Sunday, August 03, 2008

The One About F-117 and F-22

After many many years in service, my F-117 is finally going to
retire from active services and become under General Fat Lady's

Me ? I got a new smaller vehicle, still very much stealth and
could move fast and move low. Darn !! I am going to miss the
7 years old F-117 already.

Fat Lady, " WTF ? I get F-117 ah ? You get F-22 ah ? "

Me, " F-117 better then F-22 ! Ignition part got light one woh ! "

Fat Lady, " )!&&$^^%!%%$$$!#%&**#*$*%&&&B"


Jasonmumbles said...


So, when can we go Sekinchan and take photos? :D

Fuel consumption berapa?

Philips at work. said...

lol !!

Sekinchan ah ? Let me ask if their padi field is all burnt or still green first yeah.

RM 0.185 / km highway
RM 0.200 / km city