Sunday, July 05, 2009

The One About MJ

Last week during breakfast with my Chung Hwa 95 gang at some dim
sum shop...

Ah Jin: " Eh later want to go One U ? Got Tribute for MJ "

Fat Lady, " Metro Jaya ah ? One U ? Got sales ah ? Mega sales start
already meh ? I want to go !! I want to go !!! "

Ah Jin:" You know, itu Micheal Jackson, not Metro Jaya.... no I am not
talking about Mega sales or Kilo sales... I am talking about my beloved
Michael Jackson who died recently ok ? sob.. sob.. sob... "

Fat Lady, " Whopppsss... sorry sorry, sorry sorry..... "

btw, did you notice that for the past 1 week, MJ's song is like all over
the radio space, and all the Plasma TV, LCD TV at major shopping mall
now is showing him doing Moonwalking ??

Fat Lady, " geeee.... this guy sure could dance... ya ? "

Me, " ya, not Metro Jaya ya ? "

The One About 2 lizards

Scenario : 2 lizards went walking on the ceiling of my house, Lizard A
saw Fat Lady naked and fall off the ceiling.

Question : What does Lizard B which didn't fell say to Lizard A ??









Answer : "Tsk..tsk...tsk...tsk...tsk...." and shake head slowly....

Me ? I ran away fast fast man...

cicak besar gila...

The One About I could eat a cow....

A few days I was so hungry in the office that I told people that was
so hungry that I could probably eat a cow...

Fat lady's brother is new to the market and asked, how do we ask
people to give us a cow ? in a effective way...

Brother, " Do we say, like, can you pull me a cow ? or tug me a cow?
or bring me a cow ? or should I say, could you please pass me the cow?
hmmm... no good... or should I say could you kindly gimme a cow please?

Me, " Gimme the god damn cow ! " and you could add the following too...
( I am not asking you, I am telling you! )

My another friend, " Why not pig or horse or something ?? "

Me, " Pig is too small and horse is too thin... just like Mars is too hot,
Venus is too cold.... everything else is too far away.... "

My friend, " eh.... who told you that ? "

Me, " watch Discovery Channel lah .... " run away fast fast....

Thursday, July 02, 2009

The One About Cheese Cakes....

This morning, Mel, " Wei ! Kai Hong, mana aku mia cheese cake yang
engkau janjikan semalam ?? mana ? mana ?? .... "

Me, " Oh ! Sorry ya ! This morning in the wash room,
too rush, i
flushed them already...... chocolate cheese right ?? "

Mel, " Yeeeeeeeeewwwwwwwwww !!! "