Saturday, August 23, 2008

The One About AKLEH !!

In Hakka, Ah Lek means a small kid.

It is always norm to see a description of the
kid's appearance in front.

Like if that kid is too darn thin, his name would
be Pai Kut Lek.

If that kid is handsome, his name would be Handsome

If that kid has tall nose, his name would be Kuai Low

If that kid has a lot of hair, would be Harry Lek then.

Anyway, it has been like 25 years since I last heard
this name Ah Lek Ah Lek.

At Ampang the other day I saw a signboard saying

" AKLEH " and " KLCC "

I was like, wah liew !! Which Ah Lek is so famous until
there is a few signboard putting direction to his house,
and this guy ( Ah Lek ) is as important as KLCC -_-"

And then, I figured figured....

AKLEH's actual meaning is Ampang Kuala Lumpur Elevated
Highway lah !!

Cheh ! Ah Lek and Ak Leh tak sama tahu ? Dik ????

Fat Lady, " Oh I see !!! " lol !!!

Hence, AKLEH = Highway's name

Ah Lek = Kid !!

How about Ak Leh Lek ???

Must be the kid who stays under the KL Ampang highway
loh ! Duh !!!

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