Tuesday, June 12, 2007

The One About House On Fire.

Last night was having some rest when suddenly, the neighbor aunty
shouted very loud. I went out and saw a lot of smoke -_-"

House on fire !! house on fire !!! I went out and have a look at the
situation and the fire must have been burning for 5 to 10 minutes
as it has spread to the upper part of the house.

Distance of the house on fire was 2 house away and it very near to
the place that I stay !! OMG !! I asked my people to evacuate the
house and of course bring along the important documents with them.

I proceeded to the scene and there was this uncle trying to use the
fire extinguisher to put off the fire, but he did have the strength.

I grabbed the fire extinguisher and started spraying the foam and
everything all at the source of fire, the wooden beam.

( Note : To put off fire, always aim the fire extinguisher or water
at the source of fire, not the fire itself )

After a few seconds, the fire extinguisher seems to be having less
and less out put and i was like -_-" shit !!!

Finally part of the fire were put off but the fire extinguisher was
totally used up and no more !!! shit shit shit !! I looked around
and asked them to prepare the water pipe !!

And the rest of places which were on fire were save by the pipe
water and after a few minutes the fire was totally put off.

People were looking at me as I was the hero and I suddenly
woke up -_-"

Cisss !! It was only a dream ah ? knnbbqq !!!

I was in a Kadet Bomba ( Fire Bridage Cadet )15 years ago and
I had a lot of basic knowledge and some training about putting
off fire. Plus I have just watched Ladder 49 not too long ago : )

That's why the weird dream !!!

But the thing is that, it is always good to have below item stored
at your house for emergency :

  • A good torch light or two. ( plus spare battery )
  • A good fire extinguisher or two.
  • A good axe.
  • Some ropes.

    But all the above should be kept away from children as these
    are essential and has risk, like the axe, right ?? lolol

    Must be too tired or working too hard lol.

    House on fire ! House on fire !!!
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