Friday, June 29, 2007

The One About 4GB USB Flash Drive !!

Back to year 2001 I purchased a 64MB Trek USB Thumb Drive
at RM 120 or RM 140. It was totally awesome and useful and
darn convenient back then.

It came with a CD with driver and security software, cause back
then Windows 98 were still very common. Windows 98 requires
you to install the USB flash drive software before it recognize it
as a removable drive -_-"

That was the price and situation of back then.

Today I saw a 4,000MB ( 4GB ) Kingston selling at RM 120
only -_-"

And with Windows Me, Windows XP, Windows 2000 and Vista.

Just plug and pirate play !!!

IT prices does indeed go down like no tomorrow my friend !!

This reminds me of something else, a good friend of mine once
told me

" Whatever China is producing , the end user price will drop !


Whatever China is producing, the raw material price will go up !!

What a wonderful country yeah !!

The One About Jeans.

Talking bout Jeans, I have 3 pairs of black colour jeans that always
wear them to office because they doesn't look like jeans but like
cotton pants.

Whenever I am not meeting customer I normally wear jeans to work
and with working shirt ( no tie normally ).

One day my tele sales girl: " Mr Wong ah ! Can we wear jeans to work?"

Me:" No, you can't ! "

Girl:" But why you could ? "

Me:" Cause I am the manager and you are not ! "

Girl =_="

Jeans are good !! They are darn good !!!

* run away fast fast !!

Thursday, June 28, 2007

The One About My Sister

Yesterday after dinner with my sister we were walking away
from the food stalls of Section17, PJ.

Suddenly my sister shouted:" Eh ! Koh your zip open leh !! "

Me -_-" and quickily check checked my zip.

Eh ? 100% zipped up and secured woh !!

My sister:" Not that one lah ! Your lap top bag ah !! "

I coughed crashed fall bom bang and run fast fast !!!

What kind of sister is this ?? Somemore university graduated!

Jeans zip and lap top bag zip also never specify !!

A lot of people were looking at me you know ??

Now everyday when I open my lap top bag I will also check
my jean's or pants zip already.

Chain reaction ??

Haizhhh !!

Quote of the day.

Quote of the day :

"with budu + limau, nescaya saya dapat makan nasi
2 pinggan tak
terhenti-henti, muka tak tukar warna,
nafas tak menjadi cepat !!

The One About msnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnn !!!

MSN Live Messenger is how do we communicate in office nowadays.

Want to ask my telesales girl something ? MSN...

Want to ask if the report is ready ? MSN...

Want to ask if this is done or that is done ? MSN...

Even at my home my conversation with my housemate from
room to room would be via MSN...

One day if MSN Live is no more here, I can't imagine what
would be the world.

Do we have to start walking from table to table ?

Do we have to start making phone calls ?

Do we have to start using burung merparti to send letters ?

Arrrggghghhh !! Takut !! Takut sial !!

The One About Did You Know That.

Did you know that :

  • Walks Wagon is pronounced Folks Wagon ?
  • Carrefour is pronounced Car Fur ?
  • Gesture is pronounced Jess ture ?
  • I am feeling very stressed up in work ?

    * run away fast fast !!
  • Tuesday, June 26, 2007

    WHAT ??

    What ???

    Today is only Tuesday ah ??

    Why am I feeling that we are close to weekend already one ??

    Baru Tuesday !! Alamak !

    Alamak !! Headache !

    The ONe About LCCT Free Wifi !!

    As per the topic,

  • Yes LCCT Sepang does have Wifi !
  • Yes LCCT Sepang's Wifi is free !
  • Yes I am happy with their Wifi !
  • Their Wifi is not streamyx or Telekom Malaysia!

    I went to LCCT with my HP lap top to wait for my customer for
    a meeting last night, upon arriving near the terminal building ( Before
    Mc Donalds restaurant ) I waited there in my car.

    Launched my lap top to do some costing and thought, " Eh why not
    try out if they do have Wifi here or not leh ? "

    And enable the buttons, scan and connect !!

    Bravo ! I was connected and hooked in no time !

    Checked email, read some blogs, continue with the costing etc
    and I think it's a very good thing to have Wifi at air port.

    Time is not wasted, people who are waiting for delayed flight
    wouldn't be that up set and everything seems to be better with
    the ability to surf net ( for free somemore ) while waiting at the
    air port.

    And now, some more can access the Wifi from inside the car
    and with air cond and away from the rain or sun.... hmmm : )

    it's good that way ! it's good !!

    So, folks ! If you haven't install broadband yet at your place and love
    to leech people's free wifi signal, you could now drive 60km and Rm 6.80
    toll to lcct and leech as much as you want !

    Don't always leech at outside of Coffee Bean and Starbucks only you all!
    Go start leeching at LCCT Sepannnnnnnnggggggggg !!!!!

    Today's quote

    " Now Everyone Can Leech Free Wifi Signal (tm)!"

    * run away fast fast !!
  • The One About Feeling Better Now.

    Things always look scary and out of control when you avoid
    to solve it and choose to hide and run away from it.

    But when you put effort and hard work to solve the issue or
    problems, it makes you to be in control.

    And when you are in control, it is easy to solve and settle problems!

    I am in control now !! And I am taking over the control now !!!
    And I will always take control from now on !

    Monday, June 25, 2007

    THe One About Nightmares !!

    The work is getting really heavy and too many unforeseen problems
    occurred in daily operation and works. Hence felt really tired and was
    trying to fix everything everyday, and it has been 3 weeks since I am
    under this.

    I checked checked checked myself and realized that I am under some
    huge pressure of work.

    How did I do that ? I mean realize that I am under pressure of work ?

    Well two things come out in the dream whenever i am under pressure.

    1. Dream of tomorrow is the final examination, and my Maths subject is
    still untouched or still another 16 chapter to learn ( not revise, learn !! )
    and I felt really really helpless !!

    2. Dream of I was in the examination hall, the answer sheet is empty and
    30 more minutes I have to submit the answer. And my brain is totally
    blank and don't know how to answer the questions !! That is !!

    Things like that kept on coming up in the dreams and that sucks !!

    The result ? From today onwards I am going to push my sales exec to work
    harder and smarter, I am going to get over these nightmares now and
    forever !!

    Now and forever cause I am so sick of it !!! Arrrggghhh !!!!

    THe One About Things Do Change.

    Just now went to have Bak Kut Teh as lunch with my boss and another
    manager in the company.

    However after tasting the food ( The one at Subang Jaya ) I noticed that
    the taste has changed, unfortunately towards the negative side and
    not as good as last time already.

    Would that because of the peak hour ? Or the boss wasn't in a good mood?

    Or thing changes very frequently ?? Very very frequently ??

    It made me started thinking again.

    Thursday, June 21, 2007

    The One About Rains and Floods !!

    Had a very bad dream yesterday, the house that I am staying
    was flooded until 1st floor where my piano is !! -_-"

    I was like, what the hell ? How come it floods so strong but at
    the same time could do nothing but seeing the water level getting
    close to the piano !!

    And the worst thing is that, in the dream we had a balcony and I
    hanged some cloths out there, and 5 minutes later it rains !!!

    I was like 2 legs in the sky !! Why all the unfortunate things came
    in a package yeah ?

    I need some good rest i guess!

    The One About Time Goes By Fast !

    Last year I watched Top Secret!, a movie starring Val Kilmer
    and the rest, a 1986 movie ! lol !! And had a lot of fun with
    it and someone told me that was the mother of all comedy

    And later someone told me that Airplane! should be the
    mother of all funny crazy movie, released in 1980, this
    is suppose to be the funniest movie in history.

    Finally got my copy of Airplane yesterday and watched
    and I told myself ," Damn ! Not funny one !!! "

    And for the first time in history that I fall asleep while
    watching comedies movie !!! Oh My God !!

    Either I was too tired yesterday, or the movie Airplane!
    is not funny enough or I am getting too old for this.

    By the way, I miss both of my parents very much and I
    wish to go home and spend a few weeks with them very
    much, Papa and Mama ! I love you both !!!

    Wednesday, June 20, 2007

    The One About Western Food Dinner.

    A few weeks ago I went to see Fat Lady and her little brother at
    evening at Ampang.

    Upon arriving me:" Hi all, let's go have dinner ! "

    Them:" Wow ! Ok what shall we eat ? "

    Me:" Let's go for something nice today !! "

    Them:" Wah !! Good ! What food ? "

    Me:" We go have western food !!! "

    Them:" Wah ! Great ! " and changed to nice
    attire and put perfume and dinner blouse and
    everything .... the brother even put tie.

    Everyone was in happy and high mod.

    10 minutes later F-117 parked infront of
    Kentucky Fried Chicken, Bandar Baru Ampang.

    Fat Lady and the brother -_-"

    Them," Eh ? You said western food ? "

    Me, " Yeah lah ! KFC is western food what ? Here
    uses fork and knife and got main course, salad and
    everything mia what ? "

    They all 2 legs in the sky !!!

    But we proceed to enjoy the nice fried chicken then!

    Fat Lady, " Western food wah ! Tipu !! "

    Friday, June 15, 2007

    The One About Tak Kenal Maka Tak Cinta.

    First heard this song below ( Tak Kenal Maka Tak Cinta ) in radio back
    to 1996 or 1997. Damn this song broke my heart completely !!!

    Ever since then I was looking for this song left and right, up and down.

    Now finally it's mine, but everytime I listen to this song I have heart
    ache. Don't know why.

    Senyum di bibirmu
    Ada garis duka
    Walau riang wajahmu
    Penuh cerita lara

    Sepi... ruang hati
    Resah pun menyiksa
    Orang yang kau nanti
    Hilang di sudut mata

    Yang jauh asyik teringat
    Yang dekat tak terpikat
    Tak kenal maka tak cinta

    Yang jauh asyik teringat
    Yang dekat tak terpikat
    Tak kenal maka tak cinta

    Biar jauh di seberang
    Kasih tak mungkin hilang

    Thursday, June 14, 2007

    The One About Heavy Breakfast.

    Cayleen Singapore says:
    breakfast shd be heaviest

    Wong Kai Hong says:

    Wong Kai Hong says:
    so i tomorrow morning I am eating some besi, some tembaga
    and some emas i think.

    Wong Kai Hong says:
    cause besi, tembaga and emas all also heavy one

    Wong Kai Hong says:
    * lari !!

    Cayleen Singapore says:

    The One About Sandwiches !!

    There are 2 pieces of mattress in my room. 1 queen size or so ( for
    2 person ) and another one is for 1 person.

    I normally sleep on the 1 person mattress as it occupies less space
    and the queen size one is always put against the wall.

    By the way, there is no bed in my room and I sleep on the mattress
    on the floor. Poor man's room my friend, poor man !!

    So, I always like to sleep on the single mattress as the size is just
    nice and would not be too soft.

    A few days ago I went home 1/2 or 1/3 drunk and felt the earth
    move and spin and twist and shout and everything.

    I took of cloths, jeans, socks and everything and went sleeping.

    Because of the drunkness that I had I must have slept violently
    and turn left turn right and leg kicking and arm punching and
    so on.

    Finally the queen size mattress can't stand it anymore and
    decided to hump fell on me !! -_-"

    I was sleeping when suddenly I felt that there was this big piece
    of stuff like a heavy blanket on me.

    I asked," Mama ? "

    No reply.

    And oh it was the big queen size mattress totally on me like a
    blanket lol !!

    Cause I was still semi drunk I let the mattress lay on me for
    about 20 minutes.

    If you look from far away I must have looked like some very
    extremely large sausage bread or sandwich .

    How nice of it wasn't the mattress which feel on me, instead
    a pretty girl yeah ??

    dream dream...

    The One About I Am Getting Good At These!!

    Was walking towards bank with RM 2000 in my pocket to deposit
    them just now in the evening.

    A Chinese lady speaking Mandarin, " Excuse me big brother."

    Me politely," Yes may I help you ? " and two steps back.

    Lady," You can speak Mandarin yeah ? "

    Me, " Yes I could. " and quick scan around ....

    Lady, " Don't worry, I come in peace I will not
    harm you, you see, I need your help... "

    Me:" How may I help you ? " still scan scan surrounding just in
    case of ambush or suspicious people around.

    Lady," See I am from China, come here to look for a friend, but
    my money all used up and could you pls give me some money?
    I am very hungry and want to buy some food for eat !"

    Me, " I could buy you dinner now, ok? Let's go ! "

    She, " I don't want dinner, I need some money !"

    Me," Nope, dinner is ok, but I can't give you money ! "

    She shrugged and walked of disappointed....

    I scan scan again and opposite of the road there was a
    Chinese man looking at both of us.

    I looked at both of them , and walked away !!

    Wah liew !! Nowadays there are still people using this
    trick to con people's money ? Some more at PJ Uptown?

    People says, you kena con once then it is your innocent.
    you kena con twice it is society's fault.
    you kena con three time then you have some IQ problems!

    Whenever people like this approaches me I always refuse to
    give them money, and offer them meal or drink instead.

    Chances are 100% they would walk away because they want
    only your money, and food and friends and whatever they
    use are excuse and lies !!

    I was about to tell her that if she is coming to visit Malaysia
    as a tourist then please enjoy the hospitality,
    and if she is going around trying to con the smart PJ people,
    please enjoy the lockuplity later!!

    By the way, she dye her hair a little bit gold and uses a Sony
    Ericsson K300i ( I know cause I had one before !! )

    If you see her or her accomplices around, notify the nearest
    police station and let them enjoy the local lockupility for
    a few nights and tell them,

    " Welcome to Malaysiaaaaaaaaa!!"

    *lari !!

    Tuesday, June 12, 2007

    The One About Working Late.

    How late would you consider as working late ?

    How about 4 am finish work and go home.
    8:30 am go back to office to start work again ?

    May I have a long holiday for like 2 weeks please?

    The One About House On Fire.

    Last night was having some rest when suddenly, the neighbor aunty
    shouted very loud. I went out and saw a lot of smoke -_-"

    House on fire !! house on fire !!! I went out and have a look at the
    situation and the fire must have been burning for 5 to 10 minutes
    as it has spread to the upper part of the house.

    Distance of the house on fire was 2 house away and it very near to
    the place that I stay !! OMG !! I asked my people to evacuate the
    house and of course bring along the important documents with them.

    I proceeded to the scene and there was this uncle trying to use the
    fire extinguisher to put off the fire, but he did have the strength.

    I grabbed the fire extinguisher and started spraying the foam and
    everything all at the source of fire, the wooden beam.

    ( Note : To put off fire, always aim the fire extinguisher or water
    at the source of fire, not the fire itself )

    After a few seconds, the fire extinguisher seems to be having less
    and less out put and i was like -_-" shit !!!

    Finally part of the fire were put off but the fire extinguisher was
    totally used up and no more !!! shit shit shit !! I looked around
    and asked them to prepare the water pipe !!

    And the rest of places which were on fire were save by the pipe
    water and after a few minutes the fire was totally put off.

    People were looking at me as I was the hero and I suddenly
    woke up -_-"

    Cisss !! It was only a dream ah ? knnbbqq !!!

    I was in a Kadet Bomba ( Fire Bridage Cadet )15 years ago and
    I had a lot of basic knowledge and some training about putting
    off fire. Plus I have just watched Ladder 49 not too long ago : )

    That's why the weird dream !!!

    But the thing is that, it is always good to have below item stored
    at your house for emergency :

  • A good torch light or two. ( plus spare battery )
  • A good fire extinguisher or two.
  • A good axe.
  • Some ropes.

    But all the above should be kept away from children as these
    are essential and has risk, like the axe, right ?? lolol

    Must be too tired or working too hard lol.

    House on fire ! House on fire !!!