Thursday, July 24, 2008

The One About Good and Bad Dreams.

I had a dream last night, in the dream I had the urge to go pee
pee and I went to the toilet.

In side the toilet, there was only 4 walls with 1 door and nothing
else, no toilet bowl, no toilet seat nothing, just like a empty store
room, how too pee like that ?? Hoiyoh !!!

This is bad dream !!

Sometimes in the dream, we worked like hell and went thru some
tough time and finally time to eat came, and I woke up !!!!!!!!

That is also bad dream (timing) !

Sometimes in the dream, we ate a lot damn good stuff and enjoyed
to the max, and able to wake up before the bill of food come !!!!

That is good dream ( timing ) lolrotf !!

Theses idea came from the 19 sec duration of my pee this morning.

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