Wednesday, August 27, 2008

The One About 落井下石 伤口撒盐




这岂不是落井下石 伤口撒盐吗?

Saturday, August 23, 2008

The One About Kucing Pipe !!

A Hello Kucing exhaust pipe.

I am so totally speechless !!

The One About AKLEH !!

In Hakka, Ah Lek means a small kid.

It is always norm to see a description of the
kid's appearance in front.

Like if that kid is too darn thin, his name would
be Pai Kut Lek.

If that kid is handsome, his name would be Handsome

If that kid has tall nose, his name would be Kuai Low

If that kid has a lot of hair, would be Harry Lek then.

Anyway, it has been like 25 years since I last heard
this name Ah Lek Ah Lek.

At Ampang the other day I saw a signboard saying

" AKLEH " and " KLCC "

I was like, wah liew !! Which Ah Lek is so famous until
there is a few signboard putting direction to his house,
and this guy ( Ah Lek ) is as important as KLCC -_-"

And then, I figured figured....

AKLEH's actual meaning is Ampang Kuala Lumpur Elevated
Highway lah !!

Cheh ! Ah Lek and Ak Leh tak sama tahu ? Dik ????

Fat Lady, " Oh I see !!! " lol !!!

Hence, AKLEH = Highway's name

Ah Lek = Kid !!

How about Ak Leh Lek ???

Must be the kid who stays under the KL Ampang highway
loh ! Duh !!!

Sunday, August 17, 2008

The One About Another Cold One !!

Three tomatoes are walkin' down the street.

Papa Tomato, Mama Tomato and Baby Tomato.

Baby Tomato starts lagging behind,
and Papa Tomato gets really angry.

Goes back and squishes him and says,

"Ketchup !! "


Wednesday, August 06, 2008

The One About Sarong.

So, there was this not so thin guy getting married and his
friend kept on giving him pressure over the MSN.

Friend, " Hi ! What cloths you are going to wear that night?"

Fatty, " Don't know yet, maybe shirt and coat kua."

Friend, " Why not something more special ? Whole white?"

Fatty, " Don't want, wear white cannot eat dinner liao, you
want me starve to dead izzit ? "

Friend, " Aloi !! Eat eat eat !! Getting fat loi ! Nanti cannot
wear coat or wedding cloths baru tahu ! "

Fatty, " Can always wear sarong what ? "

Friend, " Wahh !! That would be interesting !! "

Fatty, " Later the sarong jatuh, lagi intersting aloi !! "

Friend, " Nampak burung sial !"

Fatty and Friend lololrotf !!!

Photos from :

The One About RM 20 and RM 10.

A few weeks ago I found out that the non original Audio CDs
are being sold at RM 20 for 3 pieces at some SS2 night

I pointed at them and shouted, " Wow ! That's cheap !! "

My sister turned head and said, " RM 10 for 3, Kepong and
Cheras night market ! "

Me -_-"

You know back in 1996 / 1997 the price of non original CD
was RM 25 per piece ?

By the way, the RM 20 / 3 was using stamping technology
and the RM 10 for 3 was using CD-R.

Manufacturing cost tak sama.

Sunday, August 03, 2008

The One About 28 weeks later.

Just finished watching 28 weeks later at Star Movie Channel.

Just one word, " diediediediedie !! "

* run away ala Zombie ..... damn tiring !!

The One About Adoi !!!

Adoi !! Kelapa sangkut !!!

The One About F-117 and F-22

After many many years in service, my F-117 is finally going to
retire from active services and become under General Fat Lady's

Me ? I got a new smaller vehicle, still very much stealth and
could move fast and move low. Darn !! I am going to miss the
7 years old F-117 already.

Fat Lady, " WTF ? I get F-117 ah ? You get F-22 ah ? "

Me, " F-117 better then F-22 ! Ignition part got light one woh ! "

Fat Lady, " )!&&$^^%!%%$$$!#%&**#*$*%&&&B"