Monday, January 30, 2006

God of gambles II is teaching the little little Gods to gamble. The guy in white shirt is Lor Sei Hoi ( Sei Kor ).
God of gambles III
What the hell is this? Well this is the theme of 2006, it changes shape from carpet to mammals and stuff like that. The 2006 latest Transformer(r) member !! Woff Woff !!
Question : What does Chinese do in Chinese New Year besides eat, eat, eat and eat?
he he he he he !! Told ya this year is going to be my year. I am the bad dog of the family !! Woff Woff !!
And can you believe that all these bags belong to 2 adults and 1 baby. Hmmm... for 2 days 1 night? What is wrong with the people of Kelantan OMG !!
Ho Poh Ling wishing you all a Happy and Splendid Woffing Chinese New Year 2006.
Joey Tribiani, Monica, Rachel and Ross???
hehe.. i am getting married yahoo !!
The Gods of Gamble IV.
The Ghost and the Darkness.

Sunday, January 29, 2006

My lovely grandmother preparing the dinner. Clockwise from what she is arranging.. Yong Mushroom, Fried Mixed Vegetables, Yong Oyster, Portugis Fish Head ( with a lot of green vege ) Fried Tau Fu, her hand was blocking the fried shrimps, large fried shrimps. and in the middle was... Kao Yok... OMG!!!
My sister is doing some cookies business.
Dinner ready, yo !! Let's go and get some!!
The meal for the kids.

Saturday, January 28, 2006

It's a starry-starry night here.

Back to Kelantan, the first thing that I have
noticed would be the starry sky here.

Hence I have Gone star hunting.

Below are my equipment for hunting.

  • My Lumix FZ-30.
  • A China Made Tripod.
  • My F-117.

    Big mistake, next time please remind me to
    bring mosquito coils....

    Dang the mosquito in Kota Bharu are so
    hungry and not polite to me.

    At least the PJ and KL mosquito knows when
    to respect me. Sigh...

    Happy Chinese New Year.
  • Happy Chinese New Year

    Here I would like to wish all of you who reads
    this blog.

    Happy Chinese New Year.

    May Your Wish Comes True and enjoy the splendid
    moment with your loves one and family.

    I am away from broadband in Kota Bharu now, hence
    more posting when I am back to KL.

    You are so going to enjoy seeing all these nice
    food here in Kota Bharu LOL !!!..

    Gong Xi Fa Chai !!!

    Monday, January 16, 2006

    大 鱼 大 肉 !!

    2 Days ago before going out for lunch we were so hungry
    in the office, caused we skipped breakfast.

    Before 1pm I told everyone:" Today i am going to eat
    a lot of stuff !! grrrrrr !!! 大 鱼 大 肉 !! "

    Amanda:" Ok OK me too ! "

    10 minutes later at the lunch place I sit down with
    my plate and , I pointed at my plate and shouted :

    " See ? 大 鱼 大 肉 !! 大 鱼 大 肉 !! "

    Amanda -_-" Chai -_-" Crystal =_=" ....

    In my plate there was :

  • 白 饭
  • 沙 丁 鱼 半 条
  • 炒 猪 肉 5 片
  • 四 捻 豆 8 片

  • Amanda:" 你 这 人,真 认 真,讲 到 做 到 woh!"

    我:" 那 还 用 讲 的 吗?我 们 出 来 行 的,
    牙 齿 当 金 洗 的! 吃 饭 啦!"

    Amanda:" 我 服 你 服 得 你 很 紧 要 leh!"

    我:" 谢 谢 "

    Amanda:"不 用 谢 !! "


    大 鱼 大 肉 !!

    My 2006 resolution.

    It's already 16th Jan 2006 and I feel that I need to
    buck up very much like what my boss asked me to.

    I think this year, what I need to improve are :
  • Do things faster, no more slow ass ms. daisy.
  • Sleep less, not more then 6 hours daily.
  • Eat less, don't want elephant or whale no more.
  • Save some cash for the rainy days.

    I think that's all I would do, don't set a target
    which is impossible or sky high. One step a time and
    execute them one by one.

    So people, please help me up to ensure the 4 points
    above are executed.
  • Sunday, January 15, 2006

    Philips = TV freak meh?

    Time now is 11:30 pm of Sunday, 14 Jan 2006.

    Just finished watching Mythbuster on Discovery Channel
    and feeling GREAT !! Today's programe was about the 4
    facts about Sharks ( Movie : Jaws 1977 )and, well at
    least I learnt that :
  • A really large shark could koyak a shark cage.
  • A really large shark could pull down 3 barrel, but
    not for long.
  • Shark dislikes being punched or poked.
  • Oxygen tank would not explode when hit by bullet.

    I can't believe that I really sit infront of TV and
    finished watching the 2 hours ( normally 1 hour ) but
    I really enjoy their work and the show, really.

    That was about 2 hours of TV in the evening.

    And before that, in the late afternoon I was watching
    "Tony Jaa"s Tom-Yum-Goong DVD -_-" a Thai movie which
    I think, if you have a chance you should really watch
    it. Tomyam
    This Tom Yam movie is not about Tom Yam at all, see
    it for yourself and enjoy it.

    Wait, it's only 11:45 pm now, I am going to watch more
    TV, am I becoming a real TV freak?

    I don't care, it's cheap and it's a lot of fun !!
  • Saturday, January 14, 2006

    2 TV required.

    Yesterday evening was spending some quality time with
    Fat Lady at the living room.

    Me press press press Astro remote controller...

    Fat Lady =_=" .....

    Me press press press Astro remote controller....

    Fat Lady cannot tahan already:" Wei, next time hor we
    are going to need 2 sets of TV and Astro at home ok?"

    Me:" Why ?"

    Fat Lady:" You like action, comedy, discovery, CSI,
    Las Vagas, OMG, BBQ, HBO, Cinimax, AXN ...."

    Fat Lady:" But i like hantu movie, romance, drama,
    cooking show, entertainment, make up shows, reality

    Me :" Ok loh, give you the remote control loh !"

    Second day in the office.

    I told Amanda that I don't like to watch horror movie
    and ada hantu punya movie.

    The whole office LOLOTF -_-" and looked me no up.

    I explained to them that it is not that I am afraid,
    it is the uncomfortable feeling when I had when I
    watch horror movie, the feeling of uncertainty of what
    will happen next.

    Amanda:" Itu takut lah bodoh !! "

    The whole office bursted into laughing again.

    This time I could see the tears in Amanda's eyes...

    WTF?? Cannot meh??

    Wednesday, January 11, 2006

    Don't know why... IBLR

    Now listening to Nora Jone's : Don't know why.. hmmm
    such a nice song.

    About 4 hours ago after work, on the way back to my PJ
    house, suddenly the "Ngien" of eating Indian Banana
    Leaf Rice came attacking me non-stop.

    Well, Fat Lady was not around, all of my relatives in
    Taman Tun were busy, got to do it alone.

    Arrived at the shop and asked for 1 pack of IBLR take
    away. And headed home.

    The rest, please look at the photos down there.

    Self explanatory... burp !!

    For 20 minutes I was in the happiest man in Malaysia
    while I was eating the rice.

    By the time I finished the rice, I looked around and
    I was already at Paradise or Heaven. Hmmmmm !!!!

    Cost of IBLR = RM7.40
    Cost of curry = Free

    Getting high and happy cause IBLR = Priceless.

    Fat Lady =" Geram betul " cause she was in Ampang and
    only can see (see pictures) but cannot eat !!!

    LOLBBQKLIA !! Burp !!

    Wah ha ha ha !!!

    Sekali open the Indian Banana Leaf rice, without kari, without ayam, plain aja. Ok let me go and tambah some stuff first. Oh cost of all these = RM7.40 from Taman Tun Dr. Ismail TTDI KL. Posted by Picasa

    Tambah itu tambah ini !!!

    Tambah Ayam + Tambah Kari + Tambah Papadam + Keropok Kentang !! Posted by Picasa

    10 seconds.

    10 seconds before makaning. Posted by Picasa

    1/2 seconds.

    1/2 seconds before I start makaning. Posted by Picasa

    He he he he !!


    While browsing and roaming my old photos in my office
    computer I found this picture.

    This was taken during our visit to a famous hotel at
    Sunway, near Pyramid during a buffet lunch.

    OMG I am so hungry now and for those who feels the
    same when reading this, that is my whole purpose of
    posting this image to make you feel like what I did.

    Cheers and I am still very hungry !! Posted by Picasa

    Saturday, January 07, 2006

    Price of Banana Leaf Rice

    Oopps ! Forgot to mentioned ( Thanks Jason ) the
    price for the yesterday food.

    2 person's Banana Leaf Rice ( + 4 vegetables )
    1 plate fried chicken
    1 plate dried curry ( must eat, die die also must eat )
    1 piece of fried fish eggs (contains 122,311,113 eggs )
    2 small cups of sour soups.
    Unlimited rice refill.
    Unlimited curry free flows.
    Unlimted papadam / keropok kentang
    1 cup of Ice Lime

    Total cost = RM17.50 only.

    I love Malaysia ! I love Malaysia ! I love Malaysia!!

    Wonderful Tonight !!

    Yesterday went to TTDI Banana Leaf rice shop to have
    dinner with Fat Lady.


    Arrived at the Indian Food Shop, can't remember the
    name but it is facing the old Jaya Jusco building
    main door.

    As both of us were extremely hungry, we were still
    able to keep cool and order minimal of food.

    2 set of Banana Leaf + rice + 4 vege + papadam.. -_-"
    1 plate of fried chicken (small)
    1 plate of dried curry (small) OMG tasted so good!
    1 piece of fried fish eggs. ( I ate 213,112,112 eggs)

    First as usual they served us the banana leaf on the
    table, hmmm, and then they put the 4 vegetable on
    the leafs.

    Then rice, you could have as much as you want.

    Fat Lady and me asked for moderate rice only, cause we
    have learnt our lesson. A lot of rice means deep coma
    after eating , hahaha!!

    Then the Fish curry also free flows. I served Fat Lady
    and myself a "banjir" type curry on the rice.

    The rice was hot, curry was warm, chickens were warm
    and the fish eggs were crispy at the outside and
    inside was fresh and good !!!!!!!

    Quality time and quality food, and it was raining so
    heavily outside !!

    Ate and ate and ate, finally finished the wonderful

    Despite minimal food orderd, but at the end of the
    dinner we still felt very very full and feel like going
    into coma !!

    Fat Lady:" You are an asshole! burp !"

    Me :" Why?? why ? Why you marah me ??"

    Fat Lady:" I just announced I wanted to keep fit
    yesterday you moron !! burp !!"

    Me :" He he he !! We both a bit fat fat loh!"

    Fat Lady :" I benci you ! Burp !"

    Me LOL !!

    Tuesday, January 03, 2006

    Annual Leave

    So, today is the first working day of 2006.

    Time now is 9:04 am of 3 January 2006, Tuesday and
    everyone is back to the office.

    People asked me if I had a wonderful holiday, which I was suppose to enjoy a 10.5 days continuesly off from office work but I didn't. I came back to office and visited customer for the past 10 days, and only got chance to rest during 1st and 2nd of January when everyone else was also resting.

    So I told my friends that in sales line, it is quite
    difficult to 100% enjoy the holiday or breakaway
    totally without communication with the office and work.

    But in sales line sometimes the work could be a little
    bit more flexible compared to the office / back room
    employee. That's does not mean I could go and curi
    tulang or go back to sleep at home.

    Just we could manage our time better, that's all.

    So this morning a senior manager who came back to office after a 10 days leave talked to us.

    He said:" I almost forgotten the road to office liao!"

    We all protested his show off by looking at him with
    the " I look you no up " expression.

    Arrrggghh!! Why we have to wait so long for the holiday
    which does not last !????

    Benci betul KNNFFKTFKBBQKLIASYSTEMATIC@ 2006 first day
    at work. Sigh !!!

    Monday, January 02, 2006


    updated:2006-01-02 16:28:10 MYT













    2006, the real 2006 sigh !!

    Some people has 2006 New Year resolutions, some
    people has new objective for 2006, some people has
    expectation towards 2006.

    For me, I think I am going to brace myself towards
    2006 because from what I see and what I hear, it is
    going to be a tough year ahead.

    Of course I would also have to upgrade myself towards
    doing things more quickily and "ada kepala ada ekor!"

    Yeah, I am asking myself to work faster and be more
    "ada kepala ada ekor!" in 2006.

    That's all I am asking, that's all. Should be something which is not too difficult right?

    Happy New Year.

    Forgive me, I am suffering Super Monday Blue and Extreme Super Last Day of Holiday Blue too !!!

    About 45 hours ago the sky of PJ looked like this. I was feeling very happy and glad that it is New Year's Eve and I am going to get 2 more days holiday. However, today is already 2nd of Jan and I have to work tomorrow. The worst thing is that I need to wait for another year to see these nice fireworks again -_-". I missed 2005 and the holidays. Then... the sky turned darked and ...
    8:45 pm. Some lightning strike noise made me set up my tripod + Lumix FZ30. Look at the dark cloud I told myself.
    8:52 pm. The lightning strikes at about 40 seconds interval. Look at the cloud, it is going to rain for sure !!
    8:46 pm. Multi lightning at Shah Alam direction from my windows.
    While the lightning was performing happyly, the God of rain didn't wanted to be left out obviously. God of rain starts to pours then.... then cats and dogs, i mean the rain.
    Then it was raining + lightning and everything became blur. Time 9:02 pm (2nd Jan 2006). What a wonderful way to start work tomorrow. I think it is going to be a wet January here in KL for 2006. Better bring my umbrella to work tomorrow. -_-"

    Sunday, January 01, 2006

    Rambutan -_-"
    Happy 2006 to all of you out there. Really hope that with the wonderful fireworks like this could light up our years ahead. Really hope everyone makes 2006 a better year and appreciate the one around us more. 2006, show me some colour !!
    The Grand Finale of Fireworks of One Utama Shopping Complex.
    Some smaller size fireworks behind Sunway Mutiara area. Perhaps somewhere near Sungai Buluh already.
    Red Alert !!
    The right blue (actually only the cap is blue) gets too much of exposure time, making it glows in the dark LOL !!
    This one is above One Utama Shopping mall. Dang Pelangi Damansara II condo under construction blocked our view. Else from my windows I could see 5 location with fire works. Amazing !!
    10 minutes ago, the sky above The Curve at Mutiara Damansara looked like this. Happy New Year 2006 folks. May 2006 be a good year for all of us, I pray for World Peace !! and I hope to be happy all the year with all the people that I love !!
    3 bottles, 1 torch light, 15 second exposure and 4.5 litre of filtered water. Fat lady loves this photo.