Wednesday, August 06, 2008

The One About Sarong.

So, there was this not so thin guy getting married and his
friend kept on giving him pressure over the MSN.

Friend, " Hi ! What cloths you are going to wear that night?"

Fatty, " Don't know yet, maybe shirt and coat kua."

Friend, " Why not something more special ? Whole white?"

Fatty, " Don't want, wear white cannot eat dinner liao, you
want me starve to dead izzit ? "

Friend, " Aloi !! Eat eat eat !! Getting fat loi ! Nanti cannot
wear coat or wedding cloths baru tahu ! "

Fatty, " Can always wear sarong what ? "

Friend, " Wahh !! That would be interesting !! "

Fatty, " Later the sarong jatuh, lagi intersting aloi !! "

Friend, " Nampak burung sial !"

Fatty and Friend lololrotf !!!

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