Monday, December 28, 2009

The One About The Armoured Guy

Aiseh, what is the name of this animal with full body armour and

a nice full face helmet already ya?

Saw this one at some fish farm a few weeks ago.

I remembered this is one of the oldest animal in the world.

Older than shark and crocodile.....

apanama.... itu .... apanama.....

The One About Setapak and Mark Ko

Today was chatting with my father in car when going to Penang, sister and
mother are also tagging along.

Me, " So, how was your both trip to Genting yesterday? "

Father, " Good, I went and had coffee with your mama. "

Me, " Oh ... coffee ya ...where ? "

Father, " Setapak... "

Me and my sister, " What ? Setapak ? You went Genting right ?"

Father, " Stapak... " My mother spits mineral water at my car window...

Me, " Oi !! Starbucks ok ? "

Father, " Yes yes, Stabak... " Me 2 legs in the sky....

Me, " So , Starbucks, nice coffee ya ! "

Father, " Very nice and price also good ! "

Me, " Ya, nice price tag, what coffee did you drink ? "

Father, " Mark Koh... Markkohhh something .... "

Me and my sister spit the Cokes at car dashboard.....

Me and my sister, " Mocha lahhhhhhhh !!! "

My father, " Oppsss, Moka.. Moka.... "

I almost pulled the steering wheel off ..... Mark Ko pula.....

Papa.. why you so funny one ?

The One About Youngster(s) Today

My parents, just came back after having Starbucks at Genting....

Them, " Nowadays, a lot of kids surfing net at coffee shops ya !"

Me, " Yap, there are free internet access there. "

Them, " Both of us old people sit there and so many youngster, we
looked a bit odd lah "

Me, " Don't feel odd, next time, bring 2 lap tops, each of you open your
MSN and start chatting, and look at the screen and start grinning every
2 second(s), you will mix in alright... no worries ... or you can do farming,
harvesting and even stealing your neighbours fruits and vegetables... "

Them, " What fruits ? What vegetables ??? "

Me, " Never mind... i will teach you one day.... "

Sunday, December 20, 2009

The One About Important Activity

A few weeks ago we were having a gathering with Fat Lady's friends who
grew up with her in Ampang. And I also joined them to Key Poh and look
see look see around.

There were about 8 of us and we were having lunch at house of Ah Sim.

Ah Sim is a good friend of mine who happens to be Fat Lady friend too.

20 minutes after we started the lunch, the 2 ladies started looking at
their watch and started making calls and SMS.

Looked like very busy with work or some important issue.

After I asked them what happened, they said, " Strawberry whitening!"

Me, " What strawberry are you talking about ? "

Them, " We do farming now lah, very busy ! "

Me, " Eh I thought both of you are in Information Technology one ?
started farming since when ? Which farm do you normally go ? Do you
do organic farming or not ? I have this question about..... "

Them, " Stop ! We are doing farming on-line ! We plant strawberries
and our strawberries are riping already ! Now do you have a PC that
we could connect to the internet ? Else please go play far far away..... "

Me, " WFT ? farming virtually ? "

Them, " Yes ! And now please connect this PC to the internet .... "

5 minutes later... Them, " Oh ha ha !! can harvest already, let me go
and steal some stuff from my neighbour first ... keh keh keh.. "

Me, " Darn ! These people are very strange.... "

Fat Lady, " Ya, imagine that you could grow strawberries and harvest
the fruits in 4 hours time, with no sweat , no soil need and also no need
to water your plant. That is cool ya !! "

Me, " I need to learn about this virtual farming thing already !!! "

Fat Lady, " You don't get addicted to it so much, that my 2 friends
set alarm notificaion in the handphone and google calander ... so that
they could harvest their fruits on time and prevent whitening......"

Me -_-"

The One That I am away

It is now year end again. Now excuse me cause I am away from KL.

The One About More Coffee

We had 6 of these this morning. Fat Lady, " Hmmmm...... darn good coffee !!"

I am sure that later when I pee, the toilet would smell like

Cappucinaman Coffee Company.....

The One About Good Coffee

Was with Fat Lady and the team in Ipoh searching for good coffee.

We went to 1st Shop and had some coffee....

Me asked, " So how ? coffee nice ??"

Fat Lady mia sister, " Hmmm.... so so only.... "

Me, " Wah Liew wei ! This one very famous one woh ! Got Egg Tart one woh!"

Fat Lady mia sister, " Nope, no kick, my heart beat didn't go up ! "

Me, " WTFBBQSATAY ..... "

Fat Lady mia sister, " I want to try a second opinion, let's go opposite one!"

Hence we went to "Sun Yuan Foong" and tried....

20 seconds later

Me, " How how ?? "

Fat Lady mia sister, " Wah ! Got feel !! got feel !!! my heart now Ping Pong
Ping Pong, Ping Ping Pong Pong !! Very strong !! very nice !! This is TEH
best ! i am very high now, can go do Disco and "Feng" my head till
tomorrow....ya ?? ya ?? Got disco here or not ?? Got pub or not ??"
We all, " Chee Sin !!!! "

The One About Big Animals Water

A few days ago we were at Ipoh area searching up and down for foods
and ate a lot of hot stuffs.

Ate some fried and spicy stuff , a lot of protein stuff too.

Fat Lady, " Hei ! You all better drink some HIPPO water there ok ? "

My niece, " Yi Yi , what is hippo water ? "

Fat Lady mia sister, " Ya, what on earth is hippo water ? "

Me, " What is HIPPO water ?? "

Fat Lady, " errr..... "

Me, LMAO, " You mean 3 legs Rhino water isn't it ?? Ha ha ha !!"

Fat Lady, " eerrrr... ya loh wopppsss "

Me, " Why not you call that Elephant Water or Whale Water ?"

Fat Lady, " Oi !!! Soli lor !! "

Is that true it is difficult to diffrenciate a Rhino and a Hippo ??

Fat Lady, " Oiiii !! I said enough already harrrr !! "

Me, " ok ok... cough * hippo water * cough "

Fat Lady, " Ka Chaaaaaaaaaa !!! You bad man ! Come try my latest
Buddha..... Mountain...... Non-Shadowed...... Kicks !!! "

Sunday, December 06, 2009

The One About Handphone Freeze

A few days ago in the office.

Miss July ( MJ ) came to my place and asked, " Kai Hong, got a few minutes ?"

Me, " ya, how may i help you ?"

MJ, " You see this phone, no response no matter what i press leh !"

Me, " oh , let me see ? "

MJ, " Nah here you go... donno why it freezes leh "

Me took it and pressed Power button for 3 sec, Nokia tune played....

MJ, " Har ? WTF ? "

Me, " Mobile phone need to be turned on first, only it would work.. "

MJ, " WTF ? Which button that you pressed ? "

Me, " Power on button lah ! "

MJ, " But it is not written here as power button leh ! "

Me 2 legs in the sky........

MJ laughed he he he he he and beaten the crap out of me .....