirt to work.
  • Be able to park anywhere that I like.
  • Charge my mobile phone without incoming calls.
  • Be able to make some cold calls.
  • Be able to be alerted with current situation.

    But when I look at the MSN Live Messenger only 4
    person online and most of them are away.

    Compared to 20 person online.

    lolrotf !! Feeling good but deep inside my heart
    i feel a little bit Koh Lian !!

    Now, I have to make sure that the alternate Saturday
    off thing would be implemented within 3 months time
    and I would have a balanced point of work and rest.

    Ain't that right ? Yeah ?

    Let's start now.
  • Friday, October 06, 2006

    Marathon & Brake Rosak

    Yesterday reached home at 6pm something, read some emails, watched
    news and then, had some Mooncakes and before I now, my bed activated
    the magnetic field and I was hmm... stucked to it.

    I looked at the windows and there was still day lights.

    I said to myself," Rest a little bit, wake up and work later!"

    My brain," Affirmative Sir ! Sir !"

    Then I lost my conscious... and started the 2007 Marathon Tidur!!

    At 9pm something, I received SMS from Fat Lady, opened one eye
    and read.... still marathon.

    At 12am something, someone called me and asked me some opinion -_-"
    about some wedding things and stuff like that.

    Ok, i answered all the question with full conscious and continued
    the Marathon Tidur after that.

    3:30 am, battery fully charged !

    Myself," Gee ! It is good time to wash my car eh ? "

    My brain," Don't wash lah, how if it rains later ? "

    Myself," You are right also ! then what to do ? "

    My brain," Lie down, think about your work ! "

    Myself, " Ok zzzzzzzzzzzz..... "

    My brain," Kih kih kih kih kih !! "


    hence, that's how I ended up with a 12 hours sleep and
    when i woke up this morning at 7:30 am.

    I told my brain," Cis ! You penipu ! "

    My brain, " Bleh !!!! "

    Can't do this nomore ! Can't !!

    Bagi segala, janganlah berketelaluan 2

    My new job's office is located somewhere near Pearl Point of Old Klang Road Kuala Lumpur.

    From Damansara, I normally use Sprint Highway and take
    the Kerinchi Link ( Rm1.50 ) toll and go down to Federal Highway and turn into Old Klang Road.

    From my House to Old Klang road normally it takes 20
    minutes during peak hour and that day after work from
    my office I actually reached TTDI below 12 minutes
    using the same path. -_-"

    I was so proud of the timing and when I was about to
    write a good one about how little time does it take
    for me to come to work and go home, it happened !!

    Blardy hell this morning at the junction of Pearl
    Point I was stuck in the middle of the jam for more
    then 10 or 15 minutes because causing me to be 11
    minutes late into office.

    Just when I was about to praise the traffic situation
    of Old Klang Road !! Just about !!

    tomorrow got to wake up 10 minutes earlier !

    wtfknnbbq !!

    Coffee Mooncake -_-"

    Last night reached home and felt really tired and did
    not go out for dinner.

    Stayed home and had some Coffe Mooncake ( wtf -_-" ) as

    This morning when I came to office and went pee pee and
    the toilet was filled with Coffee Aroma -_-"

    Why the hell should there be Coffee mooncake in the
    first place !

    And why the hell is that everytime I consume something
    which has coffee inside or has coffee as ingredients
    my pee would smells like a cup of Capucino or Latte
    or Expresso ?

    why ?? why ??

    Monday, October 02, 2006

    1st day.

    Today is my first day at new job.

    From yesterday onwards I am officially ex-CIA, ex-CD-R, ex-DVD-R/+R, and ex-CCTV guy !!

    What I am doing now ? Boy I love my new job !!

    Today I :
  • Was driven around by my sales person.
  • Went to Kepong factory.
  • Went to Kepong offices.
  • Went to Buddhist Temple at Chow Kit area.
  • Went to Imbi Plaza, met some old customers.
  • Went to Pandan Perdana with delivery sales person.

    First time in history that I was driven around whole KL and Selangor and no need to drive at all.

    I love my job !! I am loving it !!!

    p/s : I was told that if I keep on telling myself that
    I love my job, i would eventually love it, maybe 2
    weeks or 4 weeks later. I love my job x 100 times !!